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Publication: London Lloyd Evening Post April 9, 1764

Lloyd's Evening Post (Newspaper) - April 9, 1764, London, Middlesex -4; ^ j 1 h- s T Vol. XIV.] From MONDAY, April 9, to WEDNESDAY, April 11, 1764. [Numb. 1053. TUESDAY, April 10. LONDON. HE claim nude by Nor- borne Berkeley, Efq; to the Peerage, asBaronBotetourt, from iin original grant in the reign of Edward the Firft, is allowed to be juft and valid; and yeftcrday he received the compliments, of the Nobility on the occafian. Yeilerday Paul Henry Ourry, Efq; elefted Member for Plympton, in the county of Devon, in the room of George Hele Treby, Efq; deceafed, took the oaths and his feat in the Houfe of Commons. . Capt. Dickenfon, who arrived the beginning of February laft at Charles-Town, South-Carolina, from Jamaica, in his paffage took up the crew of the Providence fchooner, that had been call away on Wading's Quay. Capt. Vardell, who arrived at South Carolina about the fame time as the above, brought in part of the crew of an Englifh ihip from the Havannah for London, which flruck on a rock among the Work Quays of Abacoa, ^nd Immediately after funk in three fathom water, with a considerable quantity of money on board. At Nottingham affizes, which ended on Saturday lail, ten priibners were tried, one of whom, viz. John Death, alias James Rutland, al>as John Rutland, received fenten-.yet his; abilities were derived from-nature,.and aoc* acquired by reading. All did not avail,, o^-pcrhaps was detrimental. Rpme went on. iw a career of prosperity vvhilft bopks- were fcarce-known among them, and feLLirvto a 4eclcn�-fion when literature came i^tovoguer&xnong them; or, xo exprcfi it c.lrrwife, the Romans vv:rr great ?^duciar^? y. Vmi perhaps they tuoi'^ht of nc iuch i^v.^ , ..a ce^d-:o be 'f:-, Y. Tiy r'v hi:is ?hr.::fciv > ::.-.;he, of !j acja-^s, tiiey :o.-^liyvi-th*ry n E.n Lot to multip'ly ex--'.:.??c9, ail the Fcaudfrs of States muft n^ce-.'.. h-iv^ toa yAkiPA of great jpplnicf.] to prevau ft For Lloyd's Evening Post. Genius preferable, in Pol: firs, to �.Wr, exempli- \ fed .in Charlks I. A'--^ r/'England, end ethers. Part II. (.See No. 1051, p. 2u.) IN fine, let experience, as wc have called . it in on other cccafiors, decide this point j alfo. All ages have afforded eirinent Pclici- j cians, without any book-Iearri:;:-;, and w.awy to put them iem$ mtex ite yokti 0; one or sway rulers;. And .v/hax tcoks did they read, whey* ch^xe was fenrce :my juch thing as a book ? WhJkj precedents h^d 'chc-y for their p.u^cie, wKea yet fevei J v. - ^ u - %i:u\ felvesin mcir :-.jheri:r. : � it, and fome it loft ? � to each refpectively 3^ **.': Senate, in his 1 Catiline : Profecih *vh-tus very few Juw^s^d 4 4 tv : weak Politicians have been men of deep ftudy. j jor in tiks fun, qui ex. pa* Lts { perium fcere> quam in, 'u; er> cr:e ipplkafeiP. j ma-* forth the errors whi'/h coft ivnViC J'nnccs tnc-ir j crowns, together with the arts by which others- i preferved theirs, or attained to' royalty. ( Charles I. of Eriplaud was a mighty reader of j Tacitus, as an^oracle cf wih .^ovvrnmej:t yet did he not avoid the errors of rhe former, latter. With t t;uuie arce a \ or irritate the conduft of th the fa^acious Tacitus for his ... day pafled in which he did nci uk fome ill-advifed ftep.; ana by following t'^* dictate;- (. f that Doctor in politics, j^filbly mifurderiloDd, i'r Day is fubiij'-td, In Ten Voiu:nc.s O�rt�ira, Price 2,1. ics. in ihccKj  11;,^. gc ftlfckcd, UcJlc^tcvl, by pD-mi^ioTi, u� the. l\i.^\t Hun- Akan monsi rccosTinienrted Lv him vciiOg,co by the pre'ent Sper.k':r-. ir.auy Members ef the !aie an-A prcicut Fdrh.'H.e:^ 3 cutis* HE Hon. * 1 Anchi ~ 4 Gary's he ended his lif on a iOahxdd. ufter having for fome time been driven frorn hi.r� throne. J fh To that unfortunate Monarch � 1 trail the Emperor ChailesV. who by mere dint of a^lus (having lirr!e cr h, literature) became one of- u.e moil able Politicians of his aec. DEBATES of the HOUSE cf C0Ma!O:,S. from 1667 to 1694, never before prin^-j -y cc:-c:x-hending firiy Times moic of :Lk ferret. J;v.. of bates i.:r :<-c fame Time, that have vet aj;pt?.i'... Primed for Henry and C^ve, Cr. t.-hn's C . and J. Emonfon, in St. John's "; ,�.c, C:� :k?:r and may be had at the Yote-GiLvt; ^ ii.e :x Commons. Tw- jxnee Halipenny.] ;

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Publication: London Lloyd Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: April 9, 1764