Friday, January 7, 1701

London Post Boy

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Post Boy on Friday, January 7, 1701

London Post Boy (Newspaper) - January 7, 1701, London, Middlesex i i From Ctttft&p January 7. to 'JtfjUtfDap January 9. 170 r. ' M: f r be Bull-Fighiings, to give that Divertifement to the Princes of France, and fe-veral Grandees of Spain come to meet his Majefty at far as"that place : Thefe Letters from Bourdeaux add. That the Duke de Beauviiiiers, who Accompanied the Catholick King, was D;ad ; he was G vernor of the Princes of France, and the Regents of Spain had demanded him of the King, for. one of their Councillors of State. An Expref. Djfpatch.'d by Monfieur de Chamilly, the King's AmbalTrdor at the Court of Denmark, is arrived her-, with Advice That the King of Denmark is entring in:o a League with the Emperor, the King of England, and rhe Stare? of Holland. jiazut, l.mur �� 14, Our lair Letters from Italy fay, That thePjope's Court is in grett conlfernation, becaufe of the Differences that are feared in Italy, and the; Pope has taken it fo near to heart, that he was feized with a fort of Apoplexy, but noNoiie was madeth�re-of: That it wa< believed the Pope would from time to time hold Conferences *-ith the Cardinals, to know their Sentiments; but that lie will take no Refolution, or at lea ft will not declare before he lees what fuc-cefs thcJ Emperor's Preren'ions on the State of Millar), and his Enterprizes on thar fide, will hive. The PritK-ces of Italy give no Anfwer to the Prcpofals made them ; and if chey give any, they are fo obfeure, that they may Explain them as they will. On the 24th of December the Pope performed the Punftion of Shutting the Holy Gate in St. Peter's Church, and the'like was done in the o:het three Churches by the Cardinals, BoUvillion, Pamphilo and Moriggia. We have a Report, Thar an Alliance is Concluding between Spain, France and Portugal, but there is great reafon to doubt the latter, feeing he has publifhea a General Amnifty for all [Malefactors that are fled to Spain, except Criminals of State, provided they return within a certain rime; and there are Letters fiom Madrid which fay. That the Regents have augmented the Tides of the New King of Spain, with that of King of Portugal, fo that the fa id Report feems entirely groundlefi. Lova'or, Jar:uary 9. Yeflerday divers iwedifh Gentlemen, and Merchants, in and about the City ol London, to fliew their great Joy for the late famous Vifte-

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