Tuesday, October 3, 1747

London Pues Occurrences

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Pues Occurrences on Tuesday, October 3, 1747

London Pues Occurrences (Newspaper) - October 3, 1847, London, Middlesex Yoi. XLVI. PuE's Occurrences, Nu?j3. 76. From SATURDATOftoher the 3d, Co TUESDAY OSIMr the <5rh, 17.17. :ontinu3tion of the Advices brought by the laft Packets. RUSSIA, Fetriburgh, S*ps. 5. T is now looked upon as a thing certain, that ail Military Preparations are Qvtr for this Year, curSquadron is adualiy returned to fort and bid up;'and the Rumour that prevailed fo ne Time ago of our acceding co the _ Tieaty of Stockholm, is nor o* nnevived, but begins to Rain Crcd.t. Upon the �.ding this Treaty in the Council, and i' V c aye received authentic Advices f.om Pefn, rearing to The Drath of the lite Schah j he bad hen or force Time in a State that bordered very nrar-v uron Diftraftion> fo that none who went i'ir h'rrfl, were one Moment fare of 'heir Lives. ^",5 Army beg�n �> defert in great Bodies, with fcir Officers a: their Head. Upan this h; railed a :oun-il of War, in whkh ht chaipe-J n:\ny of i>e Officers with being Traitors, and threatened heir Livesi upon which moil of theft in the loom fell upon him with their Diggers and put [ta to Death. His Nephew Ali Kulikan, has ta-:en the Title of Jdmh, and has plundered his Jade's Seraglio. He is like to rr.eet with man? Competitors, and a!! Petfia is at prelent a ^en: of fcoodihcd and Contufion. Our Cot s t will cer-ainir goto Molcow> as foon as the Seafon of ': Year �5il permit. ITALY. Kmi,Stft.9> The Iril of this Month this C ,7 ns thrown into the utmoft Confufion, by a ^ery trivial Accident; a Jew Man and Woman it hive lately embraced thcChriftlan Religion, ad are now in the Seminary of-C-t tech omens for tnirrnction, acquainted his Holinefs thut they had 6ne Child 0/ 8 Years old, whom they would willingly fee bred in the Chriftian Faith. Upon this k certain Number of Sbirri were fent into the Ire Quarter to fetch the Child, but the Inhabitants, inftead oFdelivering it, threw Stones, and breed them to retire j upon which two Coanpi-feifs of Grenadiers were fent to Purport the Sbirri, knd to fupprefs the Tumult. This with Come Difficulty was done, and the Sbirri having found ind carried off the Child, arreiled 1? Jews, and irried them to Prifon. On the 4th the Pope ga ve derj for fci'zint 18 more, that h�d taken Eehige pn the Church of Sr. Gregory. The n-xt Day be-lore Noon, four of the Principal Mutineers were fringed in the Square of Juli*, afrr-r fufferin^ the Tonure, that thty naiaht be obliged to lon'efs �ho were their Confederates. It was feared tfm wis Matter would have been carried further, but Jt unow faid that the Jews have "contented to t*yi large sHra 0f Money, and Things wtU be coaproaifed. It i$ whiipered here, that lome Negotiation is on the Carpet for re!toring rhe Peace of Italy, tnd it is did there jre great Hopes of its fucceeding. We l?,rn fr0m Vienna, that we Affairs of Italy wili be no longer directed by �Gounci!, but by a Angle Minifter. who is to MvetheTitleof Grand Chancellor; and we flatter outlelves, that notvlthfttndjng all that has been pea oat to his Prejudice, this high Office will be conferred upon General Count PaUavicini. who Is mu<;h ktter, and propofes to fet out tor the JnpernlCauft very foon. We have Tery little l" Vrwh,t P'lTcs in Piedmont; all we know is, I " rogr�fi in their Deigns , and as for Irench and Spanurds they act em'ueJy on the <�<al6Tt Tub Gcnoek and their Auxiliaries are we h-it not altogether (o quier, a Ue� hment of Men advanced I-itely thrjugh the ha'hrn Rivieri, and penetrated as far as liorgo de Tiro, where they hupriicd a fmall Corps or Aullrnn T�cots, and have made Prifoners, a Colonel, iorprivce Men, and huve alio raken two ItnaU tJ;- c-. they have likewife had the good to.-tun-, to mike theinfelves Mi'lers ot CifiBpeme, sphere the Au:1-ians had (otce M.gazine^, and h*d left a good fccMi of th"ir ftrpgigc Another lJe-taih nent his plundered tnc :-icts btl �orur.^ u>;. -Marquis d: Bo era ; but a tr.ird, t*--at went�.�.. t:.; ia.t.e Errand to the Gill!- ct i.a.a1 nad t ^ Vii>-fortune to U[] in with & ,s .dy ot ; :ori; orior.sing t > (>intr�l N^rf.-St-, Lv whom thry were rep.�.ud �i;h rhe Lois of aoout 4: ; \{*n. J^is.:t. 14. Tnr tjenoele jnd their Auxiliaries lutre rn^de an Inroad ii.to ilv Parm^un and the I'li:fijntin,after having raj;?d a Iio-iv o.Troop* o* 7230 \'t\. They w.rr divid-,1 into thf Parties or L>eta hr.fntsj o: st'.iih ^ne ( iri i.^J ch: G !e of liirsj. wi:h t'le : ois of three or :o � hundred Men; and the third ',;-<ed trte Edates ot the Marijuifate of Botts. General pallivi.ini is much better, and will ioon let out tor Vienru. GERMANY. I'ui'., Sfft. 13. The Proximity of the French and Confederate Armies having fuggeited to rnc Msrquis de PuyzieuK and rnc Earl of Sindwich to hava a Meeting, in order to impart to eacn I < ther their Notions about thc Means to procure a general Pe^ce in Eumpe, rh�le two Mini.ters have had an Interview at a private Houle in this City. The Mar-rjis declared, rhac the King, hi* Mafter, w� fli" as much inclined as ev;r to tot" warll.as far as Ijv in hi* Power, the Conciulion of lo lalutary a Work, provided theother Powers ccncerced wereeqnaTy djfpoled to adopt rh; Princjp es hid down tor tne Bifis Ot cfte Nego-ciitioM that was befun at Breda; and trua his rTcr Chriilian M�;tf:y would very readily con-'�e-r, j\-'-ti this Condition, to renew the Conie-ren'ces tor a Peace, or {o afTemb.c a Congrefs in Form, at iny one of the Places nropoled when the Conferences ot Breda broke on. On the o:hev Hind, rhe Earl of S' ldwich intimated, line thi King ol Great Br kail, and his Allies, were ready to adopt all Inch Principles as rQigbt be conducive to a good ami'olid Peace, provided Trtjngi were put on a Pol it ot Lquiluy requeue to make it lading ; �n Obje^ which his btiunnick Majelly, and his Allies, we: e jxri .1 aord cojld not be attiined, but ty ittpiHating luflcient Se-uii'-ies on both Sides, an^ previouliy agreeing to a Sul-penfion of Arms, and a Cefl r.)�, to reinforce rhat ar Oudenbollh, of whi.h h^ is to have the Command. Letters from Caps i.y, that General Leutram had made himferf M�ucr or Ventimiglia thc loth Inftant, N. S. FRANCE-. Paris, &pt. zj. HisM*/e3y istxpefted ar Cho':y On Saturday next, and \�ii!$o rrow chtn.e 1 > v.-. UiUct directly, aic wiUcoauuu. there riu ih: 17 .n or 0:t joc;, and will tren remove w.'th thefjuee to Fv>un:4ir,bl;iu t'j. a ; or:-i.gh-. .\; been ; i -.le.:_rrj Oi.fn upon the Count :; ^u. gord, *. Pcr.hon or : 3- Livres, an I h^s d.oto-tt.'i fin a-in to ch j Ri.it ot 1 q; :s di -' 0f b'c U, 1 Ihe St-k ofBcger. op-Z >u � ro- Cf.e \j: Armies fo:u Hours, in fpigh: ol'iU c-.u 1 do to prevent ic. The be it \i;our.- - i, h.s hitherto be:n pub!i;"h--l of the tiking'th^t i T purcant P.d.v*, is coiviin'd in thc toi;owing L-1 to th: vn.r Je iri 'fir es j'-* -,* 'e a,.rrri:- v : ;r  fee ere: \\. C;on::ro;r in, t : cc^h: h^ve h.'J id toe P. jY.-c ot A a halt ter. �r;'ten by thc CoiJic d- Lower. Jahl M.rihi. de S.xe. I Om lb: C^:~P Uticr M.^nfcr.jur, I 1,op.- k;ut the Ch-a:,d ihac the Cir of B-rR'n-op-io--.v. ' 11 it h-'J been pf)..l 1:: u hid tu.n lo lictic P/ecj.; h:..i, ti.e l\ iii.c of ill lie, wi'.o �s it is .live ci'.ip-.i, ma h in the lam.: mi tier j* tiiGf; who were ljrpi!z d t - Gre::t, that wi.houc .irryii.g iny trtir-g w .n thr-iv a ot arrived u' t!'e :>'�;'�  '-� I yo. "'1 D.iycfiti.in, Ti wops ir.-i-r; pi Troi;ps tiir-r. As by 'j to prevent rir.; m/ Orders w-rc thai 1 : 1 ndea rinj; ;C upon -rs: R �j,,: ^� ,e a w-;mle]. , a. r  : ^ i. � i rl-. n-. i cC .r orhct ti. *.rr: > n l e .-��l"> * v " " ' �,u<ir); s i.'.d : i 1'. ' e 01! noi: :e.- a tiii�. a rui it v,:,-. p 1. Tints : j a v: ; r. in the \\'or�s * 1.: Priloner- I h*ve J.t p live oi on* hur.L. .1 wh.^h ar- m trve 1 o taU. M1 for Ger.cUi t-.�; ii of tneia.t, witu f:v ;-.s * . nes ot Grenidiers to p :l.a: nir. Forts Rover and Moermonr. t;,i, u . -that the Enemy, attentive to hh D.n.o iu>t oblervc theencrtale of the Fire i , ! ; Is 1 c.:j. - ^ tiled lo u 1-1 e the iattc i'ter killing abouc ri, chrs hncjjy tn^ught ric to -.ijaudo.i Pen v^iantrty ken, ar.u wc may, with yrrze ' 'la, cs n Eurupe provided - '"' � I Rover, ' Y- u will obis'-ye, Mentisgr: ur, from t :e D tail oi the Art'.'^ry, �hit a v^iantity o' Pieces 01 Cannon u e hav Truth irii.M, '.h -t vny tew L ue.e fo tjrr!i.d�o..", or lo wed provided with. a.. 1 hu:gs as Bngtr.-op Zoom. I wou-d w.l.in^ilf have protected thi* oaiitribic Town ir.im Pi'. Ufie, but th- Tiiir.g hummiy ip:'i'�ing, iti-po:li&L'. Tr,ree h^adied Vulutuie^s r,ora your Aircy, wr.oleemed ro me to tav: fii'.n ojcot th-Cloudy give mj b*u an Ex*:ttp c, t;>a :e 00 Way ictc to pievenc the Dicgig- u' ri-e -nerais, ana uuki Urn m, the Siu-.es ,-.d i*i:-.'. cne tnlubiutm rj d iCtt, froia be i\g tntiTiv p'.* laged. Tm* u* enrkhed tne A-'.av prod.5.loc" ' ; and I hope i*id ia�.:e.t� iS.i. ,Coa.c^;. Th-. military, Chciis of the ReF.i-.*-ncs uti.-.d icv.i D�y* before, whkn wj:r> toe si.vci I'lit", anu th; llrong Boxc-> o; cheGen.r�i< *nJ Piiuces, v*r,-pu/ed a gttac Part or this Booty. ' I dilpatched ii�tDedi.tf'.y the Breton Vo'.uev tleis at the Heels of the Erteimy, who * 11 cerr*jn� Jl! augment thcNuffibci of Priionf.s; &nd 1 nat-t�r myfelr, will ktiag oae, lorue tatrlligtr.-" of Sccepbergen ^nd it'^ Neighbouihood. Or' thele iJUics I hope, MQnl'eJJnrur, to give you, ;n a {hot Ti.ae, a good Account. \V e haye rakerj about lcvcBteen Veflels in the lJort. M*jo' ^e-lai Lewe dcfiied Leave, oo Account of h s b-.! ij very id, to go to Ter Tttclen, wth thtee pt. t^e o.iiccra ol hjs Hou^iuld ; Mj or Seil'e, � ho In been ill 0; hh Wout.ds a j-i.r.nk-ht, As'-ced hi a ine f r you would, hive t.iciQ CairieJ. Tu,re: v.e-e i.veri' rAic d-iire>t cy he c!--'ated 1!t>on tn.,i I'.r .ic. Y >j w:J r*\�c tfic Goodnels to acqu int >ve wl.tt.ic; yo1: v?,:! authors: me to giant th;ii R.q.e. , upon 1 e'.: i'guing a Bi. ct oi lo tour. ' .Monlicur de Perjure., ih> Pvitve HvChetci-, rhe Piincc de Robecq, Nr. dc Puiijr.eiu.., � �-' above aP> Mr de LuRea., ti*\ ; p.: iv> k-.' '  gte j oi Va.oar; 'he B' i&adietj. r;.-. o't C buidon b-.havei pene.t.y >*ci , \u i: Tor.-du r.iJ c le M-s ortu".e oi S v.o^n .t . k. rering tne Place. I will knj *ou � more > cc Tiirai.tiil Account o: ali, ihc f.>u c; Go ps wh c.-, have putivuiariy �liv. .-^'j'.ih .1 > k.,c ,n the Cou I- t this irs^-j.tioa , b.-!e*vh yo 1. .Nict;ie�^rvs:r, li> itk: th.r. yoii i'rorecrt. r. tat. 1. y easy �.bs.v.n t ri�c F'i\.'u t.in �> we'.l wii it- t .'r unta.d :>it. ii.i.ci u i >t y ;u �a A^ccwnt r u 1 �

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