Friday, February 1, 1884


Location: London, Middlesex

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Methodist (Newspaper) - February 1, 1884, London, Middlesex ( - In Him was Kf i and lives%acmrding to flie be calm Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, and the truth, and the HA John MRTffnn  ,jf�rn,af*es ch?n& not the nature of things), ne ts a Uiristian .. . . thinks steaks METHOD latd downtn Hie revelation of Jesus CW.'~John Wesley : 'The Character of a MeXdlt > * ' Ho. 533-New Sbries, No. 5 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1884 [Registered at the General 1 Po3b Oaice as a Newspaper j PENNY I incorporated under the Companies' Acts, 1862 to 1880 ^15,000 divided into 3,000 Sl*sii*eM of follows ISSUE OF 2,000 SHARES Spectacles can only be perfectly adjusted by those having a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the eye combined with optical experience. TTTE have the highest medical authorities, confirmed by daily experience, that imperfect glass*, together with the haphazard plan of selection generally employed by the mew vendor, is th# cause of most cases of blindness and defective vision. Sir Julius Benedict writes: " I have tried the principal opticians in London without success, bat the spectacles you have adapted suit admirably; the clearness of your glaaaes as compared with others is really surprising." Dr. Bird, Chelmsford, writes: " I could not have believed it possible that my sight could have been so much improved and relieved at my age (82)* * now re " p r F.8.S �2 the smallest type although suffering front cataract on the right eye." Testimonials from Earl and TV>nt^^lndaey� F- D- Dixon Hartland, Esq., M.P.,1 he Venerable Archdeacon Palmer, Clifton. �h��ev; CIittrle8 J- Hort, Private Chaplain to li.K.H. the Duke of Cambridge, Toeton Kectory Maidstone, Rev, Mother Abbess, St. Mary's Abbey MUl HU1, Hendon, &c., &c, * * i �" | r I E t when reared, of which not less than two months'notice will be given, Kith the option of paying up in full on allotment. 8 fcndsteigh Gardens, Euston Square), personally adapts his IMPROVED RPffrtf Arr ira am* BRANCHES-6 Chairman PRESIDENT OF THE "TS^LEYAN MKTHODtST nee-Chairman-The, itev. BENJAMIN BROWNE " District. The Rev. JOHN DRAYTON THOMAS, Ka P J. h BY THE NEW CHEAP PARCELS POST. 4 The Rev. JOHN Mr. JOHN FOAT COZENS, Canterbury. INEXPENSIVE NEEDLEWORK CREWELS, SILKS, WOOLS, AND KNITTING YARNS. assorted Stocks of G ulways kept on hand. HARVEY JOHN 4 L I J * t^V Folkestone STAINEU; WILLIAM SMITHrMaidstone hundreds of Useful Keedlowork Articles , EDWAB�-J)AVIS HARLOW , Favershaj JOHN ROSE, Gravesend. PARCELS ARE SENT ON APPROBATION FOR PREVIOUS CASH DEPOSIT. For full particulars see Price List. 4 Tyfage^^..WahnerCourt,Deal. Full-we^ht Wools and Knitting Yarns of Every Known Make FREDERICK LEE, Ashford. FREDERICK ATKINSON, Rye. - J Jtanhers'-Messrs. HAMMOND & CO., Canterbury. Solicitor-Mr. F. ATKINSON, Rye. GEORGE REYNOLDS KILLICK, Dover. WAKEFORD BROS In nil the most recent New and Beautiful Colourings. SHOPS AND FANCY REPOSITORIES SUPPLIED. Wholesale Warehouse, 101 and 106 King's Road, Sioane Square, London ' L h - JOHN D. THOMAS, Ramsgat � l Secretaries Mr. ALFRED JOHN BAKER 4" _J "r. JOHN STAINER, Folkestone. Registered Ojice, LANE, CANTERBURY 1 r JfltS COMPANY ABBIDGED PBOSPEOTUS. Possessing- all the Properties of the Finest Arrowroot BROWN Is a Household Requisite of Constant FOR THE NURSERY, THE FAMILY TABLE, AND THE SIOK ROOM Scholars � j - - r formed for the purpose of providing, at a moderate coat, an auspices for both Boys and Girls, as Boarders and Day Note l lb Unlike many other Corn Flours, this bears the name of its Manufacturers, who offer the guarantee of their long-established reputation for its uniformly superior quality. 1 * 1 4l ayingmany advantages, on the ground of health and, otherwise, considerablP �orf i�n �f E^abish???nts 5 and as it includes within its boundary^ i?^Tb,e P�rtlon of the Metropolis, the Directors feel that the s�p.p.m� nf tt� ,r,^^v1 in NISXT WEEK'S ISSUE 1 II iii �Hi onwealth h � �  �nn T-v- * ^ Scb001 Canterbury, with present accommod 8 a FrcehoM ^ ^1*  DlTctors have already secured, on most easy and advantageo and^^faW n^^5i ?e '2^School,'.on St. Thonu ana aistant about one mile from the Canterbury Wesleyan Chapel. establish with accommodation 1 4 h J L �i ^ 11 ull7w M^^L^ the Directors ^ secur^ronv^ry derate temsTmost Bite m Westboume Gardens, near the �Lees,' and in full view^fXl^^^ nv h� ra,�;,r^ prepared, and the buildings erected without delay ay be received, if possible, after the next Summer vacation. Household Magazine. Monthly, 7d. Contents fob FEBRUARY: in ^_ --.-------of Association "oqpectuses and Fori the Secretaries be seen at the Offices of the Solicitor ay be obtained from the Bankers, the *u w i , n adding that the scheme has the full sanction the W^eyan Methodist MiOdle-Olass Education (kno^iS^^^^ ^ho^ ^esident^ -  appointed t>y the as Referees: - Hints upon Gardening for Amateurs Cookery. Parisian Gossip. Notes on Dressmaking. Literary Notices. Money Prize Com*, Replies to Educational Queries. Notices to Correspondents, &c Battersea r 4F F J 1 ussion House 1 � Sev. ?K:SnHHOEB Bows. Pi r. B. W. Pbbks, Chislehurst Mr. G. H. Chubb, Chislehurst !V.. � 4 h 1 H . b lb 1 - r * 41 � - i - � 1 Li llr.^jEOBGB LlDGBTT, j 13h - ^-MTtfM^BI II - -- "_ � Habvet. New Baraet Blackheat i Now Beady *i2A Kerb IDusJaated by W. Chmston -1 4 Ht r , . , i/ ''-^ >ui � i � i [land la ildimrs, BLC.; 2 Castle Street, City Road T f The Blind Soldijercillustra How to Educate. ~ Lovely Le^bia; or, a Life's Romance. An Artist's Model (Illustrated). Palmistry: Cliaracteristics of the Hand. My French Pronunciation. A Young Wife's Perplexities. The Holloway College and Sanatorium. Our Poets' Page. Description of Needlework. LARGE COLOURED FASHION PLATE: Costume-BoyJs Blouse. LARGE COLOURED SUPPLEMENT .-Design for a Water or Flower Vase of Terra-Cotta. _ FASHIONS ENGRAVINGS:-Two Dinner Costumes: The Dudley; The Warwick-Ball Dress: The Elektra-Dinner or Ball Dress J The Bruce Costume - A Bridal Robe-The Euphrasia Costume-Home Costume-Petticoat, Trimmed-A Portable Train-The Crathie Summer Coat for a Girl of Eight Years-Spring Pelisse, Japanese Style, in^ Gold Promenade Costume. , w NEEDLEWORK ENGRAVINGS :-Design in Knitting-Outline of a Butterfly for Outline Work-Design for Patchwork, pr for BerlinWool on Canvas, or Bugle Work broidery, to be Worked in various Colours, with Dacca Silk. r ^ j , r -Costume for an Elderly Lady-Young Lady's - H BEMROSE 23 Old Bailey. - + h r I i h - p