Friday, December 27, 1895

Middlesex Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Middlesex Courier on Friday, December 27, 1895

Middlesex Courier (Newspaper) - December 27, 1895, London, Middlesex A WEEKLY FOR BRONDESBURY, CHILD'S HILL, CRIGKLEWOM^ KILBURN, KINGSBURY. MILL HILL. OF LOCAL NEWS HkBLESDEN, HARROW, HENDON. KENSAL GREEN. ER, STANMORE, and WILLESDEN. No. 52.-Vol. IX. i8tehed at ihb O.F.0.1 as a Newspaper. j Pbice One Penny. Births, Marrlage^s, & Deaths. The charge for the Insertion of Announcements under this Seddingis la. for the first /bur gwgf;_^^;|f?jg!j^;j^:^^^ ' ....: --f ^ ;.!ffiraui.--: 'i-^-i 0- ' 57thBegment,qfftdaoght^i: , , XEWEJEc^OaDaoemtep 20th,-at ClyaUiyaon, Con- nanghi'Eoad,' Hailesaen, the wife'of'WiUiatii SerbBPiIiewer;'of a-dahghter.  � ETJBSEEtCEUISE-On: GKri^tmaa cETe^ at: Park Sto9se,-ehnrch EAAlWillesaefefte wjfeipljljr. ,T. ;3Bi ETisBell-CrniBB,- piematorejjj of ^a: son, (still- �SftTiftiWAJT.'^On Deoenlbil!' 23Mi;flt aZiiPoWedown -OfaddJoghtet., ;,;:;!r- h7 the Eer. Sh^e, fioar.'.'AJf^d iBeath, "B,:A.^^fo jloreSoe Kate, only danghlot;^JiKe''la'teVj.''C. VrHadingtpn,.Bf,liw;S^B.�.iM&.K^ ton, of West Hampstead.. / V;..,. - b-oi^aBeattis:.! c , ,jgr^3bjjyijfi^lW?r|^.Vraffi EariBBdjan # :^eeBmber, a6ih, 1889, aged sevfy yeaia-anS;raT?&-nionth%., 1-,"" The ^J:i:srafflisneii4 CLASS a.-Hearae:: aid: Moorning;iGseohi.SaMB of i HoraeBl'poUdiBd. 'EJm- Co&n, 'V^lTet ;Pall, inA atteiid^oe^obmplete " Glass'.'Hear'ae, SffSBifii) '''^.::''--..y'\..-/''�i5''0Br'-0i. <a^�?^HeBAo'iaM'iMoni!nmg JCoaohi paffs- of EoESfe Coffinr ooTOTedj^ aadi aiitendanoe CLASS 5.-Children's Carriage' FnneralB.from �1 2a. Od. Established 1801. Note the Address. Cremation carried out liihen requiredy in aceordancd with the regulations of the Cremation Society of England. Estimates given for higher class funerals on a'pplication, or by telegram and poet. Distance no object. E. PALMER (FaOM S. HAIOECAED), Coffin Uaker and Complete rnneral Fnxnisher, 78, CAMSniDGE ROAD, Kilbum, N.W. CLASS L-EngUah Oat Coffin, Uta. thick, monldedplinth, French polished, beantifnlly trimmed^ eight BOlid brass bandies, and engmved brass inscription plate. . Hearse or Open Car ana pair horses, two modem caniages and pairs, with or withoatostrichplomesand velvet trappings; attendance of conductor and bearers, nse of velvet nail and every requisite ..................-.........�12l2s. CLASS n.-Ditto with Elm Coffin.................�10 10a. CLASS nx-Stout Blm Coffin with light brass handles. ^wing to' 'tHe ^very extensive' ..aiiditions anli*' alteraWns to; my proMses now'iiiAiiiSgress; i am| cpm|lelled, in oi-der to preyent any ftt^her from dUst'"Mid' "dii=t, to n;=i--�iv oia.::;;::.:: tanteclg(i|^&; (3.ri^,j5& � Day. I Co?ererYps,.!roin Is/,6d. pefHonr.' ^j&!K^ya4ei^i^J^ifilS^i�^^;v^ Sweot. i'.^'O^v''' ,:.T^:SM<yT-. .Very Crisp. . E?o�enCMandpair horses, modem carnage and pair, StSteicTof coSnctor ani bearers, use^ velvet p^^ CLASS- �r-^ /CoLLABD, Bluthkeb, Boed, and all the beat London and Foreign makera, at 25 per cent, discoont for cash, or on easy terms of payment. PIANOS&ORGANS for HIRE, YIOLINS, BANJOS, MANDOLINBS, HABPS, &c. MUSIC LENDING LIBRARY, All the Latest Music & Songs at Store Prices. Soiled Library Copies at Cheap Bates. Strings and Httingsof every description. Ropalrsm Tunlngsm Removaism Pianos and Organs returned from hire, or Second-hand at very low prices. NEW- SALOON BAR. > ..... :i ^..^i c::-,-:'! !  � -�� A .. NEWLT EEEOXBD : ASD-' WELLiFITTSD .i.'.i-.- � BILXilABD' BOOK. � . - ,^ BiUiai^3i,P6qt,"and,Pyramids.^^ .t [.laboe. CQFr�e.& .club' BOOl^' Luncheons, DinnerSyTTeas, Chops; a^d Stoaiks � /�. providedon the shortest notioe. ' ' |k Odd PeUows Lodge,(SLDi) Me^p^ ivflrjj-^teMt^^ Every' ^cconimMatiofr^^^f^^^^ GobsEP STABLE -{ASD'el^AWHOUSE: , " ' CONTENISNOE. . Proprietor ^ T. O.  PESEB^iMllS. THE HaMMdEn' W. WARDEN & Son, NUBSEBYaiEir & FLOBISTS, Chestnut Nnrsery, Wiliesden, N.W. SHEUBS, TEBES, EOSES, &c., m GEEAT YAEIETT. Cut Flowers, ^iTreaths, Button Holes, &o., &o. Conservatories^ Furnished, Gardens and Pleasure Grounds Laid out and Planted. ESTIMATES GIVEN. All Work Executed on Beasonable Terms. W. STUBINGTON, PRACTICAL WATCH ^ CLOCK MAKER, Jeweller and Optiolan. (CBKIIFICATED BT THE BBITISH HOEOLDBICAL SOCIETY. Chronometer, Eepeating, Keyless, and all kinds of complicated Watches Cleaned, Eepadred, and Adjusted. Musical, Chiming, Carriage, and other Clocks Cleaned and Eepaired. Antique Clocks, Dials, Bronzes, &o., Eepaired and Eestored as New. Jewellery and Plate Eepaired, and Eegilt or Plated. Ordinary Optical Eepairs in a few hours. Pnnotiiallty, First-olasa WorKmanshlp, and Moderate Cbarges Gnaranteed. iNCLHsiTE Estimates Given, amd all Eepairs Wabkamted. BFECIAI. IXHTES In the Sale Department. LADIES' SILVBE WATCHES ...................�1 1 0 LADIES' GOLD -WATCHES .................... 3 3 0 GENT.'S Sn-VEE WATCHES .................. 1 6 0 GENT.'S ENGLISH LEYEK WATCHES ...... 3 3 0 A very large Stock of CLOCKS to select from, at prices ranging from Ss. to 6 guineas. Superior quality 144ay MATtBLE CLOCKS at 18b. 6d. BlS;CTB0.8ILVEB PLATE, Forks, Spoons, &c., of the finest quality and newe^ de^^, at 20 per cent, less than Spectacles and Eye-Glasses from Is. 6d. per pair. W. STUBINGTON, Certificated . by the British Korological Society Nearly Opposite tbe New Fublto Library, WZLLESDEZr GBEEK. a. CROSSWiLITS, Proprietorm THE TAIIOEING DEPAETMENT: Pbices foe Cleaninu : COATS from Is. 6d. FBSTS , 6d. TEOUSEES , 9d. Every Garment left here to be Cleaned will be Pbessed into Shape equal to New. Qentlemen's Clothing' Altered for their Sous. Misfits Attended to Isoiediatblt. THE BOOT DEPAETMENT: Gents' Soled and Heeled ......from 2s. 6d. Ladies' , , ........ Is. 6d. Todths' , , ......., 2s. Od. BoTs' , ........ , Is. 6d. Childeens' , , ...... , Is. Od. Hand-Sewn Boots DXade to Order. 224, Hl^li Sti^eet (Next to Tubba Road), HARLESDEN. People who cannot use ordinary Coffee CAN DRINK SYMrnGTON'S EDINBUBGH COFFEE ESSENCES WITH COIXFGBT AND PLEASUBE. They are sold in Large and Small Bottles by all wide-awake and tip-to-date Grocers, Craven Park Frnit and Potato Stores, GEORGE CUTTS, 7, Mary's Place CFA^n, (Proprietor), 3 Place EABLESDEK. Potatoes, Potatoes, Fresh every day, best quality, lowest possible prices All kinds of Fruits and Vegetables at holtom prices, and top quality. Ladies specially inyited to call and inspect. DON'T FOBGEI THE ADDEESS : 7, BIAET'S PLACE, Opposite the Library FAMILIES WAITED ON DAILY.

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