Friday, November 20, 1643

Mercurius Bellicus

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Mercurius Bellicus on Friday, November 20, 1643

Mercurius Bellicus (Newspaper) - November 20, 1643, London, Middlesex j Her delights HOC much in her p degree though it bee fery her have not to cell tat which would fill se cheekes of cemes onely with petty Peace or re peace of or To which her knowes fery well tat no We leh of her Natica with te King doe either much defi re or for her in Wales bee of her old with running over their rufty blades with Sea by the care and thr ift of Tome of her forefathers was ded for te of tis winters chirn Yet 6e fo bold to fern to take tat though awle her Bedlam Cofins in and in te teir and to co ver under te wings of te who are ready to devours ril in ibu and her will awle have te yet her ts p to repent tis ill with in Regiments which nre now fron helpe his of will be a burden if beaten by ill windes into our coo for her an J awle her good kindred to en Her res tore in good time good of Waits to racism plaine Welch off awle toie pad neighbours who tote ad oF Waies or te pad of any who are of gene Her wss in where lookes her haves tey have hearts forte and will be ready on any advantage K molt humble obligations 9 5nd awle te dons of devotion to BUC harke you what It was her fortune to inro and to Ragland Her found her owne Countrymen fery and few in Her was bold to asks the Her kinae awle se Shen Hold tzt te good Lord of fince he was made was fo full of te bloody tac cere was no cr to feed on rat heefe in awle nsr had hope of iome but not onely ters but her can finde nor tongue to bid nor bone nor bit to give the a Her now like to Welch that make teyr prayer of left will make her in te middle of in it may feem wondrous matter in tele fad dare appeare in Print every of te her bath this week her Welch Merury from Saturday eo Monday for though her be her will nere as her can keep her felons 2nd moving alwayes in of and to fo A e

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