Tuesday, October 17, 1747

London Pues Occurrences

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Pues Occurrences on Tuesday, October 17, 1747

London Pues Occurrences (Newspaper) - October 17, 1847, London, Middlesex Vol; XLVh Numb 80, CCURRENCES, From SATURDAYOctober the 17th, to TUESDAY OBober the 20th .747 . .foaiy .fe Delivery thro' ' Empire, AH the Intrigues of the French *nd \.,]f Allies h*ve not Deen a^e t0 difconcert the 1,1 Resolution taken by.our-Minifters, upor the !'cm,-ria[s prelented b� the Imperial and Britifh E-nbifladors,"the- neceiTary Orders being actually erven th� Marrh ot 30,000 Foot, 4000 Horle, and� icoe'Coffacks, under the Command of Field Hirftal Count Lacy.i and the neceiTary Steps have been taken, tor accommodating them in their Psl&ge through Poland into Boherrih, where they 'arc to take up their Winter Quartets, 'n order to be "idy in the Spring, to, March, wherever d^jr Pre'.ence fliai; be thought'mod aeSe^ary- This News Jeems to have affected M. Daltion ex-trrrflely> inlomuch tint he has lately acquainted tke Miniflers, that he has laid a fide his Voyage for the 'rrcfenr, and it is thought will remain here tjjj spring. Tne new Swedish Minifler is arrived, mi the, ojJ one has taken his Leave. A< cording to oar Advices from Perfia, Things are likely to change their Appearance there very fpeedily. Aif KouliKhan. Nephew to die lite Shah, and who cmled him to be taken oft", being unanimoufly froddhned Monarch of aQ Perfia, has afTumed the title of Shah Sofi. ITALY. fUtbom, Sept. :. Letters brought by a Ship that cut from Alexandria advife, that News had been received at Grand Otto of the taking of Bengal and Bombay by the French, who, thefe Letters lay, made'themjelvcs Mailers of thole Places the jith of Auguft (aft; that they came with 16 Ships, and that they had been favoured and ieconded by the .Inhabitants of the Ccwntry, to whom they had given Half of the Booty. Jkmrnu OH. l. The advanced Seafon of the yar, and the -great fall or Rain and Snow, has prevented our penetratitg into Daupbiny as we intended. We have, however, had the good Fortune to keep the Enemy entirely on the defenfive, defeated all the great Schemes that were formed by the BeOeifles, and obliged them to be content with fuccouring Genoa for the prefenc-. Orders �have been fent into the Parmefan, for preparing Winter Quarter* for the Aufhian Troops. The Torrents from the Mountains have done us fotne Mifchief, but the Enemy much more, tor they have carried away part of M *�ned only one ftep to take for the Glory of his ATms, and the Advantage of the Common Caufe, , "which was, that General Leutrum fhould March { by the Weftern Riviera, to attack the Enemy in front, white General Brown, en the Side of the Barricades, took them in Flank j and the King,  wkJi the Remainder of his Forces, marching, in ip�e ot the Inclemency of the S3afon, over the Mountain*; might fall upon them in the Rear, 1 i'�s Scheme was highly applauded by General ^ountft-own, who obfervM.that nothing could * more generous or mora difinrercllcd Uian his i Mj/efty*s Propofal; but as inCifeof Succefs, it would bring her Imprriil Majefty*s Troops into a Country already etrer up and deftroyed, where they mull quickly Moulder away thro'Sicknal's and Want, he found himlelf obliged to oppofe it. We wait with fbrae Impatience, on Accounc ot what that General propafed inflead of his Sirdi-nian Majefty's P sdant ot thjs Plicc, received Yeiterday the oews of the Surrender of Liilo the Day before, and thac Coix had been immediately afterwards attacked, and thatjecording to allippearance that Fort wiii be oblig'd -to furrend�r. The Inhabitants, ot this Phce, who, during the Siege, had retired, begin to return hither to take Poffefilon of.their old habitations, and part of the Money that Was colled-ed at Antwerp, has been diflributed amongft them. Extnjl of a Letter from Oudenbofch, OH, 16. ' Yeftcrday being the Feaft of the Eanprefs, it was celebrated with all imaginable Marks of joy at the Head Quarters of Field Marflial Count Ba-thiani. Juft as they were going t* fit down to Dinner, a Detachment of Huflars, belonging to the Corps of General Trips, brought in thirty Prifoners they had taktn in the Neighbourhood of BruiTelsj they fpent near a Week in getting them hither, ^eing obliged to take a great Com-pafs at�ttVitI~or<Mr to avoid Detachments of the Enemy. As ther* wera among them two Officers of the Gendarmes, his Excellency was fo kind to invite them to Dinner, but their Behaviour was fuch, in Point both of Inlolenceand Inquifitive-nefs, with refpedjt to Things which they ought not to have talked at ail, that they have been put under an Arrell, and will have Time given them to re�e& at Leifure upon their Imprudence. This Morning, about Nint o'clock, the Prince Stadtholder went in bis Coach to Breda, accompanied by the Field Marflial and fevcral other Generals, and alter vifiting the Garrifon and Fortifications, his Serene Highnefs wis return hither in the Evening,in order to fup with the Prince of Size Hi^jburghaufan. Antwerp. o�t. te. The French have at laft carried their Point, *nd have becomejentircly Maf-tets of the Scbeldc s all the Accounts we have yet received of this Affair amounts to this: That Major General Thierry perceiving it was impof. flble to defend Fort Liilo any longer, refoived to ruin it as f�ft as poflible, that it may prove lefs ierviceable to its new Mafters, that having performed this, he withdrew hknfelf and his Garrifon to the only remaining Fort of Cruyffchans, leaving no more than fifty Men in Liflo to amufe the Enemy. This they performed for twenty four Hours, then najled up ot the Garrifon to the Sword, and to hang bim over the.Walls inCaU of Reiulal, in Revengers it is fuppofed, tor the Condition in whicihthey found Eort Liilo. Tiier Commandant defircd an Hbui's Time to coolult with bis Officers, uhieh wis icfui'td him, and his Anfwer was demanded in Quarter ot an Hour. It was however near half an,Hour before tb= Council waa torm�d,and the Enemy h^vin^siven the Signal foe a general Allaulr, i,u- Giiriion found themfel/es obli.j."ii ro lurrsnder Prifoners of War. In thefe three Hons, v z. Fn*deri;k Henry, Lillo, and Cruyffch.jns, the f-Yench fiavo found about one hundred Pieces ot Cinnon, a-mongfi which lomt few *re of Brals; thev hive likewife tiken feven or eight hundred Priioners, amongff thele Major General Thiciry, Colunef I Kingfchoff, and feveral ochcr Officers. The Cjih-Piign l�ems to b� now at an End, Mirihal S^xs having fignined to rh? G:neral Orfirers tnat have Leave to pals the Winter at P*ris, rhit mev might fee out when they thought fit. We inv? an Account alio that the Allies axe gojpg into Wmttr Quarters. HOLLAND. hU%ue, OH 7. We have Advice from Oudenbofch that Colonel Graham,ot Waldeck's dell Bittailian, arrived on Friday, and was well received by the Stadcholder. The general nowCp niori U, zh*z the Prince StidthoWer will not return hithe of the States, and that IwrConlorc fhall alto be of the Rfforraed Religion, and neither King nor Elector, &c. The States of Utrecht have totlowed our Example, and have agreed to levy the fifcieth Penny ; they have alio ordered an cxicl Accounc to be taken of the number ot their Subjects enable of bearing Arms, who are to be DikiplLn'd without Delay, that they may be in a Conditio* to defend their Country if ic iie neceflary. Fore LJiio has iurrendcred to the Freucb, who found only an Officer and forty Men in the Place, tb� reft having found means to make their Efcape. Hjgue, OH. iu It is confirmed that there is a Negotiation on Foot, for the adual and fpeedy March of f 0,000 Ruffians. Utreebt, OH. 16. The States of this Province his contented in their laft AiTeajbly to the levying ot the 50th Penny, in order to employ the Money railed by this Subvention to defend the Country, the Religion, the Liberties, and the PoflVifion of the Inhabitants, in the delicate Circumltances tha Republick is in on Occafion of theprefena VVar. We hear thac the laft Couriers from Vienna to London and rhe Hague carry a Declaration of the Emprcfs Queen, whereby that Prineets fets forth * That Ibe is taking the necefhry Meafutes to a^ ' jointly with ber Allies in the moft vigorous man-� ner, and to ufe treth Efforts the next Cempaign, ' rather than content to any Peace which frail ' not putter ImperialMajefty into Poffeflion of ' every Thing that has been taken from her in ' Low Countries fince the Beginning of the War) \ and that the is at the fame Time ftfolved to ' yield up nothing for an Ellabliihment of Don ' Philip in Italy, though the Powers with whoia  fhe is in War would in Gonfidemion thereof -v risi r- is. i" <K' tu�"� c Years <i iwtnt. but the whole Moiuy to m *dy� tat-ti n to oc dow 1. at cu-itr.

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