Tuesday, December 12, 1747

London Pues Occurrences

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Pues Occurrences on Tuesday, December 12, 1747

London Pues Occurrences (Newspaper) - December 12, 1847, London, Middlesex Numb 99? Pups Occurrences. From 5 ATURD AY December the iith. ro TV ESDAY December rhe 15th, 174? - ' *�-- "T*l-- d conformed in every Refpeft to the dotation'of rhe Scares of Ho!l�nd for fettling tw jjrfgird to the starion of roe ataitj w, �.�..----- ... He;fdir�ry Succeflion to the Sudrholderfhip". binp tw�)tt heen determined in that province itrrpti to the T*x cf Two per Cent, but jt k pewrtli? beloved it will meet with little or no ft>!>c*'rJorj. This hft Affair i$ quite ferried in jlTft-ht upon the lame Footing as in Holland, �id) this Difference only, chit the Times appoim-d for the Pay-rent ire not theTioie, tho' the �'iole T>x is t� be v. 0 Hefted before the End of %2sat� General have approved the Propofal o! the State of Holland, and accord*^ appoint-ri*toT.B/ntin,kof Catwyck, and HitTa.aer, P! >m and Antwerp were viewed by the nrcper 0$�t$, in or tier to know what Number of iroups could be quartered tl:ere. Matth^l Lowtndahl is not yet returned; DOtwjthftandinft which, Alar-faal S4xe^ Departure from hence fot lJarh leeois fatd for VVedncfdsy ntxt. Hijw, Pet. n., N. & Yeflerday the firfl Comaiif-lioD th�t has been granted, was delivered cot Privateer of Atnfffrdam, arui -tbfy wJB oow be given, out to aU who apply for there. The Prince of Oringf, for thefe three oc foijr D^ys paft has been troubled with a CoW, and. i fliftin fevcrifh Dif-�j Equipage* In p$>- iMoj'ti as fliftPlenipotentjanr *t Ak la Cbapefle. J��r(hal Saxe was expefted at Paris about the ifth. A new Regiment of Scots Infamsy has been orderd to be ralfed, and is to confift of 13 Corapnnies viz. one of Grenadiers, aoi 1* of VutiMetr, of ^7 Mea each, officers included . * Mittbtil, Vtt. \. Tbe King has been pleafeo to confiHute and appoint Morlce Bockland, Efqj to be Colonel of the Regiment of Foot late uo-is the Command of Btigadier General Grah��> deceafed. The Right Hon. WiHiaro Barl of *ao�or� to m Coionel of the Regiroejot ot" Foot late under the (Sirfimaad of John Sari of Grauftttd. George Bewcierk* Et^ cot 3�otfte BtJuclerk, to be Col tfgiffitnt of Foot, .late und*, ^rjefDuncfflobejideceafed. Tbt Right Hon. WUlhmEarl of An�ar> to be Colonel ot the Regiment of-Foot late under the Command of Brigadier General Houghton* decea* Kd: And, fttneis ieighMJa* to fee CeWl of �he Kegi* ment of Foot Ure under 'the Command of Brigadier General Douglas, decealed. The King has Nen p!ea(ed*to appoint Thomas Whitf1, Efq; to b* Lieutenant Colonel ro the Right Hon. janes Lord Tyrawle^'s Resident ot Poor, in the room of Lieutenant Colonel Harr, deceafed. Edward MorftbjO Erq; to He M pr to the faid Regiment1-, and, Givine Cu ninp, to beOpufn of a Company in the laid R gimcnt. WhtitbttrVtCtnAtr 8, 'j C, The King h*s been  plealcd w �pp<ai�t Richard White, Ei^i to be Deputy to the Lieuteaafit of the Todver or Lundon, in the room of Lieutenant General Wiliiamior,decrtsM. An^ Charles RaiOiforJ, Elq'i to be Mijor of the Garriion in the Tower of London, iu the room Of laid kich^rd White. The End ot the LOSDON-GAZETTES. VtteT\hnt%h, Nw. 17. We are affured that the firtl Column ot Auxilpries granted to the Mari-tiine Powfrs, will rna,rch on the inh Inlbnr, anJ the f?cond on rhe .'third ot nexr Montn. The Grand VixtfThas given the flroogeft Affurancfstj cur Miniffer at.th^e Porte, that twtwic^ftanding the Turn Things /01V tike in Pern* , the Grand Senior will por^iftt fulfill his Treaties with the Chriftian Pov�cr$; 1 :*' � Madrid, Nov. 10. The laft Lerrtrs ftota Lisbon adviif, that the Kfng of Portugal, upon Account of his indifferent Sfate ot Health, has ap^qiDted the Prince of Braril to aiTift the Queen andtJoun-cil in the moft Important Tranfa&ion? of the Cabinet, and nmJcuUrly in what r^ares to the Mediation which1 bis Pormguefe Majeilv has rakeo upon him ar tht approaching Congreis. Nice, Ntv. if. It h very lately reported bere, that the City of Genoa is again threatened w�rh a Siege by the AuWan^j and it is added, tbu the Republic Is not at aU afraid of their Eft'or $ i but that, on the eontrtryv before the Return of tbft fine Seafon, t*te Dukede Ricblieu wiU be in e Coa-dition of undertaking the Siege of Genoa. Ptrtm, Nro. 18, About H06 Genoefe Pea fanes having advanced towacds the Levant! made to lr"-ruption into the Plaifatitin) wh#rc they have plundered feveral VHlageti but beforfc they cottldvcarty fff their Booty, "tbey were attacked by tha^itia or the Country who retook a Part of it, and 0-bliged them retire wirh pvcciphatiTh. Qtnot, Ntv, 19. Oa the 141 h the Dtikede Rich-lieu went to vifiV the exterior Pofts and Portj-lications of this City. He found the ne* Works c/uitefinHh d-, and ��s fo wtrl pleafcd witb them, t�ac he to.d rhe Deputies who acco�pinied him. ' That he had rather diked fu<-h Warns with JO ' Bjtt lions, than attack them with 100000.' How-evei a new Fort is building at St,Teclf, .towards the Camaldule a� :i�mfldlately carried to Genoa ter two Depurie?, who aarrfc de~ rsined thWe^s. Hofiagcv for ibcj Security of tfee Remainders |Tbe.' Sviiaiesof l�cc�?h*vteg demand* ed thefe'Depanes, thepuke to deftr* the A#ftance of the Government of this Dutchyi and jhjis for,d)is Pu>pOfe that General Braun tosefhbUfned his^antrs at Parma, in order to 6ft ready to affifl the State of Luces in cafeof Need, aifid topeoiedit from any further Violence.  > � . ' . . ' '  fvetm, Hvd'ill' Tat, Etjoipagej of Count Gaunter biringry4ttirt,ffeady. he waited for hctblug but Paffporrs from the French Court, jo order to ga to AxUenipefle-, but we hcW that Cro�to has refufed to'let bim have tbenj wftti cfcc Titlafpf Imperial Plenipotftmiary> precendiag to acknow* leid^ btrooftly as P'enipotenuafy trom Qu:en* AS the Broprefs is very tar from cojryjlyirig. with this Prewnfion, it is more utjcertaia ,tb�i w�en .the Conferences wifl be oJJco�d at A Fx I* Cbapei^ * The Court has received from MiUn a S-chern whjrh has been agreed upon in the Confrenc-S *rticbWe been held h-rween C. >'inc Harr�ch, Ge" neral Wentworth, and the Count de la Rocqufc concerning the Phn o^ Operations ag-onft the GentMie. Her M^jefty has given her Coafent ro ir, and tiascharged the Counul ot War to lend 400* Sclavonfaos rojoin theT'oops that are to be employed In that Enterpriz;. The great Service which has been done by the Croats dn�f Sclavoni-ans in former Campaign?, has Induced the Em*4 prefs to raife aoother Body in the Bannat of TVrudwar, whicb in aB likelihood win betjcploy-ed in Italy. The Court has received th- apjeeablc News, that the Gracd 5ignJor has ^pointed a Miniffer to come and compliment tbe E.upexcr up-his Ac^efiion to the Throne. This Minifttt will only hate-the Title of Envoy, which atofwers to cheOharacfer whicb Mr. Pcn Nto. 19. According to the laft Letters from Conffanrinopie, tbere has been �'grejtt Re* volt at Cairo, more than 30,090 people have * taken up Arms agsinff the Goycrnmerit, infomuch) that the Port/-, in order to oblige the Rebels 19 rerurn to their Duty-, has fcnt thither fomeTboo^ fands of Janiffiri.s, together with large D:tachi meats from ih: Army of A6i. Dref&n, timj. 30. Tb� 13d lolhfit the Codft returned from Hubertsburgh ro tbe Palace of this Cityrfince which the Conferfeoces have been; refumed with the Foreign Minittets, moft Of whon^ are charged with Important Commiffions relating to the preterit Poflurt of AJairs to Europe, laf. des litres, Ambaflador fiom Fr�Bv o� Ruffian Troops, hired by tbe Maritime Powert, (botolJ really march. IT ippesrf. that, ootwttbitandina the King of PottOgal's Mediation- the Britifh Court would bej glad to fee the Kings dot Soverelgri, Joining bjs good Offices to tboie of his Portaguefe Majefly at the approaching Congrefs; fo that if tbe othes', Powers are in the fame Mind, Corpse dc Loos^ our Ambaf&dbr at tbe French Ooarr, will be arderedi" to refpair to Ais b Cbapelle. v M. de Marteviflei cfaaraed with the Affairs of chef States General, has delivered to the Count d�t Bruhl their High MightineHes Aflfwer to the' yic4 mortals of the French Co'urt. whicb be acftrov* psrtied with proper Repreftntitions. Tbe Coun^ having laid the Matter before die King, declared tbe next Day to M. MarttVille, That bjs Ma/efiy was fenfibly tffeded at the Situation the Republic of the United Provinces wrs. in, and that ha would gladly cootrioute as touch as in him laf to raenrf her Condition by an Ac^rmoodatioo, &c k FatiV tit. 4, Since the Anfw*r qf the States Ce� ueral has been made PubUdrj, tnftead of the Peaces wh idi was talked of, we eXpect a vigorous Cam�< pateDj and it fc afru�ed thtt his Majdly. has * heady oid-red his Equipages to begot ttady, that be may be able to fet out tor Flanders early in thaferiog. The Prrteodei'ithle* Son h (iili here, and was fern at Mah with tbe Eoglrft�-rtd/ainM the iftlnft, Itis-sffuired, chat frW "Engineers and tcsoc^ Men win be fet to Work forthwith to ci&m the port of Antwerp. 'letters from Bretf bring Advice of fan/ Men of War being returned there from Canada, and they are qirdeted to be fitted out fmmedittsfy, with this 1 beft. of tile Ships irt that Bart, and it Rocbfort . Orden are allofefit to the Ports" in the Med item-. neantoIRt outtha Men ot W&r there withkU pqf-fible Expedition, to proted the Levant Trade, ajod iecitre.the Navigation with the Ccwft of It�iy. Phis,DK.X* It is sffored tha.c hfeMgefly.hc*' j^-jxicjtttdawUb^el?*^!!!^ ufe of in the Ut� Declaration which tbe Stares G;ritt�l Jqi�4< ajatorV Enatw*, W ordtred)tbat ^ve Migfbns of JfeUtSiVs of Forage fbail be drawn hro^D-Duttit Flanderii-anoV 5,500,000 Livres fhaS be rai(ed-upon tha)C pifirj^ a� Gontdbtitiom nc, ---< - thejr work wieiwlm'j�#rdfaifV Dfrraerfce in our Sea Bores- on the Wer^ 'ot'JWar hrfcly ordered to he bulks and as there h no wapt ot Nfoiwy*-wc expeft Xoon tO fee foaw of them-ready tlo^tt.^ tOSe*. . .<..' ing,tO a vct^.^a*ri�au�r|Bi Cr^ftr*!1 tiopi. it *ppear?i that tefeaiM ^Beginnirag 01 ^t�i Troubles in luiy, tachs Ciofc ot the Moath&f OcVbex (bra hjye died- within the Cftyr of f^enc^^adViihia ^hree Mtle*. tostrvd ity ; thirty-four thouUnd fix hur.dtcdtiity cwit Pe?fans> ^fift. Ages �ird.St�c;, txclufive of thofe kutel in the EJcj4, or.tjaat d�cd in Ho/pvais of their Wounds*' The Uft Letters irott Hamhtttga) fay, ^b*t ihcy h*vc (jajd ao -Acrjdent tfi�t� ot the i�*e Jatic-aad Very praihbiy procured by,the lame Hands t^<-were employed jo the Jileighboiirhood Of Jr\ccrsr

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