Saturday, May 6, 1758

Monitor Or British Freeholder

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Monitor Or British Freeholder on Saturday, May 6, 1758

Monitor Or British Freeholder (Newspaper) - May 6, 1758, London, Middlesex TH E 1 ONI T O R, O R Brltifli Freeholder. N U MB E R CXLVI. To be continued every~Satcjrday. Price Two,Pence. Be content with vour .waves.: Luke iii. 14. S ATURD A Y, May the 6th, 1758. . S I R, To the MO N I TO R. FTER the moft fmcere ackoowlejgement of the wifdom and regard, manifeiled bv the commons of Great Biitain in the prefent fefhons for the maintenance of our civil,rights and privileges 5 for our internal defence, and for the further encouragement of our fea-men j which appears in thofe feveral bills they have palled, for afcertaining the fubjecls right to the writ of Habeas Corpus; fettling the right of county elections ;� explaining and amending the militia act; and providing for the better payment of the iailors, and the fupport of their wives and families, during their abfence in his Majeily's fervicej let the Monitor whiiper in the ears of the great and good, that there ftill remains fomething to be done by the powers above for the more efFeciualiy quieting the minds of thofe, who ferve his Majefty by fea, and for the more certain recovery of the glory of the Britifli flag. . The

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