Monday, June 6, 1650

Mercuius Civicus

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Mercuius Civicus on Monday, June 6, 1650

Mercuius Civicus (Newspaper) - June 6, 1650, London, Middlesex ffi the mean the great are to be catcht in and that is for a and the Presbyters are to up without while the poor come he muft that if he will be ridden then the time may chance to mount him upon a and fend him a hunt ing into like his I am to meet him half in hope to be Knighted among the and the reft of his fellors and that are fick of the and want no thing but another Rout and Sallet to the Is not this a time then to write Intelligence But whatever you have it to the I fear no neither nor nor that head and bloodybones m Banner of which was the only Legacy the Favour of the that left his And much good may it do him a long may the Scotch Roy ny and be all fellows at Foot and enjoy Sun once a quarter for the reviving that they may never return again to probe the of the and compare notes with the for the of their and the thrice reverend Now let us to in June News from 66 that the Court was X then gravelled in point of money and and like to upon a Rock ere they got to Sea that they iate filent and as if they had been hatching of Scotch Barnacles but the depth of the Plot fits conceived was to barrell up their King like other in a Dutch that he might link away among the and be landed any in a Kingly upon the Coaft of Scotland my Lord gone before to carry that the yong man is willing to being

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