Tuesday, June 16, 1795

Morning Post And Fashionable World

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Morning Post And Fashionable World on Tuesday, June 16, 1795

Morning Post And Fashionable World (Newspaper) - June 16, 1795, London, Middlesex No. 7293 TUESDAY, June 16, 1795 Price Four pen i?e ennv T THEATRE-ROYAL, HAY-MARKET. HIS PRESENT EVENING, June f6, Will be presented a Dramatic Piece, in 1 A&� called HALF AN HOUR AFTER SUPPER. After which (first time this Season} the Comic Opera of PEEPING TOM. Previous to the Farce (6th time) a New Occasional Drama, in one called KTEW HAY AT THE OLD MARKET. Tc which vvifi be added, (first time this season) a Musical Farce, called THE SON-IN-LAW. r To-morrow, (by particular desire) New Hay at the Old Market, Ways and Means, and other Entertainments. A New Play, in Three A&s, with new scenery, musick, . dressest and decorations, is in rehearsal, and will be produced in a very few days, BY PARTICULAR DESIRE, FOR FIVE NIGHTS ONLY, NEW AMPHITHEATRE OF ARTS, ASTLETs, Westminster Bridge. Under the Patronage of His Royal Highness the Duke of ^TORK. THISprefcnt TUESDAY, June 16, 1795, Mr. ASTLEY, Jun. for the second time these tvyo years> will display his graceful positions and command of Body, necessary ro every Equestrian. . In order to prove the great superiority, ease of action, dexterity, &c. the attitudes -will be exhibited during the management of two horses, Mr. ASTLEY, Jun. will plav on the Vklin in a sur-prizing manner, an- exhibit other singular exercise on* hU f LYING E^JTESTRIAM STAGE. Preceding Mr. AST-LEY, Jun.'s performance, (also by particular desire) the S&iMiet by Two Horses, and a Hornpipe by a third Horse on the Stage. Likewise, (by particular desire) immediately after Mr. ASTLEY, Jun.'S Exercises, the WONDERFUL \ �LEARNEJD HORSE will go'through various astonishing manoeuvres: among which he will unloose his Girths, take off his Saddle* &c. Preceding Mr. Astley, Jun.'s Horsemanship, A Musical Piece (first time these twc years).called THE MISER : Or, THE WITTY OUTWITTED. An entirely new Dance, composed by Mr. Mercerot, called THE PROVINCIAL SAILORS. In which will be pourtrayed a variety of singular and pieas- ' ing attitudes, &c< A Grand splendid Si-jeclacle, called HYMEN'S BANQUET. Also, (for the first time these three years) a Musical Entertainment, interspersed with Pantomimic Action, Heroic Combats, &c. called THE CARAVAN;. Or, THE ORIENTAL AUCTION. ToV/hich will be added likewise (by particular desire) the last new Pantomime^ calje.d THE FAIRY's FANTASY; . . Or, THE: ENCHANTED MANOR. "With New Scenery, Machinery, Decorations, Dresses, Music, Sec* Interspersed vttth the greatest variety of Mechanical Changes, Magical Transitions, and Wonderful Meta-xndrphoscs* 8^ Places for the Boxes to be taken of Mrs. Con- Doors Open at Half past Five, and the Curtain ascends at Half past Six. Soxes 4s. Second Price as.-Pit as. Second Price xs�- Gallery is. Second Price 6d. Vivant Rnx etRegina. This Day is Published, By RICHARD WHITE, opposite Bur]ington-House, Picc3tiiliy$ rpHE IMPERIAL EPISTLE from KIEN A and Wycombe WAGGON, every * Saturday. *- 4 a, Cirencester, Abingdon, and Hen-ley WAGGON, thre^ times a week. Nk B. The Proprietors of the Coaches from the above Inn will not be accountable for any Parcel, Luggage, Goods, 3cc. of more value than Five Pounds, (if lost) unless entered as such, and paid for accordingly. A NEW EDITION, Price as. 6d. R, NEALE, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Surgery, of Paris, of the University of M Leyden, and Surgeon in London, formerly Surgeon to His Majesty** Fifth Regiment of Infantry, lias lately published a New Edition of Practical Obseivations on VENEREAL COMPLAINTS, "And the Diseases arising therefrom, demonstrating their Nature, Symptoms, Causes, and One, without Impairing the Constitution with MERCURIALS, in conformity ro his improved system, founded on the basis of an extensive pra^icq-interspersed with Miscellaneous Remarks on other Maladies, incident to the Human Body. To which are added, DISSERTATIONS on the DISORDERS of the URINARY PASSAGE and the adjacent the health cf the Sufferer, and the peculiar functions of the Animal Economy j some singular cases are stated j occurring in practice during therSast seven years. ) � "Priitt'ed for rhe.Author, at No. 58, Greek-street, Coiner of So ho Square 5 and to be had aiso, at Mr. Walker's, Bookseller, No. 44, Paternoster-Row. CHEAP DAYS, No. 89,.Pall-Mall." DYDE and SCRIBE beg leave to inform the Ladies, &c. their'Cheap Days will commence THIS DAY, and continue the Ten following Days, .for the Sale of Goods left on hand from their Spring Sale, in order to make room for a frash Stock next Season. The Sale will be well v^orth the attention of Ladies who want to purchase Tor their Friends, or to-take with them in the country; as likewise Country Milliners, to whom aeon-sideiable allowances ill be made. Amongst the Goods are a very large assortment of ribbons, plain and figured, for not  more than half what they are generally sold for; a very large 1 lot of gloves, of every description and price ;* silk and cotton liose ; gauzes, tiffanies, muslins; silks and sattins; the new English poplins, and Manchester ginghams, (new patterns); hats and bonnets, from I2d. and upwards; several thousand lengths of black blond and thread laces and edgings; several very handsome hlack veils; thread and blond ditto ; black I*ce cloaks, Sec. Sec. which will be Sold much under the general, price; black modes for cloaks, at extreme low prices; some real foreign lawns and cambrics; embroidered lawn and muslin handfeer-Jthiefs, in white and colours ; a great variety of plain and fancy Barcelona handkerchiefs, which will be sold particularly cheap. An assortment, of every description, of perfumery, &c. jewellery^ ana lancy articles, in great variety, ft^wers and feathers; and a variety of ehina. N B. An assortment, of every description, of furrs nviFV, tippets, trimmings, &c. left from their winter sale, will i''- ^ in remarkably low 3 and anassortHunfbf foreign perfumejust arrived* Another great Cure by LEAKE's PATENT PILLS. To THOMAS TAYLOR, Surgeon, No. 9, NewBridge-sir, Street, London. WHEN a man receives a benefit from the excellence of another's- ingenuity, I deem it but right that, independent'of the pecuniary trifle it exacts, it is his duty with gratitude ro acknowledge, it. Impressed with these sentiments, permit me to acquaint ypu with the following Case, with not only*my consent, but particular r^que-st that it may he maite knewn : About seven >c.ns ago, Henry C , a near relation of mine, contracted a then slight Venereal infection, but from neglect and cold soon became a confirmed Ly^es - After being under the care of an eminent Surgeon in this neighbourhood for eight months without finding any relief, he was removed to M-- Infirmary, where, after being twice salivated^ he was pronounced cured, and discharged ; but, alas! six months had scarcely elapsed, before the disorder returned with double violence, insomuch, that both his groins were opened, the n- and p-- eaten away by shancres, arid his legs covered with nodes ; in this dilemma he was sent to L " Infirmary, whence, at the end of ten months, he was discharged with the loss of sight of one eye, and hifc legs wasted to a skeleton ; he then entered on a course of Syrup for near two years without success; finding every thing useless, and being little more than a shadow, he determined to resign himself to that fate which must sooner or later overtake us all. Reading the extraordinary case of the man at Earl's-Court, Kensingroc; I persuaded him to make trial �f,your Pills, and accordingly I sent for a Box from Sheffield 1 before the end of a week, slevp, which had long been a stranger to him, returned; hn appetite and strength increased ; in short, fourteen boxes restored his good state Of health, and we have now the greatest hopes that he will recover the useot his eye. Thus, Sir, to you I am indebted for the restoration of a relation, and every Christian for a fellow creature ; and that Providence may repay it, by a Jong and happy life, is the ardent prayer of, SIR, Your most obliged and dev*red humble Servant, Buxton, Deibyshire, Aug. 20. GEORGE�YEOMANS. Prepared and sold by the Sole Proprietor, THOMAS TAYLOR, Member of the Corporation of Surgeons, London. At his house, No. 9, New Bridge-street; .wlure he will give advice, without a fee, to persons taking these pilii, ancf will answer patients' letter^, if po.-.t paid, on the same ter rns, observing in ail cases ctfe most inviolable secrecy. Th ey are also sold, by his appointment, for the convenience of those, living at a distance, at the Perfumer's, No. 35, St. AlbaVs-street, Pall-mall; Mr. Robertson's Toy shop, No. 103, Oxford street; Mr. Steel's, Bookseller, No. j, Union-row, Little 'lower-hill; Watson and Co. Edinburgh; Callwell, Dublin; lnman, Bristol; Crutwell, Bath; Donaldson,, Portsmouth; and by one person ,in every considerable town in England, in boxts of only zs. 9'd. each, scaled up with full and plain Directions, whereby perrons of either sex, may cure themselves with ease and secrecy. ..... ----- . -,---,--L. �� . SALIVATION EXPLODED; or, A Praftica-"Essay on the VENEREAL DISEASE, fully demonstrating the Inefficacy of Salivation, and recommending an approved Succedaneum. Illustrated with1 some remarkable Cases, wh)ch had withstood three, four, or five Salivations, and were afterwards cured by that safe, easy, arid certain Method, the alterative one. To which is added, a Dissertation on Gleets and Weaknesses, seminal as well m .venereal, in both Sexes; with Observations on Diseases to &t Urethra. The Use of Phrophylactics, and trk different Methods of preventing Infection. Ky CHARLES SWIFT, Surgeon; Oi Parliamenustreet, Westminster. Printed for 5. Bladon, Mo. 2,3^ Paternoster-row; H Faulder, New Bond-otreet; and Westiey, opposite St* Clement's Church, Suand* FRANCE. NATIONAL CONVENTION. a # ^ 18 prairial^ June 6. VICTORY OVER THE SPANIARDS. BtAp, in the name of-Che Committee of Public Safety, read the following letter : mah.bOT, general" of division, to the COMMITTEE OFPl'BLlb SAFETY. " Citizens Reprefentatives, I gave orders for ftorming a carrip, which the enernv had eretled between Aoffua and 'Elgolbar, which was executed with the grcateft iuccefs.  PerQ^ded that xtiy fellow", citizens will hear the details wjtft pleafure, I fubjoin the report of General Marbot,'9 %. REPORT OF THE EXPEDITION ON THE joth FLO REAL. u. Thft Camp ere&fcd by the Enem^four days ago,, upon th$ mountain, situated between AosSua.*n#�igolhaif -was attached rJwrab^ing it five <f-cFock', by' the-iroopi of tiic fera* diviViQOj ns^cUing iirhtw� c^lamns. - '4* General R^4v:�%a -gave - vrthtl*e Army of the Western Pyrenees, and appointed the Representative of the People, Anguis, to succeed hirn. TOULON. Doui.cet, in the narric of the Committee of Public Safety. u Reprefentatives of the People, I am now enabled, in the name of the Com-mitteeof Public Safety, tb confirm the happy n^wsT announced to*yo.u.vat thejaft fitting. " Toulon, lifce Paris, has had its 20th of May, but it has alio, had, like Paris, its 23d of Maf rOur readers will rficollcft that the infurrettion hroke'out at Paria on tte 2Qth of May, and was (juelied on the 23d.] Rep^ibKcamifm triumphs in the South4: tcr- ; inany. rebels havi djijft ; three*hiitidred of theiri have been made prisoners, othef^have- taken refuge in the neighbouring Communes. They will not have time ta miflead them, they will be inlbntly purfued, and the lav/ will flrike them. There only re-mains to fche Convention one pleating duty to fulfil, that of paying a jufi: tribute of applaui'e to the citizens of the South, and to the troops of the line, who?;atthe inftigation of the Reprefentatives ^be'People, have concurred with every m�rans$i�i their power-to produce that brilliant viftory which juflice has now obtained. " The Reprefentatives of the People on mif-fion in the South have ihewn themfelves worthy of the French Nation, and the principles you profefs. u Niou, who remained on board the fqua-dron5 has not difplayed. lefs energy than zeal. Before the arrival.of his CoHer^ucs, he had, by + had taken, whilft our Cclleagues Guerin and Pcultier were retained within the walls cf the town. His letter of the 6th announced to you not finer; been t.ble our fir ft fuccefs. We to write,to you, our opei-ations having abfoibcd every moment of cur time,. . v." The villains had marched from Toulon to the amount of 30c(5 men, with . twelve pieces of cannon. They had pa-fled the defiles of OlJiouIcSi which- General Hamel had nede&cd to occupy, althqugh. with a very fmall fovce he might have duputed the paflage, Gencr: 1 Chat ton, who Wfcs ftationed at Bauflet, fearing that his pofts might be forced in, and his magazines taken, fell back upon a pofition between Baufet* and Pajes-. This pofition wasadvahta-geousj but he was foon attacked by the enemy. At tlHx�rft fhock, however, he was reinforced by*Gencral Paftod, at the head of a detachment from theganifon of Marfeilles. The'aTair was hot : it la fled five hours. Paftod and Chart ou conduced themfelves .fo welt, tlut, the rebels were completely defeated, their araHery taken, forty or fifty killed*, and three hundred carried prifoner^t.o Marfeillcs. The number of Wounded was Immenfe, the enemy havingUec-n charged and ikbred by the cavalry for more than three hours. " Upon" the firft news of .the attack, our colleague Chambon aflembled all the forces which I could be ("pared from Marfeillcs and the neigh-ho\iring Communes. He marched with thejri to Oilioules, where he found his colleagues Gueriu and Poultier, who hed escaped from !Toulon. Cadroy and Ilnard arrived next dav. We con i roru'm is htt the a proper and juft Proclamation" worthy of the. occalion, recalled to the ftandajd of the Republic many citizens, compofing the crews, whom, for .a moment the Infurgents had fucceeded in misleading. t" Subordination is cftabliflied in the fleet ; it burns with the moil ardent defire to put to fea, in order to combat and conquer the Englilh ; thus will the marines^ whom they had feduccd, expiate the wrongs of which they have been guilty. You will find in the official difpatch, which 1 am now about tq read to you, the affu-rance, that the citizens of the'South, full of indignation at the late plots, planned and executed in Paris againft the National Representation, were ready to unite their force to that of the Communes, for your protection and fecuritv, with which are connected fo intimately the iuccefs of the Revolution, and the triumph of Liberty. Once more Terrorifm and Vandalifm are d<-.--fltoyedi. never to relume their rei^n. Liberty; Equality, Juftice, Humanity, {hall henceforth j be the rallying cry of all French Republicans. THE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE I'COl- U, P. j GUERIN, M. 1SXAIID, ClIAMilOK, A-'-'D C AD-ROY, ASSEMBLED WITHIN' THE WAU.S O F TOULON, WITH THEIR CO I. LEA GUI'S N!OU, AKD CHIAPPK, TO T11 E NATIONAL C O N -V � N I 1 O S , Toulon, nth Prairinl, 3d Year of th" Republic, Ore arid inchviaibfc. ss Citizens Ct^llcaeues, u We have been, fince Iaft niffht, within the wall* of Toulon, arid united to our Colleague _Niou, Chinppe alio is arrived this moment fiorri the army of Italy. We have already re-ftored this important place to the Republic, and we (hall take fuch fieps as fliall prevent it from ever again falling into the hands."uf its enemies. " Our entry was made with order and with dignity. It was calculated to infpirc terror into the minds of the wicked ; to give confidence to the good ; and to difconccrt the intriguer. No one accident happened, although we had form!-tiling to fcan from the cffcrvcfcciice of the National Guards, who formed a coafiderabh-part of our little army. " Our Colleague Chambon communicated to you fucceflively the accounts of the rebellion of the Touloneie, and of the mcafurcs which he laUed unon the means of entering Toulon with a confiderable force. A Proclamation, which Wfe drew up and fent' into the town, had effeff-. -The troops of the Republic feconded us with enersv and zeal. The workmen and the fiulrr.s laid down the arms which they had carried off from the Arfen-al, and our colleague Kiou informed us that a proper fpirit feemed now ta have taken potTcflion of the fleet. As we ap-prorched the town, a number of the bandiui quitted it. Thfiy are p;oric to in foci the neighbouring Communes ; but thev {hall not eje^pc us, nwt even thofe we tiuil who have palled our frontiers. u The force with which we are furrounded carries conllcrnation and difrnayinto the hearts pf the Terroiiits of Toulon. Our colleague Chaibonnier is not at prefeht within its walls. We have not yet learnt whether his family, and that of Efcudier, who appear to have played a confiderable part in the late infurreftion, are flill H6re. We (hall feek after them, as well as all the other Chiefs of the grand C.onfpiracy. Our force would irx-reafe daily, did we not give orders that all troops fhall take poft, til] further advice, wherever our difpatches meet them. Our colleague Chiappe affures us that he ;s followed bv 10.000 witiii1 ^and all kinds of artillery. This force does not w-^aken the army of Italy, as it is comnofed altogether of volunteer Citizen?; Theyare all ftutioncd in the neighbouring Communes. " We mieht have ftnt back a confiderable part of their reinforcements; but we were of opinion what has palled at Paris is too nearly connected with the events* at Toulon to ppnmfc us to take this ftep until we fhall have learnt whether the forces with which we arc flirrounded may not be recelTary for your fafcty ; for we announce to you with pleafure that the South would he readv to fave or to avenge the Liberties of the Republic. Si We filed 1 render you an account, as regu-gularly and exactly as ponible, of all our operations, and of their eft eft. (Signed) " Health and Fraterhirv, CHAMBON, OKiAPPEj N 10 t *, " GUERIN, MAXIMI.V IS-<C NARD, CADROYi" - " PROCLAMATION OF THE R F.P RpSENTATl VE OF THE PEOPLE, DELEGATED TO THE N a V XL FORCES OF THE MEDITERRANEAN, AND C rl A R G E D W I T H T U E OF X E t* a L i N b P L C -TION O? THE PORTS, I'O THE SAILORS OF Til E R Kf'JIiLIC. Tffuion Road*, Z Prairul, 3d year of il-.e Frcutrh Republic. t: Citizens. thepatv?rnal exhortation, whu'eh I had add re (led to you at different times, appeared' to have made upon your minds the irnpreinon wdrich. 1 defircd. You had fwom to conquer or to die. Ready to put to fea, and aimed certain of victory, by the manoeuvres of abandoned men, you were flopt at the outlet of vour brilliant career. Some of you liftencd to the peifidious iugcflion of the Agents of England in preference, to falutary counfels-to the pofitive orders of your OiHcers and your Reprefentatives. Learn that the fault which you have committed is .of the moft heinous nature. The eyes of all France were turned upon you. Your country reckoned flpon the fervices which you were about to render her : fhe founded all her hopes upon your valour ; you alone could re (lore plenty to the South, and your criminal practices exnoie it to famine. Have you renounced then all your pall glory-?11 that which you had promifed to reap under the colours which' you by the National Convention? No! you will not cover yourfr-lvcs with'an eternal iyno- pretentcd to minv ; you will not become the opprobrium of the nation, and prefer the death of conipirators to that .of heroes. By a fincere repentance ycu will return to your dutv ; I am aflured of it. Reckon, in your turn, upon the paternal goodneis of the Convention : it wiii receive

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