Thursday, August 1, 1799

London Zion Trumpet

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Zion Trumpet on Thursday, August 1, 1799

Zion's Trumpet (Newspaper) - August 1, 1799, London, Middlesex ZION's TRUMPET, For AUGUST, 1799. ZION's PILGRIM. [Continued from _page 221.] AWAKENED to a concern which I had never before experienced, and called upon continually by a voice from within, which neither the engagements ofpleafure, nor th� clamor of buftnefs could wholly ftifle; I found myfelf, infenfibly as it were, entered upon the road to Zion, eagerly difpoled to afk every one by the way, who would, shew me any good ? though ifinconfcious at that time what that good meant, or whether there were any means of attaining it. It was in the midft of one of thofe highly-intereffcing moments, when my heart feemed to be more than ordinarily imprelTed with the confideration of the im� portance of the inquiry, and perhaps too ready to receive the bias of any direction which might firft offer, that it occurred to my recollection, there was a perfon who lived in the neighbourhood, who might help mc in my purfiiit of happinefs, whom, for the lake of dil-tintlion, I would call THE MORAL MAN. His houfe lay on the left hand fide of the road in the way to Zian ; and therefore it wouli not be going vol. j 1, Y much