Tuesday, July 18, 1747

London Pues Occurrences

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Pues Occurrences on Tuesday, July 18, 1747

London Pues Occurrences (Newspaper) - July 18, 1847, London, Middlesex '01. XL* I. PuE's O Numb 55. CCURRENCES. From SATURDAY July the i8rh, to TU ESDAT July rhe aift, 1747. kj/y rfrriwJ � *nn# P�y�M woicb *r�*to one Holland M<tU. Ptwiturib, June If. �HE Gallies that lay at CronMt fet � tail the xoth In ft. for Friedrkkfhaai, � from whence they ire to proceed to I Revel. They hive taken on board r Jft Regiments, wbi h are to be landed 2fvel' M- ItfTen, Secretary ro the Daniih Emir- fct out Yefrerday from hence for Br in. The Duie of the Couriers between this Court and IC of Vienna is chanfted, and it is ordev'd that ... now paf The King is actually reviewing |f Troops in Poroerania. The laft, Letters �from jrefden make mention of fome Conferences �qjfb . KlinerafF, our Hinilkr there, has had, with the jcon Mmillry, relating to his Polilh \4�jef> y's Ac-iflirm to the Treaty laiely concluded, between ie King, our Sovereign, fid'"the Crown of Swt-:ni the refult of which Conferences *e�*pett>a ^isf�c"(oryAccot^tonn a few Days. MUm-Jurx 30.' The Genoele General Pinefij, niftfit of Malta, having been intercepted it La c-ffera with the French General Lannion. made rte- Days i%o an ErVort to re-open the PafTige On e Swie ot toe Bifagno. His Strength confifted of io French, and an fqual or greater, dumber of 'ea lams'. The Croats and Warafdins, who de-nded the Poll that b? attack'd, notcontjnt W/ith aving repulfed him, purfued him,Sabre in Hani bove a Quarter of a League, cutting, in,.Pieces ill 'jofe"that'we're'not more nimble,than thccnfelves. 'heir Fury was To grear, that after having cut'off eneral Pjncll/s Head, they did not (lay to rake his ^rofs of Malta, which his Adjutant who came the fit Day t,o enquire after his MafUr, found upon isBody amongif the Peadr Turin, ftth I. Geneia! Count Brown, accompa-ifd by theCo-jnde C-.otec k, CommifTir'y-Gene-1 of the Imperial Troops, arrived here a tew ijsno from Milan and affiffed at a Graod Coun-^ of V/ar. whic,h washeid in the King's prefenee, jener:! WentworttV, the Marquefles de Breil an^ and Corfagno, and Bo�nt login' were likewise invited to this Council ; and we. hear trie retult ot " w.s to puili on vigofootty the Siege of Genoa ; puriuant to which, Couriers have been diipatch'4 with new Iriftruaions to the GeneralfcScbuUm-K^and La Roque. IThe Body of Troops under the Command of JWenenl Baron- Leutrujn lies at Villegiiaidia, the Hight being at the Gorge of Montegrandi, and tie lett extending towards the Pora of Mauritius, vhere theQuecn's Regiment is ported, Thi$ p0-k,0aj* ve,y advan"geous, arid'Baron Leutrum nas orders >to wait there for" the Enemy, who, we �k auured ,re marching up to attack hiru. ftcJTV'%ul7 8' A^^rog to our lalV Advices llZicl ,raP beforc Gwoa, our Forces wexe^io JjMjon of Noftra Dtfot del Honte.and Sr. I-ran^ ^kA*f�. without irijr confiderable Lofs. The Kombardme.t begun oh the ift Inftant. There PiVr. "5 ' thou('jn'l Bombs thrown into the �S,.,ni,the Engil{h Fle?t cannowded very tah 6 hlve a" the Reafon �n the World w nope our nejet Courier w*iH bring the Condu- tilr-n ? troubleiome Affair ; and either the l�'0g or fuxrendering of this City. An Expreft arrived rhj, Moment from Italy, t*rings us News, that*M^rfhiI Be lie ifle having fent a Body of Troops ob board his Hies, to embark them at Onig.w, to which Place the Van guard of his Army adran ced, theEnglifh Squadron attacked and diflipated the former, and the Ajftrians and I'iedmontefe had defeated the latter, fo that for the preient hi< Prog JbI) I J, The Duke of Cumberland, HcJdt-MarQial Bathi ani, |nd the Prince of WaUcck, paffod the Meufe the nth Inftant at MaeftHcht, and went with an Ekorte to St. Peter's Mount, in ord�r to reconnoitre the Pofuioo of the mam Body of rhe French Army. A DetachroerK of the latter came at the lame Time and attack'd an advanced Poft of the Allies at CUftre, which wa� occupied bv Part of Col. Cornabe's Regiment, and fome HufTars, who /epulied the French, and made fome Prifonert. The Night following the Enemy return'd with * greater Force, and attacked the fa id Poft again fo vigocouflv, that our Men weic obliged, after a brave Reiliftance, to give Way to the Enerav's Superiority. The French have lett teveral Companies in this Poll, to fecure it from any Attempts we might make to recover it. Steenbtrien, July 14. The French haw occupied Sandvlict, the Garrjfon oi which wirhdrcia� the 10th Inff. by Night, Count Lowendahl marched so Bergen"op*zoom.the iath^.wUrLthe Corps under his Command, and began the Tame Day co form the Blockade ol the Town. The Enemy's heavy Cannon is fince come u$>, mnd they ire a munication with Breda, the Garriion of which daily receives Reinforcements; ^ni Care . has. Ufcewtie been taken to $1 theM^iawaes there with alt forts Neccrfljriesfor ]u�ajqin4ia.*iegeywhkh is iikeiy^b be its Fate, unle!s the Fr^neta meet with a; Re-pulle at B�rgen-op jooav. �.-> 5  bam tbt Prime *f WdktJi'iHetiQumm u Ht*ixttvk, $*tl is: r Our Army haf nor get altewed ia Portion. The Encno>'s Army made a Moei�n.this Morning; -bbt we ate told. the. Inunt of it wus�nly to make ^enerai Forage* The Coant ic Clermont, Prince, j\ftill at Redeemi and the Count deSt. Geimarn is gode to encamp with his Divifion of the Army a; L9nac,ken.. As to- the �*fti wr have nothinf to mention, except iome Skmntfries between the light-arm^ Troops on both. Sides* in wh^fa w� have geneially the Advantage. - Butyls, faly 17. Utteo from theCountde Con cade's Quarters, in the Country of Waas, advift, that they have got together about ioo� Pramecot flat-bottom Boats, on which they are to embark iome jTroops and A. tillery, in order to ftcond Count Lowenahl's Operations, by attacking the Forts called f(f JerickrHenry, Krays�5chanJ, LiUe, . Utretbt, 1 tr. According to. Letters fr�m the Army under Count S':hulemhena> dated the 18th pf June, they wete coatialuing their DilpoAriorrs, pursuant to the RefoUtion that.had he�n taken to fuTpend the Siege of Genoa, and the Troops vrere preparing to abaadda aJli their Po^s/ when aJl was c,ountctraanded u^onthe> Avri vafof Oaant Konigfegg, General of Foot, from Vietma-, who 6a ving looked into the situation ofTbmgi.rudg* ed there was yet no abfblate Neeefflty for raMlna> the Siege. The King of Sardinia wa> of the lame Opinion, and iirorgly infixed that the Siege (hould be continued, elpeciiily as proper Meafures were already taken to flop the Progrefs of Marital Bclle,Uc. Upon which Conor -Sohulemberg immediately refumed an the Pfemfatiovns for. the Attacks defigned on the Side ofBifagno. Umfbt,J*/yit The LetrerWwe'received Y�T-terday t is thought that his Royal H^hnefa the Duke 01 Cumberland wiDrepais^ Meufe. Jind- give the French Battle a fecond Time/ agreeable to his own fnclin.tion*, and thole of the Forces he Commands. The States Germ I �re employed in taking all the Meafu'es poffible for covering the Frontier?, augmenting Our Forces, and whatever elfe maycontribeie to prelcrve our Independency, by vigoroufly catfjrina on the War. One of our Depu-t4es> Mr. Ve �veral fuccefshil Saflies. The Body of jo<yo Hrffiahs in the RepoWick** Pay, who. according to the laft Letters, were arrived at JfimetHen; ire to Be tranfponed bf Water to SteenWrgen, in order ro reinforce the Corps under the Prince of Stxe Hi!dboargrwufen, in the Lines of B�igen-op zpo�, which is a^eaily upwards of 10,000 firong. We alfb erpect in a few Days the two Battaljons hired of tbe BilTrop t)f Bramberg and Wnrttbourg. We fee here a Letter fiom Seftri di Poneot, da. ted the 18th of Jane, which runs thus: ' we are-Mafters of S S. del Monte ard St. Francis d* Albaro, as wetf as of feveral other 1'trte Pofts wlrich the Enemy fthl held before Bifagno. We have already begun to bombard the City, and To- morrow' ffiaJJ fend them a Shower of red hoc Bsftsc General Sehulemberg his augmented the SoWfeTs Pay; and prbmiled the Gu"nners and Bom-tard/trs iff rhe Metal in the Ci<r, if by thek Skifl wei cart mafter fr. The Groats have defeated the toe FfehdP Troops tHat landed lately ofi the Ceja^, inJwere endeavouring to get into Genoa. PjrtV, fes Irf;� Maretiil, art Officer fn M. Belleifle's Army, puffed through this City the <$ch Inft. at Night, going to the King with the News yo&.tbe i�Juii�c#tte<G*rafal. Viptimigiaa�-<bf 0 n of which furre^ider'd Prifoners of War the irfth of laft Month. Wealio tearn'd at the fene^Timr. thatthe Vrn-tJuiVd of M. BeUeine's Ar* nfly bad'piaffed M^ifi Reoio and Oneglfa.^orng to Genda: T-har'tbe Infant Don Philip*s Army was like wife continuing hi March, and is oiftin'd tc> trrtlre-an IrrupfTbo'ffitd Pfcdmom; and that Ws Roy�l Highneft*hafl, received^Advice, that the Spa-t>1fli and NratpoHtart T?6opt were cjn the Point oi marching for Ldmbardj. We have liltfcwife re* cei^d Advice our Troops from tha i^dritiexs Of Daiiphliry Jrittt'Piedraont, under the Corrrmani of'the'Chevalier de Beneifle. F�ri5, Jfa/y 14. It is ft/il given out here, that "tfie Siege of Genoa Is raiftd^ aod'fome- f>ret�tid to> bat* p<^iriye Intfc&kerice Of it in Letters of the 4tHafK bTJtits' wfc&veVen decerv^ more thad opce ia this Poinc, we know riot -what to- rhfnit of irtiowi in the mea6. Time the Bureheft de Bo'dSers'hasTeceiv'dthemelatichbry News that the Dtjke, herConl'ort, died at Genoa the jothof lift Mdnrh, tif- tHr, SmaH-Pot: * Frotn thaLOftPOH SAZlTTf. - CtptMbiiejh fufy i L rSTERDAY about Noon the Queen of Den* mark was happily brought ro Bed of a Prin-cels, wJjo was ba^tize D Provifions and warlike Stores from thele Pro-vjnves, unlefs they ire intended for the Service of the Allied' Armies/their Eaft and Weft India Com-pajai/*.or the Colonies belonging to rfaeRepub* licit, there is Advice, that the Officer who commanded at Sandvlict, had retirM with his GarrifoaQ upon the Dilpofitions the French had made to ftorro that Place. This is looked upon as the 1 Forerunner of the Siege of Bergen-op-zoom, but as tfie Inundations art compleated, and etpecaiiy that from the Sea, they don't appea to be under much Apprehcnfion. They are likable prepiring at Breda to receive the Enemy, by cutting down the Trees, and demolifhihg aH the HouJes wjt&jn the Approaches of tkic Place.

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