Saturday, January 15, 1780


Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Mirror on Saturday, January 15, 1780

Mirror (Newspaper) - January 15, 1780, London, Middlesex T HE M I R R O R. �xj [No. LXXIL] Saturday, January 15. 1780. o Z SmwJ lachrymae rerum et merit em mortalia tangunL Virg. TH E confideration of death has been always made ufe of by the moralift and the divine as a powerful incentive to virtue and to piety. From the uncertainty of life, they have endeavoured to fink the eftimation of its pleafures, and, if they could not {trip the fedu&ions of vice of their prefent enjoyment, at leaft, to load them with the fear of their end. Voluptuaries, on the other hand, have, from a fimilar reflection* endeavoured to enhance the value, and perfuade to the enjoyment of temporal delights. They have advifed us to pluck the rofes which would otherwife foon wither, of themfelves, to feize the moments which we could not long command, and, fince time was unavoidably fleeting, to crown its flight with joy. Of neither of thefe perfuafives, whether of the moral or the licentious, the fevere or the gay, have the effects been great. Life muft neceflarily confift of active fcenes, which exclude from its general tenor the leifure of meditation, and the influence of thought. The fchemes of the bufy will not be checked by the uncertainty of their event, nor the amufements of the diffipated be controlled or endeared by the fhortnefs of their duration. Even the cell of the Anchorite, and the cloifter of the Monk, have their bufinefs and their pleasures; for ftudy may become bufinefs, and abftraction pleafure, when they engage the mind and occupy the time. A man may even enjoy the prefent, and forget the future, at the very moment in which he is writing of the infignificancy of the former, and the importance of the laft. It were eafy to fhow the,wifdom and benignity of Providence, Providence ever wife and benign, in this particular of our conftitu-tion; but it would be trite to repeat arguments too obvious not to have

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