Tuesday, October 24, 1747

London Pues Occurrences

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Pues Occurrences on Tuesday, October 24, 1747

London Pues Occurrences (Newspaper) - October 24, 1847, London, Middlesex a Numb 82 CCURRENCES ro:n SATURDAY October the a4rh ro TUESDAY OBohtr rhe 27th, 1747. V,--:uVi\i\ of Ho) and.  s KOM ! I K'fAN'i 'Pr. T T E R XVF. v here I ?m at pMenr, Ptov j-vv ). lev*n !! j'' d iT'ivin p�, <*r,icb Rrub.i.k, in- Rile -<nd  w th  ' the * f  - * C;i jvi1v Ot ,-fn I'mv Co- '.o c i* �.!"' m r to thy lub.ime �x~ /incp< fornrrlv w?re * Parr of m hich Kinfifricd levnteen, s or rh-Ho<;f. of Burgundy. , : i.si-nc Kings of France, were hrr. <"!* *ari-s tne Hold, the Uii rvr, lei- only a Diught^r obed 'e! ;d-xi'hn Archduke nrAuitru, 'r �p-1 ai ! r v n \t- � a. erp % ri'-'� a"' ihiii Ccrro -wt'i i-..... �br:!l  <~... V. f< lfo' 7*v Mixi r j un ..... _ had � Son ubo ironed |o�n. Hebel'i ot Ci'th.;. :<. � n-Hunk: o^.-Vi'irii become Mi!U:s (Ion-tries. The YV�floons or l!e~.-I:v Na'ivi5 air cal-ed) t'*d Prtvikgs u tilth rbey were lo jealous ifm ro invade thei-. ss Experience e.-uia.neetcd a gerte;a) R von. T�:fjr *owerml People, wlnw, the extent re, and the Knowifdqe �t their J :s ungove.mbie as theirLove � '.v th'ir Humour, tre-ned (1;-:v n-v r j'-unilliirtg :hrm but n O'es of j,.-; Se.-'ii.-;, re--ri�ic<i !i,.n io ''("iorrd, th*t n z? 11 i< Mem or v. In;'-, d of di-�prrent Rig ts �e p'Xi'rd riem  and leve al C.'tir t their Pre-theinfeivts i 17 the Carters granr- rr :i$ el.lefi Son. Pi ii:p II. SraTn, :v t-vf" .'.)� ,-yrr JT... th:s Monuch e; Countrif j, and the N>'hnd.e. Fit this -inte nrir-'tri-.'-erirpi' h'.s Tecr'r nor his i' li y. : ji � is rror levere, ir.fl-xible, and Is if' utni to lx:Ci f; v.f S:-Vfri'y Terror, and his 1 ir* w.s fi: :c for ex.-jtiog and f omen tire iUfr�ri->n jtv.'-1. his N'rijhhours, thm (uppre. Ininf reft ions or Tum'jits at H^>rre. He ,.'d to rnvcin the Walloon' as te did the i .t..'i, uj'!,'iit �.-onfi<l'?: inn th* i!i:]"cr-nc T:m-, t t': $ br contii med in their Faith, when v behold te d"te;;abie Methods the Chr jflisns to eft.iblii'h tn-ir own. I ihai! perhaps one ay p/ive tli e a Hiiory of this heilith Coutc. of vl"h J �ve-.vD'; "fJr me ilnngci'i Stoti'f. Tre \"'a' ' ens wt." f'.r tton yh'.ding to the V"' I'hiiip H. thev took Arrrs and ra�de Wi:, th.'^h sv h no p eit Succefs. A'ter n:sny Bat-Is anii S e^fS the Sp^ni tds retovcred that Pst r.'�-a tailed the Neth<rlands-, but they tcu a pet t.irilf" t'K- remaining levjn Provinces Irorc tni-.i-e in DC'-.nee hi thcit Reii-ion and Ltbei-ties. The Union wis iigtud j..nu-iy 1 Jr9� jr. thr City of Utrecht, and ftave NanaCi to the United Provinces nowtheracit powetful Rcpu;-Vicofraiopc. Thele ire the Names, in the lame Order ss l'uoicribed to this Contedeaacp, 1. Guel-dcrhnd and Zutph-n. a. Holland. 3. Z > their o*n Deputies. This snguft Senate ��� at the Hague, and confifts ofNteaab�fs f�nt w every Province, etch of which fifnds � many as ^tythinli proper, and defrays all their Expend. Tiele Deputies have no Volt of their oVn. bat the Votes are coliedcd by the number of Province*. *o that they never exceed feven, though there may * near eputifsin the States vcneril are governed by the Irrttruftions they te- * i�^ Th s is tt u-ifr Rr5u!ati->n. fince i: is nec.fl.rv the e fhdild be a perfect Unanimity, with regaid co two P?mrs I,- ic;:n Importance. The S::r- s of each Wnvin:� are co-npoM of D" rtitir^ .-h.> e-i br th" N'obiljry ?.^\d people, and f'o" this A/T.irbly are elected the Reprefcnrtivrs 'hrv lerKl to the Sum General. The Provincial Stt:estake the Title f Noble and Mi�hty Lords or iS'ohle and Mr?htv Powers; the Starts General are eal'edHiph and Mj:htr Lords, or their Hi^h ifthti-r.tiTe'. All thr Powers of Europe A>idjel'i th/m >n 'his Style, except the Kmfcs o .h Province pre!*:;;.* i � it*, turn, .'nd this Honour i,s tonftn*d on ti..-'r*.i:t t'erlon of irs Dep'rtation The I'refidenc reteivt*, all Memorials �nd Petiti jns, preienti there to the AiTembiy, c*uf'es them to be read and exair.'ned, h�> jiopolcs an Matters to he debared, coiltcis the Votes, and declares the Refolutions of the A fie c-hl>. l[ tint be contruy tn the Rcf'oimio'ns ot his on n Province, he has rheLibcrry of �Id J'tig up his Place to the I'refidenc of the p.-e.-eJir.g Week, m l-o forms the Orders and caules it to be r.-�; "ced. Eu-hOcputt. f"vs acco:d;'ng tj the Rank of hi; Pros'in f, tottnd a ior>( Tahie, in the mi Jit of �h^i; ii p'.i el an arm".! Chair tor the IhefiJent- No mil.rjiy Oifi'cr can fit in this nfiembiv, be-ir-^ x I't'ed by an I.xp-ef. Refnlution pjfTei in tec* Year t<:4. I'e n ' * -JO5', and pet haps more neccfTny to thj- R iU'/l:\'k, fan u a"-y othvr Conif.tution in rhe W� ihf IMi*:!* �*e'e i-j'.'iy appv-nenilv-Ifi he Admi;J:o*s or Geuer.] into theii Councils might en^'ge ttie u in Quarrels witi their Neighbours and jo the i'ubli.k good ml ht he (V.rariced to px i'.ul'X Interals. Hoiteve-, ;nc C^pnin (}e-neia! of their ro^es (a hen there is one; h s a Rtfjr:t to enter t'ms AlT^nbiv s and mike fudi iho-polals is he 'hinks pr<p-i� b.r. i.e rEuli retire tae Momtnt thef; Propo'als roiBo under Deliberation. ll thr Deputies irom any ITjvin-c laii in their D'Jty, ihey are only accountable to th:ir Con;ti-tuenrs, the States G:nerai havjng no lore otju-riidiftion over th;m. However numerous thefe Hepatic' be, there are never bat fix Chi us in the Ro^m v.h re they af-lemble, exclufive of the -irmed Cna'a cl tiie Prefi-denti fo that a5< rhe fupernumer-ry Members above feven are obii(^rd ro liand- T''ey are uiually tb.3-f n fo* three Years or for fix at iiv.ff, unlcCsvhtn their C')fflrriflions is rrncved. The I'rovmce o| Holland Jb.s, notv'.'ithilandin-', one Deputy lor the Nobles, who fits for Life, as does the Deputy for thr Clergy of the Pr-vince ot Uwct-ht, and the fdur Depuri-s froqs Z:al�nd. , . , Amot g': the Drputies from Holland, there Is one called the Penhonary, \s hp cb.nftant ly itiiiiis in the All crb J of the Stdtcs General, and is tt.c only one yho enjoys that Privilege, m-hith the reti tinnot have without a particular Comaoiflfion. The Secretary of the States General (wboiu they cu: the Greffrer) re?di the Prayer before the open" of the AlTsmbly. He fits *i one En<! qt. the Table covered, while the LV.bates I��t, but w'hen he reads any l'apers, he rifes up, uncover�d, and fiandsat the Back of the Prcfidfnt s Chair. Jt is his Office to take down m Writing the Retentions �nd Orders of the Adembly, as they are declared to him by the Preiidenr. H� Poft is one of the moft honourable as well as well as lucrative Employments of the Repuinick, hut et the fame Time it is one of the ftiofl tttiguing arid troublefome. Out of the great Number of Deputies who compote the States General, are formed particular CotBtnicKct. who have each their fe pa rate Departments; one for foreign Aft irs, another tor the Fimnces, a third for the M*rine, and a fourth for the War Oflfi e. Each ot thele eonfills oi eight Deputies, to wit, one from each Province, end th� Penrionarv of HoHand, who always ntuicas tae eighth. He afFSs in all thele Committees, in which the Dtputy for Cuedderland conftantiy prrfiile*. When any one ot thele Comoaittecs Cjme to any Relblut/on, they make a Report of it to the Affe�bly of rhe States General, w bo form a Cqi)-ciullon upon h, bsginn/Qg with tbcfe Words ; Htvtni (onjtkrti the Repon cf the Lords Commu- ted tor futb an Ajfiir, (Sec. In Time ot War, the States General lend their Deputies to the At'ir.y, of whom one mufl, be of the Council ot State. Their Salary is 70/l-iOrins a Day: Without, the Advicfi of thele, iru Geoer*! cl the ItcptiWitk en neither h^iu, r.or take any Srepot Con4eq'U.irKe^. * Ifre Vuif �/ Mtrlboieugk o/mo nmjtihriof r'jjun , the iajt W�r. Thefe Deputies hive e*ch, by Turns, a Guar.' of Horie 8Dd Foot mounted ar their Q_:arrers, and wh;n they appear abro d th; Trti-ns beir, and the Offi.ers f.y ti:e;n the fill r iliti- y H* n-"�urs; Thcnutii at is jr. the AfT m'.sy ct th-.- St res General that Peace and W.r 1 e dec-nine-'*, yet it is as true that-ih i: Hish M'^hrin. .T.s cur torm no Refolutiors ot thi kin'!, nor even cur. lets any Tiea;y \*i'h a foreign Power, itnom ri�e unanimous Content ot a!! thr P-ovinces An riMi"_ii.;.atf the t.ei.-rs. Ti.e -Pi-oy'mciil Sta'es :r i hi- to c.c^n la rite on the 5 j ' c:. and ir fat * Ingle Tos� n j.-j it ('fpjics the Atfur, it mu:! tt;l t"at 0:.:h:,c fx jenoved. Hence a;i;es Dei.iv/ rnd Irieiol r'-on-*-, lo th.t Matters are often Ye�rs under \j -iiberation beiore any Thinr^ � concluded, ss 1c i> in the fow.tr of a fingl: Citv-to p.it a N'-cit.ve; on the Oicitrm. It b-ts b�fpened indeed once, that upon a very preifme, t nerR.-nce, v.h ich o.-.iredas lf'-'edy a Dewv,inatior?, the States g -t.etai conciud'd three Treaties u.th Chsr;es ll. of England, but it is trertiin thit, if.Re.'l'ons of 5tatc no: exculed tbeDeruti-s rontemed in it, or if trit one or them ha i diiifireed from the> reft, they m'^ht luve been c.i.rd to .1 levere Ac* count. > It royft be owned not*itK.tar.di-g, th.:: if the States Generd have not an ablolue Power in thefe! Cales, they hv- fevers! Marks ot Prerogitive. which to Strangers, at lead, g'tt. ih.-m an Airot S-v reijnty, uho commonly inuginr tii.y govern tncU.ied Prov.nces; vhereas, ir. r-aiity, eacfi Province form. ar. Independent Rep.iSlic, provided i; enacts nothir.g contrary to t'^e p-*neral lini 'n ; lo th>t their Hi*=h Mi.thtirseifrs, !i;ict!y tuniidered, aie no: :h;J.orui� but the bervants ot the People. It is to ice.-rv, hoover, thitall foreir-n Pr'nces anu Stites aciureiS tli.mldt-cs : It is to the.nr. tnat all Ambill I Dt are accredited, and -Oliver what-ever Od rs <jr 1J.opoia's ?hev hiv to m-ke. They (hi-cole ot *li Military Cfri es, even to that ot Field Ma .r.a;, o- (-'n-r-I. 1 hry phec Governors in av ih- Fort eft s dep-*ndant o; the Repubic:, and nortiinacf "vtasi(Irate* in aVt the Towns which he-long to the United Provinces fn coiumon, but are not Jabject to any cne of them in p-,rti jl.ir ; They alto p.ivc Audience of AdmliTton inJ Lcive-to Foreran Mmtfhrs. Ar the bttcr t-ci'e rkntle-men uiL'a!!y make a Speech, reUtmff; to the Subject ot their N ego tiit ion : Air^r rhis their Hi?h Mini*; tinelTes fend them, by their Secretary, a Letter �pccliing their Satisiiftion with their Miilioo and tneir Concern to part with them. This G-jmpim#nt h ulnal'y atrendrd- witrh a GoW d ii and Ch'iin, of dbout 5^ol. Valne. The State General alio nominate ttjc AdtniraS of their Fleet and art the Flag Officers. The United Prov mces are of no !ar�2 Extent, as thou wilt perceive trom th� Chart I fend thee. The Cmir.iiy is interfe'ted every where with Ca*� nils, and the L�nd lo low, thit jc is Subject, to frequent deitrtiAive Inundations. To remedy this Inconvenience, and keep out. the J;j* they have, with great Labour, made Dykes or Ritr.parts, which are fuppOTted fit a valt Hxpence. The soil is naturally barren, and iocaoa&e of/yriii'hiag Grain fuiHcient lor chelnhabitams, whCire forctd 10 import it from other Countries 5 but by Me3n$, of their eltfinfive Commerce, rhcy are abundant-ly fupplled with Corn, VYintf, and ail other Ne-ceffaries. As Cb?y have hat little arable TitU^e, they istti vaft Numbers ot Gsttja in rheir Mra-dowr, lo that no Country drodaces mors Batter and Ch:ele. Thotigfi the Extern be imat:, ic is eiuemely rich and populouj. Their (landing Forces m Tiroeot Peac* arc gcrterally 'o,c?e Men,' and in War neardoaWe that Number they arc alloable to fit out formidable Armaments by Sea. In lbort, this Repabikif m�kes a FTgme auiang the ritit Powcts in cutopirT and has a great Influence in Atr'airs. Thc?r trading Contpmifts are very powerlul, and poflcls vaft Tracts oi Land in Afii, Afiict, andV\mtrica. ^TheiV Fieritngand W frale-rliherie-3, theirWoor.en and Silk Manusattuies, fjrm very gret Branches of their Com.rietc; yet ihc;e iie notbtTg irt Co 8} pari ion Ot the Trade : Their O'after it. tot a Ike.cj '1 i:r.e, uii: t le-es xoe often ita-i in tot Ns*< f jpui! : Titir Hi%i Mi^bHAijf S hi* :r.� -iJjtiHr/iiJ ,'wie /i/f, tr 'lb* it am (Jinriil iclmr.ii ib-ir U\-ibr-Ju a.  .V Dun 7 t.tnSer), iUfctf atiifrf*., -nu ih:8untr

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