Friday, May 18, 1764

London Lloyd Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Lloyd Evening Post on Friday, May 18, 1764

Lloyd's Evening Post (Newspaper) - May 18, 1764, London, Middlesex S � VENI " I o Vol. XIV.]  FrontER&AY -May?"i&';' ro MONDAY, M^y 21, 1764. fN'ir-k 1070. SATURDAY, May , Genoa, April 29. - Courier this day arrived nr' Rome, with orders to T^WWX^' Siear Btlioui. n )ttd b'u^tlp H??L r ii'^-' any more corHco fe,nJU� Wm A ^v-Civita-Veechia, �'M^>^ being X^m-zJ^/5* now 'fufikiehtly provided ^Wto^ WfA-'tVaj;;WprhQd^.^_ ; inig Tirade by Mr:-Stuart, the tendency of which'was to leave this rnacter to the conil- the e ;�.  L ON - D O K. �  �erj}~l y Mr. Dempfter, to^. this purport:  " That- to receive any motion for adjdurn-j'men t, "while a member is fpeald'ng, or to put ' tile queftlbn'for adjournment, tiil-eveVy perron has been'heard'on the fuhjett, is-illegal-, Arbitrary,' alnd tending'to1 defeat-the intention of having General Courts:'-5' Great debateis . ejnfued, and at length the previous qu'eftibn having been moved by; Mr. Amyand,, and put, " iWhether. a q.'ueftioni on the abJDve-. mentioned inaotion fho.uld. he .put;" -upon holding up of hands, the Chairman could nojt i determine-thezmajority.-- 'A divifion was def-manded, and the- return made Was, ' i For ;the Previous Question ; Again!): ; - --r- 28^ L ; - ,,/Many...debates enfued, about Lord Give's letter to the Directors relative to the-forming the<*rcapsriii'the Company's fervice into tev ! rgimenf-s*-the.keeping two battalions here in �Englandl iau their pay, &c. &'c. &e.< After ' this a qileftion, moved by Mr. Salvadore, 'was j 'pu^'a-rtd carried, to the followibg.'porpqrrij-" That the;Oom-pany's affairs Tn'Behgal 'fpr quiring, immediate attention, and the feafoa '" bei'njg very,far.advanced,LordClive hedefired 'JtoJehih'aJck'forthwith for that government; and that,ail the officers now appointed be'ordered to proceed thither without delay." Draughts of the inftruments, defigned to prevent the fervants of the Company frcm receiving any gratuity without the approbation \ of the Court of Directors herer. qr the Council abroad, were then read. The following que-. ftion, after many debates, was pat,. ""Whether  the draughts of the inftruments to be executed - b^theCivil and Military Gentlemen in :the - Company's fervice, as communicated to "the General Court by the Court of Directors,1 are 'proper,' and that they be forthwith prepared ,;tb be,carried (i}nto execution';" and' a'hailpt 'j^ihg.demarided'by rune Pfbprieto^.prefent, 'the Court was 'adjpurnedJ(at hear twelve .at " tyg&^to.^e'the hm- //a,;':.-! ?i. ^ � n Erom. the report '-of^thet feruttHeers there appeaffidiilia.bfii :. :'w.,t-;  v- " -iFbr-the Queltibn �*-�~j � ' - � Againft " ''-^ i deration of the'Direct-to agree. . The Thank.- � f th � j'd and cai-rii'rl to b ; -md to the Director, vim the Gni<-r Lr^ke nient fvu .Ki parties f?emed :-" -.vere then mov-the Chairman, - -. a ten and ele-upon an adjourn- Mr. ^cnyand L "A Barre Mi. Dempfter Sir Jr. Goflmg Lord Clive Sir } Hodges Lord Elibank Mr Salvadore Mr. Calcraft Mr. Stuart The Speakers were, Mr Wood Col. Coote Col. Smith Governor Johnfton  Mr. Robert Vanfittart Mr. Dunning Mr. Recorder Col. Southby Sir Edward Turner, &c. &c. Mr. Ram fay A private letter from Warfaw,. dated the 5th inft. brings advice, that the Di'e't, which tMas -appointea to be held the 7th inttant:, was to be poftponed . .. It was faid at Vetfai'lleswhen'thelaft letters came away,- that the Court was going to borrow eighty millions of livres on life-.ann'trities We hear the Directors of the Bank have "agreed with the Proprietor of'tRe Bank Coffee-Hpufe for the remainder of his term ; which !-h:0ufe<, and fome others, will be pulled down , . . , r . - . , .--' to-TOrirpleat the-ir defigm { neft_ pn^ who^ by; their ;faitb/dl gallaat be- i-'Vefte^rdayr-at a/General Court of the Di- \ havio'ur "have ^memed �the^'pubhc encourage-^ors'of the Bank, four Clerks were elefted ! f'ent' were^ey twly informed,, how much ifflto their ferviee; j longer mil be- before the-pwze-'mon^y, clofe of the poll the numbers were as fb!l-nv tor Mr. Hi de, of Milton, 479 ; Mr. Rofrc, of Maidftone,gio ; afid Mr. Sa'uthoufe, ofMaid-ftone, 986: whereupon-Mr. Southocfe was declared duly ele�ted.' - On Thurfday John Waple, of Biihcpfgatc-ltreet, was eleftedBeadle of the London Hof-pital. There were many candidates for the place, and ohly'a'bout 12 geverners, A^.tha election. Green peafe'were.fold on Thurfday for a guinea and an half a qtiart. . On Thurfday Staines fair, which ufed i ut- up againi? <the corner houfe next Carhomile-Jtreet, and a-broad, flat ffone is placed Under it with this inftripyoB t[' '-Adjoining to thisjpet Si-fMpj^ate fornie^lv^Jfoad. ) We "hear Mr. Beard has p nrch a-fed the ward-; robe pf the late Earl of Northampton, ihclud-;.in- ry"ufio^ S^Maiefty Ms been' pWfed %. �f'a ^^^^4^^, ^bertHelv7r;Gen'tJ W^ornetin the fix th } buAed T a cdkr xn Duke s-Place^ :\]pow ..L-^-^Vi/^ --i^oil ; -   examination of the feveral evidences that-nt- �U^R^Ih^PraBcis is appointed " .f nded it appearing, to thesis to^e Chaplain to- tKfr RoyavlvHofpi.taI at Chelfe,, " J^ry, that t^is infant died a^atural death, the -in-the rho�urtf�Mn Lckv.e*,deceafed We hear that a'n^ble-Lord',  wlid ^fe,^. . , ... . ,  j.r u ".givehis ButTer##i^^ fbdV^men | aenng it,-t0bedjfcharge:d ineas each, - per!amVumjahas,'Ji:n Sei "To-gufne Vaife, doubled th err-wage Tlitre4i's' a we'll now nhVitngbyK. Charles , \\ J^^ lit SEA BATHS were opened �'HA 28c. 190 , En'sJand-. P3' thno* --s .-------------�-�>----........ -. .t.1is.S5�y>i Tjijjje Baths,, for Corcveftience'snd .:fMtu�'&Cft^}ng-cr^:?,'^a"jarge;pttiiifi^ncit ' Elegance,-fat f�^ed any. Thing of -their RiiV ia-only to -ferve in part the public in* that'heigh- ' *" ' 1 ' "b'O'fth'cOd, blit �srtfiy.wMl-be ready "oh aTFerriei-geracies in cafe of fire' breaking out there. : >" Yefterday mdrrtihgorie e-f the We'fi-cbnccrr-r'ed ih the late.fiot at,Ranelagh5-an'a5'affiiultin y the -Earl of Gorffiwalli's' and Lord Allen,:\v;'s brought before Sir John Fielding,' when their Lordfhips were fqWnerous as to forgive'hini,. on promife of h-is'fjWure- good :behaviiour'.,J 1 ., Twenty-one feparate actions -h'sve/'wi'^lii: 1 j 'thefe"few days,;beet*Tervfedupdn the^eepfeis-r rd� Wood-ltreet-Gbmpter, on' ac<?6tifrt'6f*the 1 'imprifonment of . taken into ci ~ ft. cc-t^ and ^ ?  -T i Demands on thNat^Mr: RdfclesJ'are defsred tobilng * On Wednefday ca#.e-en at.Tefi^flw,. . Dr^fne*^*^^^ .- vHeath,"near Maidftone, the election1 and 1^}a% ^Wle&', iffGerrardVfereet, Taylor, b4$stetHHSXtiab^dlAnlKlrf fneiufe' ftll'Cwo-^anerf j vjiajiftioftillcontinues to carry,b�itneiBifftfi^fs, ' but .has 5j3?^0-lHp)b |j^i^ad|to thejcgnf'fcwy* wjii&h^iiies

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