Friday, October 25, 1709

London Tatler

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Tatler on Friday, October 25, 1709

London Tatler (Newspaper) - October 25, 1709, London, Middlesex By Ifaac %icfa/}$EJty From Tuefday Oftober 25. toThurpLy Otfober 27, 1709. irow �y <wp� apartmenty OSiober 26. I Wfto* / //owe JVig&, my Servant deliver d me thejollomng Letter : OEtob. 24. Have Orders from Sir Harry Qwkfet, of Siajfordjhire, Bar. to acquaint you, That his Honour Sir Harry him&lt) Sir Giles Wheelbarrow Kt. Thomas kentj'ree Efq; Ju- * ftice of the Quorum, Andrew Windmill Efq; and ' Mr, Nicholas Doubt of the Inner-Temple; Sir /&r-' r/s Grandfon, will wait upon you at the Hour * of Nine to Morrow Morning, being Tuefday the * 25th..'of October, upon Bufineis which! Sir Harry * mil irrigart to you by Word of Mouth. I thought * it proper to acquaint you before-hand fo many * Perfons of Quality came, that you might not be * furprizd therewith. Which concludes, tho' by ' many Year's Abfence fince I faw you at Stafford, ? unknown, SIR, Tour moji humble Servant, John Thrifty. I received this Menage with lefs Surprize than I believe Mr. Thrifty imagin'd ; for I knew the good Company too well to feel any Palpitations at their Approach: But 1 was in very great Concern how I thould adjuft the Ceremonial, and demean my felf to all theie great Men, who perhaps had not feen any Thing above themielves for thele Twenty Years lait paft.' lamfure that's the Cafe of Six Harry. Befides which, I was fenfible that there was a great Point in adjufting my Behaviour to the firnple ^Squire, fo as to give him Satisfaction, and not difb-blige the Juftice of the Quorum. The Hour of Nine was come this Morning, and I had no fboner fet Chairs, (by the Steward's Letter) and fix'd my Tea Equipage, but I heard a Knock at my Door, which was opened, but no one enter'd; after which fbl-low'd a long Silence, which was broke at laft by, Sir, I beg your Pardon; I think I know better: And another Voice, Nay, good Six Giles - I look'd out from my Window, and few the good Company all with their Hats off, and Arms ipread, offering the Door to each other. After many Offers, they enter'd with much Solemnity, in the Order Mr. Thrifty was 10 kind as to name 'etn to me. But they are now got to my Chamber-Door, and I faw my old'Friend Sir Harry enter. I met him wkh all the Refpecl: due to lb reverend a Vegetable; for you are to know, that is my Senfe of aPerfon who remains idle in the fame Place for half a Centuiy. I got him with great Succefs into his Chair bjf the Fire, without throwing down any of my The'lChighj-Batchelor' told me, he had a great Re- fpecT for my whole Family, and would, with my Leave, place himfelf next to�'Sir Harry, at whole Right Hand he had fat at every Quart-er-SefTions this Thirty Years, unlefs he was fick. The Steward in the Rear wliifperd the young Templet, Tint's true to my Knowledge. I had the Misfortune, as they flood Cheek by Jole, to defire the firnple 'Squire to fit down before the Juftice of the Qnorum, to the no fmall Satisfaction of the former, a�d Refentment of the latter : But I law my Error too late, and got 'em as foon as I could into-their Seats. Well, faid I, Gentlemen, after I have told you how glad I am of this great Honour, lam to defire you to drink a Diih of Tea. They anfwer'd one and all, That they never drank Tea in a Morning. Not in a Morning,faid I! flaring round me. Upon whitS the pert Jackanapes NicL JDoabt tipp'd me the Wink, and put out his Tongue at his Grandfather. Here follow'd a profound Silence, when the Steward in his Boots and Whip proposed, that we fhould adjourn to fome Publick Houfe, where every body might call for what they pleas'd, and enter iipon the Bufmefs. We all ftood up in an Inftant, and Sir Harry hTd off from the Left very difcxeetly, counter-marching behind the Chairs towards the Door: After him, Sit Giles in the fame Manner. The firnple 'Squire made a fuddfen Start to follow j butthe Juftice of the Quorum whipp'd betwei.%1 upon the Stand of the Stairs. A Maid going up with Coals made us halt, and put us into luch Confu-fion, that we flood ail in a Heap, without any visible Poflibility of recovering our Order : For the young Jackanapes feem'd to make a Jeft of this Matter, and had 10 contriv'd, by prefBng amongfl us under Pretence of making Way, that his Grandfather was got into the Middle, and he knew no body was of Quality to ftir a Step, till Sir Harry mov1 d firft. We were fix'd in this Perplexity for fbme Time, till we heard a very loud Noife in the Street; and Sir Harry asking what it was,I,to make 'em more, laid it was Fire. Opon this, all ran down as faft as they could, without Order or Ceremony, till we got into the Street, where we drew up in very good Order, and fii'd off down Sheer-lam, the impertinent Templer driving us before him, as in a String, and pointing fo his Acquaintance who pais'd by. I mufl confefs I love to ule People according to their own Senfe of good Breeding, and therefore whipp'd in between the Juftice and the firnple 'Squire -He could not properly take this ill 5 but I overheard him whifper the Steward, That he thought it hard that a common Conjurer fhoiifd take Place of him, tho' an elder 'Squire. In this Order we march'd down Sheer-lane, at the upper End of which I lodge. When we came to Temple-Bar, Sir Harry and Sir Giles got over; but a Run of Coaches kept? the reft of us on this Side the Street: However we all at laft landed, and drew up in very good Order before den. Tookes Shop, who favour'd our rallying with great Humanity. From hence we proceeded

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