Saturday, May 24, 1659

Mercurius Democritus

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Mercurius Democritus on Saturday, May 24, 1659

Mercurius Democritus (Newspaper) - May 24, 1659, London, Middlesex been been much done to the for the fruit feeing was very ape to take tire loine Maids in the fright be IIF loft a Drapers nun found one under a piece of and had it at the but no body owning he was to pur it where it thrives in the Countrey language it i co call him that will ufc pure Linnen in this Mud as the Draper pay for I with all thole that uie fuch Be as dear theif for to A gentleman through was by the of J leoks from a window invited whs to try offered her a bottle of but the Houfe nothing but they dranka or in the mean time fent Maid for of thinking to work her in the Maids but the G ob ferving her with a watchful her to convey a broken to the Teller of the and her to Trappan him by the fail of he making as if he would fat is tie her flung down the and r nimbly to the other fide the room in the Trap wearing what villain my thinking he had been with her the Gentleman drawing his began with the him down and followed him going and leaving the and his Mobb no pay the Here by his the cafe fo clear was That MMs was Then Mourn you wanton This is a Signal of your total From by Letters that Don John of harh a an bulk to that ihe is 2 tO

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