Monday, January 17, 1774

Morning Chronicle And London Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 2

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Text Content of Page 2 of Morning Chronicle And London Advertiser on Monday, January 17, 1774

Morning Chronicle And London Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 17, 1774, London, Middlesex Jtolif fr iendflitp for affiftance, have left tfce luoji-d while it was in his favor: out, inftead of that, you proceed to bring ftronger reafons, f though eqtfally-prefumpriver which at once ip.valid*!te-,wha$"you faid before, and leave new fuipic?oirS,on the.prifoner you were called to defend ; as if ^at all events you was re-.-..iojv.ed^hpttgh perhaps a man's me depended �n your evidence, to fpeak your- ftudied re-fehtment, again ft disputing focieties; which was^he'njore cruel, becaufe unneceflary aira* egjually unjuft, as being grounded on'falfe-kood. or error., .v-'T&djs.yoit add, that."-having,the honor to jftand before the Magiftracy of this great City, : you muft declarMit he-is guilty^ that you be-: iteve he Owes; the origin of his mifery to vile difputing alehoufe dubs, "where the rights of --inagiftracy, ana the firil principles of religion find morality have been controverted; and where young fellows get a habit of hearing, Without horror or fliame, vice palliated, human government "decrfed, and the attribute? of God hjmfelf blafphemed." ' \ % I appeal to you, Sir, if this was not fuggeft- .; ihg ideas that were likely to prejudice the ^pnforier, and the ihore cruelly, becaufe-the Jliiry "might probably be wholly unacquainted ' with the nature "of dtfputing clubs ? and yet jyft before you had told them you was*as much ' perfuaded of his incapacity to commit a for gery, as a ploughman or an infants But"i-you was honeft in this declaration-if you feally thought him innocent"- whyfdidysu en- ' cteavtfiir to leflen the evidence that he was fo ? *Tis a ferious queftion ; and 1 hope, when you Reflect upon^it, you will confider how much injury you may have done the mall who relied on your friendftxip in a defperate cafe, and whom, you believed innocent of the-crime5 he was charged with and that you will endeavour to atone for itr by laboring, to get him' pardoned. ' You are reported, Sir> to be a good man. Where then was the tender feeling for a< fellow creature in diftrefs, which mould animate the heart of every hum .n being, when you thus forgot the fubject you came upon, whicb was the caufe of humanity ? But the fpe'ecH was made, and you was overcome with the ambition of fpeaking it in a Court of Jufiice. Thus with a mind intent upon the honour of  declamation, you had no leifure to - reflect on eorifequentes, and the mfferable wretch might fuffer, rather than you fhould Jefe fuch an opportunity for a difplay of oratory. But I affc you, Sir, {and I admit difputing clubs- to fee as bad as you defcribe them) if it would �ot have been better you had been a fpeaker at the worft of them, where your fentimeiits would have Hone no harm, (bat from the piety with" which you feem to be affected, per-1  haps," might have been fervlceable) than that you mould thus have indulged your vanity on an occasion of fuch ferious importance? However, of this I am fore, no motive'more unworthy can actuate any fociety of men, than to act unjuftly, and to theprejudice of a perfon " ivhofe life is at ftake, and at the iamctime is -believed to be guiltleff of the charge againft :fcim. W, D. 5Jjj�-Bwr Correspondents. ' t'HM�^PP^e* as tfight be wanting for the A" Detelter of' :all Harangue^,;. deliveYedLp&kntytai: that-they would not wffer^any without meaning orjudgment,, addrefie'd to Mr. Ryiand--Impartialis-~o%/ ArB". ~are intended/or in/ertion to-morrow. -The-lines figned Thalb, and- addrefled�� Mifs Barfanti, are too inaccurate forJtublica-tion. � � : .* �� V - :: .% -We have repeatedly declared tbatonrPrefs is open ta the- free inrveftigation of every fubjeSl', , but nuti heartily nuijh out carrifpondents*u:9uld\ attack measures rather than men. In fame cafis the mail and the mea/un an� infeperablet or rather, the man is immediately cenfurabltt" as being the caufe of the niettfure. But ihii argument cahnotbe brought forward in defence of the letter Jigmed Scorpion, tie tnuft therefore decline injerting it. ' Peter Pofitive-Felts-Theophilas-Tobias-and Philo-Dratna, are received. . TothePrin ter of the Mo r n its c C h-ro n i c l e . In Anfwer to a Letterfigntd Maria �/'January 3. SIR, APolemic in petty coats is. a creature with . which ai prudent man ought not to en--gage-; yet. there is a complaiiance doe to a -lady even when ftie miilakes her place, and "fits down among the Doctors.- Your correspondent Maria {whofe letter I have but lately met with) may believe me upon my word, that by prayer to Gpd, t mean an addre/s to the one fupreme Being whom oar Saviour eall his JFather, andiour Father, his God,.arid our- ,G^. I do; not believe that the word God includes ;the Son and HolyGhoil, becaufe ..we. mgft Jthen allow thait our Saviour in iiis .mpft fyjemn moojents .prayed to ihimfelf to oB'titjrribat. whichvhe..did not obtain,vtho' it wasmi|fpwn;power, to confer it; let this cup pafs 'frtim m% neverthelefs not j^y^viil: but . fhiije^.;b�rdflne j he^re ;is a plain dhtinSion of fopetil^ty^vin the father, and if our Saviour vy�s fo ujjiteji vvith the fon as ,to make one infeparable 'fetfon'.as our chareh-afierts, -the perlon fo. praying mull ^inferior, to hkn who wasprayed to. . . /. . it is very true, that, I f$e ao'.myjlery in the Trinity, qr r'a^ier noTrinity to make a myftery, of in Jiii? biblej bat I cannot- uaderftand with/ Maria that one may as sveJl'! fey there is �o God at all, as- deny that, the.Son and Holy Qholt are equal tp, the Eather. We fnrely leav.eoneQGd, whw fro.m.jwie{ubftraa z.- /Whateverjobjvetion ij ftatted againft praying'to the father, muft be a^weakione indeed, jince our Lord has camjnaad^d us when we jwray,fto fay,fOur father, &c.",and daring , the lenptatioB I think he fays .** thou ftialt wo flhip the, Lord -thy God, sknd.him os^^flialt thftu ferye j", that I cannot fee what aft Maria wquidtnakeof thatexpreffion againii the wor-ftiip of the fathetpnly. Farewell Maria*, fey :-by your myfery, and ifypu are fingle enter into the myftery of ma-triinony as fall as you can ; love your hof-band, take cars your children, be frugal, cleanly, and rife early : pray to God in the name of Chrift, ask his bleffing andaffiftance, payr youx debts, punctually, never fcold, or aboife.your neighbours, and you will be a b�ttqr Chriftian perhaps than Your's, 4 Gbrijlitmt balm Spy.  From the LONDON GAZETTE^ -1 MeJ/ina, Decimher 6. . DURING the very bad weather .we have had here of late, fe vera! iliips of different nations have been wrecked on the coalls Of this kingdom, but happily none belonging to Great Britain-. lord Chamberlain's- Office,' Jan. if, 1774 . ' Notice is hereby givei^, that, as her Majeily's ' birth-day will be kept on Tuefday he3ct7at St. James's, thcr� will -be no levee there on ,- Monday the 17th infrast. BANK R V F T S. William Ree\'e, of the city of Biiftol, merchant} fnrrender the aift and aid of January inrtant, and 26th of Feb uary, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, of each-day, at the houfe of Mrs. Elizabeth Meafe, the Nag's-^Head tavern in Wine-rtreet, Brjftol. "vi illiam ReeVe", 6fithe city f Biiftol, nierchaBt,; (fur. __yiving partner 0? Chi. opher Devonmire, late of the city of Brrtol) io furrender the 21ft and z2d inft. and 26th of Feb. at the Nag's Head Tavern, Briilol, (Mr. George Addgrly, attorney,In Briftol. . Wm. Reeve, Andrew Reeve, and Jeremiah R01, of the ci|y of Briftol, merchants, to farrender the. 21ft and 2ad inft. and.26th of Feb. at the Nag's Head Ta-vern^ "Wine-ftreet, Briftol. (Mr. George AdderJy, attorney in Briftol. - ' . Edmond" ClodJ of "New Buildings near Sun YatdTl Nightingale-Ia-.e, Middlefex, now.of Liverpool, Lan-cMter, mariner, to furrender-the 22d and 29th. inft,-and 26th of Feb. at Guildhall,.London* (Mr. John Shelwood, attorney, Watftfbrd^cur., Tnrogmor^--ton-ftrctt. Wm, Dawkirts of Gefpcrt, Southampton, boofcfeiler, the 18th inft. and 5th and 26th of Feb. at Ouildhall, London. (Meff. Bafil & W. Heme, PateFnoft�r-row; James Innei of Chalford,; OioSc^fter, c othier, to furr render the 17th and 18th inft. and 26th of Feb. at the Catharine Wheel, in Calne, Wi t$+ (.Mr. Henry Merewether,- attorney, in -Calne, Wi'.rSi.' r Thomas Raymond of Shadbrook, Suif&lfr, "grocer, t<i fmrender the' i6th, 17th, and a6th e city;-o� .Briftol,. haber*afher| the 8th of Feb. at the Nag's Head Tavern in Wjfihe� flreet, Briftol. " " -vv - ' ,f James Pullefn of Chifwi^-MM^^^ ihopk;^>er,j the l^thof Feb. at-Guiidhalij'Loflidxjru 'V-Stephen Sa.rgent late of Rotherluthe, SurCf, mariner, the j 5th Feb. at Guildhall,Xondcin. i JsfejiJi Cotterel the eider,, and Jofeph Cottefel tli^ younger of Walfal, Stafford, -mercers, the 43d of Fib. at the BuJFs Head Inn in Walfatt, Stafford. -Robstt Lowe late of Derby, gweer^ the nth of Feb. at Guildhall, London. , Robert Bogle the elder, Robert Bogle the younger, and Wm. Scott of l.ove-lane, EaftcheAp, LobAhi, mer chants, the 13d of Feb. at Guildhall. . John-Chapman of Bow-4ane> St. Mary le Bow, Lon^ don. dealer, (furviving partner_ofChriftopher Rais-beck, deceafed) the i ^thof Feb. at GuildhslL Dividends adjourned.:\ Francis Morier and Jofeph Rogers^ of; Stratford, ETex* callico-printers, to* the'15th of Feb. at Guifdliail,' London. , '' -  �� Daniel Franckling of Chriffe-church, Middlefo^, dyer, to the 29th fnft. at Gufldhall, London. Certificates to be granted. Edwsrd Brewer of St Mary, Wh'ttechapel, and of Eaft Smithfield, Middlefex, brewer, the 5th of Feb. James ockeriH and Robert Cockerill of South Shislds, Durham, rope and fail-makers, the 5th, of Feb^ Thomas Shaw of Charihg-crofs, Middlefex, linen-draper, the "5th of Feb. pirt of the public fetvice to'efcap thejr^m> t^e, but fhey VvSiil^ Be careful t^Tejecl; the moftmaterial for their immediate deliberation, they wercxertain of having his Majefty's MORNING C H RON1CL li. LONDON January 17. HOUSE of COMMONS. Friday, Jan. 14.. About half paft three o'clock Lord North �came, and the Hqofe proceeded to bufinefs, when Lord Guernfey defired leave to brmg in the humble addrefs of thanks to his Majefty (which he moved for on Thurfday). The addrefs was read to the Houfe by Mr. Hatfell, and was to the following purport: That they returned his Majefty their hearty thanks for bis moft gracious Speech, and expreffing their concern that the peace was not concluded between, Ruffia and the Porte? but that they were glad to hear his Majefty exprefs-how pacific all other powers were, and that his intentions were to render a general tranquillity throughout- his kingdom, as far as lay confident with ;the honour of his Crown, and the iatereftsof his people i and allured his Majefty, that they would give their otmoft attention to the internal and domeftic affairs; and that they fhould always retain the moft grateful fenfe of his Majefty's great wifdom, in recommending to their moft ferious attention, the ftate of the gold coin ; and that his Majefty might reft alure'd, that nothing fhould be wanting in them to put the gold coin upon fuch a footing as might not only remove the prefentgrievance, butrenderjthe credit and commerce of the kingdom fufficientiy fecure from be'ng expofed again to the like danger; that his Majefty might depend on his faithful Common? graA- concurrence ,.to any' thing that-might be tor cHe h'apptneis and" prolperiry of his people. - - Theoueftion was then put, that -the above addrefs mou^d pafs, which; was carried nem. con.-  ;,;'.  The Speaker then defired fuch Members of. that H^oufe as were Privy Counfelloie^%oa|is' carry the addrefs up to his_Majei>y.\ : ! - The queftion was then put, that the Houfe Ihould ineet this day at ten o'clock, to take Fhto coniidera'tion hia Majefty's fpeech. The Speakef thehi left the chair, and the Houfe broke up at four o'clock, but met again this morning. 0 Yefterday the Rev. Mr, Antony Harailton, yicai- "of Pellam, Re�lor of Orfet, Eflex, a Prebend of St. Paul's, and- fon -in-1 aw to the Bifliop of London, preached before their Ma-jeftles at the Chapel Royal, St. Jam'es's ; the ftvord Of ftate was carried, to and from Chapel by the Duke of Chandos. After divine fer-vice, there was a grand court and drawing-'irig room, and afterw ards a council. � Yefterday all the foreign minitters met at the Thatch'd Houfe, St, jzmes's, where they had a long conference with feveral of the great officers of ftate.' There wiil be no ccurt or drav/ing-room next Thurfday at St, James's, on account of to-morrow being her Majefty's birth-day. On Saturday laft the Lord Chancellor gave an elegant entertainment to the Minifters of State; Lord Rochford, Lord North, Lord Suffolk, Lord: Sandwich, Lord Govver, and Lord Dartmouth, vyere prefent. Yefterday the Lord Chancellor went to the Chapel Royal, and afterwards attended a Council before his Majefty went into the draw-| ing�rodm. Yefterday evening the Chancellor had a grand Levee at his houfe in Great Ruftel-ftreet. This day both Houfes of Parliament will meet purfuant to their laft adjournment. The Committee to whom his Majefty's fpeech was referred, will make their report to the Lower Houfe this day, after which fome feppties are expected to be voted for his Mar jefty's fervice. It was fbmetime before the Speaker could make a Houfe on Saturday laft,. by which meaas tbe Commons were^ather late in going with the addrefs to St. James's. To, morrow being her Majefty's birth-day, both Houfes of Parliament will adjourn 'till Wedhefday. We hear that Sir Watkin Lewes intends prefenting his petition, in behalf of i him-felf and the independent freemen of the city of Worcefter, on Wednefday next; which petition it is expected, will.difclofe fome very notorious in fiances of bribery and corruption. It Is a matter of doubt,, fays a correfpondent, whether Mr, R-ts will be hardy enough "at laft to trouble the Senate with his Petition; for if the ^very-idea of a petition from him; Rafter; bis election by fo great a majority, conveys fuch an infult to every the humbleft fingle underilending, what rauft it be iO the-wildonr of parliament!. It 1* whifpered at the wefi end of the town that Mr. Hull will not enjoy his-new acquired feat long,, as the petition againft him will have great influence. Mr. Rous, who will iikewife have a petition againft him, 'tis faid wiH not be affected in the ieaft by it. The premier, it is faid, is very apprehen-five of the' motion for triennial parliaments being powerfully fupported this winter, e� ^hich account he has for fome time paft been very industrious to be properly pie* 'pared for -it.  Lord North has lately had-feveial confulta-tions with the officers of the Mint; refpect-ing the^ prefent ftate of the gold coin of this kingdom ; and they are ordered to attend him athifr houfe this evening", at which time the Governor and Sub-Governor of the Bank are requefted to attend, in order to refolye on wtiat fteps appear moft conducive to the in-? tent ions of government, in this. in�pcrtant object; and we hear the opinion is, that ad-miniftratibB- will propofe to call in all the gold money coined before the prefent reign, at the ftahdard price of gold, for thofe that are deficient. The Bank of England will probably receive fbme pretty douceur to enable them! properly to digeft this bitter pill. A Great Perfonage, it is fdid, has given orders for diftributing a quantity of bread every week, during the winter, to the poor at Ke�. Notwithftahding what fome icinrfterial' tools in the city have" for fome time afferted, or .may yet infiriuate, that their ma.fter had no. intereft or concern who was, or who was not, Lord Mayor; foine curkius particulars may be laid hefore the public in.a few days, which will evidence to the Contrary, in the moft de-monftrutive and undeniable manner: 'Tis faid, that when the intended regulation-of the gofd coin takes placej not a guinea, half-guinea, or quarter, will then pafs, unlefs it be full ftandard weight. It was on Friday mentioned at the Bank, that the further improvement of the gold coin intended by Government^ is, to prohibit the ufe of guineas of former rjf^ns, and thofe;. 0/ hUpe/entlM^efty Only; to be carrent ; the loft, asbefoXe, to be borne by individuals. " On Friday:tbc RevrMr. Wlteate of Trinity College, Oxford, was prefented by the Right- Rev; -Lord Bifhop of Gioucefter,* to the vicarage of Leechlade, in Glouceflerihire, �vacant by the refignation- of the Rev. Mr. -Bowles,  - - "" 'Aq evening paper fays, that Dr. Flranklia ,was examined bejore the PrivyCouncil^touch-^ng the unfortunate letters'that have given rife loalate due^by which thai myfterkws 'bUfi-"nefs is lively foontb be cie*red up.: : 7 1In anfwer to a paragraph^ which appealed |4n oar paper of Thurfday faft, xhargftig'-the manager of Covent-garden-theatre with pre-Tumption, in the new, tragedy Ihquld -be alternately played with otHef pieces, without firff confultnig the public opnion; a correfpondent remarks that there was nopre-fumptidniri the cafe, Mr.Colman being^ aut^o-r'teed by experience, to declaie that fuch performances and performers lball. be faved or damned as hepleafes. Having got'the whole-managerial power into his own hands, ael eftablifhed a Handing" army of body guards,, like a true ufurper, he fe^s the town at^fe�-ance, and declares .that while his. thief-takers., bawdy-houfe runners, and bum-bailiffs' co�ti-nue honeft fellows, he does not care a f-^-t fear the public opinion. ' - The conduct of the people of Boftbn, m protefting againft the hnpoftatxon of tea, occafions much fpeculation at St. James's as well as itrLeadenhali-ftreet^ as it has Unhappily kept alive the diffcntion between the-colonies and the mother country. The^ minds of fome minifters are Jike the jan3umJ'anSlorum of a temple, Before vtj a great curtain was folemnly drawn ; within it, nothing was to be feen but a confufed groape-of mifhapen and imperfeet forms, heads without bodies,, bodies without heads, and die like. To develope the moft complicated caies,and to decide on^ the moft doubtful, Has been the talent of great minifters: it: is 'tbaB of others to perplex the moft fiaiple, and^a be puzzled by theplaineft. . \ Nothing can be more dreadful to the apprehensions of all confiderate men,than a vifttatiott of an epidemical diftemper. among our horned cattje. If in a time of plenty an artificial fcarcity is contrived, what then muft a red: fcarcity bring'about ? Thofe wretched punf-ters, who affect to be witty on the proper precautions taken to prevent this national caja-.mity, from the higheft authority,are witiings upon the level of~Tinfelr in the Brttmner or Hauaied Houie; when,- at the beating of the drum, he cried out, **� By my foul I was not in earaeft* have companion on myyoutb^and confider I am but a coxcomb." By fome flying whifpers about, it is thought that confufion multiplies in Ireland to "fuch a degree,. *hat government are puzzled jnoie about affairs there than they are here. ExtraS of a Letter from Warjavi, Jam 1. �� The Minifters of the Three Powers have juft made a propofal to the delegation from their refpective courts, which it is much wifhed may be accepted, as it may be inftrumental in finally fettling the diftrefled affairs of this kingdom. The Courts of Vienna, Pctesf-burgh, and Berlin, have offered each to main>-tain injhis city four Minifters at their Owns expence, who, in conjunction with his Polifb R^ajefty, and the Delegates from the Grand: Dyet, are to regulate the finances, commerce, and all the unfettied matters." Laft Saturday the Rev. Mr. Wheate, brother to Sir Jacob Wheate, Bart, was preferrt-ed by the Hon. John Morton, Chief jnftiee of Chefter, to the Vicarage of Leach lade io Gloucefterfhire, void by the refignation of the Rev. Mr. Bowles, late Fellow of Tri-* nity College, Oxford. . On Friday Jan. 7, an inquifitkm was taken at Shipton-uader-Whichwood, in Qxfordlhire, before William Johnft@n, Gent, upon the bodies of a travelling woman and a child abouc a year and a half old, found lying near the road between Cm bridge and Witney, the poo* woman quite dead, and the child with.ibme fmaH remains of life, but it expired in a few minutes. The jury returned their verdict, That, they died-through want of the necef-faries of life, or from fome bodily infirmity unknown, to" the jurors. It wasfuppofed that this poor creature, with her helplefs infant, had,,in a dying condition* been inhumanly removed by the officers beyond the diftridts of a neighbouring parifh, merely to fave fujiet^l and other incidental expences. , On the 4th inftant, at Haverfham, Bucks, 4 very fingular inquifition was taken-before James Burnharn, Gent. Coroner for the faid county, on view of the bodies ot one male and two female baftard children, found fecreted behind the chimney of a houfe at tha; place^ occupied for fome time paft by JohnBoHham, and Leah his daughter when it appeared^ upon the examination of divers witneifes, and the. cpnfeffion of Lea,h Bonham, Thaiflje had criminally cohabited with her father, by whom, all the above named infants were begotten; that fhe was from time to time privately delivered of them all; that two of them were born alive, and immediately murdered by her father; that the laft was ftill-born j and that all'three were fecreted by her faid father behind the chimney from whence they had-been taken.*-Upon which evidence and confeffion the jury brought in their verdict, That two of the children were murdered by John Bonham' (who died about a year ago) and Leah his

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