Monday, December 1, 1681

Loyal Protestant And True Domestick Intelligence

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Loyal Protestant And True Domestick Intelligence on Monday, December 1, 1681

Loyal Protestant And True Domestick Intelligence (Newspaper) - December 1, 1681, London, Middlesex The Loyal AND o both from City and to December 168 i Kings Bench Bir His being the laft day of the were con upon Bail nil the next Term As alfo for Printing that Libel called He June Then one committed by Sir to be which was and he obliged to the nothing His Sir tis was proof for the of fald his being a Then one Mr AtoC id to be a who was commuted upon an Iro of the Houfe of moved alfo Ru was that that Court could not His Council urged Ari rf the Impeachment buc they were angered They were not to that fo he was remanded to te great number of Criminals at Li bery n it was Harvey would but he is d and tis will not come ott to as ir hach been the of fume though as cul to have there being as we are in formed credible But fome men need not far either tu 1 peak they do it as they can with the of Tories fuch unlimited power of For what it muft be fuch and whir it declares is not it is as plain to be feen as the Sun at muft not be tear of being called WC had enough of this nature of late Ue will now that a fry as they call them hould murder a that muft be a bis if fn uld happen to kill a in our ic be bu a kind ut in Chance The of the hare feut their to to require if there be an Officers in that Revenue who have nor taken the of Allegiance and with the Ten or who are not fre or the to the end that fuch who live in Obedience to His may have the benefit of his and who have noc or refute are to be their By a this week arrived from That Captain Booth in the hath had a harp Engagement with Canary And the faid further lavs that the purred both their being hot C a having ioit molt of his as they tell the News was Canary was There having been in parts a Report abroad concerning the Foreman of the be mnd concerning the fend you nn of i report and 1 bj the Godly in theft Thac the Foreman of that end J ury that found the Bid that Col ledge bjs ever fince been troubled and in often intimating bx great di fit on in the Verdi ft delivered their by his own ts in toe Lite of their Go i id their mcfl Crimes he vas bj Heaven with a in his b a ft his Sf IhK they have the deme to the Gentleman fort i six plate and not only cf bis that bit clear to man ef more or fy ban From of the paft we are That that day the Impeachment of the Earl of was reqd the Serjeant at Arms at the Croft And imi mediately after wer fent to the Council to him upon the One is lately made at From

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