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Publication: London Lloyd Evening Post June 27, 1764

Lloyd's Evening Post (Newspaper) - June 27, 1764, London, Middlesex V N 1 N " V ft ^ j V Vol, XIV.] From WEDNESDAY, June 27, to FRIDAY, June 29, 1764. ["Numb. 1087. THURSDAY, June 28. LONDON. ESTERDAY the Court *f Common-Picas was moved to increafc iffues on the return of the diilringas, iffued at the fuit of Mr. Beard-Clerk again ft the -, when the mqre s - of H Court was pleafed to order 5 _1. ifTues on the alias Di-_ /ftri'ngas"; it appealing, by affidavit, that this v a^ion has commenced for near twelve ' inonths, and uo appearance yet entered for the defendant. On Tue�iay night Col. Grceme, who carried the enil^uS of the Order of the Garter to the reigning Prince of Mecklenburgh Strelitz, yefterday arrived in to fnon, alas! loosed from its earthly clodl Her fpirit.fiks^to its redeeming* God,!" Private j Whom tM)W^e;hymns �'above the lacid-phins> yet his. .No more'irf"faurftari> but "in heav'niy ftrains*. * She was grand-daughter' of the late Reverend-aad. learhe^JMi'i-jstkfon^ ol LekeftSr. [Price 1 wo-pence Halfpenny.} ;

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Publication: London Lloyd Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: June 27, 1764