Sunday, December 4, 1701

London Post Boy

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Post Boy on Sunday, December 4, 1701

London Post Boy (Newspaper) - December 4, 1701, London, Middlesex T"T From Hfjtttfttop December 4: to featUtOap December 6. 17&1, Adrianople, blhier 30. HE Grand Seignior is to go the nth of the next Month from hence to Constantinople, before which time the Lord Faget, Ambaflk-dor of England, is to rake his Leave of him. Tiie Arabs, who lately plundered the Caiavan coming from Mecha and killed at that time above 9000 men, threaten to attack Mecha, which is an open unwall'd "place, and in, order thereto are advanced with 100000 fljeh within fix days march of that place, but 'tis ho- fedihey will be.*forted away by the Governor Seras-ier, who has .Summoned all the neighbouring Garri-Jbnsof Arabia fjelix to his affiftance j.but in the mean time they baye totally deflroyed a Tract of Ground of 40 Leagues, where the beft CoSee-berries grow. The Sophia of Perfia continues to*breatcn us with a War, unlets we reftore him Babilon, and fome other places. The French Ambafiador has prevail'd with theGrand Seignior to permit Count Teckely to refide at Galata, �yritfi an Allowance of 3 Ducats�gerDiem ; the Sultan has alfo promjfed that all Roman Catholicks at Je-rtifalera, and other places in the Paleftiae, fhall be Exempted* from a, Yearly Tribute. Mejpna, Nrvemb. 5. The Vice*Roy of this Kingdom has fent Orders to the Governour of this City, bot to permit any Engliih or Dutch Men of War to entef our Harbour ; and in cafe they ihould attempt it% he is to Fire upon 'em; the like Orders have been fent to all other Forts in this Kingdom. Vurm*t Hvutmh. 30. Our lift Letters from Italy fiy, That our Army will block up Mantua this Winter, and there is great appearance that they will Bom-Bard, it, the great Artillery being on their March from Tirol, for that purpofe, PrinCe Eugene defigns to Quarter part of his Troops op. the other fide of the Po. The Emperor has refolyed to raife 6000 Huflairs this VVinter. ' Pans, Deiemb.iQ. Our Advices from Turin of the third Inftant tell us, That the Duke of Savoy arrived there on the s'tfth. of the laft Month in perfect health, which deftroys, tjie Repoit we had'thathe was indifpo-(ed: His Royal Highnefs fince his arrival has taken feveral times the Divertifemenc of Hunting; bis Equipage was not then arrived, but were .daily expected, as were a'fd his Troops that are returning to Winter in Piedmont their Quarters being alreadyaffigaed 'em. The 19th ult. being St. Andrews, day, the Duke of Sa-trby performed the Ceremony ofgiving the Order of the ftnonciade to the" Marquifs de Pfie, after which he wok the Oaths to bis Royal Highnefs, who conferred, this on him, in consideration of the Services he has rendered him in his EmbalTys in England;'and. Vienna. The fame Letters confirm, That tfie'.Troops of tbe Allies are lodged in the places of the, lyiantuan, and the Germans in the Venetian Territ6ries,"tne latter have received a Reinforcement of fome Troops,, but they are much barrafled by rhsir IongjMarcbes, fo*hat theyvg will want fom* time to refrefh ' before tney can" writer upon Action, after which the Imperialifts pretend to form fonie Siege.- In the,-mean time,'tis faid in their Camp that Prince Eugene expects the Emperor's laft Orders about'the Repartition of-iWinter Quarters-." Don B/efa?u|jo' de Qui'ros^'tbe Spianifh Amba'lJ&dor at the. Hague", if 'arrived at BrUfr ftb| he'affure^vs, That upon hisiijiegarture the Pen� nonary, and lbrne others of the Principal Deputies of the States appeared'""T hrm more' compilable, especial- ly fince the King'&Troops entred into the Electorate of Gologn, and^tbe, County of Liege; and he believes that thejr will be found more inclined to an Accommodation: thin they have been litfeetto. The Mst-qtiifs d'Varennes, Marihal de Camp is appointed to Command in;the Countries of Mafoand Toul^in.the room of Count Btify ; he is to have a Sallary of 22000 Livres a Year/ � >,    Hague, Dectmb. 13. The Chapter -of Cologn have received into their Capital 3 Regiments of the Troops of this State. They have difcoVered -at Colegn a De-fign of putting their Magazine on fire by feme French* Incendaries. Some Letters from Libau of .tbe 29th ult, fa'y, That the DunamunderiForc has furrendred to the Swedes; but of this we expect a further Confirmation. The Elector of Cologndifowas what has been acted againft the Dean of Liege, faying, it was ddne without his knowledge, or rhe French King's Orders, and that the fame it only to be attributed to the Marquiis de Monfcrevell. <� Dublin, No j. 27. On Sundjy laft his ExceHency oor Lord Lieutenant, went to Cimft Ghurcb in State, the Lord Monjoy carrying the S *ord before him Great fearch has been made in this City for. difafrefted Per-fons fald to be come lafely from France, and there were many taken up on fufpicion. Latt Nignt our Lord Lieutenant went to fee a Play afted, called,7 Alexander the Great; the Houfe was full of the Nobility and Gentry. The Truftees for the Forfeited Eftates fit daily to Try Claims. LONDON, December 6. Members for the enfuing Parliament. Note, Thoje that hitw.hit Mark ["] before thtm artjiiio, HErtfordjhire, Ralph Freeman, Thpi Halfey, Efijs j City ej Gtouuflir, the Right Honour, the Lord ; * Durjfley, John * Hambury, Efq ; Camelford, Henry Manaron, DennisiGlynn, Efqs; County of Southampton, Tho. Jervoffe, Richard Chaund-ler, Efqs i Cbrifl Church, William Ettrick, Francis Gwin Efqs; Adorough, Sir Hen.Johnfon, Kt. Will. Johnfon, Eiq; Dunwich,.Sir Charles Blois, Bar. Robert Kemp, Eiq ; Orford, Sir Edmund Bacon,.Bart. Sir Edw. Turner, Kt. Charles* Killigrew. William* May, Efqs; a double return. Iffaich, .... * Whitacre, Ssrjeant at Law, Richard Phillips, Efqsi Bapifittbte, Nicholas Huoper, Serjeant at Law Arthur Cfaampneys Efq; Plimpton;- Courtney Crocker, Richard * Hele, Elqs; �ye, TheHon^pencerCompt6n,E.q;SirJof.jekyf.Kt. Afbhurton, Sir Tho.*Lears Bar. Will. SuwejJ, efq ; Totnefi, Sir Ch/iftophsr Mul^ave, Knight and Bar. Thomas. Colfon, Efq ; Liverpool, WilL C)ay ton, Tho. * Johofon, Efqs; Durham, the Honourable Cbarles Montague, Eiq; Sir Henry ' BeJlaflis, Knight, Lincoln, Sicjohn Bolles^ar. Sl^Edward'Hufley^ar.^ Eojion, the.Hon.PeregTeenB�rti"�,SirWil.'YoikjBar. Ctrevccjier, Charles Cox, Bar. Charles - Mafters, Efqs j Surrey, Sir Richard Onflow,John Wefton, Efqs ; On Thurfday; laft about Eleven Clock in the Forenoon Died Sir. Bartholomew, Shower, at his Houfe in the Temple, in the Forty Third Year of his Age: After having been at leaft twenty years an Eminent Pleader in the Court of King's Bench; chofen twice to ferve in Parliament for the City of Exeter, ( The place of his Nativity ) and likely if net chofen already

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