Wednesday, May 2, 1764

London Lloyd Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Lloyd Evening Post on Wednesday, May 2, 1764

Lloyd's Evening Post (Newspaper) - May 2, 1764, London, Middlesex 1 . - * f x , I i. I 4 M r C:. Vol. XIV.] From WEDNESDAY, Ma*-a,-to FRIBAY, May 4, 1764. [Numb. 1063.- tkM&tMextJ near recei we fought v......L ON & Qt ExtrdS'fob ihej&rt&1 Coriiitf j*m 28, tysji. i? J' rfe yefterdayIj "roib /Ay v. v ,..... jfe-iwhili kU|e^O}oui^iBt|a^ their; <enits, aW th^fj&ti+Bd iammuTMtion^ �Mi-j&ft-er-uwards declareda rtew|Nabob ^ ^^�>b^j -feHky-thJSi;ttva^;fdrfi (out to ibtf ^vMtage.j have a is th'e'rkiriy feafdh, we Kavelji^ bujLicrjLiit'-tie filice w.e) Lpgar} bur ttattbi our late Na- jjhe, wjhple..,,; J:, an) ,ftt>l4i[ J*aft .*n3tfee |>lfaiee; ihesfa in there is a good deal!GHm&oeynd!ep6fttfedi>-* Lfic5S*�/*6vM9ltave rietfto the'city? f-he t^aipb^ arid weYe^d 6?.ger#ayffiV .ftrpn^p.Q^We furroundfdj. them at d^>> Jfe^.9^%^3*.^ftv4ficy^*P�� out fam $mk fiftfe -and put thsrnu i� fueh confufion-, *B3fc tfee* iaB Jap^r aterf�r.iWe ^marched- afters wards-thro' the city, and] took near^tf pieces wtfrMbtf te^Vefc"%w*rd9Tof^ $6hre;f Miwtfv-errfr wa& a, gG(b'd:day?s declare^ la+fte^ty, aij�f-Bgt^]cannlir|�erat>lf fame flbcUipg^n to ,fiimVj fsJJl.Wiwaui -bow js togea^^g;^fer,^feabAi�d;ftJB,lre;afur�i?: >{  /f*^x-i'o*;c� i-fchB!�d iftftifct- w�e -were^ fcligeditos drtga^e ^hb'jreneiriy^a'VesJ' Sifeed1* yantage&hff Kowevi�&Wttfed ity'krjl'at and =goetf p�^at^7|^�^^^^pJ|te tiori','they W a^but'4^;fci>te0t^^: m Our we.ngffi,, w.ra; ^bPHt^i^ppfEtfEO'peaniiajtd peans,-. rSc cfiiwhichxica'mjs t&-�s'tSalter-the action-* eighfc^;fclH^,''-aBd;^%^ermy-kilt?4 ei^ht more. We are now \*ftfeiif t&ri'mffisrW fee-Nafrob's furcesT-aTidrbetiev^Thg fiexraf-fairwift'" pretty neat 'fflv�irikft$& to % CO** Septetab'ert. .^etjiis day gajped as complete a xmp0^6pas-ixen made; fotfepesime paft, and iharwis done by ftorh^ysfinv h^ly aAy Jofs on ir^'fidfe" J a:nd vet We hate deft joy�^ andtkke^i^'tlifaB'bi&^e^'a^y'confiite^ Jbefore ijhe ftbnn, i s?st| abouf 400 yards be-f fore tk^^nefe^ihaEil^ery of four i8-p;0und-ersand t�?b i2-{MMin^eif� with four fiawitzersi I kept agbod fii^rat}ie^i/and,made ajyfach. My CQnimand j^^i^mce^s, jOoSeapoys* and 70 Europeatofej^e nqft morning we ftbrmeS ^daV^iaM^bout a mile from the breach, wnicK^p^wilr Qp^my intoconfufion, anioccafioned. ;greay(ljtaighter,-ttie- dead- bodies' lying"i%|4|a^&^On anQthei'j'oariofs was not tenjmeijg1^,"  _ Thpe '6sj^^^^^^^%i^m&took pof-leffioa.,'bfr^�^|^^^^i$^'-13 pieces of casnon; w^rapg^p^%p^a#ds p^?0o pieces taken Unce we en^s^.l^/fiield,1 which, was the firft 0^ jjd^yiv The enemy, have, but one jplaee .to n^aKe^a. fiaffd at; but I believe, �B, whom^we.afe on,>*ofc^down, iat-party of ^is^ ar-; " m� Xixefe,: weiej )y.?jiihe;day feir iaggagerand' djforder^ and |Jionie3.c 0 jflfCh^efisdead, the uttn^^ ceinfu-^ neveriAyas-vany' Cthasafeeeii'iexe-cnts; e^iecially took:the>�e)din A Hotua frfffi-Qi�rguns�;.8jd! ^ ^Dfegfjini'this; , pped>�|itfc; gfaviai%q%Irl^. wMeh'give^aW'atcfennt,! in purfuit fMi; women^^ two bflfig<Gi,a�* my in $.jin�s|!_._ beaten Jjy t<5oq9o: fpre ye##jK�l^|i camp, �-i " land�i0K;0< fion: ug^i when u.v the rajn-ft ctency oi wanted en^^i; country i^-^ff9i& Th�li**^*�te�i .^Hoil'S r 3m|Dalimba*a earthqoake^t &^hfep*^Dec and "a^ ^aFiiuh^Sf of people9^ fives, were loft; but t^m^'mdcking-ariddifmal ----------.-w- (tt J�t '-ilT-iil. .T.lh Jl- of. 'I'hfe'Vj^m^jj^'iii).^^ of 50,00c, arid ours ^b3^u|:'5o ~jQ : tneif armyafl dep^i ted^.and we Xoofcf ear 4oo-,hpffe,^rJi^ .el^phatw:-*,. n li timet .^^'^.cai\wa��-- -??&e;d�!�y \ Englifh miles ik'tireiiififer^nce,' wa> iw-attow-ed up. and al^tteIp^^e'�and;C^ff^rti^Jt were drownediP '.':''"i.V Yefterday-wa*%e1^Qene?af^w*li!83Ptli� Eaft-India^COm^fimR^at Kfe^h^nWyiors Hall, in Threa^n&e|dje-{treet j at WiffcffiHfcerfe were marty dj^t^f.:^hic1irv'w'�re;>' befnetdr^mor'-row marolfip;'*ta0(^)L'K-iTBar)tV,'j^co^T mendedi tfr�l tbai^^Court of 'Direclbrs' be empowered to agre^^^X^d OlfVe'/or tire payment of his jagh'ite'-for the* Xfip&W iti\ years,; prodded, h^-^drd^ip MIf 4^x-|6% , feffion of. thfej&ft&s� It was alfo propofefi, that the Company's forces,, under the commandol'.'Lords Cliv�, fhould amount to 4000 men; A great Quantity of Lor4Clive's baggage, &c. is alreaqy fent, iaord&^Q be-fiupped qir for the jBaft-Indies. "-" ' The Cqttft agreed to refto^jeMf.. Johnfton to his former ftaV^tt at Beijgat., ::: Yefterday thfe Hon. WilliHm Keppef, brother to the Earl of Albemarle, kifftd his Ma-jefty's handon being appointed a-Lieutenant-General.. . . - Yefterday the Seffions begaoat the Old Bai- . lev, when-zc prifoners-were'-trie-d, four ef whom .vvere, capitally convjfted, viz. Jbteph John' Lawfoxdvoti the hfghwiy^ iriffre p&m xrflittk iStan'md^e, of 6d. Mary Watts, for ftealing ten g-uineafrj-the pfoperty-ef -hrrMi-ftTefs,;; M^s.^clnis^ jheg;dj^e^ng-$^gieT; ahd Michael Sampfon, Avho^leadedguilty to an indiam-enffe forfeitW'TofrvM. forthe-payment of 32 , t^diange . . , i^WhWhtte&e- fraud Meff. Boldero apd Ctr." fU/een ^i^ere caftfor tTtofp^taC5cA,^nW#x;4cq.'uift4d: jp WheuiMri/Sampfon- was icalWfl tdiht #ar� he addrefied himfelf to the'Be3ich*ridth?-J^ ia the �6l\o&ingtcritis-:: �2 � � HM�>itom' � - v n}'6fioii.a�tfc^ii. .oero for -jny? unhappy; fituafebft,- toc;aa%*' (blihe-^^ favour. Ejjfc*T*Jbaifc tWW^ years of age -Ifentertdointd^hibll^je^^fe^ vice, and rcmaingd Aerai nJfev<*n j*arii(:^^^ -now nineteehVdtifin'g whith: tiipe ii ajwa^ borejt good^har^er.^ �'i-,aJo ; " I ^ humbly hope my youth,. a�d"ej^pihy* ment-iVth� fea'fervice, win, In fpme m^afure, arccunt fornVy-;realin'eilpe^eKce'1iri-tHe""law4 cbutitry. Bad coihgsfij^and.ah u'riforij tunate-ofe cfi liquor, M.y;ip^^n.4;.$.thtremfbn, may perhSpsJiEye 'drawp'me'ih'tb'a fetal SUSH but, Gdd khoivsjTl^ah juftl^^ad ignorance of any^crj^ijfeViftteflU^rlQi-o :nu:i;' iro,,5 "' Lit^^erit;^^,! pfc^,ry^tThope to be excidcd.-i�^i^ij�gi^-^ 't^yipefibliigiyefeme degree of merit with "rfif jQfiCrt^d 6yf^Ipft mafc'elte''. 1'hVd tlie'happine^k'l!, wmtfer, to be thel.lch!ff^^t!S-,;uS�� of faVing' tfte1 Liv|jy Ifiwk'eit-bcatr^bn.d..from � ti. 1 ___ ts � � r.: .... P.arkgate tOfGbblin, wh.en^'.$|rc juunofl cii^ ftrel* ; and have.reiii4i.n tQ,thj�iki-it it had not been for my.Bn^anc^tlerveflel andcargo^af well as thelivfesof abci\e.2x?o;F^fieii^ers auft have breninevitablytolti' '', :lr? If my--cafe, Mj?'!%p&-GeajtlenreiB^ ftipuld feem~defH-vi,f-:g- cPcrh^.a^n^' 1 'h,u'm^. bly hope for' the tmldeft cor ftitW^oif rb^haf ""ray Kirfg try.

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