Saturday, January 10, 1756


Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Monitor on Saturday, January 10, 1756

Monitor (Newspaper) - January 10, 1756, London, Middlesex 198 THE MONITOR. No. 22. Oh! fill me, and my fellow-citizens, with a prudent, but warm zeal to fupport and pre-ferve it, from the dark fappings, or open af-faults of fubtile, and ambitious men j men, who frequently hazard all, rather than refign the pofts of profit, or power. These are my requefts; thefe the gifts I aflc: and if you are pleafed to favour me, I will build you a temple in my heart, and regularly perform in it the duties of adoration. Astrma replied; doubt not, good Scipio, my providence over you j be juft to your pro-mifes, and faithful to your principles, and reft affured of my protection. Having fpoke this, me difappeared in a moment. D. No. 23. SATURDAY, January 10th, 1756. Et nrihi quanquam prope nihiljam reliBum e/i, quod perderem ; fi tamen ijla impune fuftinenda Jhit, folatium erit tram potius> qua??t contemp-tum pati. Qu 1 n t i l . 7* the FREEHOLDER. S I R, TO furvive that integrity with which the liberty of my country mufr, be fupported, would confign me to univerfal contempt. The foul