Saturday, January 3, 1795

Morning Post And Fashionable World

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Morning Post And Fashionable World on Saturday, January 3, 1795

Morning Post And Fashionable World (Newspaper) - January 3, 1795, London, Middlesex rl rt#&s-Theatre. ^HIS PRESENT EVENING, Saturday, the'3d of Januaryj "1795, will be performed, a Bevy ^erioud Opera, called ZENOBlA ik PALMIRA, '  ' The Music by AW OS'S!, - FOR TWQ. NIQHTS. GRANCt 5XHJBITIQN � "With two additional SONGS in the second. Aa by Madame, fiAKTI; the first composed by PJCCINJ, and the^fast fey NAWMAN. The Principal Characters by Madame BANTI, Signor ROVEDINO, Signer BRAGHETTI, Sigfiova COULOMB ATI, . TcnoiySignor BRIDA,  And First Soprano, Signor NERI. f Bein ETIT. BALLET, called ; , Or, LE TABLEAU MOUVENT. In the GREAT EXHIBITION ROOM, No. z3, HA?-MARKET, I* k WfrNlimZ-flK*^ iff H." D. Fynwnds v -fhFAf^yrtiAlwg, to a 'CT^ri Chief Juitic*By�,- Mr. JSerjeam ^e^;ff*�ha^citf8rti4^'t�< Trial; V  - PROTECTIVE OCC& �1 MTRACULO-ttS,  MAGNETIC AL� PHILOSOPHICAL, OPTICAL, PYROTECHNIC A L a rietflirade THIS PRESENT EVENING, SATURDAY* the 3d of Tafiuary, and on MONDAY, the $th, � , - , f,- ^.... ,- ^. . ^ r .?v ^THE $IEtTK COMUS will add to hfe Varipu* ISf^^l^^^S^^ X* other amazing Performances the following parti-:,  fyvXihiti^ euJars : 4n4 ^[&wbur^e^^feifc4he cheapest ^iicc. STEGANOG.RAPHICAL,. i by i^aTpic^aiH^ SYMPATHETICA!^ f ^y^*h^�&^Wi'f dft& 1 r f,.- v**.m*4ed as a. correal * ; ORIENTAL, PYRAMIDICAL. A;nd ^ipany Wonderful-Performances on the Grand M-AfeiCAL LOOKING G'L'ASSE^ ; JrVrdcjvwHl afford the most pleasing eaiisf a&ion ihe inqai- , ' sijciv&snind^aa/equ^fii. .an^'^sconish evjer^Beholder.. /. 'Comtiose*by Signor CJNORATI 9 'She principftl"?hnraclers by: Signol- GEN TILL Monsieur LAHA^TE; ' ' MonsieOF AUWftK* Mademoiselle ROSINE, Makdame33EL CARO, And Madame HJLLIGSBERG. 'flThe.wluile under the'Pireflion of Mr. VIOTTI, ivho; W-en^ag^d as Aflin^ Manager at Hiis Theatre. Pit ios- 64-GalJtfiy js. No iifoney to be returned. Doors ro be opens--' at half past Six, and the Performance to begin ac h.ilf past iieven. VTVANT REX �T RfiGINA. 1 JUA$T :SESSI :h was Wended as i.correal�t%n5 � allr Wf Wfiy^^e^^ kati^ .�itfr tte-Sfer, .and corttafSl^ll tWPabsrafn^ bom^^kCd ^in ?ev^�^S^t3> ltl l^s^i:^p^ .Nq�7, ?ferft.^, Ladles ^{ma^^^ ^1. Wonderful EXPE^IMiSf-TS wftfe WATCHfeS. '.' |^JK^si%k) and ; He will;cornmind scveraf W|tcVie^h�tantJy to stopdn&Z.\ th^fc*.�y,inay go-white-Tn thy hands-of the Ladosis *oiG i% safe and Jega^^^ 22T ocuec^w? a^predrg* <J r^aft;^^^tf6iljiiii55. : ' T^e Gre.^r Room tv-jII be opened for the afceommoda ion �kh$&fr*y*M tlre-npir of: meeting* at^ali >f people of Condition, at tlfcir -housed, jjtin&i^W^j.Ty^^a^ ^^J^1.!?1?^^3^ be bad, tor v - � . 1 � � j ; v'n| .  . ... Part V. Mr. Comufi will exluhit, in the most astoniaV \\ ini? manner, as ibliov/s, "vii?. � * ?:-' � j. He will tell several Ladies and Gftntiemen.rlvB'qa^f,1' '  ^L All letters mvxst bt; post-paid. ,a ; . JERVOISE Superit)jeniiant( srid Receipts j&*tl^tSHscnptliina, T or number tions, aiui municate t speech or clock, wlii. �wh'Ch they think of, without ^akipjf any ijc>^  {V.oWever impossible it "miy ap'pea*7w\\l'c'cynt> { QOKtE's POCKET -fiDLTIOWftF7' HUME's FliS.TORy Ot JNGLAND,^ THEATRE ROYAL, DRURY-LAJsE. rpHIS P}l.�SENq:,.iLVENING> Their Ma- J[. jesties Servants wiiiacT the Comic Opera ol THE'CHEROKEE. / The Music, principally n >Lydkirnv Strand. ' I -The fcride fromS^o* to' Twdnty; d^ittine,,  -1 rwb'i'ch. -subxoi'tte'44for. public- decision,"er tnii ii* T11 :urcivz\ Characlcrs. j Kelly, .V!aster W\.lsh,- Mr. Cooke, \ vTliinsworth, Mr. B:�nni;>ter, Jun. Mr. :tt, Mrs. Crouch, Signora Storace, Miss * f. vs.-Mr. Harrymore, AJr- Caul field. Mr. C. Kembl To which vWH be added THE PANNEL. . Price-6d. \ ^ � licors to be opened at a Quarter after Five, and begin at a Quarter ^ftei Six.- "  Places for the Boxes to be taken of Mr. Fosbrook at the .Orrice, in RusseI-street. On Monday, the Cherokee, with Tit for Tat. . THEATRE ROYAL, COVENT-GARDEN. THIS PRESENT. EVENING will- be prc-scnttd the Comedy of THE BEAUX STRATAGEM. Archer, Mr. Lewis,; A.mwe&.Mr.Farren ; Father Foi �ard, Mr. Jol\n�tonc ; BoniiTace;' JVIr. Davenport ; Sulltn, Mr. Powc'*; Gihb'er, Mr. Bernard; and Scrub, Mr. Quick.-Cherry, Mrs. Martyr; Dorinda, Mrs. Mountain; -and Mrs.SuJlen�.Mrs.-Pope. ;. After which (fvr die Sth Time) will be performed a Paiitomimp, called MAGO AND DAGO; Or, HARLEQUIN THE HERO... , * With* new Mo^ic, Scenery, Machinery, Dresses and Decorations. The Pantomime composed, prepared and directed by-Mr. Lonsdale.-The Dances by Mr. Byrn. Boxes 6s-Second Price 3s - P:t 3s. 6d.-Second Price-as. Galleryv^-Second Price xy.-Upper Oai. is.-Spoond- PlacVfo? the Boxes to be taken of Mr. Brandon, at the. office in Fait-strect. On Monday, Romeo and Jujict. [ from one corner of the table-to tUei^r^,vv^^-te? ^f*-; srrokeof hu -worU, the piece, will return hitq ik$ pyQlgr*! * pocket. . ' ''.-W*' "* III. Any Lady i^*y. thi�"4 yS-avy hp**'*he intends to 1 ije i;j the mo�-ni'n c<u\vj-*:;; a filvjr silver and table into a under .thy t; by the res; of the cbryioviy. V. wii) exhibit many r^-v and anwz.nj; .d??^pti.�h> with Gold Roxes, M-Twhiueries/^cc- Sec- and -puiiicatarl? with ;i n�rw ir.vfnted OiriH C:r?ket and ^tnesraJi'U Ouinfa, Arc. \vi?h j/i -re th'in hiry ori-ur new nnsi cepii'jiis, the particulars of vrhioh are to-j rtuaicruua to- in- The whola,tQ concede wi'.h THE GRAND MAGICAL HOUSE, .. XT , � .. r�  & �i ^not' an"exeihMaTy- prol^f'dfthHx^rfardlnaTy '-consequence1 iVwsiAOdfco Decioio-erEig^ecns.-.. . The colons wUlvAot change. � : 0^His Profile Shades, by Artists*'^ve,beea Jong! B'y^OtLETT. ' ^ . ..>v,. t, : ^. > ed, riie ContinuAtiqn> G%ar!&�atiatfy-takes th^jejm Three Min^it^s.  . - , V . ' Prictf�s.~Fram#J. 7^'^ : ... 7 flouri of Attendancfrfrorh Eleven'till Tvvci. . * � r-f to behtbe, fitsti -he n^the-p'u^fic ies^tihQr.^of ivpoo wlio ,C6^Plcated'inon1y Tvventy^r Kumb^ Pnce i^s.'E^^^^^^ft sh^wV ^ v -.f^whefle of -^'iiicH *tc- n^vft'pairVish.edfk beiri^- th^ nwat v �\^a^t.audcheap,MHion ^twtjias yet .apoe^red.^ : "^^ntJit prinud i�v the .same S?Ve: the .SELECT ^O-i :.v;^^;and-.SELEOx BRITISH POETS, ^hrth avoids' , ^fh .-Extr'eiiie^o^aff O^^VdliiriJe;'and oneidinfmiitiveiy s^3lr;�by ;whH^r. n0'.hecessliy Tor persW'sto com^ with their hair dressed. " : " To*di�ARTS of ENGLAND, from,of>e-C^nta� ' f ^SARACEN'a-EAD INN^NQmHI|-^LONpO!^ Travellings in - POST COACHES foe Exp^jgpft, othd eOAC.KES.for, heavier Loads, and VVARGONS, daily s'ettifi^g out in ITie followinK order t' ' �� �� � an^i'Smclictc's Continuation-it. JCXIV Ntimbers.,phiit'eU tTeibatim fro^n the qfi^inaLCopies,.- . '* * Tiiis Day Rfe pub!isiredf ... at aeven precisely, ana nnion � w�n inc. Admittance MALF-A-CR.OWN each Person. AM IMPROVING PRESENT FOR THE NEW YEAR. This Day is Published, in Two Volumes, izmo. . Price Six ShiJhngs sewed, 5^zV5 SOUCL By the Authority "of the Right Hon. the LORD CHAMBERLAIN, THIS Evening, SATURDAY. January. 3, 1705,-will be presented, ati.SANS SOUCJ, in the -Strand, an Entertainment entirely Original, replete with uncommon Novelty, called, GREAT NEWJS ; . Or, A TRIP TO THE ANTIPODES. * As this Entertainment will embrace an unusual number obi-fts, which will be delineated through a-medium �erfcdUy novel, it is impossible1 to give an adequate, idea ^cf them in an -Advertisement, Among-many others, Ornamented and EmbtHisheH with an eleit^nt Engraving;,! representing Youth warned by the Parental Monitor,] resist- the persuasions of Folly-* and pursues tiie .road ?. to Wisdom"; also, Merit, crownM hy Genius, and con- -dueled by Min^rra to the Temple of F.-imfe. " " THE ?ARENTAp. MONITOR*" y Mrs. BONHOTE _ CQNTAINtNG A number oi useful Essays,*Preceuts, Sc. on: the fdll6wlng' subiects ; - � '  - � 1 Pa^csi including t-fie Life of the Autlior, wriften by 'Hlnise-f; *Ahd is afo.Embellished with,'j/An elegant Frontispiece. L A Vignette Title P^ge. 3. AVignettei Dedioatiorr,;with a Portrait of His Majesty. � *, � Tbis.Number' inay-be had js a Specimerrof She Work,and, \ if a'pproven* ofv"the remaining Numbers may be pur-<Sha&ed in. any Quantity at a Time, as may b^ most U ^K;s;HISTORY-OF 'ENGLAND, From1 the Invasion pf JuIiuilCaiiar tdr'the- - r1'* ' Revolution.  ; Coritammgithe Author's last, Cor rcftians and fmprove - r -\ , ; merits, ^. , ' .-'"�� Embellished with upwards of Seventy Superb Engravings 'eoresentinRt^e principal Events recorded in-the History \\ of* all X %URY NEVV* fOST COACH, every mrn- t*in'g a/-Seyen"VGfdc^, thfbugh'#nia\:est6ne> Ciielms* ,r. ^fel*^^fcWg*-South HalsteC-Sttdblsry, Milford* af&%ofef&&j^ty$i� o\Clock ip the EVenjng. , -mondVCartencVBortugHbrtdKc, Weatherboard Abherford POST COACH, Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday Morn-ings, at.Seven o'ClocJc. ;,r. Cambridge, Barkway, and Puckeridije POST COACH, Tuesdnj'Thursday, and Saturday Mornings, at Four*  tonn, ;I?ownhartiV 5toke� ^j^andoB. . . market,Bournbridgcand^tansteadJHrvV POSTCQACH, oJar } I^^d^s/^6iidsiy^.Wednesday aim Friday, mornings, at Five o'C.ock. > . �� ; . arton�Mills, New- presenting �tl^^hrf^orlfaifs he British. Moharchs, from Wfl-j Religion, Love of Pleasure, _Modesty, - Gratitude, isirrng, ,5eleit Fables, Thoughts on the Modern situation of the-Female � Sex, _t . Sensibility, Chearfulness, Love, Precepts of Morality, "Serious Admonitions Lion and Cub, a Fable. Ambition, Temperance, Fraternal Affection, Envy and Detraction, Thoughts, on Calumny, Avaric�> Conduct to Servants, jContented Cottager, Reflections on Death, �'-Sundry Fables, : .Adversity, � t Retirement, ^Happiness, . Conscience, - � i ' Importance of Time,". ' Benuty, Dress and Fashion,-Ingratitude, . Srncenty, * Friendship* . v , Sundry Odes, An "Eastern A^blpgue, , Patriotism, and Love of^du^ Country, r � Pride^  , Genius, Politeness, * Conversation, Christmas Day, Superstition, Contentment, f ,;im the Conc*ueror to Hi.\ preseht-Majesty, and otbef U-1 ustrionsChacaclejsy habited Tin the Dresses of the Times in v^hich they Jived-\The Portraits "are hij^ily.iiakihed iaj Snppled Engraving'byW. Ridley, \vho'$3 Abilities in this; peculiar and beautiful Mode of EngRvmg are-too weltl. kno-vn tq-jjeed any-eirioginm*. -4 Bu y, Sudbury, Hnlstead, Braint'ree, Chelmsford, In-gateioiij POST J&QACFT, 'four':iftatS& J^oadai,; WeQ-i ne^day and -Friday mornings, at Sevfeftio'Ctoclc. * .Exeter, Honitortf Axmrn^tie'r, 'Llilfi^'Bi'idi^rCDdrches* iter,, and; BlatidfQrdl'-BC(S.l\C0XcH�:9VArX'M�t�ftiga^our� Ea$r;<Srmstead, Godstone,. BJ^tchiijgJy,. and ^roydon COACH,'Tuesday* Thursday, and Saturday, atTvve.lve. Edinburgh, Durham, Berwick, Newcastle,Durham, Dar- iingjoar-Nor-tballertoh, Tfurik, and' ;^sjrigwpid POST C0AOH,' ejrfiry M<trping at Sfeveiu . ^ . The Proprietor submits to the choice of the Pufelic  1 A SUPERIOR.EQITION,  : ;V executed with every degree of splendor and elegance that' c^n art object the curious. From its singular; cheapness,1 it is,Equally an objeft to the'generality--of Readers, *s it cp.mprifees Huron's.Hifetor/invone-third of t4\ecompass4 and is �oId:at onethird df'*the price, 'ofrany � . , fr . .. A - -r , , ^ ^ former edUioh ; besides whic^t, botfr edUlonA.majnfaifl -^rrXb"d.?^ P^casteivRetj^A Grant, sawiofitytt^a�erf- print, and embellishments.* -  nam,Atamford, Stilton, Buc^4en,-afld Biggleswade 'Light The YaA' price whjch has ever been affixed to former COAOH^ eyerr^orning^thalfv?st4even Edinpnt^ff iiMr!TQjttenham.$TAGE, every hour from ; Tento^jgri^; .0. - . - = ' �-HaUtacTBradford, Sheffield, and Rotherliamr COACHt 4 every day;.V/'�. vi{^4tfrd,War*,H ddesdon, 'andXJireshuntMACHINES eVery Morning a^Six-c*clpclc.; ^ Vision, n Elegy, &c. Bet* Printed by William Lane, at the Minerva Press, Leadenhali-street; and sold hyScatcherdJ Paternoster-row 5 Miller, Bond-street; Hodson,'Wim* 'pole-street; E. Harlowe, Bcokstllcr to the Queen, Palli The SONGS will come in the following succession, Parti. An Axiom, Buy my- Straw, The Fortune Teller, The Smile of Benevolence, Lovely Nan, The Sportsman in Style, and the Masquerade. Part II. The Veterans, Clemency, Rambcoze, Fish out of Water, Scug, Jack/urtk, Variety in 0^e,and;the Eele- Part III. A Play upon Words, Piiilanthropy, Tom True-love's Knell, Home's Home, the Raree Show, and Long �ve the"King. The whole is Written and Composed, and will be Spoken Sung, and Accompanied by . Mr. DIBDIN. For the TEETH arid GUMS. -V *. Stall - and'also by Knight and Co. Booksellers "to His I ITpHR ESSENCE -pfi- PEARL,, and PEAR4 IWajesty, St. JamesVstrect. l--2xes cs. Area 3s. Gallery 2s :The Doers win be opened st Seven o'Clock, and the Per- s -rmance begin ^xaclly at Eight. 'The Pub/iC ar and Stahsteai ^COAGH, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Morn�igs, ac Eight. , . ? Southampton, Winchester, Arfesford,'Alton,* Fnfnbam, \and.Bagsbor'dJOrAtH,''every: MoViiirrg-'a^ 'Five only Proposals at large of this Work, as well "as7 of th"e Selecl-HJoveft and"Select^British Poets, may be had upon appli7 cation as 'above,to" any.-of the Booksellers or N.ewsf _ men. W Dr. SMITH, * Proprietor-of the Linnaean Collection, his LECTURES � i ILL begin his LECTUKJ^b on trjc ANIMAL KINGDOM, on-TUESDAY* January i-Q', at No, 12, Grjear Marlborough-Strset. Lec>uiewil! be delivered every Tuesday, Thursday, Sarjj�-Ji:y. frcn:i One to Two o'Clock, til? the Course, Ltim- 0/ Vbout Thirty Lectures, be complied. Tip- Th: the mo is Fm'-^inraeac, which is constantly received with mou fl-uterir.g ap^ause, will be repeated every jsay pu^�....v . . - - -- fiS fo the (�ue^n; arid* % His -Rbyai/Highriefs the PriScft&f Wal^,M!6�:ttniie'(by-t)rder-6f the Proprietors^ to favfold^hB^fa^'aAa.^etaj{--onlyv by fiAYLEY aaid-LOVVEi Perf�mers�^ih. .CocIdpUr-ftreet, price 2s, gd. each, Stamps iinJlu^ed; ; ' �  They are,'prepared by ^the me peiibn. who (and \ wlitf Alpne) always prepared -theru during" Mr. Hsmet's Although,the'-Efferice ^nd Tienrriflce haverlong been ' higiilf-telebrafedp'agtf held trfr^ai the  Nobility .ana ,ff^rryi?ffcf at tneyrenaer uic ieeth beautifully white,.without, in theleafhinjuring theeaameV; prefer va them from'decay.* or if already decayed, from becoming worfe;' fallen fich as-gre'lnofe; perfe^fiy the Scurvy iji the Giirhs* and caiife tlifem to grow up firm and^clofe f6 the Teeth", at the Tame rirrie rendering "the Breath 'delicafeiyfweet J 'they* likewife produce fhi&-ex-cellent eifei^,'"th.W-thoie-perforts .^iUo^ouftaiuly v.A: them will nev he allied witl^the Tooth -nch, ncr thv Scnr'/y in the irurns,- fiiey'"being ceitain Spociftus lor rhidc two For the better accommodation of the Public,. JBaylv.y *nd Lowe have,appointed i.hem :o be fold retail ^as ufua^J by T. Scar man, Tate Partner and SucceflTor to Mr, HemeteNtf," $Z>: Itoto Bon ut what iuve the Signature oHiayley ao.d Lowe in the Snvnp, ard a-Label*- on the B3ck of oach Cottle and 15ox, with theft; war J*j *6BayIey and Lowe, CockfptU'-ttrcvi. London.0 Salisbury, Stgckbrjdgey PophAm Lane^ a�d Basingstoke CQACH; ever)r^ibrhing fdur. : ''Wisbeajch,. ftfarc'iV Chatteris, St. I^es, arid Fenstanton CO^CHV'Tii^s^ay, Tb&rsday, and Saturday Mornimfg^ ac Four. cure York,. Tadcasterv Terryhridge, \yentbr?dge, B^wtry, Tu xf6 rd, R r a h V h a rr^ C ford' Warisford, 'Aiconbury-hill, Eaton, and "Bahltois COAC3H,:;ev�ry Mo^nipfi at ijevtoc : ' WM.MO^NTAJN.and-Co. respeafirfly. acquaint their .Friend? and,Mp Public, .th:>t>"siiil emulous to. deserve a* .well' as preserve tjieirVivaluaSe esteem, they haive provided Lamps and Guards, ?ihaC travej thro'ugWo-Jt 'with ail the L above:Coach4s:i,and heavy w.eiglits oj^Luggage, Gobds, &c.*conviyid .safe in the u�der>nentioned. W AGGQNS* The.Diss^.Becrlcs, Bun gay*-- and Bury, j:o all parts of Suifblk,7 every Mo�rf.�y> ' *" Manchester, Liverpool^ andtoye/Ury WAOGONS twjg a week; ":. >;i *v*.r*.--� '. .1} - . .-x* ^ Marlborough, Neifo�ry', and 'Rea^ln^ iVaOGO'ltf evtf^^gL'd Tuesday. ' r-1" V:- " * �'� ^ptW? tMlxhrid^o- an^ Iver.W^ GGON, ever- 1';; ;daytand SaSj�JS.'S Thu^sday^ and Saturday. V/orcester, Pershoie, and Wycombe* VV\ft<X\Jf^J Saturday. .� ; . Cirencester, Abingdon, au*l Henley V/AGGOW times a week. � Windsor. N. H. The Proprietors 'of �.he C^o?vl.5vfroritH Inn wiil not b^ accountable for-any ii*arr -v.L^gga^ygg^ &c. of i^ore value clnn five bounds (if IcJt) unless CSV ejrfd ai such, and oaid lor according,y AJonday

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