Saturday, January 1, 1774

Morning Chronicle And London Advertiser

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Morning Chronicle And London Advertiser on Saturday, January 1, 1774

Morning Chronicle And London Advertiser (Newspaper) - January 1, 1774, London, Middlesex P-f-'ce Two nee H a if-pr ��<. ', KING ^/^E^^/^-^.fe:"' t'theK frNG*s> *he^t& jE; i^ite * ;�''' ' *'"' Wffl^be perfojnjpd *;&e\ic.Sei*Kis;, Another emiiien^^^  T?ie%ineipal eharac^-hy ' i And' Signora CECILIA $t$im%% delta Ingtefiha.! �  ,��f^:^.A^T,r, . r "r.: :, A Grand5eribus,Bauetj:with 9.Grand Chaconne, By'-%nc>r. MiAR i 6t T.I If I,'u -' ; . I&d,of.*he.Seec^d .,- . K A GranlK C^mic l^nto^i|ile,Bafle^ called La Eagatelle, - By-^goor,. BOC^M, S^nora MAZ^ONL, : JiinJS bther^nclpal iJancers.. - ,'; S.^oftlieJO^K:  . AGrandwrpie;^ " it�>&t%Br$&$:&'&i "' Qrfco by,Monfifia;P^I T A O T,' ; Andc*�t^u4(jqp9l; Dancers;' -r; r J - fefc-i^mitt^J "'wWCBt:'-WiB! be deli^ - ^^i'^Firft^Cai^j^'SBi^d^l^^r^ .'" f No^&'&wii^ -By., �P**ii AifcE.� T: Y.' s* Company, , X diev Theafte.^RjpyaJ in Prttry-rijane, t~[ ;;:Tni$$&Y: wjy, �e prefented.... ... :�v^^nUfc4$$rS46ft&il&-^^b|&;KT:. t '' Mr. P^rf-ins; '^rv,??bampus�,-^ -Mr- ^^^ 1 Mr. fa^�/'4�TS-Kear^'fi;fr. Bhn^S^Mre*.-iffcott^-. t TherDaoces .fe^^feofho^fipGrlttfi^s; Mr!j Atkms|_ ^. :iSJ�5 Gft^f ^tq*a Jgj^j^ Wrs;su4tn;^i^irf .PiaceJ;,?<K^fc f^ft ^.tMfiig vMife ;� Aifi E V. Bowses.., P^t as. ,r IfirftiGaJl. .isr ;;PBpSt-CalI�?�. TjleDpcrs tots opened at FiveQ'clocte5 . -< 'To iS6*trt at Six. ' .' '. ^M^slvta.Be-Iiaa oT^ri^a^aBt-at'tKe Stag* d tiat the HaJf> y^riy|Gei�?aI"Medtlng {purfuant to-the d ed :op ferttee'nt) WiUbeheidat the Society's office, on ^uefda> Hc^tthe' 4th otjanuary, at nine o'clock in the forenoon, to proceed to ballot, which wJ|Lfinjdly feiofe atWwtyetoefc, for th�-ele . f/rs.; Gardner. -' ' - TB.o*ST ^sitiKjs. JEiritKGaU.'; ajicK�s,to bS-had-pl^r^Btwafiipni at-;Mr> Parry's^ j iVJBis^Hplknrj} $ .Slid jot-Mr. I^}#,the Ey 'the; ?^o^:p^a]pJ�^wBrt!;-: a" {frizes of tiie value'of "s9%?J ' J.powiia1 . M,---p^^at ^ra^er)^ a;mV! Jorii -f-a%#AhW;fe^v^rl?:tJglSJ* � TRe-l3o�rf^ W opened �*afive'b,'cloafc tarj3n;t Ml- � ' A COM'f-D.Y.' * ' AS I*? isp^^prnied^t^lieTrJieatrfr^yMir1 Qhiry^fifte. � Prmted>^vT,BjBc^^iBsthe?iSaantli ";� . Beautifully printed'on a ^ne^ writih^pape^: price only ( -^viie^^^3narble;pap^.,? ; ,A JUE^T�R � FATBfiH to.; his -.1-------^^-i^^. ----- .... . -iSie Hflman Heart. -Bytte^rpoke^Author.-of^AepboJqf-Qto-. .pound.;!..  w " ;-, .....;;; ; " '���^fc fGlia.'. A Paftoral B.o^|anee. * By Itfie. ^tor .' iftis ^ wometf.:' BeatTtUnfly prihteil ifti^bcTta^,' with  * . pW�tfie�ted with:An elegant-froittigdecefttefigntfl'by ;. Wale, and.engraved by Collyer, price46, fewd. .. . t-.. Pr'gjnal Poems, Translations and Imitations, 'from the French, Sei, by i Lady, price as, 6d, fewtd* a. Ditto, firil drawn -' V iteoDop �?fT5- a^b^^atBSfifiiBg m all tip7 3'Spa ibp ''" ao"6' 150b beth'j. alio at the. on^eVm'Shoe^anil,ard Spring^ _. gfirdeni, cWl*�^li^ery da^'Wfteri.d ifrom nine in the 1 nio|lBBg*aibin^tf dn'i^ft'*venihg, for; -the, faie and * fe|ifte^g cf ticketsi^itheiM]^^^^^^'^ will be given the preceding Hay, % r t3ls'^iJlR:;A i.' >:0 s *t - o f f rcE, ";;s^i^ '".- ' ' * Petetob'er ?7,: 17-73.. ^; ffhte W Watt *Stwfo?d+ of .the <�?o t%e cart ^im^tM^S\ hut the names 0; fate ci^Jexion^ ifd:,gitt * &'zwkd~ketr -a$d dirty f 'father %reecbe.s> without aty .Qrm.7Jeenied iri\ '^ - "aJks^je the reward j[i er an accomplice in the robbery ,er� faew-ing:i$ert(f, faa\l. make difuvejy whereby the \;$f^on--who commit;ed the fame^mcty egih at feyen o'clock. The ball to l^Slr wltS  Vn& ^gnt'^oefi^' cotillons next^ and En^Blh fcantry dances after. Several new dShce) to be introduced by Mr. "Wall-Du-yall, that haye^ ver:yetV-1jeW;;publiftied,. both cotillons and Engll/h country <iaric|^. The room to be 'decorated andillui ihmatedin a^lelegant manner, with.tranfpsreiitjjaini tings, &c. .T^te concert to cohclgde witli cprcerto on rh js Day are pubUJhed, . - "The Third Edbjpn, K�atly-printed in two frrtall vols, oclavp, . , v. rilJeq'icated to'Mrs. Montagu) - . -it'! r the: MIND. ': ' .; .^dreijed to*aYoung La^y* - By Mrs. CH APONfc. -rwnCder-ao^umarpfoM.without/educa^^ like mar ^H^'^tbe^l^r^^^^iiiew6Mn6-oi its jnlieieBt. %'a^es^^e35iifcif!' tfie:�poliiheri-fetBhes out tht ^Toure^ipg^^fei^e&K(�>"'an^fc6v'er� '4 illy, in tf�� Poultry.  ?> The^csnfiriSn^tapia"latef of thefeletters ^HaSfefly, He, ^ho-.efjwp^ifte book A mdflfdeSraij^one for Det-. 28, --^P-'M are 'jbbhfhei, ... p-&-0^&-55^b*W^--?IUij^tfe�x' %arately hy ^AtStAj&'^s^-W ED DING; ' ^h bf^w^bK will be prefixed, ^':^- ;^ ^-'Hajm^i^^i�^^�lrii$&l^. 'jltfesfiqre^'.^at 234^ *hb^e t?Sen ta^^t^eprive-'^h^tf!^ ?F?6% iSulS^t^JtiQn.'to;eith^^ayi%ith,hspreface; five? -/hiBinlJy."* ": : ' . / .. - .r ; '  To be'paiidbn- the receipt of! ah prder,; enticing thej. beaVep^thejptlnted'tbp^,^ neatly' nalf-boundj onthej delivery-of wwch,- (by particular Yeqne/t*'Qf the au-" fcriiot^ -friend*)' th^-fobTeriSerl' tj each ^iH be gratvii-; P^^TJfeJenteaiwiih ''A:TI^^^>taJfeHSBiG^N'--t� its RE'^ITAl^ :'Wit^.^^|^-Ptek%ue^i^E^iIo^n^.{ind ipoetiqaC AptdogyV1  feivetf;ratfei:B^.itJie AUtfiprand:hi Fiieno*?, Ind-fay: Meft",r;ITilJy; s|�ftii& Pooltry; Oomvtll^^-^.? j 'Ngw^jfyi L 'dgateiftreeti'.; Wiil^nk Keet-f ftresetl E�fifi8j-fii tht titrahd1;' antf; Raiy^Curarh-f �we^Majj-iair^- '-' ' " " "" ' 1 COMMERCIAL IN^EliLIGENCE. Hfefeas many' MER:0,H A'N.T.S. in4 th^ :^igd6Tns> and our XfQ-ufirMtiS, ariCfen if at a lofs for ,wanip abk CLERKS,''coupes BOOK-KEBPERS, an^PERSONTS QtTALIFlEDfor aflifting ai;thetr trsdnfa^ohs,carrying 6R]pr6perly a.cor-refpondence i ii erther* the, Englilb, French,\ Gerniaji, [ Dutch, Italian] or Spanifh laneuages,. &c. even fome-i'ihifies1 for"f;ttHng''di$ncAilt ar^dintricate-accounts, or 1 for proper agents JQ Inifpe^t bur fettlements abroad. Mr. DEMisSif; SWOR^rBROICER, Jfor the ,.ner gociati tT b^n^sfof .'excbangp""bn, foreign parts] has tipCnad a r^il^E'bqokiJn I^ondott; in which the re-lrp^iv^'^a5f^^p^s;and characters of book-keepers and cjpiks beirig ifctby. him, be the eby will be enabled tofupJ^'Merchaws, and likewife ASSIG^-9f�'�S for BanSWapte ESTATES, witli.fuch 'perfons isjiex-rosy-b^ ....... I. As Mr.JJBJpSSY has gone for himfelf through the various C?mhii'> wilj le duly ah- or fwered/ And thefajtd'R^. DtM-ssv (who tranfaQs all kinds of negoUad.^fts. in the drawing or remitting way,-on, and for foreign parts) is there to be. /poken with every fo.enoon, and at 'Change time, In the Italian, French, or'Hambro* walks. N. Sr Propofals for partn*-rihips received byW-DE MISSY.; Npanonjmp^is letters wiB be.anfwercd. ' December'30, .'773. P A N T H E O N. THE Nobility and Gentry, fubferibers^to .thisplace, are acquainted, that.the.entertainment For the enfuing feafon will be con-'rflsd-upoa the following pian: ' That j.t be opened by fubferiptien for twelve nights. That eacli fubferiber, on pay'ng fix guineas, have twelve' tickets;;.-v*hich may be ; f d on any of the nights, at the pleifiire of the fubferiber. " .That there be a gt and C�ncert of New Mufic. \ro-oal anri InftrumeHtal: with, reireflunenrs of tes, cof-f�.e, cakes, orgeat, capillaire, lemonade an' jellies. That the rooms be opened for the .fubfcribers on Monday, the 44th of January, and every fufceeding Monday at: (even o'clock in the eveaing,- and that thef concert begin at eight, and end about ten. Should'-the nobilityand gertry form any parties for dancing, proper bands of mufic will be ready for that purpofe. , - The proprietors, in wder uto*render the enterTa?n-ment as agceeabje to the fubi^nber3 as polfiHe, have engaged Dr. Arnold and Mr> >Vento as conjpolbrs and conc^fl^rsof the^oncert.- , . Mr. Giardini will Lad the bandj and the vocal parts ill be.perfonitel; by -ngnora ^Jjdj^oi,- Mi*, Weichfel, Mr,~L�^^gnior5an�fi^^|^jO^ The concert will be divided into'ffiireeparts; two of whic!�-wlil On cBe-nighbbe Italiatr, with a piert of EaglUh intervening; .and the ncjit night two of Eng-iifl^^ith-ak piece �:ftalian interveningj and^fo pa �ittip&�tifeough'theJfubfcriptioji. Subfeiiptions wii be received, "�nd tickets t! 'C'H E a P S 1 L JC S. . 'y On ^ednefday next wi'f-1" be ready for Sale, At.the-Ckjlden Lion,>S�: Clement's chWch-yard, rie\ ti.E Entire Stock of Mr. JOHN Av D-U^TH O I emitfthr'SilkWeaver, of Ghutch-ftreet^''-'-^iUlfiel�i.1nmTihg:n^m;''Bu(ihefs.^ EMSyjftoc^ con'fift? of hrocades, damasks, tiffues, fat-tiiSV-'paoli's, flower'd arid wa�rjd tabbies, s.-c. AU whicj>/ for the fake cf immediate 'file, Mr. Outfoit jiias; put at leaft 30 percent, lefe thft. the pr. me coft "L7Sr,-:.S T, . '\ g^N Thurfdav aj^ernpon; from a Houfe in Ivlark-lane, ^"Small BLACK BIT' H; of the Kihg-Gh 'fles's bteid, about nine i ches high, with all her feet.of a darli bro\yQcolottr^ and-a (potpf rwnrf?ion her eheft j- anfwers ,t; the hanie of Fanejr. 'W^ioeverlwiil'Dritog her to Sam's coffee ho'ufe, near t.hf'Cjuftpnjrhoufe,. lhall receive five lhilKngJ' for their trouhTe.' . *   9 his Day is pub/if fed, . Pripe Six-pence (to be continued monthly) Embeihmed .vith the.follovvjbgelegant Engravings; 1. An elegant and-new; pattern for working ^'Aprdn '�for ttajMikejrchieir. �i Glecra j-o^the Aifaflination: f'^hd'^.-The Withered.cRjcle; a:.c^ew .'ong, �bt^to> roufic by Mt\ Hcdgfoajrf Nevveailte:; l the .word* . . by. the fate Mr. CajuMPghja^.b�lt%'dierlaft eonV ^4aDYV MAGAZINE ; or, En-. e^et^iiQing C6.^*h?nn'for the Fair-S^ x. Ap-' 3rOpr(�m^'foleJy tedtheir ufe and amafcmernv--"'"'-f!"' ' *'.: � ^Containing,..  .',. -Afentiihentaf^immeythrough -�ngl<md,-.'byaL&fy, "cbntiiiuejd; hMidfy^of Mifs Charlotte Camply con-'jplu^ ji'^te-taj- �H^f' atfa^S$a^on y Amelia Dea* to t -'-^ar^lpyf^fab}^of chVs.cbpd foi-Wives; anec^ i ;^Sjrreign tfaitfvof -ber�eTOl^<�;-^e friend-to^the 7^|-rerhar^ahlelettenof Jatries.Eart of Derby; i'^r|nfitog3cKltablei the Reafoner, No. IX; tlietra-i^^^Bfera^ni*"and Dejaa9^i^'jrhifibryof'an'hei-*^fe-iC^tinue4 j confeftipnaryreceipts; tranfl'jtion of t|i^^^ich"jh .our laft; rjarctesde difTerens pays; re-Njc mftances1 of longevity in ioreigi* parts; fo. iand queftionsjpbetry ; tiew* foreign and do-;,^th "a great nuwiber of other articles, too-^i^diiRni-'to edunlerate in| an adver^lemeat,^ worthy *roe.^fc''8nti6a of the ladies; -; .  �  ":^r|5||Bon.': Printed .for G. Rdbin<oh, No. 25, Pater-ndfierfB-6wi. Of \vhbm maj be^Jiad any oftheformer irs. . \ ^Thh D<iy tspublijhed, . ^rlce as; neatly hounduin red*--with- pockets for notes, ''Z''-..,".'- &c�. jo be wntinusd nnVally, Jmbelliiheai With two ladfesrin nnelfull drefs of 1^3, * and twelve of the moft Yaflu'onable\Head d^ffe^. THE LADIES OWN MEMORANDUM' BOOK.; or, Daily Packet Journal For the year 17 74, Defigned as a metlwdi cal rcgifter of all the tranfa3ron� ^of bufinefs as well as amufement. Containing, " 1. New" plan of education, contim-ei; by a mother. 2VTableo'f precedency," 3-Table of the Sun's rifmg e^Ty day.. 4. Common notes and moveable feats. j..Saints-davs, holidays, &<.. 6.-New.and full rnoons. arid eclfpfes. 7. An exa<5r table of the window-tax. 8. Table Ihewing the value of light gold, as retried by the council, and the weight current coin njufUje-, 9, � Table of the Royal family. 1 o. Table of the road* between London and Edinburgh. 11� Twdve new enigmas. 12. Several, new rebvrfll-s. 13. to the. Iaft /Enigmas, Rebuffes, Sec. 14. ftemarfc-able domeftic occurrences in ) 773. Journals of evehrs abroad Iaft year. 16. Births and < eath* . f the principal places. -17. New fongs d-fr^netf for the-gardens in 1774. 18. Original poetical pi.'ces. 19: Favourite new ions fung at Vauxhall, &c. Iaft year.. 20. A perpetual diary, 21. Country rfances for the year "1774. 22. A large and new marketing table* By t LADY. London: printed for G. Robinfen, No. jj,-Pater-nofter-row,^ and T. Slack, Newcaftle. Of whom may be lwd,-prfce ^s.- bound, llluitrated with fout elegant engravings by Taylor, vjy.. i. The vifion of Hercules, 'sj The bafiter-maker. 3. Santon Barfifa-: and ,4. The Hermit Defcrip-tiveof the mpft inteiefting fubjefts of thebooft, A New Edition (eplarged arid improved, with new Mottos in Verfe, prefixed to tlieEiTays) of the PLEASING INSTRUCTOR 5 or, Entertaining . Moralift. Cowtaming-felc�i effays, vifions- and allegories. Defigned for the ufe of fchools as well as. the doftt;. with a view to form the riling minds.of the youth of botlf'fexes to virtue, and deftroy in the burl thofe viT ces and frailties, which mankind, -and youth In'pari ticular,. a�e addicted to. To which is..-prefimlj thoughts on Education, and the manner of convey* ing inft'ru'frion properly. ; N. B. Each copy is figned by the editor*. A, Fi/h*r, in afait luud.writing,

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