Saturday, December 13, 1681

Loyal Protestant And True Domestick Intelligence

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Loyal Protestant And True Domestick Intelligence on Saturday, December 13, 1681

Loyal Protestant And True Domestick Intelligence (Newspaper) - December 13, 1681, London, Middlesex tet our Tvo Kings Carnell 22 Little Pear 28 28 26 A new 36 have been taken or Argier begun number ef and by whom they vert taken the and fallowed the Behind on the fame which was By whom 22 Sir 34 Charles 38 22 38 22 32 James 36 16 Chafed by Chafed amore by Sap Chafed by the Gai 12otn chafed by Ad Loft to the of 26 Loft on the after having been in Fight 4 with 34 Loft in September la in the Bar A Lift of y ltd Ships remain at in toge ther with their jo Carea Great Three Seven HalfMoon in J 22 Little 12 Two Galleys 26 Oars of a fids Riw and Alit Gnce both French Renegadoes TWO new Ships upon the each carrying There hath larely been here formed an which happened to be on the our Mayor keeps his The manner i thus The Pope fitting in a having the of November painted in his Lap with GUido faux and his and on his right Arm a in or with to the On his left hand flood holding his by the Vizzard was very and he covered with a black who on every made them by friendly greet each requiring each other to do their to get the Aft of the Devil not to be wanting in his by up the Ir was carried round the and with Bells and about 4In the afternoon a Bonfire was prepared in the where they were both Ir was That though well nxd could not but foon fell at which there was great and drinking the Kings K T His the poor Sufferers by the Fire which in December happened in near in the County of for their and relief to gather and the Alms of all His within the Kingdom cf and Toon of Berwick upon Tweed And did appoint Beren Salter and to be Receivers of all by virtue of the to be by having Deputations to that for And new the concerning Moneys by of the faid being to he and in His Mayflies high Court cf It a therefore That the of the neys for the feudal Counties cf do wth all give notice to Charles at cf the time delivery of their for the life of the i to the end the Collectors may they expect the Procedure by Lav be the and cf the Chanty cf ail His thi s Left in a en night Lift 11 of the a Bag of Mcney cf The ferfon that left the faid Money in the nw irith two other Gentlemen taken up at Tavern in and fet in The veil knows the but not thf place where his Coach are to That if the or any other produce the faid they have 3 paid them by Clark of the in In Giless in the Fields is a convenient with all thereunto belonging alfo a good and and a large Ta d and to be or Leafe or yearly Enquire at next door to the in Jamess Hay and you may knm Red ami Vhite with a Una whie was loll on Friday the give notice or bring him 10 1Covir in r la Printed fey next the 1681