Saturday, May 14, 1785


Location: London, Middlesex

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Lounger (Newspaper) - May 14, 1785, London, Middlesex THE 5" LOUNGER. O [ N� XV. ] Saturday, May 14. 1785. THOUGH I would feldom chufe to venture on any fubject fo purely fcientific as that which I propofe for the Paper of today ; yet as I have a great refpect for the very learned and curious correfpondent from whom the following letter was received, I cannot refifl my inclination to communicate it entire to my readers. " Dear Sir, Madrid, <i~th February 1785. I have been at all poflible pains to difcover, by means of thofe philofophers and travellers here who are bed acquainted with A-frica, whether any traces ftill remain of that fpecies of men of whom your learned countryman has taken notice, mentioned by Agatharchides and Sir Francis Drake, called the Axf i$�?�y*i, Grafibopper-eaters, or, as I incline to render the word, Locujl-eatcrs; but hitherto my inquiries have met with no degree of fuccefs. Though un-fuccefsful, they have not, however, been unproductive  as, in the courfe of my fearch after that fpecies, I have met with very we!! authenticated relations of another variety of the human kind, ftill extant in that country, which I think has not been taken notice of by either of the above-mentioned authors, unleft you fuppole k to be the fame with that of the Axpilcfayn above mentioned," or perhaps with the ixfluofayw, or Fifh-caters, recorded alfo by Agatharchides, and copied from him by Diodorus, and ibme other later writers. The variety I mean is that of the *u<rax�?ayc*, or Toad-eaters; of which I proceed to give you a particular account, which I have been hap-* pily, hot only enabled to collect from the report of fome voyagers who had vifited their country, but have actually had an opportunity of examining one myfelf, which is now in the poffeffion of that illuftrious and munificent patron of the arts, DonGabriel de Crapolino, who had him from a learned prieft of the Order of Jefus, feveral years a miffionary in Africa, whofc account alfo makes op a confiderable part of my relation. The Phufalophagos orToad-eater, though found in different degrees of latitude, is a native of warn climates only, and feems fo be of the migrating kind, who change their refidence according to the difference of times and feafons. In his original ftatc, he appears, as indeed it is highly probable all favages are, inclined to creep or P walk

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