Saturday, February 11, 1775

Morning Chronicle And London Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Morning Chronicle And London Advertiser on Saturday, February 11, 1775

Morning Chronicle And London Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 11, 1775, London, Middlesex JSUMB ,17-86 3 SAT 12 iVX FE.B R tf J RT ir, 1775 Price Two-pence Halfpenny;" PR U R J - L A N E, ' Bv.Hii; M A J fi-S TYVCOMPA N Y, '/T the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane, Pi THISEVENING,^iUbeprefentea ' gULE a Wife and HAVE a Wife. Leon, Mr.GARRICK j Dubej M1*' Aickin; Juan, Mr. Packer 5 Sancho, . . ^ .Mr. Hurft; Copper" Captain, Mr. KING -; ;Ajtea? Mrs. love j? f. . > -Margaretta Mrs. Roblnfon, j -03d Woman, M� Baddeleyf;-Maid, Mr.'Waldron ; ..t'j L' Intbario, Mr* Lewis;' Altaraont, Mr.'. Wroughton Roffano, Mr. Booth ; ." Lucilla, iWifsPearce; A Cafifta, Mrs; BARRY. Tp which will be added,. A new Comedy of Two ; .AiSls, tailed � The ROMANCE of an HOUR. .-. . The: principal characters by MvShnJejyMr, Benfley, Mr.Chrkf Mr; Quick-, Mr; Lee-Lewes, Mn Dunfta'l, Mifs Pearce, Mrs. Green, and- Mrs. Bulkeley. �� - .-'��' With a newPROLOqpE and EPILOGUE. Boxes 5�t Pit 3*. Firft Gallery. 2s . Upper Gal is. Places ior the boxes- to be taken of Mr. Sarjarit (only) at the ftage door,. The doors to be opened'at five, and begirt at fix 'dock.. . No perfons admitted: behind the fcenes, nor any money returned after the curtain is.drawn up. Being Dclired by many PeVfdM of tjfciality. }i AT the THEATRE � ROYAL, ia thet , � �� HAY-MARKET* r: " ] On THURSDAY the 16th of February inftant, \ ' - �'- " will be performed,.;. , ; A COLLECTION, entir iy new,/of the/moil ad-^  mired - '. !\\, CATCHES and Gt/rpS, * SeleSed, by perrraflioh, from the vaft arid, ifwfuable property of the Nobltmeri and Gentlemen who fup-port the. Catch-Club; -at the Thatch'd Hotife, in St. James's-ftree^. with fome New cqmpofed on tlie oq-cafion. To be .directed byDr. A.RNE, Previous to the fain performancey will be futig, A Comic little Piece of Two A?ts, called The SOT. Altered from FIEi'DI tJT G;' The, MUSIC by Dr-. A R N E> The principal ch�raaers chiefly by New PUijILSof fJie.p6ftor's, with pther Capital Performances, which will'be expreffed in the grea; .bills and. adytrtye-ments. ����**'' -  � y � Pit and: Boxes laid tbjjefb^r at.FlW Shillings.:"" Flrft Gallery 2S.; Upper Gallery is; " To begin at Seven o'clock. Tickets to be had, and places taken -only of Mr. Meredith, at the Theatre. .;>,-. 83* Books of the New Catohes and Glees' to be had at the Theatre on the day of performaftce. ; Ladies and.GentleiYlen are requeftedto tak,e"tfckets with"their places,..otherwife it will be irnpoffible to infure them; , . ,.{' AT FOSTER!s IRtSHf LINEN and .. MUSLIN.. � WAREHOUSE,- -Wholefale ami Retail, No. 60, St. Paul's Churchryard. - The lt>w.ft price is mark'd on the goods, without abatement, by which meansevery ^jne may tqu'dHy depend on thfrbeil u/age, whether they are judges or not, and every.article isr>fold- on'thVlbweft terms to engage thoiewho maketrialJoconfinuetheir favours. Shirts^ both fine and coarfe, with other kinds bfd ieadyrmade';llne,h for private/amilies, and. for thej army or riavy;' ' " "�'[. .... \ ' A Capital Shop, in a large market town, forty m'.les ' from London, to fcfiuiifpofed of. ' . This Day is publtjhed, Price If.. A SECOND LETTER to Dr. "yVILr, Jfii LI AM HUNTER, Phyfician Extraordinary to the Queen, &b. Being an' ANSWER to the illiberal CRITICISM in the MONTHLY REVIEW for November. i774>. on a fermer Letter, occasioned by the death of Lady Holland. .-. Containing;, a remarkable Cure, of a Schirrus, and Cancerous Ulcer. To which are"aSde'd,-' ' Reafons.why that poifbnous dnig, Hemlock, IJiould Hever be given in cancerous cafes s and fome-account 0/ the 'new-discovered;methods .Qf -^arin^- .fchirrus breafts without ciitting^ -jthe cancjer,^cej^?^;^.�te-^ rus, the fcrophula, ulcers- of the fefs, "and reftoring fight to the Wind, by internal Medicines" only. ; ' i \ By WILL I A M ROW LEY, M; D. and Man-Midwife,-�' -:. Printed.for F. Newbery, thfcQHaerioj,Si. Paul's Church Yard. ~.. - Of whom may be^ had, ; The Firft Letter to Dr. 'Htinter;- bi) the tjangerqus Tendency of Medical Vanity, asnd Drk Rowley's oth?r Works. , . : > v-: . ^ U R V I V O R S H I P. RED CROSS, BAR3ICAN. ' -SOCIETY for the BENEFIT of SURVIVORS, at the" expiration of five\�ars, is held, as; above, eftablifiied Nov. 17* 177a, where all per-fons (attornics oj Jews,excepted) without regard "to a^s or lerfj'tnay become members, by. fubferibing any fiim fromT ftx-pence to one guinea per week, which may be pai4 ejther weekly or quarterly; the ftock to !�e:fecuredin th? Bank of England, and to be divided at the expiration of the term between the furviving members, according to their feverai Subfcriptions - ''� 6^ There*are near 300 Members already admitted. The laft mght of admitting members'' at the prefent low premium of fix-pence only, will be off THURSO. DAY. next the 16th icftant, (which is Quarterly night) after which no more can be admitted wthout paying an advance agreeable to. the orders,.wliich may be feen at the bar, -where further panic ulars may be knovxn, and members admitted1 ar.y bburin the;-dayi COClLSPURrSTREET,- Hay-market. BRESLAW and 1 his ITALIANS NEW EXHIBITION, ; This, and Every Evaning, wllbe" perfbrm'd AGRAND' EXHIBITION. U TEN different DIVISIONS/ By Mr. BRESLAW, Siew ROMA1N, . Meiir GIELLMI, 5iear- CKJRANSO, Mad. ROMAIN, and Mad; MQSSELLA.TERIESA, At his Exhibjtibn Room, .near Mr. Pinchbeck'sHh Cockfpur-ftreet. - The4paVtrculars cf'the pe^ormanaes are exprefled in the bills. -'"  The. d0ors.lto'.b'e opened at Six o'clock, and to begin predfely^t^en.-, \ -1 Admittance irjt, the Pit or Boxes Half a Crewneach. Places to be taken from Ten in die morning, till-Three in the afternoon." \\,.' < The Room' will be iUumTnated witTi Wax. Kf? Breflaw and his-Italians wiH wait on private Companies for Three Guineas, and every Pe icty v AN HISTORICAL ACCOUNT of all tiie- VOYAGES round the ' WORLDj Performed . by ENGLISH; NAVIGATORS : IncludingrthQfe lately undertaken by ORDER of his prefent MAJESTY. * To which is added, ( A Joumaiof Capt. PHIRPS** VOYAGE for Joking bifcoveries-towardsthe North Pole,;' and alfo, an^ccpunt of the feverai Vbyagesnridertaken for tVe 1 w R"Ti,;�ic �ii�r..mj c  <i .i-a. j DifcoWof aNorth-Eaftandllorth-WeftPaflage to j ^LS^&^it^ -lhe theSouYhe-nHemifphere-. ' ' ' - ~ 5 I ^ivho � r - - - ... B polftftied ot,i8ool. ttock m the three-per cent. conTol � The whole faithfully extracted from the Journals .of the Voyagers. Printed for F i>te, near Arundel-ftreet, in the Siraiid, London^ where the Sfomach Pi I is are Spared and (oi6 at is. 6d. per box'; and by his aPpointment, for die better accommodation of; n the public, they are alfo fold by Mr. Smyth, P*fiimer to hisrMajefty, ;is: NewBorid-ftieet, and byMx. Py^^-bjlo. 4*,.'-Change-alley-; 'a� e publiflied every ftulling each. An Entirtr NEW W- OR K. This Day is publifhedi In large Quarto, price is. 6d. (To bp continued the; Firft of every Month) j . N U M:B E R I; 'of , THE COPPER-PLATE MUSEUM} or Monthly R.epofitory of Elegance, Tafte, and Humour, . " - In each number of this elegant performance will be given, r.; Ai hiftotical plate, illufttating fome ftriking Incident h> the Hiftary of England, defigned by the celebrated l^lr. Eiwards, of *he Royal Academy, and engraved by the equallyxelebrated artiftSi Grignfe on atrdHkll; z. A humprbus fubjecT;,. in the manner of the late Ingenious and much lamented Hogarth, ^efehedfby, Otat^nily facetious hurriourift in the Ho-garthian'ftiley Mr* Grimm, and engraved by the mod eminent Mafters. And 3.-Curious engravings in na-turalhiilory, drawn fitun the real objects, and maf-terly executed. In the letter-prefs of each number will be given, the rnoft ftriking paflages in the English Hiftory, to accompany the hiftorical engravings: aHb, a complete natural hiftory, and variety of humorous fobjefts. London : printed for A. Hamilton, near St. John's Gate; and fold by F. Newbery, the Cqrner of St. sPaHl's-Church-Yard, Ludgate-ftreet, and all other iBookfellers in Great Britain and Ireland. To tha P U B LI C. = A periodical performance now publifliing. under the ititle of " The Copper-plate Magazine," may perhaps, ibethought too fimilar to-this ; but though the titles !rbear fome affinity, they are totally different in every other particular. They cannot be raid to clafh any =more than a body of divinity and a fyftem of botany, �an interfere with each other ^ or Locke on the Human ?Underftanding and Triftram Shandy. The Copy |>fc^-plate;Magazine in each number, has a portraits a perfpefiiveView, and an hiftorical fubjeft, not relating to the hiftory of England. The'e are engraved by looker, Walker, Cplli.r, &c. The Copper-plate Mu-feum, which we prefume to offer to the public, will tbhraift in each number, an hiftorical plate, illiiftratrf i*g4zme ftriking incident in the Hiftory of England; a humorous fubjed, after the manner of the late ingenious and much lamented Hogarth; and a plate of 1 curious engravings in natural hiftory, drawn from the I r>aT obje'dh. The defigns for the Copper plate Mu-feum willbe made by the celebrated Mr. Edwards, of the Royal Academy, &c. and the.enpravi;gs will be executed-only by MelT, Grignion and Hall, whofe , alyjjties are toa well knqwn to require any encomiums here. � We would not, however,, be confidered asoppofers of Hie 6bpper-p!ate Magazine in their own walk: tjiat would'be too arduous a talk, as w'e cannot even wifh to exceed that work. If-wo-can furnifh a -monthlfj� entertainrrrent for the public, upon a plan IStaTTiy-SlflSerent from that, though nor in the lcaft inferior in point of merit, we hope to |h re with the Proprietors of that performance, the public approba-tica, and "encouragement. 'ii'Ei'- 'jiV_�__-_��� " , � � " This Day is puhlijhed, 1 A CATALOGUE of valuable and cu-' 1HL rious BOOKS, in every branch of ufeful and polite Tttsrature; including the LIBRARY of the Rev. Mr. BARNARD, oi Bardfield, in iffcX ; and feyeral Collections, lately purchafed. - Among which are, -'- - F O L I O. Lk-Grand Gatferie de Verfailles, l.p, Rofli's Statue* - . -Btfchnp's S?atues-... 'C^ozijt Rccueil d'Eflampes, meill. epr. Ruins of Athens' Rains of Balbec '. M"g6 Jones's Defigns Blair's Chronology Pipe's Tapeftry of Houfe of Lords .'Winffaiiley's Prints Khorr Delices.Phyfiq. Choifies, 2 vol. P6tiv�rt'Opeva, a vol. Sheldrake^ Herbal: P^rkmfon's Htrbal Millar's Plants,.! vol. Rapin's Hiftory of England. 5 vol. Bibgraphia Britannica, 7 vol. Camden's Britannia, 7 vol. Maitiand's Hiftory of London, ; vol. Hrllinfhed's Chronicle, a vol. Hall;s Chronicle Stowe's, Chronicle Fuller's Worthies of England Tenner's Notitia Monaftica Atkins's Glouceft:r/hire Thorpe's Roche^er Morant'.s Eflex, 2 vo'. Plbtt's Oxfordfhire �Ndrden's Travels, 2 vol. Purcas's Pilgrims, 5.VOI. Rycaut's Peru. -Mariana-'s Hiftory of, Spain. Bayle's, Johhfon's, Poftlethwayte's, James's, and . Croicer's Didtipnaries. Bafkerviile^s Bible, royal paper. Heriry bh the Biblei'6 vol. Patrick, Lowth,-and Whitby, 6 vol,  Spence's Poly metis. -  Gower cie Confefiione Aman'is. Shakefpeare's Works. 2d edition. Taylor" the Water Poet. ScriptoresHiftoriaeRoma^as, 3 vol. Poeta; Graeci Leflfii, 2 vol. Poly'bius, Cafauboni, &e- &C-La Met des Hiftoires, 2, vol. 148?. Q_ IT A R T O. Philofophical Tranfaftions, complete, 64 vol, bound  in Rufiia leather.  ' "' : ' '' *-''-" '' Holy Bible> with 106 cuts,.by Call Rembrandt, &c. Bacoh, Bayle, Addifon, Popei Lyttleton, Sydney, Mid- . dlton, &c. ,'... 4. .. . r Button Hitibife Nattfrelle*; 15 torn, Opere di Dante, 5 vols.. - - . Opsre di Machiavelli, 3 volr: Strabone Geografia, : 7 Diodprp Siculp, Baldelli. �� -.. Noveile'di Male'fpini Tbe PROFITS ariMngfiomthe Sale of ^he followihg PAMPHLET will be given to the SOCIETY for rhe RECOVERY of PERSONS APPARENTLY DEAD hy DROWNING, &c. . This Day is ptkblijhed. Price is. The THIRD EDITION, with Corrections arid an Appendixv Infcribed (by permifli' n} to Sir 'TOSHUA REY. NOLDS arid EDMUND BURKE, Ef 'U R T HE N 100 Tons, Guns.and Men anfwerable, Lying at Fountain Stairs. Has two-thirds of her Cargo already - engaged. i The Commander tp.. be fpoken with every mom-, ^ihg at Sam's Coffee-hbofe, near the Cuftom-houfe, ;ort the Exchange at Change time, and after at Will's xoffee-houfe, or HUBBERT and DONOVAN for file Commander. Tafib^ da Conti, 2 vol. &c. Sec. r. Which wilJbegin to be fcild (for rea-fy nibney; onlyT; tlHs day, 1775, and continue on fale till all are'fcljl,'. "" By T H ,0 A S: D A V:'.I.'. E 'S, ' a--;., i In GreaUln�rei-ftree<rr eo^^G^rden.?,-'. \. -{ - J5^� Catal-jguesJto be.had (price. l$x-cence); at; Richarehop aticVUrqiihart's, at the Royal' ExrHahg^'�' Child's Coffee-houfe. - St-. Paul'S'Church-yafd j Hih-gefton''s,at TjeJapleiBa^ Walte^a^?harrrig-CS'oirs f .Ridley's, St. James's-ftreet; Shropfhire's, in New-', Bond-ftreet; of the Bookfellers of Oxford and Cambridge"; and at the Place of Sale; where the full value is given for any library or parcel of books, Eor the Morning Chronicle. ; On the Plantations and Colonies. JSC^^-f^^^SSC Intend in^this letter to give dPX X% mX opinion about plan- 3^ . jWT , ^ tations, a fubjeft which "^X ^ '2'^j, feems to me t.o be under- Vw tie ufe is made of it where ; confiftin the number of its inhabitants, when thofe inhabitants are ufefully employed, and no more of them Ihre upon the induftry of others (1 ke drones in a hive) than are ne-ceffary to preferve the. petonomy of the whole. For the reft, fuch as gamefters, cheats, thieves and (harpers, with fome of their betters, they wnfte and dellroy the public wealth, without adding any thing to it. Therefore,, if any nation drive either by violence, or by lil nfage and dillrefs, any of its fubjfcls. out of their country, or fend any of thern out in foolilh wars, or ufelefs expeditions, or for any other caufes,* which do not return more advantage than bring lofs, they fo far enervate their Hate, and lei out parfof their beft hearts blord. ... In many inflances, men add more to the public flock by being out of their country, tBan in it ; as. ambafTadors, publick minillers, add their retinues, who tranfacl: the affairs of a nation merchants and tradefmen who carry on ics traffick ; foldiers in neceffary waTs, and fometimes travellers, who teach us the cuftoms* manners, and policies of diilanc countries, whereby we may regulate and improve < ur own.. All, or moil of thefe, return to us again with; advantage. But, in other inftanctF, a man leaves his country, neyer, or very rarely to return again; and then the Mate will faffer lofs, if the perfoa fotleavjng employed abroad in fuch induftry, in railing fuch commodities, or in perfcrmifig fucX'erVices, as will return more benefit to his native country, than they fufFer prejudice by Iofing an ufeful member. This is often done by. planting ~ Colonies, which are of two forti; one, to : keep con-quffed countries in fubjV&ion, and to prevent lhe neceflity of conftant ftanding armiej1: a policy \vhich. the Romans "pradlifedvtill their conquefts grew too nnmerous, ihe^corqiiered countries-.too diftantj a'nd their 1 empij-e 'too un|veildy to be managed by their native force only\y and then they became the Haves of thofe whom they conquered^ v : " The other fort of colonies are for trade, and  intended to increafe the wealth and power of the native kingdom ; which they will abundantly do if managed prudently, hnd pufand kept under a proper-regulation. Noinatiqnever has, orever had, all.the ina.-ter^Is of coRvmerce within iifelf: no. climate produces .all-commodities; and yet it is the Untereft, pleafur'e, or convenience of every -people, to ufe at to trade in moft ar all 0^ them; and)ratherto.�raife them themlrlves, than to purchafe'-themTrom oihers, unlefs in fome inftanceJi- when they eh&nge their own commodities, for them, and' employ as many or more people at thaj.^xchange,;fucbi' ^as wpuld.ldfe their'emplpymeriti by 'piirchan' fihg^hem from abroad.; )yy-v- - Now, Colonies planted in proper cliinat^j,' kepMO'&eir proper befinefsi.;uin*doub{ec( do this; and, particularly^mad^ of ppt','. 'Colo;, ies.. iij-;the:Weft inoieiV''e'mplbv"Wo- '* . :  t > .Should, tbiibsftij�;cafe:with any';bf our colonies;' if.iheexpince we are, and ;have been aj^ (n^roteftinj> tl{em,.ehd rErrtbvinjg'tlil enemy fronj; 5feptdt�fettie-" me'nts^ cbunterb|}fann$$oe' advteta^'*tn s , How can tht> anfwer this end and intention, if they refufe to pay proportionable taxes towards de* fraying the expenses and dfbtf o| the jpannt Aate ?

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