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London Oracle

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Oracle, The (Newspaper) - December 16, 1789, London, Middlesex LD. .!.;. .'sr.'' ;i _�' Number 171.3 - WEB NE S D A% 'jQecember 16, 1789. BY COMMAND OF THtlR itAjiSTlES. . . U%\\\ MRURr-LANE. THEATRE-ROYAL, DRURY^LANE, this present WEDNESDAY, December i&, 1789, will, bp presented aNew Cp^c Opera? in Tbiee &&H called '  TH& HAjJNTEDt jTOV^ER The New Music composed by, Mr. Storace; the rest compiled from Linley, Purcell, SaruY Paesic'Uo, Martini, Pleyel, &cV**fcc.". .  ' VrV.'l "- ' - ' �>?: � The,Charaaers by . .-iSigneraSTbRACE, * / Mr.KELLY. !*r.BADDELEY� '..."'. . r Mr; MOmlrY^"Mr:SUETT,* J-Mr.DIGNUM, Mr. SEDGWICK, , . Mr. WHITFIELD, Mr. WILLI AMESj ' r r - And Mr..BANNISTER,* jun. �'-'.. ,.. ' Miss' R OM ANZTNf,  '"' " : Mrs.-;BOOTJI, ; . . . .' "*. And Mrs. CROUCH. . In Aa Hi * Dance by tfce^Younfrce*gvaieii . Ghartette, Mis?CGLLiNS;� " * . And Miss Doiley, Mrs. fCEMBLE. . 0. (j^p To p#/eYrt confusion. Ladies antf Gentlemen at* requested to send tbtkserVarit&jto keep places 6y half past four o'clock. ^ i �� r." - '�� .'" "NoMoney"4�0E� returned.* Places for the Boxes to-be taken of Mr. Fosbrqok, at the Theatre. ..... The Doors to be opened a QuarteR after Five o'clock: to , . : . . . .. Pmant Rex&Reginaij TVmrrWj'TKeVHai^^.Ttiwerj. with Th^Appren-:ice. On Triday;>Mtfc1t>Ado 3Sbout Nothing; with (r4th night) The Island of'St^M^fguierite., On Saturday the j 6th right of the? Operaj witfi (isFtime)a Eirce" taken*fropn Woman's Re^gej^^ed^r^/tipqn Trick.;-And onMon-1 day; T.fteir^pe'stil>euigthe last'time"of performing it dlt the Holidays. " I^eatreroyai^coven^^arden;1 iftispresen^^ fce presented the Comedy of -!.V* q;;j 3fac.^drama?tis^ (Being the last night of performing it till after tbft Holidays.) , , Tke Charafters by. -j. .. .Wtfv.J&BWlSfe/Mi-.^GICK,^ - > �> -. . . M>.JspWJ$k Mj;LBLA^rpfl4RP. ,,t -Mr^ THOMPSON^R4r- MACREADY� "' .!Mrs.WEBBi;Mrs.PQW^�L,: ? . . -, .AndMiss-BReNTCiN. ., - mWBfe^WW^oWW Mft BERNARD,r" After which, {or the sixth time, a Grand Ballet of A&iorij To the GENTLEMEN, CLERGY, and FREEHOLDERS of the COUNTY of SOUTHAMPTON; T^OTWITHSTANDINC thg Solicitations I; ^ - have had the honour of receiving from several persons of the; first consideratiqn^injhe County,~to offer myself a Can'didattto succeed Mr.J THISTLe'tHWAYTEjas one of ybiir Representetives in-Parlrament, I have Kh^ertofotborn:; ahy application to you on this subjeft, conceiving it most^ Isut ap Advertisement having already appeared -from, Lord; JbHii'Rcssin., I cannot, with propriety, any'lbnger delay niaVing you' ah dferoiF my services, and most earnestly soU-citingthe hon'oiir-of your support. .. And the Two Mlss^IMONETS.' Tjo which will beadde^the�omiciOpera; of - , iJemmy,(|unW|:Mr,EDW:iNA  . V�len;me,%Mr^6HNSTUNE; " -.. Runayv-Mr�BLA& CH A'RD; ' MoUyMaybush, Mrs. MARTYR; And Betty Blaclsberr^, Mrs. MATfTOCKS; '� =\. . N,o>Money.returned.-.n  Places for the Boxes: to be takeii of Mr-Brandon Theatre.* �r vbT .-.;** ro = at the Jppeai'ance itf th'aticharaaef jiifad-MjUamanti Mrs; AWng-totv: to which will be adde^^he Mus:c^l^emmn^nt pi low and Waf.' On Saftfday .^fevlyed rOpera of the Maid, of ttheW jf- Ratty.^Mra -Biejjpgtonj^^e., Comedy 'of T^Midrnght Hour. On Monday, notafted ��.,*u**rKairBH�fri�^�rflB'i aftfir.iWMcnawilUbe-; this. Seaapn^ithefTiBgadyaiftftertci i ^fn^WcMwUU ormed (for the. firstitirr qu;ti>s'Cnaplef,-?b'eag�6ele' periormed"(for the. firstftime) a. Pantomime, called Harle .. > >... -i-ci2_'3.ri.&d�g0gf rtfieime>6^admlr^ascenes from Barj^uin Sorcerer, Mether-Shipton, Harlequm Free oason, and other celebrated Pafitominles. ^: -� : v i London;, December �-5,1789I AT ^Msetirjg of thfe Gomrhissidners. of the Land Tax, a�ting in and fortheCity^of London, and Liberties-thereof,' '' = !TC- r ' '.' ; ' ' JOHN-SAWBRIDGEJ "Esq. Cfiairman; 1 . An Advertisnien^jhawingTappeared In the, Bjiblic Papers, 'piifying the intention of the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor tirtakenbdCb'aft te-tnofirow? at-'reieveiO jS-'jebcki^for 'J'* declaring thevacanpy'of 3 Clerkiioj|li^Com Si'S'-ioners'of the Land'Tax, occasioned bylriS.tfe^th-bf'Mr, Kc=r ived, That this Meeting,which lias j^eetiihejd in pursuance ofc^l^rast^jouFhmentf 5�^4�iWgwFe^u4fe3thi *is.huof his Lordship, and to preseFveith^^^jegulajrlty. of jhe 1 protccriings, will postpone the appointmeftt'tn!:a^lerk,rand Jt|joucn unt|l ta-morro.w,at ten o'clock.; salve'd," That the above be sighed by"i j Published in the Pailyfflapftsv! �3- -r' �:' ) Resolved,' That the above be sighed b'y tbe Chairmaa,1^ JQHN S.A^BRJlJGEi Cbairman. . ACADEMY of Af ^NT^MU^C, ..^^ FaEEMASON's-HjtJU.; . THE: COMMITTEE T6r 'tins' CONCEPT I -i beg leave' t�: inform 'those'Subscribers v�ho have not' Steady received', .their. Tickets for the ensuine Sewon^' t'they^ar delivery, at Mr.rprunatt's,7 No.' 10, Charterhouse-squaie;; ^r. Smith's,' No: 3, St: Paul's Church-yard;" N. B. The firstCorice*� wlln>ebri T^iHsa'ay^fie.'iyffiihst I *'ant of their ^rb'per-afdr&H'that^Ke^^re^rlowVready tr BORbuGH INTEREST. To be SOLD1 by-P^I-YATECONTRACT,' ; ' PORT Y'-T WO rFREEHQliB HQ�ISE-S, wit * Gardens and parcels of Laud, situate in theBOROUGH *LEWESr inthe County of SUSSEX,' feh'W different^-' nts at the yearly, rent of 487i. and upwards. :r ,{.�-, 1 llc Tenants of tliese houses have'each a Vote for the Bo S�� and the�Bre4ia6er �</ t.'.or. ',Urt!'tT particulars apply to Messrs. Strong and Still �' -Messrs. Grahams, Lincoln's Inn, who are authorised " �rtt tor the sale of the Estaie. will admit theBearer,, eitiier Lady -oxripeniienTan, ontbe ^i^t fot which they are rnark^i";":"' " ' ' rfspe&uLto wait till a County Meeting, shojrid^ be held i|c|Tg^^^ ROYALTY THEATRE, WEtt-strezt, GooDman's-Fields. PERFORMERS inelined to engage for the Summer Season, at the above Theatre, are requf sted to direct their Letters (post paid) to Mr. Wewitzer, at Mr. Steel's, Union-row, Minories.  ' - PANTHEON, ... .j December 16,1789 rpHE NOBILITY and GENTRY are respeft-1 JL------ follv^cquainTed;^hat^heiielffill bea ""�' GRAND SUBSCRIPTION. CONCERT v at.this Place, which will commence on.TiiSRSD.av the DELICACIES FOR THE^TABLB.' " At^Bt^GESS^W^EHOIlSEi:ift^^?St^ : Ta tbe.CURlbuS in HAMS* A Rnze wasinstantly.paid to-Mrs. Jonesj as socJn as de-; mandfedii with the utmost alacrity apd- honour^ by tbe "Bank Npt�s and CasJi desciibedjby Messrs. Shergold and ?6. ,; WM-.HXJwsoNi , Ladles Academy^ itf0414, Soutliampton-RoWiPaddibgtot^,. Decembers,� 17*89". ' ' " " " "->r, ��, iBank N otes of Ten Poun ANN HOWSON. .No. 2,669  . Date, 8th Nov.- itjKft ISt Oft. 1789 ; 19th'Aag; M78-5 ?S9? - 3d Jnne 1788  51874 2othSepti 1789 * ^J9vh J�n�.,-*&9* ^tlKAug; -i'78gr 9604. 6th May: 1789 449a 16th June i7�9 7SSI. 3d SeRt.. 1789 8533 *ist Aug. 1789 J8603.. .'.�v: . * �ei<:d:, : , v Signbr;PACCH^O^T|. wb'o is eifga"ged^i;Principal; #ocal Performer, isSarnved. And the KSanagers' are-ih treaty viith -a! First Woman,, and .als^ .a:dist'^4^e^iT�nb� i^S&wer (both-nowin lMy,),to cpipplete theV,Gdn�ct, 7.:�- 1 Players^re of the first Class, and thelnstrtimental Performers are seleft. - Those who have already subscribed, are acquainted, that their Tickets;are now1 ready for delivery.:' A Plan of the Concert,Room and Orchestra, with the Terms of the Subscription, may be 'had at the Office of the P^ antheon, where daily attendance's given. - In the Course of next Week will,be published, THE BR^ISH^ALBBM: - ' " cott'tAitiitig the;>oems qt DELLA, C RUSCA-and ANNA MATILDA,' -ARLET, BENEDIQ% TbeBARDi&c. Sxi Which were originally, published nnder tbe Title of THE POETRY OF THEsWORLD, ; -Revised and corre.& .themr^peftive Authors.. . SecondjEdition.:';� .' �', ' � , .;ai^/vJ; I, _ : A Pbem, never before p/inted, c.aljedf_: THE INTERVIEW" ^IT^ANNAMATILD.A.. - . By -DELLA CWfGji' r . ., - An^ other popiider^^i.^d^ions. ,. The present Editiopis enricfed with the ,.- REAL PORTRAITS of DELLA. CRUSCA and ANNA i ... MATILDA^ ..... ' : .^Engraved in tbe'n^t^'n^.h^in^h'^'nrtf/and ggww. Pictures. The work is mbst beautifully printed iii two pocket v$l�mes,'price7&.sewed. 7 ^ . � � ;�>;, n  , IN.B. A few proof irqpres.sibris of these genuine and interesting Portraits will be taken off.fpr framing, and sold at 2s-.6d. each. Such as vvish'cW'fiave 'firie impressions of the Books and.Prints, are.desired to send their addresses'to the Publisher, J.Bsix^'Britisb^Vajy,Str^ . The LoysKs- of iP^t-TaTi;and ;Abmjrers of riN� Pj�iNJpi>S�"and'^iiiKr^^f^wSitaitdt-ihsai. the above mentioned yolumes. will J associate*prbperiy with Bit t's "Cf^i.g'aV' AtM^.e'��i^^*'^t.F^i'jriY* Bttt^y^ which is so universally.a'armyeq.fpriih^ tne Collec-' tion,:andthe-veiybeautiful'manherinvwiichit is executed.' Nine Volumes of this Wortrarecompleted, and the Tenth will be published on New Year's Day, price 35.6d. each, with Cuts* or 3s..without. 1.;  � The enMrtainihg Poetical EPISTLES of SI\iKIN the SECOND' ^|^r8ii2, dated 15^1 'September .1789,. 20I.. and-isi. in BOTH the :T^N�yrT^^^NSTo^t&'l'&�' by the lastXxpress are sold by^SHBRGfJIiDi ahtl:'Co� tffc ^ne an Half-Guinea Shares.entitled to ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRFJ3,PaUNps,.sold anjl Registered to a.Club of. Watermen" at iron*Gate,'neaf the" Tower; the'o&er*a Six ShilHng'Share, entitled to .FIVE HUNDRED andjFJFTY POUNDS, tjje. Proprietor not yet known. ' ' -1 nthete tTw&i''Prizes make:together ' 1,65of�''forties. 6di being the greatest Suin.ever ,paid, Spx .such .a ^rifling hazard;.  :: '"'-,;' '- -' "! �'"' " iA ' ' T^hpfpllowing are tbe payments> at the RoyaljUniaii Bank: WkhiK tlie:' last Four Weeks,' of Prizes of Ten' tfhousahd! Pound^iid'upwards^  ' ;s?;.j 'j\ the effusions of his ownmalice, personal revenge, arid grounds Jess Billingsgate calumny, against the Proprietors ...of this Hou^^tK&credit^of tiihichj^has ever stood unques'tionafilej1 ana Thousands, of-Pounds .piaid with >as, xnuch.pwmatihide and^HSfaMeimallest'return-s1. -""*' ' � ^.781 5s. London, November 28, Y789Y RECEIVED from ^Jessrs.,SHERGOLD. and .Gc-Royal Jjtwcr- Bank, Ni I4NGST THOt) DRF.D and.EIGHT.Y-QNE'POUNDS FIVESHU. ifor alSha'ffc'et feri'a#rHe of TWENTY-FIVEl' SAND?P;OUl!y9Si;OT!tfife:last English Lottery; the24th of March, 17I80; which. Chance I. had gratis for an Half .Guinea .Srktei JanBlart�!^(Psthe: t*eoe"ding-Irish*Lbjteif� v->" �r* � : OLIVER*GOLDING, T-"* ' '-""rFatfiir^ell House, hear ; Maying, jKefl^y : WWfrb%!,No;'3,v - Bj. W.:Jenpings,,Smre-Jane.. '0!lii^n^ft'''NBhic^ i^Wlo^ence^'i^lD^ Gentlemen* Proprietors " ....,._. _ j^ttistreet, bein6,--------,T_.,_r____.,__. ^ot [contentrayselj^y :3^baie;ack^ :$$seivfed,- without ^annexing a^raore; explicit .testimonial of liljeWli^and'integfi^^hiph-wjOHW^ ahd lttstre'to/ anyHpuse in the Wbrjd. ' � s '� '. ^to-'i^V' >ad gratis fqr^fH^lf^&ijiiajSharei ^rhwn ai Blank in the last Irish Lottery. This Chance was "lost,.and.;_;% reward 9'f  Twenty;iGninea�fadsartisedif6s ?i' last April,'in the Daily Advert^er^ Itjnever ap heard of tiU Thurfeday'eve3iihg,�thB'^6tB f!o% eared or was 1 .1 Df m jd'Bdition, 7s 'wfenit was examined at No.' V*J$n)>$&4&^ 42^5 .though.^it is plain that Mes^rs..SHBRGO|c%n^e4^am easily and'.certainly haye. bb^jn-J " "*"*"' Twenty- Gu ineaTi; ^nd -thereby si - ... urJd^&SI attenojclockthe same-nig^t. _ ; .^j:^ b^f^e-ri: The confidence and praise due to such rotate principles and anions, buglifto hwe'thfen1 tf^tj&j&F- ^Hich/iPj my proving the fails can contribute, I-shall'lMpleasure convincing any one referring fd' mej at ^atherweir Hgiis^ near Town.MaljiDgi jn ;_' - . BURGESS'S ORIGINAL and SUPERIOR ESSENCEV. of ANCHOVIES,; sp'much apprpved!orjfor.'Andhovy Sauce. �Also, the finestv!ffliav,o.ured; GORGpNA A>lCHO^IES �fer Bread and Butter^nd.fqr making S'ands�iches, iSec'-.-. 'T' f Likewise his' S^AUC^'jR'QYAL, 'he eaoi.recommend}to& fomtnl^&^iSii^l^aD'KnHs"dt CarpJ Tench, Eeli, Barbel* . .Pike,-�c.' v./' .�;�; *;�;." , c, .r Genuine BENGAL" CURRIE POWDER. A Receiptt; given how to use \ � -^iC :-m ^ .\ .'^ s :r -.  JJVBURGESS begs 'to'inform Fai^ies1n/�ei^)Jtnattl�. his now ready for use, a large quantity of his much esteemed PICCALILL1E. '� ' �;-�''�'�"�� i I To the CURIOUSjft VINEGAR.-.  A.1^ Camp Vinegar, Chilly Vinegar, Red arid White Fri^ipft' ditto, French Elder, Tarragp^ afltj. Oar)i#d|tj{^:?fidX0f,|iil�: Heroi,Set. Bur^gundy'MustaVdjahd Kisberry Vinegar.,:  ;:FRE-NCH and^PANIS.HPWVES,pf:theifir^st^ Truffles;apd Morelis,;.yer^ice}ly Mac^ronivWd.^arn^esan, Cheesej'Grueyer and Chap2uger'.CHees^};.OrakgeFJk>we^ -and. Rose Water. ;�-'.'..--- .'.i.^A'-'- -,-J - -''"*:; ' BEST AMERICAN ^PRtJCE^BEERii " 5-[u for Table use, at4s. pec^Q^.t^gX^^^^t WiimfmitAf'c the Town. Also, GENUINE :ES^^CE!df^^t|9E.r;,;.,. To his Dear Brother in Wales, Containing an humbiai DeKcnplibn of the TRIAL ofWARRfN HASTINGS, Esdv ' Will also associate properly..with, the- above, price 3s. 6d. -'  ' sewed. These Works have been honoured" with peculiar marks of approbation, on account'of the very beautiful manner in which the^'are executed, "ais - Well' as on aceouht'of the ex?-traorjdinary value of the compositions. . v - # * To the Gei Hon. COMMISSIONERS of the LAND TAX, ,for the CITY of LONDON. , ?MNCpg%A^EJ?.b.ypany.r.espe^ab^ jJLj t am induced to offer myself as a Candidate to succeed " " "' **' ~ � ~ ------ Land Tax execute the -.....will constantly exert my best enuea'vpur, to discharge the duties thereof with diligence-andintegrity; '�  i?,.:--r..j . ,,. , - ;I(have tbe-booour to be,-!� . ., ^.Gentlemen, ; j  Your most obedient and humble servant, '� ' ' ii "r .I'-... - -itr..|OHN WITHERS* .Queen-street, .Cheapside, ,': . .- .;, ..-Dec. 7, 1789. - ,i* j*..'. >>' ill 'in"1 AS". NEXT SUNDAY- iWKWjNi*,..a " ChurchpfSfePAirjfeCKIVfi^Ti9&lC>#Ni>f^^WiH ' Prebendary, j ''.'Aft?J Jh? Sermon, an;.Anthi^^iihj^:jsite:toitne^tl*; -, dren,andre^tediKeh*rperno6o. -W'r* "Sr^VBtlf :^ A Prayto^liegin at EKven rolClbbtc # tbe-Mbrni^'iri* ' Fourm:to�J^f|ernqon. :-..h; -. a: .'.-^i.'. t -rr--.* ; !I-- � �..t^.-.y- ngt **s-=--f" - - 1'-. � - 1, r . 1 \ This � bay is published, . \*^~" In one Volume Octavo, price--ti's. in Boards, ro^lfi^ulh^irt^IillA^I^E-y - Con- __itainingiaDescriptisfflKof Paris^dttefboulg," and Errrie- hdnville j with a Rhapsody ^g^poi^d-^tbe Tomb of Rousseau. . - -'; '" -' ' j InaiSERJESlolitETTERSLi v \ : (,.,,. Printed fo|-T. e^air;fnghe,Stfand^ l3S>s^r�5.f�e-B�*Kshedi .. ;(r InjTwo Volumes, Oa'avoj with^fportrait ^t^e^Autho^, Price i2s^in Boards,1 . * :;�.';' q'ERMONS. ByWlliilirAM^E'ri'CHMAN, O.; D..D.-;lafe^Princigaf',df 3afe?J.'&llege ofela'sgow: With some Account of> ch&Autbbtp&u^'andiofi^i&l^'SuresVby JAM^ES WODROm D^Pf^niluaat Seyenston. . v "Printed for Al Sirabalifari^l Wef, % thC^ranai"ahd f'l"'-"; I: 'Of wl�^^e^iife�J^Rionj:6f v';i�*"'''; V. SE*mon�onse^ral^ffieas,-:%itHe-RigbtiRevereHd Bdilby Porteus, D. D.'Bishoppf London,.Cth^fiLttqS, s!:'?,' J a. Sermons on various Subjeils, and pifeacbed on seye-ra{ late Reveread,Thomas Fhiriklin,"D-,(Di '' "' an^ Bjec^j lasted, 1L: 'n'oukble^the LORD 'HIGH CHANCELLORS of Great Britain, madev" in the.mattwoot; THOWEi|S'AR'M-' STRONG, aLonatic," All Persons claiming to be .next of ': Kin of TbcimaSiArmstrong, ofjOvirigton, nearWincliesteri injtjie. cfluntjcipf Hants^Esquire, a Lunatic^ are^oa-c* beforfcr the 30th Day of Januar^frext,.petemptorUy:t0ecftme�>eftfitr personally or by their Solicitors, before John Hett, Esquire, oneof the Masters of the. Hfgb" Court of Chancery, at his Chambers in Symond's- Inn, Chancery-Lane, L6rtdoi)?t . -mfike good such Claim. . ;�� ;. �'..�: ;>--r hv>:" � ' 4th December, 1789, rt!-�' .:. -. TCfB^rLETT, "f.:: -r And entered, upon'immedjarely, AN exceeding c^^mO%&m^n ^cilftfcf; '*" Street, with a door into St. James's Pflrkjffee�>g;a deW*-lightful situation near the Parade*. *...., ... . Enquire of Mr. Whiter near Story'Srgate, Great George-. st^eefrV^estminster,:: " � ,y; .-.l-ia.-I -'>.-. {-.uj This Day 8re^ubli5l,ied^ xirice.,25, .sewed,"--'if j7 r �.SSAYS;.on,:.)^I)E.HN;'.M^ ) dressed to persobs.of every denominationi particVilatly to! Parents; and humbly dedicated to B�j�.sr liprd Bishop .' of London. - ;. .'^v. �-.-�.,-; ;...!. ^.-. by qejr^e^^belL^oDa^ci* ols? :v J ! ' - Ri this Day is'^ubl&he|^ ':' '!1 -: I; % O^V^me1*d^:|riCtirin-boar^ f'-' A. .view vlFtheREJGN of FREDERICK lfc 5Bmi-gfSPrtfsli^fJfwith"i* ;paraBa�^tw^:"tJBatTrinc^arid ^Pltilipil3fO.S'Mjacsdoni, ms.orrt.-} .v:.."i i^i's. : } /ByiiaH^GflUaE^LiDsK R^.-mA^& J "'"^Printie^-fir^'Strakh^an'dT. Cadell, in the Strand.. :" ;�- ADULTERY. ''- TBN tHd'asA'Ntf/P^OUNDS DAMAGES*: -!' *' '''"I Til's Day ispublishedV*^CQ^kd^'^'1^^.^'- HpHE AUTHENTIC.TRlAla^I.SYEESV JL Esq. s.ooof^ir;F,SYKiES,vBam lojir'tht/.CMMk^.-ApuLTERY with Mrs. ParSlow, Wife of Captain Parjc tqw, before Lord Ken ypn, and a Special Jury, who io&wt for t^Piaintig^,;^ ^ ,...]^ ,... ^, T y ) ~ Ten Thousand Pc;usps Damages.1 E ' Tak'eji, iri-short'HANb'^" ->'�?�� ' ��"�- ^nd pYISED^V^ ^^^^vlMINEKC?. �� * rinted for J. Ridgway, York-streev"^'. /aoW'j'.^^ ^r. lewis, RusseU.stTeet,'^ert^arffe^4lr^^ l^site Exe^rChange, StrandTHr^y^^Jg^g * -w- '{.5f:'"x.. ^ 'of* Ancient huffiest ^tfw; and^t&e Book'seUers, wy^m^^SSe^SeQ. "The Trial of *5r.Cooke, Malt-Distiller, of Stratford, Es-vsexripf Aduiaiy *ith Mra^aJSotd,-before >Lnrd KfbjiaUt ~ ^'nd a Special J.uryv.who found for tbe: Plaintiff ThrearTl�ou�.' '^he^^t^^Ai^^^of'fcne^^ Linen-draper, fc> Adultery with Mrs. CoQnac^A^the Mitre Inn, Barriet, / who was)f�|und guUty in One Thousand Pounds E^roagesi ^^rt�ev^n^ke^u^ | 4tfa .Mt^;dao4tflB,;Af Abingdon-Stte^^^stiwnstejv >. 1v k New^diion^rr'GiUi^Hlfc k&if&ejWW^i^^ -{i .... ,,, .,� , . >tJ _ - n.-------------- *�oiihtsVvU tlie Division of it^MmSl^-^am^^mf^^^^^'' Pacezs. 6d. AM-,,, V.' ^; . %fet.{ including the History of Literature, Philosophy, and. Mertoirtpfa well-known WomSWIritri^ theF>e Arts ^ 4 vols. 8vo. with a Head of the Author, and Maps adapted to the Work, price il. 4s. in boards. -----AbingdOT-%e^V.W^t��ins.t�v Price issod. . .' ,-,tv-j.V. "v. fc A- JI^terl*n"LSv'e,c^rfla^ and XdifUff.12A<U&sk&to herself.. Embelhshed.with a Portrait of tbe Author; 4v�l� price ^s.sewed. �-.'.' � "^";::' " ''""'' .:'-':.'

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