London Lloyd Evening Post, February 3, 1764 : Front Page

Publication: London Lloyd Evening Post February 3, 1764

Lloyd's Evening Post (Newspaper) - February 3, 1764, London, Middlesex S EVENING POST. Vol. XIV.] ' From FRIDAY, February 3, to MONDAY, February 6, 1764. [Numb. SATURDAY, February 4. IRELAND. Dublin-Cafik, Jan. 27, 1764. fr%*%8smM&g'rutter.> datedTthe 3d �V Of ^'S^^^P^^* tn*s m"ant January, was written to Capt. Philip """""" i^l Ormfby, of the fifth regi- rnent of dragoons, at Sligo, in the name of Thomas [ Fowke, Aid de Camp to t' Lieutenant - Gen. Fowke, fignifying Gen. Fowke's orders to thefaid Capt. Ormfby, for the rea-fons in the faid letter mentioned, to put Capt. Smith, of the faid regiment, in arreft; who, upon the receipt thereof, was put in arreil accordingly. And is the name Thomas Fowke, figned to the faid letter, was forged by fome malicious perfon, with intent to do an injury to the faid Capt. Smith, no fuch orders having been given by Gen. Fowke, or iffued by his Aid de Camp ; his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant, in order to bring the perfon guilty of the faid forgery to condign puniihment, hath given orders for the payment of Twenty Pounds to any perfon who fhall difcover, and profecute to conviction, the author of the faid wicked and malicious forgery. LONDON., Thefoflowing isVtraniktion of an Arret of Council in. France, dated the 5th of January laft, concerning the Paper-Money of Canada. jfy-rei of the King's Council of Slate, of the $tb '"�of January, 1764,,

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Publication: London Lloyd Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: February 3, 1764