Wednesday, May 30, 1764

London Lloyd Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Lloyd Evening Post on Wednesday, May 30, 1764

Lloyd's Evening Post (Newspaper) - May 30, 1764, London, Middlesex --���"r.:Vr. - 1I" 1 TT1 I Vol. WEDNESDAY, May 30, to FRIDAY, J I V [Numb. 1075 , ^ undemanding with fome Spanifh mer-'Wants tathefoathward. " THURSDAY, May 31. COUNTRY NEWS. . A % oi,hnrw Mav Myjp.. m . ,. ^^ing-for Florida South CavoKw, where, it is faid, th� culture ofthat ufeful pjapfis to be encouraged. 1 We are credibly informed, that the Right JHon. the Marquis of :">rariby, Mitto- Gi..e-. iral-of the Ordnance, in the courfe of the fum-mefj will Turkey alf the frnificatLns rh/oueb- mouth Tubdivifion Committee, for ufing their ut- ; rnoft. endeavours to procure: a repeal of fo much of the 4ate Aft as, .lays an addi- i tional duty on Cyder and! �Perry, held there the iSthj iiiftant, it was un'animoufly; agreed, that the thanks of the faid Committee j fljofild be given to John Parker,.Efq;. one..of| the'reprefentativeiof the county of "Devon," :for his^ealous endeavours to obtain a repeal! of an Aft fp pregnant with the worff of evils. 'And. the Clerk of the faid Committee was di-re&ed Forthwith to, convey to him; fuch their ;grateful fentiments of his coqduft. Salffbury^Maj/xot We have received the agreeable/newsx that the Right Hon. Lord -Arundelj. of Wardour-Caftle, is thoroi -recovered of the fmaIl:pox. .His LorcRhip was attended by Dr. Jacobs an eminent Phy-'�eian:of this city,, and Mr. Barnes'of Shaftef-bury. . , , -LONDON. The laft letters from France intimate, that Macturatra, a French Settlement intheEaft-Indies,, beiijk befieged by the Englifh, en- grofi&*1!^ of the people, and that it was faid/;that ftrift, orders fiad ."bejett-fept to the French Minifter at ^this Court, to demand fatisfa&ion, and if not1. ' immediately redrefled, to quit the Britifli' !Court,, and return home. , 'Tis alfo faid a frelh mifunderftanding is|; broke out between our Court and that of Ver-  .failles, relative to the cutting of a fmuggling ; figure atTe^-Tor whicK purpofe orders are given for eight.gallies to be put on theftorclfs, and itiimd hisiather, the King of Spain, will mak^ him a preient of fixmore. The.laft letters-from Lifbnn fl^vi^p lagus, a body of toldiers was placed onithe banks of the river, to prevent any contraband dealjmgs, and^hat an B^lefial^c ;and; two;Se-culars Kad ^een feized j>y them-in the aft. of imuggjing;. the firft of; w^om was condemned to impriifonment'for life, ^4 the two others were ordered to .the rallies The ,laft Letters .feooi Leghorn advife, that - the Republijc; of fQenoa*had feized and fix Knglifh ihips loaded;^ttdthccrii, andwoiild not whifb- -:W?J^r^fr@ij\ Pei^sbUrgh, tfh^trii|sSri the! Excl^nge of rthe: Ratifications of the' mew .Tr^at^ with/.Prufga^ these was a'Jecipiocal! -Gogi^iu^i ; that the: Cotfflt �?rPpbe&u> Prime Minifler:there, :laid the foft the. zift ;in5. on-the new toad fifpn% ^o^jfoAacwet'p. . >.: . . ,. . A; ^-vfai^ithat their; Msjefties "will rdfide fome weeks this fummer at^Hairipton-Court palace, -on account of its neighbourhood to R}chmppd,,where the young Princesare to be. The-Eari of Bute has purchafed the library of his Grace the late Duke of Argyle, confifl ing of n>any thQufand volumes. r' The greats Manilla priae^ left fifty leagues to the weftward by the Lenox and Grafton men of War. arrived at Portfmouthj is larger than any - of our men of war 1 fhe draws' 34. feet water... They,write from Glafgow, that among o-ther ^rohibited.goods, lately feized there by the vigilance of his MajeftyVofficers of the Cuftom$, are 3 "very large quantity of French feather muffs, imported for the feafon: abdut the legality of which being confifcated there-is likely to be a l?.w-fhitbut as they ire. evidently _of French manufacture, and fending, to-.d-ifepurage the trade of North America, therg is-little doubt but it will be given' in favour of the captors. ' . , r^S- i. It is faid, the .further importah^ii of wild beails fromAfrica or Afia into this idngdom'isi to. be diieounte'nanced. Yefterday tae eleftion ended at.Weflmin-fter fchooi, when^ the following Gentlemen, were chofei*for the twoUniverfities, viz. For Oxford. Bernard Hodgfon, Wadhara-.Knatchbdl, Roger Burt, and Archibald Macdonald. For Cambridge. Cirl Jackfon, Charles Grant,. Edward Medley, and William Sneyd. Yefterday-Thomas Skinner, �fq; Citizen and Loach and Coach-harnefs-maker, paid his fine into the Chamber of London, to be excufed fprvingthe office of Sheriff of this city I for the year enfuing. Dixon, Efq.; Agent Viftualler at Senegal, is arrived in town from thence; he came home in a fhip lately arrived at VV haven. YeiVerday thenewcloathing for his Maiefty's. iervants, and alfo for the yeomen of the guarfl, was delivered againft his Majefty's .birthday. t Yefterday the Report was made to his Ma- Jf yi_� ' e ma,efaa�^s under fentence' of death m Newgate, when the eight following were ordered for. execution on ^ednefdav next, viz. Jofeph Redman, for robbing >>Bn rermington on the highway; John Larey, for. robbing David Rofs on the highway j Geor Knight, for robbing Thomas Lawfon on t highway ; John Ives, for robbing the" houfe of George Rice, Efqj John. Foirbtother, for ile^hng watches, rings, &c. out of the fliopof Thomas ^llis ; David Overton, for rbbbW :;�R� White's houfe; John Dixon, for return-Jng from tranfportation ; and Michael.5amp-foty for forging a bill of exchange on' Meff.. Boldero "and Co*. The following were refpited, viz. Richard: Gray, concerned: with Job Watts, for Ileal: tVhoufe ; Willi Smith, for ftea'lihg a cow ; and John Boyhnd,. for robbing John Saundets of i3d. in a *bufe. in Rofemary lane. Wednefday a tall young fellow accofled ai Ship-mafter on the Exchange at Billingfgate,. defiring to know if he wanted a i\3are, and being.anfwered in the negative,, began to re--latea moving fiory of having been caft away,, and loft every thing. The Captain, incom-paffidn, told him to go on board hisfhip, vvhei*c* he misht live as the Sailors did, till he could get a better birth, and while he was writing-a: note to his Mate to entertain the bearen on' r board, the ungrateful villain took an opgor-" tunity to Ileal his^ pocket-book, in which,, however, was nothing of any value, the Captain having,- about an hour before, paid away two bank notes of ^ol.ea^h. '  Tuefday evening a little girl, about- ten -years old, was dctefted in picking aGentle--woman's pocket-c?^s.. 6d. whilelhe was buying fome . oranges 'ih;Cornhill: fhe was Secured and carried::tc-the Compter, where,, confeffmg thefaft; and returning the money,, fhe was, after - being feverely^ reprimiadedj, difcharged. �  ' Yefterday morning* of the Coachmen: of Mr.- Fielder, who. keeps the HampiteadJ ftage, was,watering his jxorfes in th� pond, he fell off and was drowned^, There has been:-a;fire atMofcow, which'has s conf: jned all the.houfes-in:thecFiil^toEketifi ,that:capitaL- [Price Two*pence Halfpenny.]

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