Friday, August 12, 1892

Middlesex Courier

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Middlesex Courier on Friday, August 12, 1892

Middlesex Courier (Newspaper) - August 12, 1892, London, Middlesex The Middlesex Courier.--rA>ugustr 12, 1892, The Harlesden Park. : 33' VpL.,VI� (Third Series.) Established'1886. ['^"�^rN^.SJ.S-^-"-] ; WpAl^AfF^UST 12. (892. � � �'  ,": Send for Price List IAks roR Transmibsion | A&road. J e&ICE ONE PENNY Jla^e stockJof bfeh class PIANOS^reatly reduced prices on the new Ure system or for csh to make roomfoT^iT^^^ r 187, CITY ROAD. E.C. rpp poaoiH�. ^*8IW&S0N, taoM PIEISOTJSE ily Grocers, A. K. BtrrfiB. A. K. A. Ki BITTER, \ A. K. di i 1 en, A. K. BITTER. A. K. BITTER, [Wreatljs, Crosses, W^ddliagf and other Bouquets^ fl BRENT STREET. HENDON. HOUSE AGENT, BUliiDER ANJEf DgEd^ATOR, . WILLESDEN GREEK, N.W. ' ' ' (ESTABUSHED 1885. / Rents Collected. � Weekly ani'Quarterl/j Property mana'gedi ' � " : Estimates Aitnhh^ fqr aU kindS'Dll'.G^heral Repttirs^ Agent" for S. Buston's noteS Coals. and-'Northertir Plate,GJass Inaorance Cq; ', MERCHANTS, BU TO HER, BREl^T Sf REEt, HENDON. SBSITT STREET, BEITDOSr. . OPEN AND CLOSED quUUAOES. PAIRS-OR SINGLES. jl; AKD a. GARTER, JOBMASTERS, Hl&fl mEIJT. NOBTl FINCHLET; AND AT HENDON, N.W- -4- Ladies' and, Gendemen's Saddle Horses. HORSES TAKEN IN TO BAIT OR STAND AT LIVERV Notice of Removal. Elaerfcez&Bloxi. of Fx>exx2Jlses. Gab a,nd Carriage Proprieta^ 'r We tavS'^OBg made'the Tea-Trade our special 'sllidy, with the gratifying result of having established a reputation foriprodncing a blend of Teas most sQJ^d to the waters of this district, thus calculated tcijjiye general satisfaction, Thesf are now too well-known to need further commebt. Our leading lines at Have recently bees greatly improved. FAMILIES WAITED UPON DAILY FOR ORDERS. Superior Scotch Beef and South-Down Mutton. Carts to all parts of Edgware, Mill Hill and Finchley. , SPECIAL QUOTATIONS TO LARGE CONSUMERS. CEYLON A IS THE TEA OF TO-DAY; miE QUALITY, 1^ � CHOICE FLAVOUR, HENDON. Carriages of every description on hire. BONNER & SONS, CHIMNEY SWEEPS AND CARPET BEATERS. I I, PRINCE OF WALES' Rd., CHURCH END HENDON. GREATEST STRENGTH. fe'ftee^Cc^^ Chma Teas, �t is an admitted fact that the Choicest Ceylon Blendfa: ' GALLE DHOOLIE, In packets only, Is. lOd., 2s. 4d., and 2s. lOd. : Per pound. And can be obtained in this neighbourhood only oi J. SMART & SON, HENDON, AND THEIR BRANCHES. Carpets taken up, Beaten and Relaid. Distance no object. Extensive Carpet Beating Grounds near Hendon Station. fiodi I. S. COHEN AND Beg to inform the Public that they have removed to their New and more Gomtoodious Premises near the South Western Bank, HIGH STREET, HARLESDEN, with a Large Stock of Hate & Sheet Glass, Paperhangings Oil Oolotirs and Varnishes. All kinds of STAINED GLASS W9RK executed on the premises Note the Address- ... S. COHEN AND CO., - AND 163, HIGH ROAD, KILBURN. LONDON, N.W. john crowe, Tlie Oldest Established FDBHISSIM HfiMAIEE IN HAMPSTEAD Funerals Respectably Conducted at the Lowest Charges to any Metropolitan Cemetery. Address.-The Pavement, Mill Lane, West Hampstead; 53,"Heath Street Hampstead; and at Child's Hill. P. W. HORNBY DAIRY FARMER, Aflesburj Farm Dairy, PincMey. Ao W.ROBARTS, (Late J. L, ROBARTS), Of Digswell Mill, and St. George's Granaries, Battersea. FAMILY MILLER. CORN AND SEED MERCHANT. fflanufacturer of the noted Heptfopdshire ihites. SEED GROWER FOR THE TRADE 1. BELGRAVE TERRACE, BRENT STREET HENDON. And; at Peterboro' Terrace, Harrow-on-the-HUl, and Stanborough Bury Farm, Herts. WITHOUT ADULTERATION. Cows kept on the premises to supply the neighbourhood with pure milk delivered within one hour of milking. New-laid and Cooking Eggs. Nevill's and Aerated I Bread. Home-made best Fresh and Dotaet Butters Affent for the Norwich Union Fire and Life Insurance Sooietv. 'Nevill's, Limmers and other Fancy Bread. Foreign dried Yeasts, fresh Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. FURNISHED FARM-HOUSE. APARTMENTS OCCASIONALLY TO LET. HORSES TAKEN IN TO GRASS AND STRAW YARD. PURE COFFEE Of I Most Delicious Flavour I And Best Quality, Can be had from J. SMART & SON, Who make a Speciality of this Article, haTing had a Long and Practical Experience in the Trade on the London Market. Their Coffees are ROASTSS OIT A SETT ASH lUFIlOVSD FSI1T0I?LB, by which.the Natural Flavour is maintained, and not lost as is so often the case by badly roasting processes. To those who appreciate drinking Coffee, J. SMART AND SON Solicit a trial of some of the Coffees they sell, which will be found 'unequalled in quality, Thus producing a Most Refreshing Beverage. The very high price of Pure Coffees makes it impossible to Sell at Low Prices, unless mixed with inferior ingredients, frequently dear at any price, and often injurious to health. LONG NOTED FORISUPPLYING THE BEST MILE HOLDER'S HILL FARM DAIRY, HENDON. NUESERY MILE,. CEEAM, NEW LAID EGGS, ETC. MEAD, as above. All Orders should be addressed to J, W. GINGER, BIT TO HER, CORNER OF CHICHELE ROAD, CRICKLEWOOD. (AlBO SLt Bzroxxca.eB'bux^ Ss SZll'b-u.zria..) BY SPECIAL APPOINTMENT TO Her Majesty THE QUEEN AND -ruJ^ifJ??*^' Highness THE PRiNfcE OF WALES. ABERDEEN BEEF AND SOUTHDOWN MUTTON. CARTS DELIVER TWICE DAILY IN HENDON CRICKLEWOOD GRANARIES, HIGH ROAD, CRICKLEWOOD, COKN, FLOUZt, SEED, AND MEAL STOEES. horses foraged BY contract or otherwise. Coal and Coke Agents. VEGETABLE AND PLOWEE SEEDS IN GEEAT VAEIETY Proprietor - W. GINGER. T. HANSHAW, THE Mmm, EmQL Carriages and Cabs for Hire. Ordm bv Post Frmptly Executed, Per lb. Clioicest Costa^'Rica Is. 6d. Choicest East India Is. 8d. Choicest Mysore and East India - - - Is. lOd. In ordering please state whether required whole or ground. J.SMARTS son, POST OFFIC�, BRENT STREET, HENDON. james crook, THE OLD ESTABLISHED UNDERTAKER (economical charges), 263, HIGH ROAD, KILBURN. (Near the Brewerj.) adult' funerals. Class i.-Hearse and Mourning Coach, pairs of Horses, polished Elm CoHin, Velvet Pall, and attendance complete If Glass Hearse, 53. extta �$ os. od" Class 2.-Uearse and Mourning Coach-pairs of Horses, Elm Coffin covered, and attendance complete ... �4 103. od. Class 3.-Hearse and Mourning Coach, pairs of Horses, smooth Elm Coffin, and attendance complete ... �4 5s. od. Class 4.-Elm Coffin complete, attendance, Funeral Carriage and p^ir of Horses, from ......... 15s. od. Class 5.-Children's Carriage Funerals, from ......... �1 2s. od. Established 1801. Note the Address. Cremation carried out when required, in accordance with the regulations of the Cremation Society of England. Estimates given for Higher Class Funerals on application by post or telegram. Distance no object. Established 1875 Telegrams, Dell, Barnet X3�IX 'g Co.iiPi.vY. Sole �'rQpnet(<�:8( 319 Si^ Eolbora, I^oaduii,

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