Tuesday, November 7, 1747

London Pues Occurrences

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Pues Occurrences on Tuesday, November 7, 1747

London Pues Occurrences (Newspaper) - November 7, 1847, London, Middlesex . xlvi. UE o Kumb 86; CCURRENCES. from SATUR D AY November the 7th, to TV ESD AT No-vcmltr the Foth ( 747- liltliy Arrived one Brinfb Piclpt, winch bnu^bt the following AdvueU from the LONDON GAZETTE. AdmirihyOffiiCy Nov, 3. IS Ma jelly's Ship the Centurion, Capt. Peter Dennis Commander, arrived Yellerday at Spithcad, wich the Wi-lpole, Pelham, and Augufta Edfl India Ships, anJ Trade trom Lisbon. On the j^th 0/ la ft Month . H; ;n with 7 S-ilof the I'cactcr'd French Weft t,i'i m tflc Latitude of 41 Deg. 00 Mi'i. ' ,':9 Leapurs Weft of Lisbon, aud took three of liiif". On tne :o'h he taw 8 more of the fa id ,{^fi' sn.l rook four. On the 30th he retook the vn'tVom Per.lilvanja, laden with Tobacco for oiidon,which h.d been tdken by the Grand Bi\he -rvjfccr, *nd was canying into MorUi*. C<pt. 'ninti l,u htought in five of the Prizes and the fiiiirnShip. ti.e other two having parted" Con jjKwi'.h him in <qu�tly Weather off theLtzird. The End ot the LONDON-GAZETTE, H �jcrrj/J ef a Letttr from Biycnne, October 11. Court icis are c-ontinuahy hurrying through (,", Trade rriif dribbl'-s enough to keep us from ftarving. "he Dutch Meirhanis in all the Ports of Spa/n rc Dividing agdinlf in .ipprtttching Rupture, y icttung their Affairs, and packing off their cock as Jill as polfib!'' , but. if i: be true, as is eportfd, that an Oder lor an Embaigo is alr<ra-y gone down to Cadiz, t?w or none will be ble roget their lifers out ot Port till Sju'sUc-iunbe given ol R-. priiais made for the Behavior ot their Countrymen in tbeSourh Sea. We re tot,' t^c fmcc the Marquis de Viliarias ha� �n dii'm'.lTed, he has been privately with the ucfn Draper, and had a Jong Contercnce 1th her in her Ciofet, which has occafioned a tport ot her having h d Thoughts of w ith-iraw ng into f-r<nce, but had been prevented by the ame Ditcovcry that removed the Maiqujs from ffiirs. SCOTLAND. Eii�iarj*,Oc?. -7. Yefterdaycame on before the ourt ot Ju.ii -ty the Trial of Archibald Sceuarr, iate Lord provoll 01 this City, when it was. kJ to tne panncl, th.t it w. s r� biHtnui j*Ji-hi in Terms 01 a foimer Interlocutor; and s Vv.u I'lolc-u.ion incoinp-tent in L that there . Power rtlerved to his Majefty's Advocate in -/unto ot the laid Interlocutor tor a fecond Probation ; where ore th Lords are to proceed this Jjay to the Examinuion of Witneilcs. From (he London Prints %$ Manufcripti LONDON, November .3. The French Priioners taken on bond the Six Ships by Admiral H^-wke, which confiUs of 3864 Men, are ordered to LandWown, Portfmouth, Southampton, and Piymou'h Caftles, till an Ex-chia%e can be made by Cartel. Early 'his Morning arrived an Erprefs from Capt. Peter Dennis, of his M-tjefty's Ship the Centuilon, with Advice of her being arrived UU at Spithead Yefterday, w ich the Pelham, Cap-. Lindfey; the Walpole, Capt. Lowe-, and the Anglefei, Capt. Parker ��> all three from Eaft India M from Lisbon. By this Exprefs we have the asrcaable News that on the 10th of Oc"t< ber the Centurion tell in wich part of the French Welt India Fleet, in Lat. 41. no Leagues to the Weft* ward of tbeCoalt ot Pottug*l� and took the following Ships, bound for San Domingo ana Martin ico, vix. Le Royal Philip..... 260 Tons. Le Hercule - - 140 St. Annetta - - 130 Le St. Dominique � 1 150 LaMargaritca - - too La Charon - -- �- 160 La Mutine - - J3� Tneibove Ship, were then under Convoy of the C^tor, ot 32 Guns, and 310 Men. It Ciptain "esnis hid not the Eaft India Ships under his Convoy he could have taken * great many more K th;ra. Si* ot the above are brought into Portl-atf-.un. �od the other left wcU m ittt Ghannel. This f^ornin^ c�me Advice, that Rear Admiral Bo-cawen (ailed from Spithead Y-(terdiy lor Sr. Helen's, with the Ships under f.is Command, ar.d will tail trom thence wjih the fi;ft tait Wiud on his Expedition to the Eaft Indies. ExtnH of t Ler'cr from J" O'fur on botri the Vcuez' Jhirt, dittdOftober 30. You hive, no doubt, long before now heard of this f cond Engigemenc with the French Fleet, confilting of" nine Sail of the Line, and i5� Merchantmen. On the 14th Iwftant at Diy break we Law them, and chafed them til) half an Hour pjft Eleven; then our headmoft Ships began to engjge the French Admiral, who wich fevrn Sail more brought too to engage us. About Twelve we came up with the Rear of the Enemy, run br two or three Siil of them, received each of their Fires, an^ returned them again. The fourth Ship in the French Line beiug the Sovereign, we being lefs than Piftol-fhot,engaged her for about three Quarters of an Hour, when Hie ffruck. Thenexc Slip to her bring the French Admiral of 80 Guns, we coul I not come nigh enough to engage* io p.(Ted on rhe Ship a head of her, and e^s^'ed her an Hour and three Quarters, when Liie aiio ftrucK: Then made Sail to the Ttrrible of 74 Guns, (which I have been on board of Hn e) 1 er we tought for about an Hour, when flu iik-wilc ftruck tu us. I could wjfh all oar ships done tr.eir Duty as well; we mig^it thea pcrh psu :-been able to give a better Account of Monfie ;i i but on the contrary, we with fourteen Sail i* and as to the Nature of theff Schemes, we are told that when the Dyet is once rilen, we fhall be no longer leic in the Dark. We hear from Kenfington, that when Captain Moore of the Devonfliirc was introduced to his Ma/efly, he was received with great Marks oiRel-peft- and that the Captain told his Majetty the par--ticulars of the Aclion, with great Cotcpotuie �nd Politenets; particularly, that though he had the Honour to Command one ot the bal Ships in his Wajefly's Navy, yet fhe appeared but a fmall Vef� fcl in Companion to the Neptune > that the Gunners were tuch good Markfmcn, that th'ey lodged near twenty lnot in his Ship, and leveral in his Mails of 30 and 40 Poundersiit near ha f aMiie dif-tance, but as it was the Cuttom of theEngiilh to come to clole Quarters as fuonas poflihle, and as they broke their Line, we got in between then, anU raked them tore and aft, which lo put them intoContufion, that they could not bring their Guns to bear, which contributed greatly to our Victory. We are informed tttat a large parcel of their Orders and Inftrudions were taken up at Sea, nothavingbatlaft enough to fink them, and bi Ought to the Earl ot Cbefteifield, and among che Men ot War taken, three of them are quite new Ships, and that one of ttiers bad 309 Men dead on her DcCk when taken. ExirtS of j tttm fwn x Ma'-ant n Rut:trdim, imi 0?.^btT 31, N. S. The Sufpicion ofC:onilr> nA Riving upB-reen-Op*Zoom incrrales d Ay: Aw' I know * (jfntle-who h?s lately rec- ived a Let ev trom a P-rlon of Ddlindtion at the hapue. wherein it bl"*. that Cronlfron has had l'j' h Comaunicati n u th Low end.thl as carries the Sufpicion cvefln > a Proof ih,c the old General was bitteied with t'-epch Pi^oies* to furrender'. The I uue Letteis I" v, 'h*t Prince Philipff.hl iufpcctfd the loul Pi y ; ar,d upon d.-ic-ingCirnftrora iome Qjetrions whi h i tiie E-e-nv, he was anlwcred by the old General very :;rjp -v " Who concluded, that as he w.sent'u:1 awi'^ he care of the Town, lo he mult Anlw-r tor Event?. The foBoxtnttf it s g:nultit Ltt:?r frtm X C7ei�'�mi* ^ho cuS m f?c U:e Set E*�igemen:, :o *� t  t'. � don. PrlncrjtLQuifj i: Set, hi In, \6 0l. tTj-7. SIR, AS yoS know I am on b^ar J th; !':1t - - Loui'a, I ,<: ' . 1 j w :,; think I w it a ~ iojU) I ne?>drai.""5 you force Account 01 Cvr la:? En:ag: .r.er-.t: B-.sc as my S'a rion in the Ship ^ ..: r. ..  nc c'jl-v'e:n ev-iy P.rncalar. neuter can I expr.ij -:.y-felt very well in t! - re r.nic*i Terms or a S-j-min, I h ~p; you w ;'ac"epc ot this R \110r, in the bell M 1 ner I en >.;; n vou; e p c *i y, as i ihall mention nothi.-g but v r.-. is bio.jttiy within my e.wn know Irdge. On W'i'neidav, Oitob'r 14, in the Latitude *r 3: N'iit', and Longitude 1. xfi. V. eif. Cape Fi-iu:trc '.rii'ng Souiti 1: Eaft, Di.Un^e 50 Le-igueSi itJi.e '< ct Day, Cir at ' e VUn.-cop malt P.jsi', ei.-ied Isveial bhip^ ; we b'irg a prime Sai-lo', wis not on y the hr<Jmi�it St ip, but &ie�tly to wjndw,rd oi our whole F.ee-, and, Very haJJ3 � iiy for us, in our piopi Station, as being toieai wich our l.^:-hr\�rJ Ta.k^ ab aid. About 8 o'Clo^k we could lee the Enemy from out Dc. .s anl )i robibihty, lotn; ot our Men ot 'A ai< and Piivateers m tne Welt I:id;C , - ill i.at:h the Hare. But to proceed ; We t,iam!r obi ived tne Enemy s fmall Ctaic going backwards and forwards, between their Men 01 War and Convoy, wni^h wefuppofe was to give thclacter Inltruaions how togetoff;tor loon alter they bore away. The French Men ot War then imaae-diatc ly drew into an aunw a tl Line of Bamea-head, whi than a Quner ot an Hour altered it to C^ace, and engage. It now was about n o'Ulo.k , iho' I �m pr tty Certain we, with lome of the Sh ps above mentioned, could have w eathered the Enemy. Durrpg this Interval, the Lion, beiring mote away than us, begin the Fight, though the French mcU Hrft j tms was a quarter betore 11. 'Twas our Turn next, and we fairly tun the Giuntlet ; for coming up with th� Enemy's Ifrrnm^tt Ship of 74 Gun*, and within PiltoHhot, gave her, and received, J Broadlides, and then (tood on for 1 he Enemy'j headmoft Ships, engaging �s we pals'j by them. A* we got a*head, the Wind ihifted three ot lour Points, which obliged us to taek, and make vcoxl Siil, which we did by hauling our Mun T*ck on hoird, At the lame Time the F.ench hWdmo/? Snips clung their Windj which was a Cjcum-itancc in our Farour; tor at that Time they had jt in 1 heir power, if they pleated, to come down upOn us, being men partly hbweycr, in order to doabic their Van, our Fr.e sealed about an Hour, in which Tnue we lhot Ic fir a-he�d, tnat we tacft'd and ga n'd the Wind of the Enemy. We then went dow n and eneag.d rheTe;~ r.bLe very clofe, till our Admiral, in the D von-lhirc, came up, at which Time we w^re licmie 1 on h:i Weather-bow very near; hue as out \<i*.  ake uie ot ihat A-iv^ncage, tor fear our Shot Qiould darhage the Admiral. In afcbat hait an Hour alter, he engaged her. ihe f*-j k 50 hi n, and 10 hid lome oturs bcrore, as n: paiwl by t.iera ; and indeed h wis high tixe, f'ji i wis how-near 6 o'Clock, a nd io JjiK. w� -ouiJ not d4 mu>.h more, I believe it wil! be tound.thar r.oSffps 'ehav?d better than th..-Enemy s, 01 ;uia c.i:,'r fc.oci'ri' dear. r. The Admir*!. alter tn: T^i>.s ikuwk, brought too.

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