Tuesday, August 29, 1747

London Pues Occurrences

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Pues Occurrences on Tuesday, August 29, 1747

London Pues Occurrences (Newspaper) - August 29, 1847, London, Middlesex Numb. 66 CCU� RENCES- From SATURDAY Augufl the ac-rh, to TUESDATSeptember rhe ill, 1747. im'vfi �w -Br/nVS Packet tebitb brought one UtIUnd Mill RUSSIA. Petersburg, Augufl f. E have fame Apprehensions, that cither th* fune Demon I hat has troubled the Peace of Sweden, or force other of his black Kind, has been alfo playing Tricks here. There was one Lieutenant-Colonel U VilJeril, a Swtfs by Birth, but who tad been forne sin the French Service, and that came hither ftnicago, and offered his Intereft inSwit-,d for nifing � Regiment there \ which Pn>-i w3s but indifferently received by oar Mi-., ti?tvfiih1iinMn& which, he continued irtcning them with Memorials, chough to no fr of Purpofe, for two Years together; at 4 had � Mffljge tent him. to this Purpofe, hisSuy here was a Thing not convenient, hat h� would do well to retire. He obeyed ut any Hefitation, and went to Cronfiadi a View to quit the Empire, but the Mini-k^ing received fame new Lights about.him, Jhim to be arretted there i and it is btfikved he will be. ferit back hither under a ftrong Lift Week one Ailibrandi, an Italian, ,_s bpn four or five Years here in the Ser-of the Grand Duke, and who not long ago a .Voyage to Holland and came back, was 'ifestrrefted.. Orders Hate been lent iato.jLi-la for the Troops that held themfelves in jaefa to nurch, to return into their former ten, which occafiocs much Speculation*. Finckenltein, bjs Pruflnn Majeity*s Mini-(bid a Ions Conference Tome Days. with, the \i Chancellor Count Beftoflheft, pad with; the Chancellor M. Woronzow; but as to- the of h, nothing has hitherto tranfpjred. ! are now told, that the" Settlement of the ktjers of tbeSwedes will bejmjcably and IpceoV teferroined, and that at foori as they.,*rea(J[- s p.ibkForces fent into Fin|�nd will be req�H frhjch Wald be Vcfy fatjsftitory to the Friends Peace. S W E J> � N. ITALY. ttylm, Aug. ij. The City now rlngf with n�'elfe than' the Fate of t}ie unfortunate or 9jackweQ, who was executed upon the purfu*nt to his Sentence. It is certain, that lefted the Afliftance of Mr. Tolftadius, an Ec-of a very fair Character, and a famous To him, h 1$ faid, he made a foil and Coafeffion of. man/ Things, which no Tor-coirfd extort from hjm> and particularly the les of his Cpnfederares, and. the Nature of Undertakings-, which Comcflion that Re-i Perron ha� put into the H/ttds of, \hjf Coov irjtsj&f theDyet.; A? for the uniwppjr, froc-, "* ckweftVhe behaved with aitwafing Steading rji& Momenu..: When he j�me upon tin? y, h,e asked the Executioner if he wa* not Jfrfoh whq beheaded ^the.Chiefs of .tht.D*-Utt Rebels, and the two Qenetals. Who.fair. ab&Vt the fame f4ine� Uppn bj*anfwer, WtBe was r he exhorted bin to dobis QffiSe w a% he did fkpQ, Wlieni^e <am< p� ead upon elite Block Jie pat hi�felf Jt�o aa SPoflure, of,which, AeEjcecutwacfhjiTf g�%Wm Notice, he,^dryery<coolf?i tbtt as, tj mi Hole p^iv^ly^aM^thenr^W'Wtt^ ^I8agtJr|�i thejExecuttOiKf <t|iSe � .^^igowlS^ivlrttt ifcptitBfl Sea fanfafr*. �f E�rcMe; and it Mookei "c^iain, jtha45 fere^al Ships of .tl�e feft R�ie ^ 'fpeedily purine Comariffion. iac^vv; Nice, ^t- J- A Rrport prevails hrre, that a French Offi-er of greit Diflindtion win bafpeedily tent 'o Genda, in order to replace tfi; Duke de Rf>uffl--rs, and encourage, rhe Kepablidc. to perfiit ih vigoroo a Urge Sum annuaUly, to enable her to. pefreft rhe Fort:n;ati5rjs abatft the Q'tf? and to erect r ftrong F6rr� to con'aitnJ' the Entrance >f th- Bo hetti; hut p'rbips tfie^eTaings are pnly given ouc to revive the~Spitks of our Army, which have be-n ver^! ttw:h TutIc hv the Dfath and Defeat of :he Chtvilirr de B;lle1ffc upon whofe' I'rojec^ not only the French Gencrajs, but the �\f<r ourhood. Aoo-' ther witi i�t on the Side of Brianconrrfs, ht orfitt to We are toW that.Count Lowendahf, fuppofing b* fucceed< b;yon^t Exo?^4:ion in his futme Openw rions, cannot b: MaU?r of Berg'n-op Zoom before the Middle of, Sep rem')?*. We leajcn froia th?Army of" Mir&il Saxe. that the Duke qfCum,?. GERMAN Y. Ptewu.Auufi U. Gene;al Schulemberg being arrived the nth Inftant, the 13th he went to^ S ronbrtm* where he had a private Audience'fct the Emperor and Emprefs, that jafted^,near three Hours. He hot only gave by Word of Mouth all the Circumftanew of the Siege of Genoa, and tte' Reaons that made him fufpend ft, but delivered u Succefs. This Count * ftid be-fo wefto:ioved by- tte Soldiery, rha^ they^er^laBCh delire to he^agtin under bi^Commaod. rr Stbjffviufin, ^^145. General hstmtm has had fame Difficulty. it> reducingstbe Inhabitants of the D/ifH&s of CiftleBaro andsLegiieg*^, who had I ifpoufed the loterefro/ the Ffcftch and Sp*aiardsv taken up Arras, and anemblrd hi grew Nambtrs to^PPPPfc: Jkir^t^lroo^-iAcpfedtiion^le-Detachment, which, formed the feft Amdc <m the Muatcneers, vwere repolfedv w4tft fcotetm*! Md mnt Wojoided dMrtthey hawBeetrtmceemirelf diCpetfcd�jiOd jhrir'SabitatJons pill 'gedi attd bum�-tointtay'date others wfio might incline to fblr h| lo�.^r fitsmple E R & .------^-i-^ia&izV.. -The Regiments of E*e�* fiWi/nd the Battalion of CMibrtrr SwJft^ftW^r pcHormel 4os Exploit, A cannot f Ow�fcil| Si|e*ce^a*^iltfdaV *�fm&m?ihef advanced to a French B*tr*ryi*�rtd ^CXhtinar* 'rrg � -the f*ms >Time the' S^tBsm^m. wfri^h \ curred toxfcei: T^rft.jry. B^^rtb^i��ra^rr%^ e <<Jenrin�fa*enlfe#Mtd ki�t8^fpb^'B*rdrg �4v?rtited 4tlOffc*r who *m po^ted^eVntar �� a Barn with; t;� Men �- �t*i' 6ut ,^^r^oW i .^.a�t^^fifcd^'-^e<w�oni iw fsic&arge the Enemies fob&tmrffl*^" ^tb*mMv9^wlem$t �d/ancir*s,-iJti^c�ro*'ap< teasdlaw^'M^vlft_______ the (^virwl-*rbi^w*^Kh<*.Jww*?eft/thi reft' 'Srtrel, #�JtHej naiied op aH thi C�rranrtofthiC5 K'ttejjr.nis they dJiaifH of two- others, atjd faftly ViirdVaod part ofbisEgjipigc, which was *r- b f thing on the Side o{ Huy. and that General Count, dV Mercy is gone to encamp at Chefnay with a' Body of abput iocs Men. 'Tbtfert,'Aui. pur Advices fromBetgetv*oj>t zoom dSily irrengthen the Opinion, that rbeErencfa wid ne*ver be M^fcrs'oflc. They hay� ^qiie no^ thing -fioce the a^tb, whicb, is attribiucd M^tbe want of Ammu-nltioo. AReinforcemcritof tWed j EngliOi and 8 Dutch Regjmcnhave eq^rM tM Lines.""... ' I'.> .' ," B'iJU&ut, Aug. General BVo.ftaj his inter�s cepted a lar^e Convoy of Prpvifiofts and Ammi^ nitions going to Count Lowendanl. H 0 t L A X p*.. ' ". ExtrtS of t priutt&Letter from fitter JdoL ibfdt  I fltoold hue. w^ott to ytfu foqnef hi fatfitt, to yours, but" cottidyfajr nothing with Ctmmsf in Rel< tion to Bef^rrop'i^obm $ we, Wtie fo threat^ ned with what the Frencbwojuld doonJSciewis's; whicb was ladPtidif^ihaV we. Began to. be,'" in forne Doubt, as the. A^courits which we thoa^hci : came by the heft Authotity ga^e us but Htt^e Hopesv |of"tfcere being any Paffibility.'of' the Ja^wn hold-;irfg Wt long} aod tfijs'it' y'as.o�; llf, thank.God. rJ^s>!S^ntai^\oTS^.Ig9tft{ jha* brought fortn^ MQuleia^'thei* tilcingJ'ofL, urgomafter ot 'n�aA ^heir -Acncfc upotf ^t^^^^tjeefct' Opeomft'to force their'Way into the dry Dftcb,, and tfee. to plant Cannon, in,order ua ,barri� xhPf own Wall in B&acbi and alfer t&ee fquxp,, lcfs'XAe^ts, they wexe-'re'puff^ Wuf�; very WV fijet^lf tofs, and obliged tQ-fejife to th,eir Txench-�s": Tfey began' t&e^eAttade on St. Lewis s-Era.; about El�en p'Cr�ck�.andi. to facilitate their De--fian. threwr an inedibleAuitaber cfbox&H^anj^ �i*B*Lvn�* o�^L .tht^cjpmmpn Ken .'d>^�.ba�; Offf^^ewlfev and aB,l?y they jtre. fcjrtsd by. Lowefida%i to" certaih Death, and tnit they never �re_ai Reft, and novon^ t'r^t, but tp great Wane of provifikins W1 thVii Cifiip". and ho Hopes of fuccecd'lW in ibeit J^iftru .Our. .Le^s is;o�t thenV iWs MCtning, 6f w*|icli�yiw one rroininei he fiyst n9cS'^C Ft���K l>a qgBetgen, wbere- t.ft Attempts'aga^fl-tiic .Vfqj^.oTiiiie.-townv-gjfelittte torn'd 'tfteif .&5c.ag�A, ag^iaft the tort -KTR-enSfe-Pftt b^dqes no^drju^lbu;^ fhe&wjll tbeyjiave fKr^dTore^^^'j|fe>��b of AAr^n^ter^Cm^rnjars^ - ^HaW^f^�?L0aU>o ja ~ 1 ^ i , It is now ubiveYftfty fa id to be an>Imp^@i bility for the French-to fucc*ed. or uk- rJTeTowny on t,know where to attack, or wbit rodo; ioweyer, f^m^^mM&S. ^rwoo� fentur*d Again roKyk cr.de Pot, by the great Fir-ng irehaxc hear4,tjasJ^ c*ai^r,,i^e Fire phm~ x from ihe Town tnan from the French, .we oia>t�W^^ i'^ttiW^,' tw^Jy /cm to ^&r�% ip-Ef�oflSrire pi^irtt u(po^*miiwh^wWm*lft-L tii w mai&t&t> & wt*&.-.w ^' Cfu ti oc To^orfo*? :aci ^^Fr^%l*i^fielN^piSpei,�&fed they 7 o5l> bte�kib>*R6Sft^J v<4^�fi^fi-ow a M^* - -tfcecpt8fe'�ftr "it^f^lufveit�lfir%itt? PSMfver* to dotiat.Whteh, ; ,1 think, is faying a g�*t dtfff 1 I rejoice to4�ve- -. iim^'J^wer^'teB^y^'that never fince'the * SJeg* .ted *bi*tef>0p1n1^'�r greater Hopes thin"" 4 & i& beiii& i*A& ietf tootty wSfc#G0L> 'giatK^W4.. Vc": ��� � fV |f:jpiia 4|�>�w\ftv *of^- the Prentb con- * ttnae thcif Works ^indVr Gtoonil, we h*ve it in oar Power :ado#a'tnetB when wc will."

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