Tuesday, August 1, 1747

London Pues Occurrences

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Pues Occurrences on Tuesday, August 1, 1747

London Pues Occurrences (Newspaper) - August 1, 1847, London, Middlesex Vol. XLVF. PuE's Occurrences. Numb- 59. From SATURDAY Auguft the ill, to TUESDAY A-.^.ft rfy 4th, 1717. 1 <�cin8 DESCRIPTION of tbt Mtrquifdic, A nJZ, �i ftrt'*'� / BERGEN-OP-ZOOM. "jERGEN^P^ZOOM Signifies literally the Hitt upon the Zoom; buc it is not fa faiy a Matter to know whit this Zoom is. Soup'-]' will tell you, that there is � !i tie River adj cent, which fills into the Seheld, thic this River L w the Zoom, fo that Brrsen-op- m jj like Newcaftle upon Tyne, or Kingfton t�aHoH� which it firft Sight is very plaufible : Ytt when we confider two Things viz chat the 1 rather aCtml. �nd thaithe Place had icsNarr.f fforC there was fuch Canal; to which it nvy be \ied, thar the Canal reaBy received its Name fom the Town) we are all �t Sea again. But Hot to carry th: R?;dcr jnto * Wood, and leave \L there, we Qi , Weft, North, and South We have already (benti how it came to nuke a Ptt of tie Terriforiw of the Elector Palatine, who is in lome San Sovereign of if, but lipids it as a m"ving Fief ot tfcf'Ouctfy of Brabant, and thrretoie does Ho-fflage for it to the-Supreme Council or lirafnnr, which is held at the Higuet, This, taoutib it may appear ftrtnge tons, is roc at all singular in that part of ihc World, wb re fuch Kind oi Tenures are very common 5 and even in Rc/pct ro this, astheEU&or Palit'me. in Quality 01 Mrquis or Bergen op feopm. holds of the Sjpreine Council of Brabant5 fo on the other, Hand, there are abou r 39 lt&rFiftfs which.arc held under the Matquis, and two Of theft, iflmift.k* ro , belong to rm Sntnt Hlghnefj, the Win e of &aoge and tfaGu, Sudcholde of the Union. TbiPrcrog�tiv�oF theMarqiis are very great ; ill Kind of Juflke is admintftccd m his Na-ne �, as* capital Sentence can b> given wi'hour h>s A jobation, or executed w.ithout his dnfenr. �n.i it js in hif Power only to pardon. An Offi-eis judicial and civil ate in his Dk'puial, to ma c� wngtil Confi!carioas and E ctwts. An Apnea: liesjn the civil C.ufes wheh arile in any par o' the Maquitate to his Council ot Fj.is, bu- an Appeal aJlo lies from thence to th' Council of Br;-bant, by Way of Revifinrn Ine Rcv;nnp which this Country feilds co trieElcctcr lJ*wtme is very confiderablfe and Si thojghc, upon a M..-derite Computation, to amount to oci^ecn �3 and po.ooo For ins per Annum; bur tbr Inre tii efthe Mortgages rnade .by his Prcdeccifors, the Taxes and Salaries ot Offi es, run away hicd uo thirds at laaft. The States General, in Right of theit Sovereignty, have a Garnibn in Bctgrn-op loora,appoint i Governor, �iho comma nd* in tuc Town and all the Pores round it, but he has no thing to do with rte civil Jurifdidion at aH- Th� States are alfo in Poffeffion of all the Lands thac. whrie the Popifh Rehg ion w t dominant here, belonged 40 Eecleliafticks, md out of their R;-venutriiey. maintain the Proteitant Clrrgy, who, though they hava not large, enjoy fufficicnt Ap-pointmtott to enable them to live tunable to weir Character and Profeffion. Thus much for *ne Marquifcte, and it* Mifters: L?t us nowlpeak mora particularly of the Place iclclf. The Town of Bergen�op-zoom is not very Jtrge, and very far from being Id confiderable at h was m Times pad, vrben it enjoyed a very great Trade, had an Exchange, and a Hall or Staple tor Coth, a Quarter for the Eoglifh Merchants, which is.Ml called the Englife Street. And toother puWidt Buildhig for the MtrcJiants ot fe�Hir; /oiw Parent Condition, that is. he-�� the French came before it, it had 1 Very r fine ai>d large CHurch, d* !ka--i to S.. c'tr .ir. H o!- h�vnStORtf, and eftcerned t*- a vr 7 'lificenr Strjctuf, ab�u; t.^n-v e -V. -, r n I which were about elevtn Hnn'rn !; ut^ i ^oafies, �n two ot whi h were :; :.: i^ru- M r f, ia the Wefk, on Tue'<(�y^. Thjn ,,ia. a-,: -5 : litys, a Fa'.r os a Wvc'k^ <�*'�! on '.') - .> ' aftrr Ealitr, and .1 t'.-fe NJvlffr v h > h i * W.eks. at th; Auru:\iM. As t.> ti.c- N -r f � the Inh bit.�n:s, ihty h�\e ;.:eu >-o r>:-ui:i : f the Stares, but left it off, as fome of Our Borough*ttid. lendina Members to P .rlianoent, to tave Charges, and repented of their Oci->-nox> when too late. Bcrgen-op zoo:n was befe <d in 1588 by the Prince of Parma, one ot the b f'/;e nerals of that Age, but ihe Inb-jboents cb ig d him to retire. In I6ti, it was btli p,ed by Marquis Spinola, who w s alio obliged to rile frcra before ir, with the Lots of upwards of ten thou-fand Men. It is laid that Le* on. Ob The Si5eot tlte Scheld thsrr 1 re two Canals, on-tiled the Old, the other the New Hirb''u:, bv which, at every Tide, Provffions and Suppiies may beeif-ried into- the To* n in Spit of the Befkger* At the Entrance of the OU1 Hasrhrur there w^v a Furt called the Ncord Sehants, �KhK.b is n w riiin ed. Ac the Entrance, ot tb= New Harbour is covered On the, Right by a regular Fort ot five B1 ft ions, caHed Zuy� Slants or Water Sehants, which is fo firuated, as to defend both En.ranee".. On the Side ot Steenb:rgen, there are the Fat is ot Moenronr, Pin fen, aid Rover, with a well fortified Line, which was railed in 17^7; and whkh escen..cd qdite Co the lalf mentioned !:orr, leyond, which there is an Inundation ttm reaches to S'ecnbeigJn They have alfo Sluices, by mens of yvflidr^ great Pdrt ot r,h? Ccunrry round the Town may b� laid under Water. On the Ea'r there is another Inundation formed by the Waters of thcScheld, and ot the Zoom, which rendei!, .he Country on that Sidt msrihy and .in^cceffibk. The Body or the Plate is defended by a Rampart, a bout a League in Circumference, flanked by ten BaiUuru, which are covered by fi^e Mora Works. Som furibtr Atctitgt of the Cjiholit^ PrttrtJ&ei <t Risden # in genertt, /~"T~*Hi Auflrita NttberUnJs, or the Nine Ctckolck JL frvuintts, commonly calrd by the gen ra Na.u^ o bundtr\ (the principal of thefe Province-) in<:!uditig vhe two Fiets of ihe Empire, the Arch bilhoptiCk ot Canbr.<y, and the P.Uhoprick. of L.-eg.?i are bounded on the North with the Ocean, and tne United Province; on the Well, or Norta-Weli, 1+ jth the Oxan, on theSjuth and bath-Well, with France; aud on the E ft, with Germany. T.ht-ir ticcne South aBd Norrh is Boi-flcdu^- in B abiBt, ;,ad abouc 18o Weft .ind Eall, rro:u Grav.clios in Flinders to Aix la Cfcapcfle on tae Confine* of the Duuhy of Juliets. Binders is &&rieraily one of the befl �nd moft plentiful Couiiiusv in th'JA'orid > extietm-Jy populous, and full ot etcelientTowns and Village, its Air i� g u> .iw Soil moft ft rule; *,he People goodnacur'd hardy* �ni laborious. Thf< Coun-:ry w^s ooce to very rieh, that the King, of Spaia's Revenues from thenqe, When be had all, was ^rearer caa any Prince'* in Cluiffendom, the Ripg or France ctcepted; but of late Years the Charge of keeping thele Provinces has been much greater' ttwn Oic Revenues. Trie Srrsr^h Of t.be&,�ac�s is; veyeyeat: But ma ay it.the bed and fhongeff' Ptaaes now in the PofTcflion ot the French; and ; tor a long Ti ne the Houfe of Auftria hi�e not be�n, d iie to kec^ thoit they retail without the Help e <-"-r -:f i � i-  � 1' a: o.- . 1 .."i , Etr �; - : :. o. - e 11 ,r ''ih;ting r-a 1' vigd* , where!'.y A_;r*eip, oi) e the vf, is in i c tit M -fare ruined. ' � ?. .t '.H of fevrrj' S"tts ^' >.* "ul dtures, a r n Ta7"!hirs, nn; Carr biers. S rg�<;, c�h,med Sa , M-k Velvrs. crrat Q- a i ir, of fine Lm. uc.-.. iJjTas'v!, Cirnaricks, Taff' i , Point-, Ljc<�^ *nj fli t'.icd St jff". for 15-<.'�;,' uhuh ar- rra r; 1 p -^rt^cl 'nro rrnnv Counn ies; all Sot r? c r" Ribbons, r� * tird Safins, and njtny rti'tr Thi.'ss M i,� \i-ture, cade at ths Cr k-. or \1.int. Gn.nt, f'.-u.'TVU, Ypres, L.fle, Bruges, Mechlin, Vaiencennt;?, jnd O'h rs. The Inha'^irants of Thtfe Provinces corfi.l of Fl-n.tp.ir'.g'', Walloons Spar-!a--ds m^K forae!r,rer� rr.xcur; 01 Fien-h, Oufch, F:c.'. ih, �,nl of Uie Y-�n Germ ns. T'ic R-T-jioa a . '-ng tif-m i<. va� rious. a cordiii^ to rheir fev-.nl .\',tions, \ h"'le Place", wnjih re in fhr FvfTtfffi^n o' tre .nui'hitns and Ftench, H: of rbe Riman Chur'cb *lone is ptiblicklv all w d, and the Prorefrsnrs tolrratexi out of P(jlicy by the Aufrritns on'v. On the Cintra'y, in 'hole P ace th.t be!' n? t < the Hoi* 'ai-ijers, jhe i'-ore� nc is only pL.h.n.'\ y exe-rierd, a-id the Po.iih l#ff^.c in privat.*. 'I rie ,\ bb." ihoprwifs ana BHhopri>.ks are all Roman Ca^ho* 1 he L-nguiges mo!1 pereriTv 11 fed in tl.rf* p^rts are Wai.oon ami Fkn-iih. Tht W Hoon i a <ror-i^'pr Fren i'pokrn in Artois, H ina^ir. Nonur, Luxr-�.burg, rreovh Pl-'nd^rs. p;rt of Brjb^n:, ni r the Bilhyprtclc or V'ge. -The Fiemifh, or Jov� IJut^h, ;s a Diiirct o' in. Gertr.an, fpoken in the Ma'rquifnte, Mechlin, part of B-ahan't, F)andr;s, anu .he rc.t of'he Bifhopr ick ot Litge. The Frcncfl is nnich in nfe among the better tort Jn teaeTal. The G* man was introd-c.d ivae by the Elector Ot Bavaria, G�veinor of the Spanifh Nftherlandr, at the end of the 1-ff Centuary, �nd has MrKe been eirabliihed -t the Court or Bm-fTels by the Au'iri* an Go'vein.'-ent. But the French now taScs place of ic under French Power. The too princij-al ftWm in thefe parts are th� Maes orMeuie, and the -kh'lJ or Efc ut. I. The Mtefe has its "our e in France near rhe Mount de Vange-, in the Kiihoprick otLangres irt Thampaigne, pafTes thro'ChnrlerconT. Bouv'mes, Dinmt, arrd Namur,. (where tt receives the River Sambre) Huy, Liege, Nl*effrichr. Rotrmo;vt. VenSo and Grave, and t/l'.� into the Watal (a b'in-.-iof t^e Rhine) near Heryorrden, where ic taWt the; N'-ne <:fH:ruwe. atid hiving formed a Line called YtT-lmonde. oea,-Dordrecht, :uns into the 6cria, i. TheScheld has it i br.ctn fjre (fl*r U v.f Zetland, It tails inro tha h'.g with t'�e Wa- ters of the Rivers Lys, Licve, D:nder and R.ipel. In thffe Provinces �re rwo Archbifh^n i:k cprk!c, v.'r. Antwerp, Bo fl due, B :i^s, Gntnri Rjre-p^nd^ anJ Ypres,'urJa M.ch'ini N'ajnur, A':j h.e,T.en', Hourcs, wbich-rsalnoil .nr.ttT.erabfe. lie Chief City ot � he whole was Antwerp, bucB'.uliel is naw the moft remarkable, having beeti :org :h? ^cfit of ;he Sp.nifh and Gernan Goveinam. The Chiet Cfrjr otrhe Fren-h is Lifk ; of the Hol;,niers Bo.fl due or Mieftricbt; and ot the SiQvjp of Liege, Lie^e. The G.iverrrrnent of this Country did wh^V.f to the SpsrthrBur rhe Aufttimi, thcr SacdefK^'4, have of late Te-rs h^d on y �v*o thirds of.Flanders(and Brabanr, .ina-ulc *nd Limburgh. ih: gr^reft part m Luteirbourgand�a Namur. Ot th.ete F Snders, Ffamiu't and Bnbjne. have beer, litely conq'!cr*d from them. The French before tba pr*fent War broke out. hd Arruisj, Cambray, airtt of Lutemr>oUr&, a8out halt of Huruult, a thir-t of Flanders, and a Quarter ot tfe� Bifboorick of LJjs�'. I^ije Hollaniets In? abouc half ofLinburg, and near a third ef Bribmr; a fiithparr ot Fenders, (lately loft) and a fmag gsrt ot the Bifhopri-.k 0/ LiojA. The Bilhop of Liege pedftc&s the rftUtiojitf �f thai ProviB-e.

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