Saturday, February 19, 1757

Monitor Or British Freeholder

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Monitor Or British Freeholder on Saturday, February 19, 1757

Monitor Or British Freeholder (Newspaper) - February 19, 1757, London, Middlesex To :&e .continued ever^�Afru*DA�. Price Qkm-Pence. When the Migfoews are.inanahorit^ thefetyle rejoice,i hut <whm the Wicked Mareth rule* the people mourtu S A T U JLBit Y, February the i�th, S I R, % tie U O HI TO R. [ T has been remarked, that the pamibment of individuals is generally reserved to the other world, but that ^nations always confined to this, in the latter � cafe, tke Almighty frequently �o^fees u& d� one wicked people, to puniih atidfeer equally wicked. The mod rfeijMcabte features often become the inftru-- orients of his avenging hand. . I have read of an uland depopulated by an-innumerable iwaim �f locufts, whofe ravages have forcetl die inhabitants to fbrfake their native foil, and feek for bread irvother countries. On fome occasions, unkinfdly feafoiiS have caiifed-the'fruits-o�*be eardi, to fail,. and introduced a general famine: in others; impetuous rains and fuddeh inundations have fwept away entire; harvefls, or continued droughts burnt up the corn, before it came to maturity. Earthquakes have buried whole cities j and ndtieldoin the devouring peftitence has ipread wideits bsnldal influence* .v_

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