Friday, March 30, 1764

London Lloyd Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Lloyd Evening Post on Friday, March 30, 1764

Lloyd's Evening Post (Newspaper) - March 30, 1764, London, Middlesex S EVE v J NG PO S Vol. XIV.] From FRIDAY, March 30, to MONDi^Y, April 2, 1764. .[Numb. 1049. SATURDAY, March 31. Vienna, March 14. HAT fome foreign news-7 writers have pubh&ed of 'fXj�&- the plague having broke in tT7^J^J upon the coaft of the Adri-fh'A *v a tick fea, ^as well as in J", i-^z, Hungary,Croatia,and:>cla garV- .. voaia, and that a famine /^K^v whi^' prevailed inFrioul, is prov-iS&c!)&&Jc?&rteV ed t0 be falfe by an authentic letter from Triefte, dated the 6th inft. The wife precautions taken by the government happily prevented the above-mentioned dreadful calamities. _ - , - . I R E ~L A N D. Waterford, March 19. The wife of Mr. Davis, Keeper of the city gaol, has at this pre'fent-.ti'me'a pair of parrots fitting on their eggs', which 'are expect to be out by the beginning of next month ; and fo far from this being'ita-ange, me avers, that they have bred regularly with her for fome years pail; and not orily brought,out their'young, but reared them ; two of which 'are now in the poflefiion of a Lady of Quality,' who thinks them equal to any parrot or the kiridlSfoughr fromabroad. ^~~LT-On^~D"o 'N.  7, The following^ jjiips,' 'ihief^ laden with corn, are arriveo at Cadiz fromLondon, viz. Cecilia, Dunn; Good Intent, -Michell ;JPr. ..of Wales, Sands; Frigndftup, Collins; Roman Emperor^ Farr; Friendflrip, Dunn; Epicure^ "Higgins; Prince George, Davis; Friendlhip, Le Bla'r.ey ; St. Peter, Blackburn; Sally, Wood ; Wolfe, White ; and Neptune, Stephenfcn. Alfo at Carthagena, the Friend-fhip, Dormer, and Coutt's, Kelly. At Oporto, the Thomas "and Martha, Clodd, from London ; Port Packet, Schonfwar, from Hull ; Shirley, Jenkins, from Lynn ; and. Elizabeth, Withall, from Newfoundland. A greater number of mips are fitting out in the River for the Greenland fifhery, this fea-fon, than were employed the lad. The Statue of his Majefty being erefted in the Royal Exchange, the fcaffolding was yefterday taken down. His Majefty is repre-fented in a Roman habits it is a very great likenefs, and an excellent piece of workman-fhip. - Many people obferved that the truncheon is in his left hand ; but, no doubt, the Statuary can give his i;'eafon for that. On Tuefdaylaft, at a meeting of the Royal Society, the Right Hon. the Earl of Morton was uninimoufly elected Prefident; and on Thurfday prefixed at the ordinary meeting or that learnt d body; at which time thc-Dutce of Pe e Cwverjion of St. Paul; and each Candidate is to deliver his performance to the \ ice-Chancellor of Cambridge on. or before the 29th of Sept. next. We are informed, th.-t it has appeared, to the iatisb.*hon_of a refpcftablebody, th�tt the Corporation o! London have afted with the greateft iruga^ty and cecocomy, in carrying into execution the Aft for improving London-Bridge; in particular, it is faid, that befides the great favings by the Managers attending this bufinefs wishout the leaft gratuity to themfelves for their trouble (whereas thofe of Weitminfter-Bridge had faliries allowed them) � the article of ftone-work only was done full 46 per cent, cheaper than the ftone-work of Weftminfter-Bridge. The gaol of Newgate will not be pulled down this year, unlefs the city of London are at the whole expence themfelves. We are informed, that 3 fcheme is talked of for building a Lazaretto near Stangate Creek, into which all failors and paftengers are to be put, that come from places fufpected of having the plague.-It is faid that 6o,cool. will be appropriated for this ufeful purpofe. Mutton being now at a greater price than hardly ever remembered by the oldeft houfe-keeper, Query, Whether a prohibition from the Legiflature, or by .Royal Proclamation, forbidding the killing of lambs for a certain time, might not be attended with good con-' fequences? In the ficknefs of the cattle in the year 1745, ^n or<^er was iffijgdpiit forbidding the killing of cow-calves fopa certain time. -Lord Adajn Gordon goes'to North America with his re^hnent, which is ordered to em-barlcat Cork fome time next month, for which-placeheprx?�ofes. toietputin afewdays.' Mr. Thomas Pawfon, Auftioneerjtp the Hon. Eait-India Company, is chofen Elder of the Arrack and Prohibited Warehqufe, in the room of Mr. Henry Hopp, deceafed. Yefterday a Baker was fined before the Lord Mayor 4I. 2s. 6d. for felling feveral loaves lhort of weight. He refufed to pay the penalty, and had 24 hours given him for his further anAver before a warrant is made out for diftraining his goods. Laft week fome workmen digging to firtk a pump in the yard of Mr. Jones, bf Llanvawer, in the Ifland of Anglefesi, found �8 earthen pot, containing iq pieces of copper:?oin of the Emperor Caraufms, and one of AUeftus. The walk at Millbank is thoroughly repaired ; a wicker fence i.- carried by the trees, on the river fide, and rdled up with earth, which makes the walk about {fa feet wider, and adds greatly to its conveniency and ufe-fulnefs, as well as beauty. On the 17th inft. an old caftle atBallyder-mon, in the county of Fermanagh, Ireland, which was built about 600 years ago, fell down, and live .poor people, who lived in the lower part, were buried in the ruins. An additional number of houfes is ordered to be built for the better accommodation of the Officers, belonging to the royal isofpital at Plymouth. Wednefday night, about eight o'clock, as Mr. Winchcombe, cf Long-acre, was pacing by the Fonndling-HoJpital, he was accofted by a feeming lame man, who afked him fome-thing as charity, and upon his refufing, the rogue knocked him down with one of his crutches, and robbed him of his hat, wig, watch, and 8s. 6d. Yefterday John Ives, John Carlow, John Barnes, a:.d Richard Grey, for divers burglaries ; Charles Peddar, Richard Bunce, Thomas Matthews, and Mary-Robinfor, for a flreet robbery, after an examination of moll of the day before Sir John Fielding and other [Price Two-pence Halfpenny.] Magiftrates in Bow-ftreet, were all committed to feparate prifons, in order;to take their trials at the enfuing feffions. The faid IveS,-and his three accomplices, are the gang who have lately made it their practice to get into houfes over new or repairing buildings in a^-moft every part of the town. Early yefterday morning a fire broke out in a houfe in Milk-alley, by Wapping New Stairs, and confumed the infide of the faid houfe. , Thurfday evening the unfortunate perfons murdered laft Sunday at Rotherhithe, were buried in St. Maiy Magdalen's church-yard. The children of the old people attended the funeral, one of whom fainted away at the grave, which greatly affected a prodigious concourfe of people who were there alTemblgd. Yefterday afternoon an empty cart belonging to Mr. Eldridge,-Cow-keeper at Hoxtou, being near Hackney turnpike, the driver going to jump on the ihafts, fell down, and the wheel going over his. body, killed him on the fpot. C 6 U R S E of E X C II A -N G E. : Frcm Ca stakjm e's Paper, Mar chip. Ditto at (igtUj 36 5i. 8 2-a a'\ llf. Aatwcrp, no price. Hamburg, 3; r. Paris, 1 day's date, 30 PJttq,.i TJfance, 30. Bourdeaux ditto, 30. Cadiz, 27 |. Bii.boa,. t -Laghom, 47*. Ccr.oa,47..  Venice./491. Li.'bon, 55 5'rf." Porto, 55; 3<i^.' Dublin, 9.- To be SOLD to the hell B'lTDER, Togsther or lCi^nite, at the Bull Irin i'n'Koch'eftcr, oft' I rid ay the 13th ot April, 17C4, bettt'eeiuhe Hou� of Two and Five'in-the Afternoon, AMefiuage and Farm in Medph.arh nearRochefter afcrefai.d, iri',the Oecbpatiwi of Thumas Norois, of the yearly Rent ids>��' Alfo four Melfuages or Dwelling Houfes in South-fleet near Graveiend, in the Several Te'auree'of William Filmer, Henry Keeble,.- Thbmis; Wallis, arid' William French, at the yearly Rent'of Alfo at the Bell in Maidftone, on Saturday the' 14th, will be fold in the fame Manner, and on the like Terms, and between the Hours abovernentioned; a Meffuage and three Barns, with upwards of 14^ Acres of Land, in Headrorn, in.theTcnureofWiUiam Pecke.  Alio a MefTuage.and Gut-buildin^sJ vi'kh'33'-Acres' of Land, in Town Sutton, nearHeadcorn aforefaid, in' the Tenure of "Widow Hoffer. The Whole lett upoa old Rents. For further Particulars, enquire of Mr. Wallis, at his Chambers, No. 4, Pump^ccuvt, Temple. Tih Dcy is', In Ten Volumes - Oftav'o, . Price .si. ics. in Sheets, and 2I. izs. 6d. ftitchsd, Dedicated, by Pes mifiion, to the Right Hon. Arthur Onslow, Efq; late Speaker of the-Houfe of Commons; recommended by him from the Chair; encouraged by the prcferir. Spo-aker, and.many of the Members of the late ancj prefent Parliament ;\ T^HE Hon.>:ll Grey's A DEBATES of the HOUSE of:COMMONS, from 166710 1694, never before printed; comprehending fifty Times more cf the f<\r�R Dti-berations of the Houfe, than all the Accounts of Debates for the fame Time, that have yet appeared. Printed for Henry and C.'.ve, at St./John's Gate; and J. Emonfon, in St. John's Square, Clcrkcnwcll; and may be had at the Vote-Office of the Houfe of Comraons..

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