Tuesday, November 28, 1747

London Pues Occurrences

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Pues Occurrences on Tuesday, November 28, 1747

London Pues Occurrences (Newspaper) - November 28, 1847, London, Middlesex Vol. xlvi. UE o Numb 92. CCTTK K From S ATU RD AY Nwember the 28th, ro TV E$ D AT December the fit, J 747. 10 it. ler., Krii jrniifj >i* 9nu\h Patlgu vbiib brought URST I'ACQJLIET. fro as the LONDON GAZETTE. Lt'f,e. November 15. A:" >! I.'i vcn-Mhl lec our for Paris i." 1 Inftanr, where he w il! � the end of this .Month, ;� ,':,c before his Departure be t i.i Jn> to quaicer ihcSoldicrs r-'ion on the Magistrates of . ulnl to nav 350,000 Livres �:st 01 Hainaulr, had dt- "!'� j .^?res of Holland has re-:-i the StadthoUcifhip, . ver, rhat trie Succeifion n i-~ 1 .;;; .r.; ' � ���r.i , ; ; as M.'iT.loi-". :. 'o u: \,ut� rev or-.e ' ! K iitt *'  *:*.. .' Art.! !i-:.v.   r. ' - . :o i.,c rir!t X :�: ^ .. ;� ft:.-, ii C >ni�ii/..�r   .(.'> 1'r :rtt of t..e X >';:  >>. � " 11 c ��; 'sV> "..' ;r.p if f Jrtu I;.r n:c tn.r ..: o-.r_ vt '] f.vn r;� ;r..,!-:c  : ; Tr-oi-. loo* t.-.i; o-r-; <�-. ';.r:t cl.aj'" an.', ,cc'.o ngly  ; . in a* i. as 1.1. U recht i'o: ',, ant! (!,:anr,e cat Num-. ,;-ir!. a! :/k- Gc.ird, and uirh i.., 1 i-o^c, cil th^- hen-b, �nd car- '��r OUut?*, cx-ept fix or ff. . ,m"'S :o elespe during the Con3 . *.""'v-'ar am' Count M*utice of o" i Ycf rdav to the Rank of m�<! niigici.r btu:l�r to that of . R;io'."i-r. ri< pa IT-,! Yel-.-, ut M( i. d,an-i carried this i.Mil '",! flitir Approbition, :�� , C1'. 1 vck, H-1 iTe!*"i, :y .,11 .!-,t inter.icd Con-  ; il-.-.va-'.e M.ii Cd,-tv;en *;.:> *.� ni.J.ri i-'icnippt'.ntt- ; . : Drfi.jtn. and the other N> : 'cji by :ni; l^ys ' : .� [uFter.cn snip's or .! .' ? Ir>'rcpi.i-r. whith ir.ade ! ';.h:, vverc rsrarn'd to ( '. C'-,:i :iti ^-i. The Duke .-; c tbi'. Vortuna. and talks  ' h11 xt Spring.  � ; uke of s . :. ;.; < 4.vJ. Lv^L)uN-GA^:.TTE. A <.:-nr i t-y-i.--. a-Court fo;- r?e--Ia� ing. Wir bv!Ti '.rvi 5fa. T'.e Mu- tr.nsi': � -..-.H , . Irtv W t.> fv f.s;? K � . � >-. R . ! >"au>e V:V. ,., r., rf-.-n � n-a'n,:> the Unitti ..or 3 priva;{ Co-jr. ; v. - ''*h', Jf M^i;i-p*s an<! '"Ar* F-r:un,a.,.i ' ,;s Pt;.!:.a5X.in order to kno� th-' . r .n'inr.r. r-r tnnr %;ini'teis. It's f; id th .'.:':.\.  ;p-.-:-;Ct* ttieC^'feri-ns-'e �-Jth Comp.^r,;. �_.,;{; t ',,J IV:s'h. 'a ii1;h �.ok!�i not Only author;'.- -i" : .< i)v- '3'a:ion ot VV^r again ft t�;* ':a-. < �-. f,nd z-ne t t K,n^, t.-cm a ^fitit ot Ver,- I any giro:- M.-jkiteK -nd Cen'.lcnel>, might i JJiJ'V tx.-i ij� ,Uv' . 4 'fenv. cr- in order to do JuttiCC a{�" leni'.r.a :t:e Nk-.r.ur'ul mnie a iong Speech, �r.ertin i.c uk tlattcr iticsntclvcs The M-riLa! adJel, that ir was rrue, thTe wis a pof-li!iii'-y ofieducin!? them withottt dc< 1 rin^ \Var, b.-i lince 'i-ey p:eferr-d lurTe-inu their (Jhc<-s ro be [<"ie<\ nthar thin de'iare War rirft, ir ktr, b^ hinn as lawtol i'rize ; and th�t the* have pSyen Usr^ions to rtieir Subjects to make Repi i-?.\ on in French wheievet they meet thcra, 6cc. There is Ativice, that the Governor of the Ca-nci-aj has Hopped all the French Veffels in thole i'nr's.on Account of the prelent D4lfcrcncej wjth rhe Court of France. TheGr.-nd Duke, Groves, one of the rniiTing Leeward-IflmJ Snips, is tuived at Plymouth tro.o St. Kitt's. The -, Peters, from Cork bound to Car- r*coa, it uken by the Ficnch and carried into Granada. A Letter from Plymouth, dated Nov. 9 fays, Yeiterlay a: n o'Clo^k Ajmiial Kofcowen, with the Men ot War, and i? other S.hips pjffcd by this Place,& was a a;oft gallant Appearance; and as the W ind was at S. W. they continued in right all Day. We have a Report here, th�t the Fiencb Fleet *re (ailed for the Canaries to refit their Men ol War that eleaped Admiral Hiwke i fo thac it is hoped that Admiral Boicawcn may give a good Account ol them. We are well sflured, that Mr. Frazer, who was an Evidence at the Trial ot the late Lord Lovat, .ind laid to be taken by a Number of the Clan of rhat Name, in theHignlands ot Scot land, and Murdered, was then, and is now in London. The loliowkift is ^ Scheme for raifing 4000,000 !. by Wav ot Lattery, 40,000 Tickets at io� 1. each, the Prizes tor Life, and the Blanks redeemable alter n Years at lool. each, and 4 per Cent. Intermit: So that the Debt of this Lottery alter tbe Lives are dropc will be 3,500,0001. viz. of 1000 per Annum for Life if 30 40 loo 100 fSoo 4000 I 000 joo 400 300 - - - 100 - - -r- 5� - -' - 40 _ 15* - - - ix - - - 5�oo Prizes. For Lite 73500 55000 Bhn*s, 100 1. each, at 4 per Cent. 1*0000 40000 Tickets. Interert per Annum 113500 The Terms 01 trie Subic: iption. Firi't, Every Sjbl.Tiarr to pty kuo the Bink on or before the asth ot F;uruaiy next 15 1. per C-nr. ar.d the remaining 7' I rerCetlC. to bep�'4 in 3 eq;.i Payments m 6 Month'. Secondly, The- Receipts or t.-.e lUnk to be mlie pay� bie to Beuer tor J oe '. eat h, N'n. i 'o {- oe*�i to be tnnster^b'ie alter the I'e.ond PayTienc A made, or a better Ounce, and thole Recer, ts ttv-C may happen to be dr n:C till the i5'h ot Dccniiber :74s; Or < Thirdly, Furleiring every lix Months Ia:ereft tiU I'odo'ng; or at it Ye*rs certain. The Lotcery to begin Drawing rhe - Diy of April nexr, and the jooo Prizes to decide the wnole. The Interert to commence on the Receipts from the Z5th of March on the whole Sum, and every Petfon to have the Liberty of Sublcribing from I to i-so Tickets. That all Bills of Exchange driwQ in Enjhrd. and ProrailTaiy Notes for Tixe, be on a Penn# Stomp, but aii Nuccs on Demand to be exv..udedt and all Receipts tor Money paid or above ti.e Value of 10i. be on a Haitpenny St:rep- Suppolingrhe Number of tsie Peeople in England to be ejph: Miliions, and that out or that Nun.tar tour Mii;;o.ii pay to the ab vc Ducy at lSpcQwt Head, iaill produce 300.CC2I. per Annum. SECOND PACQUET' MiiriS. 0?.. 3;. Though the Courc is extTerne* ly defirous that the Conferences at Aix U Cha* pel'.e mav be luccelsful, yet in cafe Th ngs fh ul<l not turn out to well as might be wiihed, the Krn^ his given Orders to raife ti^go Men to rccruic the Atmy in Italy. Pinna, Nn. 8. Count Cauniz Ritberg has re^ ceived Orders to prepue as foon as putTible to go to the Cr.ngr.'�$ at Aix U Chapelle, in Quali.y of Minifter Plenipotentiary of their Impeiial M^j'e^ fHes. It is afTurcd 'hit the Empscfs has o iy con* fented to the Adirilioa of the Modem and Gen * efe Minitters upon certain reflriclive Conditioas Vt$tdi)Tf,Nov. 17. We bearcnar on the mh it Night the Iraperulifts fcaled the Walls of tbc City of Cologn, the Inhabitants making no Opposition. The Migilfraccs are laid co be now ia Treaty with thrjr General, in order to induce hlrxt to take up his Quarters ellewhere. The Levies e,d on vigoroufly in the Landaraviaie ot HeffeCaifelj Pxriu Njv. 17. Marlhal Low^ndahl is arrivtd here in great Pomp. We hid two Days ago the dilaareeable .News frorn Rochclle of theRetum of the Tonnant and another Min of War in * very fhattered Condition ; the Convoy whkh they eP coned hiving been met by �n Englifh Squadron, which took fix ot the King's Sitps, and 10 much darrnged the ahove-mcntionrd Ships, that it w*s with grear Djificulty they goc into l?ort j hue the Fleet puriued rheir Voyage under the Cite ot three Fngats. , Pjrii, Nov. 3. The Marquis de Puyfieux, Secretary of Sui� torForsi^n Affairs, has received Ljc* ters from -he Earl of Smdwich at the Hague, wick the Brhifh Court's Pdffp>rts lor the King's Plenipotentiaries, and tho.e of his Allies, thac arc rd repair to the Congrels at Aix li Chapelle. We are intorraed, tn�t the Pretentions of Spain will be the Subjc& ot the firtl Conieren^es, in order to hit upon a proper Temperament to fatufjr his* Githolick Ma;eily with regard to a Settlement to* the Infant Don Philip. Tbtltn, Nm. 16. Ah the Perfoni who retire herf from Berg-n-op-Zoom unanimoufly ^gree, that the few Inhabitants that remain th:ie,and >he Irencfc arecollt<fting a great Number of flat bortom Boats, to be empioyed this Winter in making an Inva* fioa into thi< Province or that of Hohaud, but wa arecakinj; all jm.ginable Precautions' m fiuilatal their Drfigns. Otretbt, Nov. 19. They write from Cbligoe? of the i7th,rh�t notwithftanding the Ob)edions mad* by the Magiftracy againft admitting the Body of Imperial Troops for whom Quarters were demand* ed, fbme Btttilioru had enteifd" th�t City, unite the Command of Count Greiiru�g. H*%ue, Nov 19. We hear that nis Prussian Ma-jefty made no Difficulty of gr^ntinft 1 Palf g� thro' bis Territories tor the Troops 1 at go to Vcnio. It is certain that every Thing is fettled 00 th� Part ot the St*tes General concerning the Maxell ol 30,000 RulVuns which arc to reaatotce the Allied Army in the Spring. LONDON, November 14, The Rcafms which engage, h -burth, 10 retan the laid Cor pi for the enluing Year.conlofina U to tne jd Auifle Ot the T.caty. and on the I hoc Cunditlun ol fi)<Qm ico,=o� L S^iij.ig.

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