Sunday, September 18, 1689

Man In The Moon

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Man In The Moon on Sunday, September 18, 1689

Man In The Moon (Newspaper) - September 18, 1689, London, Middlesex NEW More Resolutions in Europe wit Im Eighteen thin within half of Lad Omen of this French Kings being lorn with of The Letter oj on that dll Princes that were Great in the ether this French King the Surname of Some Remarks upon this late r el At ion to his Carriage fo wants his Relations his the Liberties of the Awl 3ffadors Quarters at up the Vacancies in the Conclave having no Cardinal diverted of the brings his and upon this ing betwixt us and I mean the had t wo changed 1 of Thinking that do not at time or other be an ill Omen to We need of employ a part of their upon the not agreeing with the goad of that have fallen out in Europe within few this The is to be named Lewis Man may live to agreat without feeing aj kit was fo many mighty happen on the Theatre of fierday to e in Council the during the of his whole My Lord as we have within the Period of a The of a as from fo patent an Enemy of one Ottoman and the fetting up of another I ftd in the Paris Edition of on the Throne of that vaft Empire The mighty with fonie conjunction betwixt fb many States as being too freely with ferent Religions and the French the j who po leis than the wallowing op of all his it was the of a great Per the Confederates their great fuc fooy vanity cefles in taking a City he Name of with ten in the very Bowels of their Life But with Country And in the all the deference to one of Three Kingdoms from the of to That I ddk any Mao j at the expence of fo lirtle of them that one would could have Title to in his own Lift been about within the of half a Cen in lit him f tiry of to the When opon the or fise Heathen attained to of the aad 1 cannot hoc giving fair warning ta over all the Annals of we I the how was then ba being or the World has of of prove fortunate in the everyday his of them being nefs with a great That Great him 1 apn noc In this f able to comprehend the J u ba to bode iH tatk tothe we took to paft e of that great Favourite of Grva upon that to bj he j of of LJ rand rons thus learn 1 nor did of fth ing to Bed or admirable of his Leaf Mat 4fldlthe Edict of which bis Grandchild fo 4 There is one and deservedly treated ken fomet his with the Title of Great fomet his Gums with the Title of Great For und there M a Memory by fuch for citify tit to their He round the