Thursday, January 13, 1774

Morning Chronicle And London Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Morning Chronicle And London Advertiser on Thursday, January 13, 1774

Morning Chronicle And London Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 13, 1774, London, Middlesex NWmb i'44.8 ] T. U U. R $ D AT, J A.N0 A R t 13, i.774 Price T^vo pence Half-penny'. D It U R Y - L A \N E, Tthe Theatre Royal ; in Brary^Lane, : THfe DAY will beprefented The W O 'N D E %R, A WOMAN KEEPS A SECRET! Don Felix -fey-Mr. 9 A R R I C It) -i:'Xt^6 by;Mr.\klN'G;' � '-: �j^l.'BriftjiS,-'^!f*^^fi^3�j�-^eHericj?; Mr. Packer �ib>y, Mh JohpfSnij; Don .Ldpez^Mr. Baddeley DsnPedro, Ms. Burton ;^ ,' ,' �� 1 IfijSefla, Mrs, Grevillej Jnis, Mrs. Bradfhawj Flora by Mifs PQ'PE. .. - Arid Violante by Mi's. E A R R Y. With f N TER.T AlNRfENTS. No Perfon to be aiJrnifted behind the,Scenes;, -jittr any Money relumed after tile Curtain is dravfn'up'. \ Tiie doors to be opened at Five, arid beglnexactly at � * .I1  Sixb'ctock. Boxes tg. Pit, 3s.; FirftGal. zs, i Upper Gal. . places to be taken of ^Mr. Johnfton (only) at the Stage Door. Vi-vani Rex& Regina- � C\) VENT - GAR DEN, AT the Theatre Royal in Coven t-Garden; This Day, will be prefenjted \ The B US Y BO D Y. Marplot (with an Addrefs to the Town) by Mr; WOODWARD} 1 Sir George Ai-y, Mr.Tewis ; Sir Francis Gripe, Mr. SHUTER j Charles, Mr. Wroughton ; Sir Jealous Traffic, Mr. punftall j|Whifper, Mr. Hamilton; Ifablnda, by Mrs; Baker j Scentwell, Mifs PeareeWPatch, Mrs. Pitt ; .Miranda, Mifs.MACRLIN. ; To whichpiB beadSed, , A New Pantomime Entertainment, (8th time J The S y) lp h s: Or, HARLEQyll^** GAMBOLS. The Mufte-entirely new, by Mr. Fuller. Harfequih, Mr. LEWES} Principal Syl|*i Mifs B R O W N. The other :cha�afters by Mr. Quick, Mr. King^MrCWigoett, Mr. Fox, Mr. Baker, Mr. Thompfon* Mr. Banks,. Mir. Wild,, Mr. Harris, Mr. Davis, Mr. HpUmgfwprth, 1 Pitt,. Mrs. WiL'ems. Mrs. Helmed Mrs. White. Colombine, Mifs" * W 1 S t, The Dances t/Mr. Fifhar, MiTs Vafois, Mifs Capon. With new Scenes, Machines,Drefles and Decorations. r . The whole to conclude;with > A Capital Scene by Seryapdoni. The Doors; to be opened at* Five o'clock. To begin exactly at SIX. Places for the Boxes to be r-adjonly) of Mr. Sarjant Mrs. .Nor any. Boxes 5s. Pit 3s. FirftGaU. *s. Upper Gall. is. Viiuyii i&sf���V T, Tbi'sdajiu pjtbU&ed, Jrict is. 6d+ � The Third Eaition of THE D U* E L- L I- S A'' GiP'Ms*E:D Y, - ,* . >As,'twasacted at.theTheatr^ Royal, To which is prefixed, , . , y An accpmt of the unprecedented, meafqres that have . been taken to fupprefs its repfefentatlpnr Printed for the Author; and-fold by MefE Dilly, in ths-sPoultry; Dorrmlle, at the Royal Exchange; Newbery,' -L'udgate-ftreet) Williams,^Flee*.ftreiKY Evans, in the Strand; and. Riley,Curfitor^ftreet, May* &ir. .., ... " FIVE Hundred to pne Thoufand Poorrd? ready to be paid to any gentleman .of lady, who. hathlntereft enough to procure an adequate appointment in theEaft Indies, or under thev.Judges going there. T^e advertifer haying a general knowledge of bufinefs. _ . Any letters to A. B. at the Edinburgh coffee-houfe, fliall be duly attended to. , AD E L P H I LOTTER Y, By Authority of.Ad of Parliament, MEffrs. RICHARDSON and GOQD-LUCK, divide-the tickets in this lottery into flwies, at- the fo lowing prices,-at their offices at Whitehall, and in the Bank New Buildings, Cornhill. A half, 25 Quarter, 12 Eight,' 6 Sixteem h, 3, Thirty-fccond 1 Sixty-four, h, o s. d V . ., L o obywhichmaybegainedz5coo 10 o ' ' � 12560 50 � -- 62500 .3 o -i . � 3125 12 O ttery are confiderably lwger,:.and the chance of gaining/them much greater than in-any former lotteryas the higheft prize is jo,cool. ;befides ong of^c,cooh one pf .30,00c), and oneof 25,000!. ont of �0,Otisl. one of io,o;bl. and two. pf 5orpl. and, the^loweft ipoL. r, Begins drawing the 3d'of March next. GENERA L-PQ&T-G F F, ICE, .-j 1774.. rHXlAM HARVEY, of Amerjham, .in � f$-unt-�innholder, and de- t�fyif$mc$er^ of tfraj, plaiz>*fands charged upon J)atb?on,a mvlttti fyfpician of bowing moujtf.jiolen. ouf. of tbe_ Poft Office there, feveral bank notes, and bills contained in letters fent by ibePoJi." -.. . -j ...... � %be M4 jvViinain^atyey. ,ab/ctmded from hiC^plling^oufe :rtfkisd^efitam�afire/aid, on Sunday, J^jjbe^f^jpfant: bei is . about, forty 'ytdQoftage%'^.0f^incbe^ -high^very fat, JfjQrfneci, and ca^rif^js-bsad very upright'^ it r^^e^'f^f^efiiii � ratfrer.�-Slack- cvtnfbxi ion], fflort tbick' >jnofei.. very, fall eyes, a4Jnonyn 'coat..and red � � ^ayfy^^kt^}mfc'i^did%. Wbojwvefr.fa or  ^m^^v 'tings, &Ci The cojiceft to conclude with concerto on, theorgan^by an. eminent jnafan The-wholeto be cehdudted, as ufual^ wi|h poUtenefs and decoruro.-r-' Tickets iflued out atillije office sat the above houfe.; The Snbfcription ^F�Bk<t iirfea each, Which will admft.*lady ^d'^er^eman, Of two ladies; j ' _.-:^rr� |�n. 8, 1774. TPHE prsBcfaf, Officers .and Commjtoners *M*:i '&JP?mffi%"&m-.$ -Ah*, notice,' IffM fri*9;, #e T-mntf^rJi injl. at one' at the Stage Door. . m clock, they mil he ready, .treat nvitb Jitfb ^c^retari^.a^^'Cin^||toM^ o^}/�!y^t^^^ 9�s% to MyVuMdieflys tt Portfmqath nvi&' PLATERERS WARES ajl^dmg.contra3t, that tbty may attend.imtb tbeirfrtpyah ttc^trdingly. > ', ykfipmhi, > . Printed lipon the fttfeft writing] paper, ' Pfiee 3s. 6d. ifewedjthe id edition, N ESSA Y upon PSiN T Sv Containing reroafkj on the principles- of piQxi-Vefque beauty, the d'ffwent kinds of prints, and the Vljaraders of the moft. noted matters; illustrated by airiciimS upbn particular pieces) to. which areaddod forhe cautions that may. te .ireful iri colfec^g pnhts. : Printed fbr- p� RpBfdn, Bookfeiler, KeW -Bond-ftreetj and fold" by Biiiaw, Avemary-lane. Where may /be had, juft publifhed, the 4th edition,  ' 38. iewed, . An Eflay upon:Faith,,and its connexion with good Jwofks, by John Rotherhan, M. A. Reclor of Ough-iok-ie-Spring; "\ Alto all MA Rotherham's other pieces. .. 1 This� Bay^irpublfjhed, ' '� ' Pride bound 6s. .T�HE BRITISH MARINER'S ASSIS-X TANT-  Corftaimng forty, tables adapted tathe feveral purpoifes of Tr!gonpn�etty_iand:Navigation^ - Tpwruchis'prenxed^ _.. . An Erlay on Logarithms and Navigafion, epitornized, containing rules for folving the moft heceffary problems j with the method of finding-the latitude at fea, by obfervatiOns-taken either hefore or after noori, &c. Sec. .-....'< . ;.. , By'B^ N J A MjX, D,P N N, , ' Mafter of the Academy at Kingftoh, near Taunton, S-omerfetJhire; - � or amufemenrs eccafion him-fo refide chiefly iri the country. Particularly, I. All the lavss concerning game, brought down to the prefent period, includingtwo afts .the la(bfeffi6ns, one relating to moor or hill game, and the other'for the better -preferva'tion of the game in general. 1 � ..II. TJie whale law of tythes. ''Jir. The a W^fa11^aw' Printers to the Kind's Moft Excellent Majefty, for G Kearfly, No. 46, lleet-ftrect; F.Newbury, the. corner of St. Paul's church-yard ; and W. Flexney, 6p-pofite Gray's-inri, Kolborn, C E R T IF I C A^T- JE| I'THOMAS REYNOLDS, Mafter ofth�ftijVMen e>,1 feveratof them failing ill of fevera, and fome of thejn5 very ^angeioufly fo, I adminlliered to. them Qoaor-NORRIS'b ANTIMONIAL DROPS,, and they all1 perfectly retovered, without the" aid of any Oiharme-, dicine whatfoever- tpnd^Oa.i5,i773. THOMASREYNOLDS. Drr^Iorris's ANTIMONIAL DROPS (by antbo-' rity) ate fold in bottles of 5s. 3d. and.ios. 6d. a^ his' houfe,buke-frreet,Weftmihfter; alfoat Mr. Kearfly's, No; ,4)6, Fleet-ftreet; Mr. Parker's; COrnhill) Mr. WoodfelPs, Charing crbfs; Mr. CadeU's, at Briftol) and at !utary effects) fufficc. it tberefdre td %, that the BEAUME, by its'cordial, attenuating, and detergent powers, fortifies the fto-mach and bowels, and by procuring a good digeftion, purifies the blood and juices, and gives, vigour to thfr whole conftitution.->Tp. thefe qualities the faculty attribute its having1 proved fa eminently frrviceable in gouty,' rheumatic, fcprbutic, languid, nervous, and hypochondriac cafes: and hence alfo they account for its being fo particularly beneficial in female #fprders. *#* To prevent counterfeits the bottles, are each figned.- by . =W. NICOLL, T. BECKET, ; (Vender* . (* Proprietor) Th-a moft admirable family medicine (by appoint? merit of the proprietors)"W. Nico 1, No. 51, St. Paul's churchward, in London, at.. 3s, tbe betfe, I with ufu^ allowances; .and by T. Eeeket,, in the' Strand) R". Durham, Cockfpur.ft-cet )R. Davis, the cornet of Sackvflie-flreet, Piccadilly j W. Flexney acipg Gray's Jnri> Hoiborn; and Richardfon and Urquhart, under the Royal Exchange. A remarkable C A S E. Sib, i Live in the country, and have frequent opportu-nitiei:of giving youV excellent Bi An Mt be Vig,and alway* find it to anfwer (expectation. I give it with -pat. the leaft fear of its comequences, having' taken many dozens of it for ttegoot inmyftc�nachfor thefe l^vlS years. - Before I took, it, I ufe4 to have the S9U* rotor or five times a year) put fmce my tafehg iti have; had^t very feldbm. 1 have now been one" year with-1 put it, and after the firft courfe, which t continued; |igc .orthree months, I had it not for two years. My' infetias been at death's door twice within thefe three, yjiars with a bilious cholic and loatlvng, tliar fhe was always'vomiting aed reaching. She was both times given oyer by the physicians, artdbytakirig\theEeanme is entirety well, and has been fo this twelvemonth. . I introduced it in Falmouth, by 'which means Mr. Alli-.ion^'^..!^^bte,.iajfe:lie4:Jt� yoju for filing it. Jf 'y^U:wia'M^hifS %3|!SBUM' four guineas worth at die:prtce yes-dkmft for "charitable ufes, 1 may, by that nieansM) nraChntpre. fervice among my neigh, bpuwth^jpp*fchi. youchufeto do it, pack them n|�^i�rV, with fix tet�les of the mark, and fend dwnr^yl'artridge's waggpni^S't-, . ' ifa&fatifcat Btyiw, your very hurpble fervant, Ctnmiali, March ie� 1773. P-- E* � �� N,B. T^e original letter may be ld.member of .your corporation ; and took part with George,Bellas (as far as :he went) in his enquiry into the right of the Common Council, to be Governors for the time bejng: I afted, as 1 thought, from principle; I. fa* the iniquitous practices of Prefid,ent,. Tje& furet, Cierk, &c. and was well acquainted with the manrier in which they managed, and carried all elections j I have feveral children to provide foj-^.my.eldesftibnliave bred; up at Cambridge) be is a fellow of a College, and a Doctor of Divinity, and has dene fome credit tome in obtaining two academical prizes 5 upon, the .demife of a- late incum bent of a cityliving, in the gift of the Go vcrnorj of a certain hofpital, I was advifefl to (iaft my foa for the living.; this advice I received from my worthy fmnd; the late Sir Robert L. But when I told hjm that I knew old Caterwell," the Apothecary's, fon*; was al* teady a candidate, and that the hoafe Jnnte had takeii hjra by tbehand; '" Oht faid .the old Knight, it will not do; yoar foa will never facceed,..if Ije.iwas as fat fuperior in abilities to his antagpnift, as Archbimop.-Til"' Ibtfon to our Grelham Profeffor of Divinity:;'] tho' this, wasta ibangedeclaration-from a man whofe diity4t^,w.aA;to; endeavour <g prevent fuch icanda/ous confpiVacie^isj ^he Officers of an hofpital; yet it did not furprize me fo much as what 1 am now going to relate to you, and which I truft, Gentlemen, you will endeavour to look into and re&ify for (he future* fc' Hiving determirTed .to bring np my fecoiid ~foh. a fdrgeon, 1 bound him to a gentleman "f th*at.pfofeilton of fOine eminence ; but who u'nfohufiately was not a principal furgeon of ah.Kofpital ; I was therefore obliged ro fend 'him'as-a:dfeffirig pupil t� a principal furgeoti of an hbfpltai, pot many, miles from Smith-field:; I paid fifty pounds for the purchafe [ of this liberty.: how'yoa mufi know, gentlemen; that every principal furgeon at every hofpijtat mould take no more than four dreffiing pupil*} that is the greateft number they �ver take j for if they had more, the young men would._ not have opportunity o| improvement: I had paid'the money, and gone out of town about three days, wheri 1 received a. letter from my fon, telling mei that the 50!. was* entirely thrown away, for Mr. Smirk, the furgeon, had already feven' dreffing pupils % fo that there was no room for himtadrefsany patients, or to receive any improvement. Upon the receipt of this letter, I ordered my fon to demand the 50!. back; and to enter as a drefling pupil under another of the principal furgeons,' who had the character of being foconfeienu'ous as not to take money to give a young man inflruftion, which he knew he had it not in his power to give. Bec to my great furprize, when my foh defired Mr. Smirk to return 'the. 50L he .ao'fwere^,� that he could hot in honour do it; it was true he had more dreffing pupils than he ought to have, but it was my fun's fault for not enquiring before he paid the moaey. Purely, gentlemen of the corporation, this; arnqng other things, .highly defcrves your in' terp'ofiticm : are young men" to, be fent. to the. hofpital, and to pay large fums to thefe/prin^ cipal fargeons for improyemerftj .and ,4�t. to have what they have paid for ? The. French hofpitals-are open for the iri- fpeftion and improvement of every intended pfaAitionet in furgery, and I believe the founders' of our city hofpitals never intended that the'furgeons,wbo in fail are bu^femftti, of the.hofpitals, fhould tyrannize<Qyer theif" pupils.and impofe upon mankind in defiance of all honour and equity |, but; by what rub? of law is it, that this pert coxcomb (whofe impudence and avarice can ,be exceeded by nothing but his vanity) can tell a young man 'be can't retum the moqiy ?, How;will- he juffify himfelf in; taking .a fum from -a gentleman, under ah agreement that he fhall have fuch opportunities, of inilructidn ; when be knows that he has already fpld all. poffibility 'of inftrutlion to more thaniwice the number ;^tat can reany benefit from it? The fedia-viour of this paragon of modeity is juft upon, a [par with that of fraaduleat keepers of lottery offices, who fell fhares of tickets, which they are not pofTeffed of. ! - . - � ' "Thefe evils.I hope,,-gentleraen� you will endeavour tb rectify, thp' perhaps jpu wiH not be furprifed when yon find jthis furgeon Lto be one who petitioned in the year 174S ' be tut off from the Livery of the Barbers Company, and yet, at the late ele&ionifwore himfelf to be Hill a Kveryman of-the faid com-i piny, merely to fetve the purpofe of the coert, in voting fpr Mr. Robert* ;. and you will fUlH gentlemen, be lefs lurprized, when you hea* that, this worthy wight was one of the �� ex�t- miningfurgeons, who declared that Clark did hot die of the blow on the head-and can yet teU his^pupils, that on'e'drop of extravafated blood uporithe brain-is fufficiew tobefatal.'. I amy gentlemen,; I hppe, neither Pot nbr Kettle^ but An. lioneft Man. id ill M ;Of-o eri To the Printer-of the Mo a n r w a Ch r 0 k i c l &. S I R, . "" ) IShojild not have giveh either yoa or the public the trouble of another, line oh the fubjeft of A. C.'sjetters, had not thef Writer of them thrown out an imputation, againlf'me which is wholly falfe, and ofwhichrheuna'ft'be cohfeious he had not thnleaft eviden. not fee Che-'pap^^tttainBj|'%iiE.^^ ;to*dayi and then only byaiiiden t ^jj^ that A. C. has better prBbr of tHe exiftent the royal virtues; �f ^jc^eW^pi^ to be the encomiaft^ikaii^hiVo^^f the writer": of the-fetter ''fignld'^.^BnwKh which* without the leaft ff^ndacibn^'Jie^as thought prope^ to charge - iberM folSh^ily declare, that I was riot the writeref thi 1'eUe* figned A: B.,and that I 8ojioi knbwrby whom it was written. I fhobld febrn' the meannefs of affumfog another fignature; in order, to publifh encomicms onniyjelf). and � hope thatiybd;vMr4 y^oodralli'-WuIdbine^he juftice,tb give wbsV feiisia may be in your^poWer^ '^atXwas not the'^aa* tbor ofthele'ttBrin:quflfion. 'ri'.rr A. C. fays, " fccol$^ him," for mifpendiiig Bfs timein anfwering what I have written"agattrftMini'' Have any* of the weakeft or^oft^pattijdiof Ws'Mehda charged him withapfweritfgVM thing thit I have written ? If trffiy'have^tniey,'have done him extreme irgufiifcej fbfiievhasi^^if^na-thing, and feem* incapable: of it.s It is high tame, therefore, to quit a wretched writer j whofe inclinations apparently lead him to the moft contemptible fertility and adulation, but whofe capacity fa too meaa to enable him to foppott any oaufe wkatcver, aud who ought

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