Tuesday, May 9, 1747

London Pues Occurrences

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Pues Occurrences on Tuesday, May 9, 1747

London Pues Occurrences (Newspaper) - May 9, 1847, London, Middlesex rou. XLVL Numb 35^ GCURRENCES From SATURDAY Mai rhe cth5 to TV ES D AT May rhe 13th, f747- riow tfc. LOHOOHCAZIITI. , Riga, May it, N.S. , HE ConfroT of the Of of Province Overytfil to make the Prince Omnfte$tt moft serene Fr%fmefs is now !tfccld*rof the Seven provinces. St PtiYfce tlti Pr?ncefs'.*cre expe&ti here Yef-. jay, haras great Preparations hive been made [Afflfterdam for rherr Reception, it is fuppoied :Tbey ff^ryed there Tail Night, triers from Piris of the 8 th fay, that the icfilfin^j^epiTrore was again put off for ten fcys. Marthal Belkifle was fet out for Province, i whence all their Accounts gave Genoa up for , and it was even reported at Paris, rhar that hadCapfttrlated the ifith pad* M. de Bouf-rs was frill at Anribes on the jft Inft. The ich were eoing on wirh theirP<epa'rations to |rack the Hies of St. Marguerite, and hid got tdy i \rafr Quantity of Stores of aB kinds upon bre to he era6irked for that Enterprizf. The jafr Letters from Hulit are of the 8th Trtft. which Time the Sand-berg was not raken j bat Ire ure reports fince, that it'has furrendered, M. -'Stxet Armv is not yet encamped, and the Corps immandetf by Count de Clermon: Prince of the was CtiH in the Neighbourhood of Namur, V/ping, MtrH, N.S. On Tuefday 1ft about son the French having crafted a new Battery rh the C�nnon they hid removed, began to play ry f&n'arufly upon the Sandberg, which furrer-red about three thit Afternoon. The Dutch lYoops threw themlelves IntoHulft. Lord John furray,(who in theabfenceof M^'or General Ful-x Command the Brit'iffe Troops) the eupon re-rived to make the beft Retreat he could to Well-rden, which he accordingly effected and arrived . re that Night- Yefrerdar at Seven o'clock his Rnval Highnefs he Duke of Comberl nd arriVedar Welfhoorden, nd ordered th: Troops to be embarked, whf erg, 3s not confirmed Z It is true that two German Or-fcers, with a Drummer before them, having advanced the l.jthlnih to the Hill caD'd the Two Brothers, Aid'deliver a Letter fignMby Count Schulem-berg and addr'efTed to the Government, containing in Subftance, Tf-at t he Genoefe might hopefor every Thing from the Clerpeocy of the Emprefs-Queen, in cate they fhxruld fubmirte her Imperial Majefty and lay down their Armsj but if that contrary to Expectation, they perfifted in then* Refoluriyn to oppofe the Imperial Troops, they might depend up* on being preceeded agtfirm with all the Rigours of W.ras.foon as the heavy |Artillery fhoold have �each*d the Camp, &c. f * The i?th in the Morning M. John Baptift Do* ria, General of our Troops, fenr to the Auftrian <2amp the following Anfwer, to General Shalem?* " Th* Meafures which jtbY mo# Serene Rept|b-Ilck Inrfeem forced to take in' ths'preient War, had n other Tendency11% View than to prefefye her!aft-Ki|bts and liwfar!]*eiTeffian5. she never deviated from'the moft rcfpe&ful Regard for ihe POwers^at War, witnefs #M^nnrr jn vrhich th^ t Empreft's Army wasreoelv'd here in the Msnth of Septcsvbtt tail > whnefs the, Defereoee flbewn upon very .Occafion to her Irftperia} Mfjefty . Thefe Sails re notorious to all the WoyW� likewife the indifpeofiMe Motives xhat forced the Nation to feave B>K0fPfk to the only Method that was left, in order to jMf�fm tne JUin wish. vihJch ftie wm " if � Trfatalent Jfe little defery'd, fo t* toe Glory aad the, Ecyikt of that aft. The might y;t fetve to pat & Stop to theProgfefs 6F the Enemy, Or to mak* a D'Jyerfion. We reckon to hear b> tie next Polr Irom London wb^chas b^sn lefolved it rh? Brinib Court on thisPOint, ' which will be aGuide to our Refolutjpns on the i km S bjtft. y T;u Mstc unts n thliCountry havtrereivM Adr ' vice by Ltiters from theix Corrrfpow' 4.Ma.hajh d*\rndu^ ville^Comptrollei^ jenrr^'oj the Firtjrice?, b-cn receiv'J. at port I'Qyen:. imp drtin|,,^ T^t' 1 'whatever Tarn Thinga m�y take Between the; > ' King anl the Republick of th: United Pcpv;'n-' ces, the Duich Merchlots Ihilierjoy the Benefc ' ftipahte^'ByTrtities,ahd ibparticaUr theTernj \ ' of fix Mont hs to withdraw with iteir Eg";fls out ' ot-ibe Pf��cJi-L>o�+f�+o�s,------- - - A* KxTTtft. 0] l Uttrr front Ibe, KjH*;, itttd ,*J� u x- - - THE Conrt of France, has contrt'-y to hh own IfUcm1on�^cca6oned a RrvoluJon in 0vK Rc^ubtije, the lead txptcted, ami the moil ntccl-far-y, that, perhaps, ever happened: The Dedara* tiun ot the Courtot F ance received. i^)e 17th of Uft Month, in � Utter from rhre AbW de h Ville, and -cfie Entring of the French Troops into Dutch Fli 0-ders, which confines upon Zealand, awakened'the Peopie 01 that Province, who had. tor a long Time* let their A,iagijt^it5 govern without oirdiiiing wjthV any Thing but t;ncir Gotmierce anil NaviRation.-* : The Ttrtor which on this 0:cafian ipread itfeif throughout ail Zealand, tne Ex:eff:s corbmJtteJ in the lnui',but n-V� Guy ofCadUnt, where notwjrh* : ihnding me Orders or rhe Frenco King to ohierre an exatt Dili ipline. Count Lowend*hl hasoetrore-' ud the Grafl'ins, the very Dregs of the Freoch Traops, to commit all Kipds of Uifojders, pillaclng, burning, viohting and rivilhmg in every Pla^' tnroiign wh>�.h ii>cy pafl"?d ; caul'ed People to hawr Rc.ourle to tfeeir Arms, whd� when they had ta* ken them up, bej�n to turnxheir Thoughrs upon the Govemmen:. The Partizms of the Houie of Orange too* Advantage of this Opportanity, and the Burghers of Terveer were rhe nrtt. �*ho p>titr�' oned In luch a Manner, as there was notwithftand-r ing the Couiuii ot that Cuy.to^eckaie the Prince '< ot Orange Stadthuldc , Ciptain General, &c. an4-�lfy to cauleit to be propoleJ to theStntes of the  Province ^jfemblcd at Middlebourgi who lor the: fitoe Reafon that iha Council oi Tcrveer granted \ the Petition of the Burghers, complied with this � Propotition. The N:ws of what had been Hone � in Zealand toon polled into Hofend, where Ror* terdam aeied the lame Part that TeTvecr had done.  bat the Mtmrinance of hjr prrcious Libert?, for which the Moft Serene RepuSlkk and cv-*ry.irtd'rvi-dual .Member thereof wJO emplny all the Reflburc�s rn their l^ower, ahrf Tacrine their tifes and Fortunes in fojuft and gloriou<;a Ciufc1, h full C'jn* fidence the Lord of Hoft > rai Byng is arriveJ at Port Mihon with feveral Men of.War. The French continue their Motions in Provence, and Magazines that were at ftice are te-movei co Villa Franca, by way ot Precdution. Btuffci, Uvj 7. The Cantonments have been reduced inro a n jrower Cornpals, fince receiving N?ws thac the Army of the Allies is approaching Antwerp. Our Troops is fo dilpofed thar they cantorm in order of Battle jn four HoomsTirr.e, The French have thrown ieveral Bridf.es over the Dylf. The Army win remain in this Pofition 'tin it has ditcovei*d rhe Scheme of the Allies� in the me.-, n Time ou Troops continue to a& vigoxoufly in Duti-h Flanders. * The Tranflation of a Letter from bis Serene High-nefs the Prince ot Orange to the States of Zealand. Noble ml Mifjbtj Lor�, \ . ltbi\ fifornisg receixad to * Mifengtt dijpntcbeJ fr*m J )9Ur Mobti Mubiituflis, >*ar kefelHtion **& Uutr / tbt idtb of April, ptbercby soar Neble Migbitvffii o>ttt pl.i* fed to notify to me, tbu it b*J bet* un**u*ouJl} r^olveJi in your A&mhly to proptft gad nomirutt me Midi bolder, Cipt4tn Genenl, snd Aiimirti of tbe Pnvtntt of Ztar Und. Hehle Mi Migbtj Lsriu How iittfpotn aid ahitui tbt Ctrcuwfttrtcts of Iltvt, *nd boxso iurjbenfome (ofver ibis Gbuff mj.y it. ttry Ztil for tbe pubutliH/ei)jre- my I we for my Country, the Blood from wherue I dejetfded, and tbt NMie tbf. Ibttx, in nn fufftr we w njtd \� itatni-tnms i Ktqntjl. I accept iben, Noble and Migbtj Lord}, tbeft imrari* aw ti>xr�t> nub aHetrt fikd v>ub Gratitude }*r tbe Trajt wbub your Noble Mtibiinrfjei bai-e kreapkajJ to refefe in m<; la Hepti that tbt AJmtgbti, wbfje divine Pjwidtnce I adore on tbiiOi-iafioH, would U pietl^d to give me, though bii Grace, neceffitj Strtngtb 0) Body tbe vile Council of your titbit Miibtmrfc r y�ur prudent and ntunimgta K*Jcluti�r,(, and bj ice jaitbjud Z.d �/ all tbt ffiod CniiJeVi of tbe tnrvinfe of JStalad, I nuj hi a means tf rtejUblilbing tbe Fublick Reppjc, of driving tbe Misfortunes mtb which vat are tbreamti l* of pur Nob* ^btineffis "^^^^^^^^^^ IhaU arrive, I wiS 4� *#lf x*.Bk4m 9**$* Jm ir^s to u� AG&hS, � Ll&TZ' ^v'i V��V **r to dlhbrratc �UwNi* ttf ft.V� PatfeoS ^fra^S?1"",1*?* On Saturday the Countil being to meet according to Cuilom to (.bang? tbe M:gncfa^yf the principal Burghers prel'er.t^d the Evening he ore a pcrruafive" Memorial to th^ Council, cxnortinjj rhen to kill two Birds*v,ith One Stone, ar.d to ch�k wi h new Magittraces a Stadtholder. as the on:y Means- of fjvkig the B*rk cf ihe^Rcpubiica.; add in?, tlwt if'' any ihing was uueeiuking againft the Magilrrjrtes up.�n thi> Subject, u eo ci vheir Council and Bargo Mailers to take a* Rdolutipn iu Favour ot tne Prince of Orange and' to ItnJ it to their Deputiesai this Place, where the. News of wh*t hid pifled in Z^a:anJ. ice. h*4 tjm*�M&9lmr9 W�f. � ... i  t ,. 1 th4+ #nt.Hite A*A>Mig!>*3 Mfcf* Jf^f11^ Ntbktnd MtgmUorii, Qj jour U^it Miibtimfict. TteuHA&dttnt aMdfiiibfid Servant* 4t unwdtth & e. hi. . > �Afri\i9,Q.b jPrimeofOrttngna^di/^u. HtiM. a/ar 1 f. ^The States of Holland and Weft-. Frkflaod refojaed .their Sittings this Daft ind an* teniito delkl?erwe:On divers Articles oi the utmoft , W jgv.*nd ow�anoned foorit or the Borgbery to i Importance, BW^blarljf! on the Jtteafoces At to i eti^ Bus rth v>u hh -a Tin* ir> itttbttktt': Up; be. taken in Coolequence of the Election, of %* wJiich Mr. ^affen�er, BaiU* of �ht"Hague. ScadjJjoideti tbencwEiends for the additional e*. ! out^jomtbe^flowhly^ and^n-ed iW VeopletV ______B r�cu;lty he a little ap pea fed them, bf reprcie;itin| in,t it would be better for'the V face to- be tleS* ed with Ordec and Form, than tumult uoafiy^ Mr. Aihiyna Penftonary ot Dort, y^ho hadalwajra ihevtn bimteft Frcn^n and A^ti^atiie, bs/OJ fiooK.down ttota the Afftflably, where Tn]o|SfdwJ not go to his. Likingi one-of the B�rg.htrs asleep htm. whethes tbe Prance of cftnjse >as yetefcS^ ed : to. whisb fee aniwered?- hi a-fitflr "k)fih| oT Tone, Jbtjtsre d*Ue+tttng upon & This drew bpoi' him lame Blows, whutv knocks tiff his Hit apft- W*aadQriai. ^rccaodemptOftfbeteidad.the Afi�Uoosfhe�i*7 M>&tuu&i Mm.ftm- n* t*#*it**.'t�im% draw from.bcr:�mientAllies, and other ^Powers nti^ay mjet iby milprtcUun tbtPri't'rpj Oaaitiik� ,vrell dJTpafcd towards thiiStaxe; The Succour of t#k* 1 t^HtPtrtnct. Thi***cit?Sl%a'lbiS,rt o\ jswoo Ruflians likcwile faJl^under CoofidetaciOQ j att. fedws, .ndwi Murtrwtings was b^trma^lieff el Hftoo#�Mi ic.ia, oiiiet/4*^aa^tfpt>jtia intoj^iaosatkmTof 'f^ji ^jmt rfjj^

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