Friday, March 31, 1747

London Pues Occurrences

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Pues Occurrences on Friday, March 31, 1747

London Pues Occurrences (Newspaper) - March 31, 1847, London, Middlesex XLVl. Numb 24. ue's Occurrences. From TVESDAT March the 31ft. to SATURDAY April the 4th, 1747* e my laft drrived FOUR Bririfli Packets which brought two Hofland Mails, Vix� G*n�n, March i*. LL Things remain in the famfS*-> tuation m this Country: The Trcops on both Sides ketp Q\<t in their refpedive Pofts, noiiing rem*liable having lately hap pen'd, except an Attempt made the other Day by a Party of Croats to deftroy a PLe* a, 00 the Hills of Voltrfc m which they were vented by tbf Independent Companies potted [that Neighbourhood, who forced them co retire h the Lofs of a few Men kill'd, and loo* ounded. he Deierrcrs that come hither affure u*t that . Auftnans are m-king extraordinary Prepara-rts for the Siege of this City, and that their Ar-, which has been confiderably reinforced, will lickly advance this Way. This News at firft fifed fomeConllernation among ui, from which, iwever. we loon recovevM, by the undoubted tell ig?nee we have receiv'd that the French a,nd injih Troops delHned for our Relief would put sea thenrit fair Wind. The French Minifter is within chefe few Days receiv'd another Remit-ince of joo,ooq Livres, for the Ule of the People. ^; Five Engljfh Men of War, a Bomb-Ketch, and fXtbeck,have craved feveralDays off thisCoalf; ut they have not been able to prevent feveral jjps Uden with Provifions frotn Corfica, Leghorn. �d the Eaftern and Weirern Rivieras,.frora entqr* lg this Port. We learn by thole arriv'd from fonaco; AlefTro, St. Remo, apd other Places, that ye German Troops of the Army of Count Brown pere continuing their March towards Lombardy; jnd that they trade but a fliort Stay at Savona. ?here there is aGarrifon, of ifoo Pi-'dmontefe; ,.Ve have alfo been inform'd, that feveral Ships laden with Artillery, Baggage,and fcck People, were irriv'd at Vado. under the Convoy of 3 EngliQi len of War; and that an entire Company QtVicd-lontefe Militia, deferted and went to Monaco. Leghorn,Mitch ij. An Edict has been publiQj'dar , Jenoa, declaring the Capitulation which was made the Squadrons, including Militia, Garriions, &c. P*riu Marcb After a great Council held at Verfaiues, In which M. dePuyfteu* and Marina I Saxewere both prefect, a Courier was difpauh'd toM. du Theii with Aofwers to his Difpatches. Pur Hopes of Peace are in a Manner loft, and with? in theft few Days it has been whjfper'd, that a new Declaration of War would (peedily appear. AH is quiet at prefent in Provence. Oor Defign of attacking Fort St, Margaret �s laid afide, oq Pretence that theSeafon ot the Year js not favourable, but in Reality, becaoie the Englilh Fleet puts i; out of our Power to do asiy Thing. We are afliirM, that the firft Stroke of Conlequcnce in the Lgw Countries wi}l be given by tbe-Qouat Clermont, whe, it is faid, has been entirely reconciled toMarQuisaxe, from which great Things are expefted. 5<rjeH�^-��ftw, Mtrcb 18. Yefterday Morning, on the changing the Guardt, and juft as Divine S.i vice was begun, we recelvM Advice that a Body of French Troops were at a little DitfBice from the Town; the Report was, that they confifted of feveral Thoufand Meri. At Ten rhe Governor f< nc out a Captain and a Drum, to learn of the French Commandant the Caufe of his coming j the ON ficer came up with them at Putten. and in the Evening brought back for Anfwer, That the De-fign of the French was to difcover the Retreat of a Body of HuiTrs and Pandoura, who had made Ex curnbns to the Gates of Antwerp, and had pillaged the Suburbs. The fame Eveniog feveral Peafants came in. with Complaihrs that the French had rohb'd them of their FrQvjfions, M�ney, and Cat-tlr. We had Advice of another Party from Antwerp, but they are recurn'd, and all is quiet agsin. fUrue, Hircb 30. Yefterday a grand Council of War was held at the Duke ot CUMBERLAND'S, at which all the Generals here a flirted, and we are aflured his Royal Highnefs will let out next Week, and go to Breda, Maefh-uhr, and other Fronti-r Towns, to give Orders for reaffembling the Army as foon as poffible, and then open the Campaign. Moft of the Troops are aftually �n Motion, a,nd the Hofpital General has Orders to fet out as this Day lor the Frontiers. The Britifh Troops that are to make the Gam-? paign, confii of 13,587 Mm, Horfe and Foot; the Hanoverians mike i8,c6S Men, Helfians 6lZoi rh� Auxil ary Corps or the Republick is 35,471, befiJes HuflVs, Indedenden: Companies, and tfoo Artillery Min ; the imperiil Troops will rmke The Jail Letters fxqm Genoa ate of the 4th Infont, which bring Advice, that upwards of 1 joe J^en.are cooftandy employed in repairing the old. 40J making new Fortifications jowardj the Land, having mounted above zoo Pieces of Cannon on the Walls, betides what are mounted on the Batteries, towards the Sea. Great Numbers of the Uobility, Merchants, and Tradef-men, have been enrolled into Companies* as weU to prevent the Irregularities and injolenie of the Mob, as for the Defence of.the City, if it ftiQuld be attacked; andOrdershave beenioued for railing ten Companies of an .hundred Men each out of the lower Clajs of People, who were to fcrvc for a Month or Jk>nger, if required, each private Man to be paid 15 fob, a Corporal \i% and a Serjeant 11 ipbpec Day, and .to proKide themfelves with Bread* The CitbeM who are ijarmed iqto Com? panies.are exercifedevery Day by about anbundrtd French Officers who are' there. The People arc flattered with hopes of being lupported by floipjtal, with (everal Convents, add Palaces, for the Recef tjon of the Officers, and quartering ot the Troops. It $ like wife faid, that their new levies in Corfica �0 on fuccefsluUy, two Regiments of 2040 Men each being already compleated, and a third begun to be railed. The Brothers. Johrj Luke,and Cxlar pefranchi, ^nd Auguftin Rovfre, (three Nqble-men have been confined fame Days in the Tower, for having been too active in perlu^ding the Populace in the late Revolution, to Place Cinatn �fl'm& the Palace Gates to Force the Armory.- he Government begin to re-jffame their foimer ^utjhority, ajad biv� ajready made fomc innova- tions at rhe qe era! buaxters. The Anrtrians keep Pofleffion of their intrenchments on the Bochetta, at Pietra Lavezzaro, and at Santa M�ria t't Vitto-rio. They have burnt and deftroyed about if Houft* in r>e Polcevera and parts adja enr, wpeif fome fmart Skirmithes have happened between the Genoefeand Peifanrs. Letters from Rome of the 4th |nihm attntion, that a private Confifrory had been held by the Pope and four Cardinals, upon the Demand made by the Court of Naples, for a Paflage, through t�e Ecclenaftical State* for a Corps of Trfops into Lombardy ; and that accordingly Orders were lent immediately to prepare Quarters on the Road they are ro take, and ro Place regular Troops at the Gates of the Cky, to prevenc Deiierters taking Refuge in it. Some Letters from Naples of the 18 th pait, fay, that the SrftGolumn of thofeTroops, confining or rooo Cavalry, begin their March on the j 4th. Btrtnce, Mtrcb 14. La ft Week feveral fmaD Par* ties of Neapolitan Troops palled by Rome in the Night-time, by 30 and 5� in a Body, and fomc* times more. They go to Viterho, and k is fup-pokd are defign'd tor OrbiteUo. Pitrou, Monk 18. Count Schulemberg hrd, according to bis lad Letters, received fbe Sardinian ArtiDery from Tortora, bot not thajt from Alex* andria. Btrtin, March 1%. The King of Pruflia arrived here on Wednefday bft, and was immediately attended by all the Foreign Mini/rers, to whom hit Ma;efty gave Audience} and yefterday Morning returned to Potzdam, kUmbwrg, Mtrtb tt. The Pruflian refident re* cejved the Day before Yefterday, an FJUteue from Zerbft, with New*, that the reigning Prince died there on the ltfth Inftant. Rttterdtm, March 18. We hear tba.t M- de Clermont Gallerande. at the Head of if 00 Men from the Garriions of Louvain and Antwerp, went laft Saturday to reconnoitre the out warks oi Bergen-op-Zoom, and was lor fome Time withio Cannon Shot of the Place. His Royal Highnels the Dnke paifed though thjs Town feoerday Morning in bit yny to the Hajee. tiMju, Mtrcb 18. His Royal Higb,nefs the Duke of Cumberland retarned hither Yefterday Morr*� ing from William ft ad r, where his Roy.l Highneii hadheento fee thediiemharkation of the Troop*, that were arrived from England axtd Scotland. H/gae, Mjrcb 31. Some Letter* from Paris af the 23d fay, that they had an AccoanrfromSpain, that fome Englifh Ships of War had taken and! carried to Liibon three Spanifli Regifter Ships, viz. the Nymph, the Fort, and the Aegofta, two being outward tod one homeward bevnd. Several of the Marcinico Men were dill miffing > the had ac� counts of 7 or 8 being got into the Groyne j fix were given over for loft. M. de Saxe was expected at Brufleis laft Night, without waiting at Paris for the Arrival ol M. de BeUetlJe, who is drmkio� the Mineral Waters of f 1 Is in Provence. TSe firfl Succours from Toulon and MartrillO tailed the 17th Inftant for Genoa, after having been embarked ever fince rherftb. Every thing wasger.ting' ready in the conqaer'd Netherlands ror the opening the Campaign, and immediately after MarQial S*xe's Arrival at Mechlin* a Councilor General Officers is to be held. It was laid at Paris that (he French King'* Equipage would be ready tQlet out by the nth of April. We have no other parti* culars of the French Expedition in the Marquifate of Bergen, but that the party confifted of the Piquets Or Horfe and Irregulars of the Garriions ot Brunei* and Louvain, commanded by M. Clermont GiQerande, and that a great deal of plunder was Sold puhltckly on Monday Morning at Antwerp. trttutbiJi, Mtrcb The King has BeenpleaM to nuke the follow ing promotions, viz. Robert Dalzell, Etq; Gervaia Parker, EkK and the Right Hon; W in jam. Earl ot Harringtoo, to be Genera is of Foot { and the Right Hon. Aigeroooo Lord[ Percy, commonly cair'd Barl of Hartford, Sir Robert Rich* Bait, his Grace John Duke of Montague, and the Right Hon. Richard Lord Vjfcounc Molefworth to be Generals of Horfe. Admirditj-Offiu, Mtnb at. On the 4th In/tsnt his Msf-ftt^i Sh^p the Hampton Court, {n Comt pany *ith tcveral ocher ships, took the Compte de Lowe&dahi Privateer ot Dunkkk, of 10 Gun; and iyt Men} and on the nth they took the Neptune de Rouen, one of the trench Mjrumco jOcer* that- laikd from that Ifland the 8th of j ? nuary laft under Convoy ot the Elpcrance ot 74 Guns, and the Aquilon of 4* Guns. Th� find of itt* LONOOA QA^fiTTBS. frofn tip fjpdw friqts if A*mP$U L i> N DON, March's!, x4,V*,afldi?. Before Lord Lovat was t akxb irpm the Bavt hf took Leave of their LordQiips. and wi|Vd rherd ^crlaJtingfijiie, beip| wtfi a^a/ii^aa� be $9$%

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