Wednesday, June 6, 1764

London Lloyd Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Lloyd Evening Post on Wednesday, June 6, 1764

Lloyd's Evening Post (Newspaper) - June 6, 1764, London, Middlesex POST Vol. XIV.] From WKDNESOAY,^^,^ to FRIDAY, June 8, 1764. [Nomb. itiyS. L O N: B ON. A^V^OTthimibfefla:^ bd-ing bnder a neceflity of leavhtg Jte^n ft--beaTitifil . i^ddt;. 1%b bawdsbf mere- p/OVided, � hwe ttf*e%iufe� % vtfherelHe great gattferV was - JifonYiflatgditefin ^tewiihiwg de^-ee-frf 4>leii-' :^tarh?d'by>a> getwr&t ^yiffrWftf^tte' Whole -compgny: 0 JUie ,;e$>mpainy 't}ef>a%t half an-feour afteb&feetye,' aftd^aTfe^WW'ctofck.yefter-' 4ay niomwig. her I^yiMp out'for Siojn Houfe; ti i- v \-;.�fsi.1 '   ! Laft Mghcthe Society for "�the Ehcoarafee--' tnr� tit �f Afts, -MarttfftaurS?^i�dJ^bfei'Wefte, crdered *fe^^y-of safeulhtfastea3M�.'''K�^fe, - dafe '^iseff t^Paih^r in>Fl�et-afe^/f6MV *fv :n jtaMe$ a^erS#6bb{bfWiMd Wafer. $k """""" t fcitiPttMffilNE by gtffignf. W�m�, th*IWr&Cta'eT1 JuftideS^K^rdiSnil -iBrsstr andt&elLwd:Chief'Jfe&�ftfjft�^*ftt-v^nied to 'WaWitatffes at ^aiM^iji^fter Yefterday an "eminent ChedfernoWger,1 'bear the Strand, \viis- convicted, b�^e^rfeJBigh Steward and Deputy High Steward, at-the Gfril , Weffmrftfter-;,' pjf hatfitfg a fWe balance to his fca/ei, and ba'id the penalty. -Several Publieanywere affb convicted, for fbdrt ttieafare in bohlcis, &c. ' , j: : Yeller'day two yovrng inen, dreife'd like,Tailors, were*comtriitted-by the Jufttces'inWhite-.' .chapel, to.N'ew'Prifan, GferkenVye)!, ipr'rpb-b'%a'Wapping, and WaJVng fiom tb'S'nce a large quantity of houfliold;go.6ds 4ild tvearing appareltd a.^onftderable.aijio.une. \ 4 Some more J>ar*i(ularst,^iei(t(if/g -to tht-wurder ef -theBlack ne*tr Malfljiwrj, (Jee.Nvmb- i�7$- Tlvt muftherer (William Jaqiies). .bd|g born in the neighbourhood -of M�l*nfbtjry, Attticed tbis: poor wretch, X-Ge^rge-iiaWfofd,! a Negro, who had been -formerly a.lfervftttt ^o Wftifim iiifton,; Efqi ftf-Afton, in, Wiiclhire, / Lbut late-a-failQrxQti iaoard, the Stag mata\�>f rfee bisfrie'ride, .and, having coniumed the mbn^y he Kad received, .^ffijgffnef^f NggEGj. 'Vy4a 'had-aearrfi^olMeitj. or his wages and prize-money, Ibid hiniifiiriely partake of it wbile^t...latled, or till ne could, have emptoy-Hvent, �rtd ftrppliSi -thtfcri witlh JnWhk^yer^be-wan ted -J -bttt^ loft; to-flit fenfe <bf (grAtit'�dei thJS'jxeerabie wretich^aMdeT ^re-,tj tepc^riafigoieg tftifiriftol ifor employment, Iqd -him-ftfttoraAVjoed -belenggig :to Lord iVO&oiiij C Folkftone, near rMalsiibiify, where he muf--r derpdjfife <ffirtd^��h -adatge-dak ^ftic^^whlcShv he cflwrt fihe'ivyfibd, aj?d!'leH.-hthere:aa;an evi-4 -de?ice ^fhif guUt. TJhe ikall^of the;.decsafed r w-s fraftured io m^^prf&ttv;Qfl�nefe ^^of'^'i^ki^^^^^'oi-'- his nofe were bsken to a ifrafli* i a|W ttod^f bj$ head, in_ an old wheel rat, was a great dieal of �oagt^aied blood, which ha�t Hftefiifrom many large, wounds in his heaH.'i i^thilifCoadiHori a poor yeaitihn,foond birot belnsgiledsto the-^llce Tjwherfibeilay.i by bisgrpaJit^ �bs*h{berboaght \Aight eorae fro'm a fcarfe^pra cow tjjatieould no't g artituftfetbetwedn the Coro-ner and rthe.^iJIaixr* until (the .former $iad thrown the latter down /three tirries, and thereby fubdiied him.~Near.36 years ago^ an-uncle,of this imurdeiep robbed, s^nd fefr-for dead, a w^aWvSatmer -in^ihkt.neighbourhood, wt^isft^rescfrofti.ithB -place tvhere Jaques lddfedtheiN�gTb.\ vffcffI'.15herif*T4r^r�at^lai|i< VJ'.i;d^.sRijaj�li^.'4�a#-feef^S:g 1 M^i^9)fm'iAiixM^r �all to! appoint '-WSs ____pEcpleEtame .enough to fee him exjjj&^-rifchfe officers of theparifli lent iuvmsdi;^el| to the Devizes fqr the Coroner", and on"t%e^-ead the/ardlfciiger' happened to .meet tnefiBjev. Mr. Siiergold,. Re�or"of ;Stkan;ton,iiba .hvs return h'd'roe, he prefentlyireiialkcted^bati rabout an ihcuribe-Jfoufo, SetiiaA ,n\et-:ai iaiiosr.-who gnfuifered the.; defcription given of-Jaquesyand recommended to the man to ma^challi-to the Devizes, and inform the'Qoiouer:thereof. Mr.�!are, the Coroner, being dihusjpr^pflred, kept afranp :lodk>n�f for;tbeniti3laiffioj^nd 'in'thteiievtairig. irgdt. with.. him ^ ran the msarket-tpUcei .appie-Kended, aud coir^Mtted-hirn to Salifbury gnaj. To the EQiTtt^^^^^'ffiy^^G Post. IThink-rihfe news-p^pei's.' in gelisral afted righr, ih 'not cbpjjl^g ^he.Addrefs of 'the Kirk of Scotland, as it was In gqriexal merely load j'and,�xcept One Jijctle'iVJSure, might very innocenjttykzyk&rfe&fci^aJDy;pcriod cf time, paft^-pireirent, orltt> ' Tfiif T point oii.t to youi-teaders, tothewr-iEbJit 4hbfc-!Gjerj-tleinen'wifl 'be-nibbling at remejh'ing/ howler ferieigri (fi>jdl@r#ebgib�s .declafetiohs, df only falling, andfeeking theLordy &c.~The following is the fertfence: ">Jt mult be our-deligltty-as it*, is our ^duty^to love -and obey a King, under w^hofe wiie irW paternal admini-ilr'ationT oat?Jibefties are fectrev^ufllefs they, jh^ji be-endangered 'by. licentioufnefs in the-fubjecls therrdelves, a fpirit which we heartily deteft, as ahutnbig the falfe fenrblance of liberty, that'itway moii effeftually undfirminc it," Thwi'\veiiiay be fure, can hj*ve ruijr^fe-rence to-airy licentious praftit^i,ln*th�f.own country, ^%;^;,^i^ih.i>^{{^^Vjit:^I>?iigow levefied wlthijieground;of c^urie, boliben-tiobs aftj we mull therefore ,be cefflienti to-take ilj.a^jdpubti^ft it -y^as dflfeantjjia'fiainft. oarfelves^, thof-wefCanBoiisut- thinfes&fiCTcur> a little, ef itjie fharife'e, W* 'ere as'par Iteitor th;irik�-'ff would'^hayebeeh nibte cBri-ftian-hke ta%iave pdt uptheir;^t^itf:Bir^j5er�' tor,:rMherHhfcn1 to havt,'rallfd^tjp'o^.\ "\ # D,uring.our..late warmthsiefs"-has'b.Vp Tai& froiritbe ptfJpj't ^n-pv^r^mb^rrtjrtany occafxon ; itiJsiu'H. V, >the Laity j asQmci-t^m^^g^kftvoit)^it�wai: tliefe goc4 ventjqmra^3t�ye.^^k th^m^n-coTOperenyiidgesifif^Hl^jHbfety^a-matter which atprefentdivide&theo^iniop.s!6f'0.fHLiaw SagesJ^nd -that twmlftlPWlftP'^Hr,^ rfegar/J" Mefs John&flinejly:frbm bne^/ji fb^iSrer,. and fiot rn^tfate''.Mt ^b^y:,'Mre ig^od �and fcya'l.; ;i'it:,.'beih^-Well k-ri'bwn, ^a't'.Epg- a&d-eveF wili^� -^al^bb^frV^ nvho sts too lay.rfb#,rn>y'd'Ojhot; a^prov^, and* are nidt iheh.dnfy ^utK^gkcif^iy jrtj^/.-when. one* fe"t of ^pebpife afe^w-power- Mrif \p$ti$$eTit 1 i ^dkw^a^td' bfe'r^snTflyr�d{fd^fte^Iis^ ^quari -f;tl% ofmiaa&a3#d>Ho^ianb^ ^6-iprd^eit> bf r.1 IBi^r^Msl^bi- and H^Ssiaifebi^di r ^-Oil^rtfle^l^iiiibe. - Ca^Gdi�^r �3ir^l' -Wis i 1 broog%t?fldm?&ri/fehto;Newga^ 1. rtrial attStemese'Adttiif'alty ^iffio^s^-^cfr the mUrder of two men INfe^-tfes, tfKmtfA - but .A#s -tirat He ftbodbv. while; CHaj^^|organ,; at56tto^^:*fail-t;r, did i:;, andtbat he deceived a ihare of th^e money and cloaths fronif Mofgan. tjaquefe hac^, warned his flockm^.o'lScQi he had on an hour before th ftances, .it-is, ip-n-  l:y thought he kin [Price Two*]�nc&Halfpenny.]; hia,elo~aSs (all that miflh^^foB^o^Hko E^ilbJn?b-4tiatge, ivho^afe-fnyd^e^ fo they do thepr:dutj, ^rcit .is. a^vexxfew, in-dee=d�tbatcaip jJrdfit bythemra>i.n^kid�als not ftrour acCbfers,' whdfeeihito'b'e guided by-k more narrow views, and.haye been remarka-ble> in feafoh and out of. feafon.r-fe^rthefe two or three yfiarsepa^rirj appcrtuogiGWry unpopular.ftep;that,has been taken i-iuiid n *� their reward, .......

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