Friday, July 7, 1747

London Pues Occurrences

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Pues Occurrences on Friday, July 7, 1747

London Pues Occurrences (Newspaper) - July 7, 1847, London, Middlesex \ 0L.'XLAI. P UEg Occurrences- From TVESDAT July the 7th, to SATURDAY July the nth, 1747. ct at) lift arrived twe BrutfhPaquets vbicb brought one Holland Mail, from tbe London Gazette Extraordinary. Pubhfbed by Authority. Tbttrjdjy, July the id, 1747 tbt loft 1" ttiirtm his Rojtl Higbneh the Vulte of C U M B E R L A N 13. the jolkwing Account ba betn received. tlasm *( tbe ^ft">n lt %i* Wage o]Va1 between the Ujt Wing "f'the Allied Army, and tbe bench, the id of S.S. 1747. ,, , HE 30th ult. the Army marchVl by the left in three Columns towards Lonaken, and encamp'd that Night between that PiYeand Ghenck; at the la me Ti me the d iffert n t Deta ch-tnts of the Army under Count Daun; and he rince of Wolfenbnttle, with the Corps o; General .rdrn�i� P*ls'd Billen, anJ encarr.p'd at the nd Commanderie> the Corp* or the Comte de merit Prince, not having retired behind Ton-te ac cordiBgly k was unanimously agreed to extend the "�5 to Wirle, the Right it ill occupying Bilfen, � in the former Pofition. As foon as the Lett Wing of Cafairy came up, "was formed in the Plain below Herdeeren, m r�r to cbeik the Enemy's advancing, and give 7V �an.try �'mc to come who were behind them. Jims Motion was executed withgre tSp rit by our Vrri f sir J�hn Ligonier, who, on th -ynvai ot the Infantry counterm rch'd by his "it, on the Right Flank ot the Infantry, thro' c wain, m order to take up his Ground in or-t" l^il ^ thc Village. �>f Wirie, covering thi Flank of his March with 8 Squadrons, who made jWays a Front to the HrB ot Herdceien This\h�lc Day was Ipent in torming the Army and it ww determined to receive the En my s Attack if they thought fit to bring on a Geneul Aftion, as by advancing they would in lom; De-gr� give up the Advantage ot their Ground above us. In Confequcnee of this Relo�utiOn, the Vi.-kges of the Grande Commandcric, and the two Spawes, weiehVd with the Infantry o� the Corps de Relejve, and a Part of Count Daun's Detach* menf!, whiift the reft made a Flank towdrds Biltcn, where there Was a (hong Poft with Cannon, in wier to prevent tbe Encmj's couiiog round u*. The Left Wing took Poft in the Village of Ven-tinghem, (where his Royal Highnefs ported ih. bi igade ot Britiih Foot Guards,) and the Hamlet of Val : Tbe Lines ot Infantry extended behind the Villages, having the Left Wing ot Cavalry in a Line with the Iniantry, and the Imperial Cavalry formed in two Lines betore the Klein Spawe. VVhilll we were cmploy'd in forming the Army, which was cornpleated between 4 and y in th* Afternoon, the Enemy kept conflantly Skirmifhing with the Irregulars in the Plain, and advancing more Cavalry on the Side of the Hih ot Herdeeren : This was done to mask the March ot their Infantry which kept moving on to our Lett, undei Cover of the Hill on the other Side. Thc Corps of Irregulars, under the Command of General Trips, which had covered the March ot the Army from Lier, was now joined, and order'd to the Lelt, in order to cover that Flank, and watch the Motions of the Enemy that way; The Dutch Cavalry was ordered to be formed in the Rear of the Lett of their own Infantry, and the Right of the Heilians, as that was judged thc weaken part of the Line oi Battle. This Evening we cannonaded thc Enemy very fmartly from a Hill in tbe Front ot the Village ot Val, and fome Shots were exchanged likewjle on thc Righrj but it grew lo late, that it was plain the Enemy did not mean to engage a General Action at that Time. His Royal Highnels Duke, accompanied by the other GeneTals.atter having rode lemal Times irom Right to Left, and taken a!, the Mealures thaccbttld be thought ot tor the Security ot the Situation, ordered the Airoy to icmajn under Arms all N ght. At D y-break on the id, his Royal Highnefs, with theMaifhal, and Prince Waldeck, vifued the Lines, and made lome Alteration in the former Diipofitions, by advancing the FiontLineot the Lett in a Line with the Viyage ot Val, and bring-ii'g up thc lecond nearer to lufhin it, the Vill ^e WdS occupied by the Regim nts ot the late Crau-ford's, Puhency's, Uejean's, and l-rcudernan's Re-girmnt ot Hanoverians, with Artillery. The Foot Guards were likewj'ie retired liom the Village ot Vhtinghtm, anfl made a Flank Irom (he Kigtu of thc Hfflian Gienadicis, towards the B* vai ians of the Center, fronting thc Village ot Viitinghem whkh we burnt, in order to prevent the Enemy's nvking Uie oi it to annoy us. Thc Lnemy, during the Night, had brought more Squadrons upon the Hill ot Heidecren, *nd we coulu p.iceive they had th own up lome Woiks upon inc B Ow ot the Hiti ; but ihegicatck Pan ot their Intantiy, whi h nied otf towdid1. our Lcit, kept marching on the Right Flank 01 their Cavalry. Several Batteries or ihe Engiilh Artillciy were pla^ea aJong ourFiont, inorucr to rake the Enemy as they lhould coite down the Hil.s. At Eight o'Cio�.k we toufd not pe ceive that they roaucany Motion towards our Front, which mode us luipect that they were concealing the Motions ot ificir lnfJntty, and amuling us wiih tnele Corps of CjValry, in hopes to cut us off irom Macitncht, by pouring down a ar&e Column ol IrrTanny upon thc Lett, Orders weic there-tore given to thc Irregulars to watch, wirtl thc u-mcJlt Attention, the Enamy's Motions towards tne Mculc. His Royal Highnefs, whh the Generals, being return'd to thc Commanderie, in order to concert what Meatures lhoold he taken rn Cale the Enemy fhould not chufe to advance upon u>> Sir John Ligonier lent Lieut. Col. Fortes to accjuiint the Duke, that by the motions o> the Enemy they appcai'd to be torming to attack tnc Left Wing, and that he "had order'd aB to Arms. His Royal H'ghne*simmediately went timber, the Marfhal and Ptincw tVoldeik going at ihe lame time^opiep re their relpecirve Corps. No looner were the Batteries of the Lett Wing ali rix'd tor the Reception of the Enemy, thin their Intahtry appeared coning elawn ino tbe Plain-, through a Valley between the HHls whkh leads trom Rempft, torm'd in a valt Column ot 9 o lo Battalions in Front, and as many deep, ot their Corps, bearing direftiy at tbe Village ot Yal, in and about which, almott the whole ot the Action was, which lalfcd near five Homs. Our Batteries continued riving the whole Time the Enemy was advancing, as well upon their Foot as the Squadrons ot Horle that lupported the right and let t-Jairiks of their Columns. At Ten o'clock the Cannonading ot the Ene my's Side began againft the Village, with the Field Pieces that tbey brought with their Infantry, (ti < te.ohdShot ct which kiU d his Ro/al Highnei's Gcrm-n Aide- de Camp the Baron Zigelaei) which was immediately tolloweji with the-Attack"ot thcil fi. ft lJrig dt s. Tbf fe were loon d 11 pcrs'd w i th pr o. agious Lois, as were the fecond, thu:d, and<tOuxih Divifinns. Ove;piwer'd by this conflant Supply of frelh Troops, the Regiments in Va. were oh'.ip'd to give Way; but being luflained by theR-^;-,r,ents of Wolfe, Charles Howard. Conway, ^nd Hauls, returned to the Cha rge, and recovered their Poft. The Bripdes ot Navarie La Ma que, Iiii"h, Monaco, Rpyal des VaifTraux, ;nd leveral others, were entirely ruin'd. The Enemy kept (till pouring on fielh Lines of Foot, fo th.t the Milage was loft �nd regained on both Sides leveral Times. The Battalions of the Britjfh and Hanoverian Infantry entered the Village four or five different Times each, tho' the French but onie, as they could never be rallied, and were always fupplied with frefh Brigades. Tbe infiant that the Enemy made th? fir ft general diichaige of fmall Arms at the Vil:age, his Royal Highnefs ordered one of his Aides de Camp to go immediately to Marfhal Bathiini, to inform him that tbe left was attacked, th t the Enemy appeared determined to make his wh lc Effort upon Val, and therefore defi ed he would be attentive to lupporthim Ipeedily and effectually. The Mar-Qui returned for anlwer, that he was doing his utmoft for that Purpole, and h'd ordered awaf direflly from the Right, the nine Battalions of the Lelt Wing which hit) been detached wirh Counc Daun, and the five that were with the Corps de Reiervei and would likewite lupporr him as much further as was poflible. Befides this Inf^ntr), part ct the 5c]uadrons ot Count Daun's Corps were ordered to join the Lett; the par of Dajn's Detachment arrived Time enough to go into the Village and do great Execution, but 'he five of thc Corps de Relcrve did not arrive 'till after, as they were pofted lurther onheRieHc. About ii o'Clock Affairs went on fo well, that his Royal Highnefs ordered the whole Lelt Wing to advance upon the Enemy, whole Infantry gave Way lo fall, that they were obliged to put Cavalry behind them, and on their Flanks, to drive them on with their Swords. The Cenrer txg<n likewile to advanca under Frince 'Vilde^k (who was ac the head ot his Corps the whole Day) and his Royal Highnels defirea the Marfhal to dvance as much as his Ground would allow him. towards Herdeeren, and to annoy the Enemy's l-'lank � which he did, driving thc Enemy out ot the Vil* lagc of Elcht. which was in the Front of the Hill ot Herdeeren, where they had taken Poft the Nighc beJore. The Right Win* could not however advance fb taft as the Lett, beoule, had thev inclined, towards the Front ot the Vil.age of Viitinghem, they would have cncloled their Flank tothatCoips which the Enemy had on Herdeeren, which was very conlidcraulc,joined to a large Uit ery of 18 founders', and it was nccrffary to he very attenriv to Bnlen, lelt the Enemy thou Id come round our Rifhc Flank} however they kepc moving on, and prevented the Enemy from detaching any more Troops Irom their Left to their Ri,ht. 1 he Enemy began now to advance more Infantry ol their Reierve tiom Rempft, aO Inclining to Val, nd part of their Cavalry of the Right inclined to the Center, in order to keep up the l-ootj when by the Milconducl ot fome Squad-tons in the Center, who perceived the Foot be* tore them preft hard upon and giving Way, in-ftead of remedying which by lufta'ming the Infantry betore ihem, tiey went to the Right about, a^d overthrew the five Battalions of the Coif (who did all that Man could do) to raOy them, but rn vain, the Enemy's Squidrons^had already entrr'J with them, cornpleated the Contufion there, and! divided the Army: HisRoyal Highnels with Difficulty rirjoin'd thc Lett Wing, whole Right Fl.nle, and the Right Flank of the ViHage tbey fuftained, was now caponed to two Fires. Though his Royal Highnefs had defrred more Infantry irom the Right Wing betore this, and fix more Battalions were in march to/oin him, yec this unexpected Break fo dilcoTtcerted all Precautions that could be taken, triat it w as Time to think ot making good the Retreat to Maelfricht; however thc Cavalr, ot tne Lett, and lome Squadrons ot the Imperialifts, under the Command of Majoc General Bburnonville, (who dilfingurfhed themlei-ves extrcarhy) which had begun to advance betc/r*� led On by Sir John tegbhu-r, were already advanced-to tar as to be on *hc Point of charging the FrettthCavalry, which* they did wkh lo muchSu -cefs, cViat they overthrew all before them, but too e,ge*r in the ^urfaii 01 the Enemy, received aflmp Fire from tbe PoOt, which they bad pofted in a hollow Way and tome Hedge* to tavocir thc Flighc of their Horie, by whrch they fud'ered a g�o4

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