Wednesday, February 1, 1764

London Lloyd Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Lloyd Evening Post on Wednesday, February 1, 1764

Lloyd's Evening Post (Newspaper) - February 1, 1764, London, Middlesex S EVENING POST. Vol. XIV.] From WEDNESDAY. February i, to FRIDAY, February 3, 1764. [Numb. 1024. THURSDAY, February 2. LONDON-Extrafi of a letterfrqn Philadelphia, Dec. to. ^ * X^'i^M^ ^ Governors are not yet, Sj^^wSffci it &ould feem, fufficiently |^5^f ' ' ' ' 35 rouzed, for the frontier in- w _ habitants are left pretty S^Sp .much to themfelves to re- plS^r4�ii l5fa :n?rci.lefs. e,nemy' tpi'*^^�'rf^v^g ��Our provincial troops be-{jft^ltv i^ftC^ ing the, whole allotted to ircc/ c^v*^ gUar(^ an extent; 0f near 200 miles, from Delaware Forks to Maryland. Virginia., Maryland, New Jerfey, and New York", are alfo afleep, having hitherto contented themfelves with fending detachments of militia to the frontiers; the la't province fuppyrts 200 men there. The Merchants on our fide have drained us well of fpecie ; for, aj good authority, within this year, rpo,ooo hard dolUre 'have been exported from Philadelphia to Great Britain." 'i'tiey write from Amilerdam, that one of their Levant (hips had been plundered of a great many effects by two cruizQrg of Tripoli, near the iiland of Scio in the Archipelago. At the General Court held at- the Bank the 25th of January, the following motion was made, and the lame was fciH*niinouf|y confirmed in the General Co|ir.f held yelterday at their houie in Threadneedle-ftreet, viz. ' That the Thanks of this General Court ' be given to the Governor, Deputy-Gover-',nor, and Court of Dire&ors, for their Iteady, ' prudent, and judicious conduct, whereby * the,general credit of Europe, and particu- * Jar]/ that of this nation and city, has been * fo powerfully iupjorted, and the true intc-' relt of this Corporation fo efteutially re- * garded.' Which motion has met with general approbation ; it being Die fenfe of the moai'eu and commercial perions of this city, who are fully convinced that thole Gentlemen highly dc-ferve the compliment paid them. A large opening for a coach way, to be made from Cornlull tq the Bank, is under ' consideration. We hear that the unfubferibed Navy and Victualing Bills are .ordered to be paid off. ' On Friday lail two notorious villains, fup-poied to have- committed divers - robbenes near Enfield-Chace, were committed to Chelmsford gaol, by John Conyers, of Coppice-hall, near lipping, Efq; for prefenting a fowlingr-piece and roboing a man of his n:c-ih'v : one of them pleaded in his defence uiat the gun was not charged. On Tuefday kit the principal ager.t in the moll colily houfe of lewdneis in bohon-row, St. George's, Hanover-lquare, was apprehended and brought before francis Will on, and Henry Lamb, iifqrs. Sitting J ultice. at the Rotation Office'in Litchlield-.treet, 2nd admitted to bail; 'and the next day the MillrcCs or" the faid houfe was alio r.rprchended, and rind George "'our.d to anlwer at To /^Editor ^/"Lloyd'sEvening Post. Sir, AS Frugality is become the modern topic, I earneftly wifh to fee it practifed more than talked of, particularly in ourpu&lic offices. The nation has been at a vaft expence the late war in equipping our Navy, and I am thoroughly perfuaded prodigious fums might have been faved if the accounts of the Navy had been ftrictly examined, m order to deleft and prevent frauds; which .-have been ex-ceflively frequent, and have paiTed mameful-ly unnoticed by thofe whofe province it was to infpeft them. Abufes of this flagrant nature will always continue till there is fome-what more regulation, which, in my-opinion, is much Wanted, and fevereexamples made of the guilty,, who pafs unheeded: a molt flagrant and common abufe is, tranfmitting falle muite.fcbooks, falfe-expences of flares, provifions, &c. which are fo frequent, and become io common, that it's reckoned a great qualification in an officer to know how to knock up an expence of this kind ; and if an honelr man happens to ?11 a place who detects perjury, and will not comply with feveral ua-fawfal demands, it is ten to one but the molt trivial fault is noticed, advantage taken of it, and broke. I have feen a Qaptain confine his Boatfwain for refufingto convert his ftoresto his pleafure, in making fine floor^cfoths, hur-ricanehoufesj umbrellos, fitting andfrihing-nets, blow away a topfail in a calm, 8tc+ threaten and fwear at his Carpenter for not being-a Carver, and making him fine chairs, card and dreiiing tables* andfuch trifles, and all out of his Alajejly'sflares; which is too often " complied with,-, for fear of giving, offence to ' the mighty Baihaw. Arjhse example ! by thofe mal-practices mips are often without necefla-ries when in need: and how fliock'ing is it that an officer will perjure himfelf by fwear-ing to the truth of the expence tranfmitted. I have known an inftancsofa Mailer daring to refule figning a falfe account^ and the next week fufpended for fome trifle; luch is'the defpotic power placed often in bad hands, and too, too often exercifed. Thefe proceedings arc become quite common, and pafs unnoticed When there is a friendly Agent in"the ofiicc, in whole.power it is to nuke wrong feem right. Thus the nation has been defrauded of vaft fums, and I think it moftinfamous that it mould paf. fo long 'unnoticed; a poor man's R is found infinitely more difficult to be removed than." thofe accounts to pafs: but I hope fome wife ftep will be taken by thofe in power, who may ealily ftop it. I 1I1 all give you fe.veral hints o'n_ a future occafion, in hopes they will be noticedand; (hall think myfelf 'happy and well paid; if they benefit my country. 1 am, i?ir, yours, &c. brought before Saunders V. tick rind G; Raid", Efejs; at the laid Office,' and b over in a recognizance. 01 the next Quarter Sdiion for Wi-irminfter, fcr keeping a common bawdy-houlJc in the pariih of .>t. George, Manover-iquare, a.r.a two per-fons bound over to grofecute the lame with effect againit her.. ALL Perfoas who have any Claim ci Demanas-oa theE-ftats or Eftefts of BENJAMIN HADLEV", late of St. J3tt.cs Clerwenuell, Excife-Officerj decciifed, are rfeJircd to apply for the I'.iir.e to hi�Adaiiniftrator, Richard Jacklon, of Red--Lien Street, ClcrkenwtiJ, Cutler.. And all Perfo�i v. he are in any wife indebted to tha Eftate of the fakif Bcnj.unin-Hadjey, are required forthv.ith to pay. the iaiTA to ihe .'aid Rkhard jackfen. [Price Two-pence H^l%eriny.]_ C&ifiderations on the prefent high Pritis of Pke-<vifions,, and the NeceJJaries of Life- By a Weft-Country Maltfler. 4*0. pp. 28. Pr. is. THE high prices tawhich the neceflaries of life nave of late years arifen, has been the-fobjeft-of complaint of perions of eafy fortunes-; and what ftill more affefts the welfare, and mould command the attention of the Public, the murmurs of the labouring poor; Undoubtedly the-intent of Provi4ence, in diffuiing plenty, is, that the whole of a natien fhould partake of his bounty; that thole in whofe hands thefe gifts arefirflin-truiled, after a juft and moderate advantage made, mould not with-hpld them from the people,, or defign or.pradife any^ means to retard the pragrefs of its diftribution. Cora-farmers growtitfhv by engroffing great quantities of land, and holding up the prices of theiy prodqft by the means and intereft o� favors- and-Jobbers; QQfhing was. fo natural as that Hay-farmers fiio^Jd do the fame. The: meadow-Mnds, ab them,, as well askow k^ty the, piitance. left is to fuppo.rt their families. It mujl apo^ar. extraordinary, that,?in this branch oflmfi-nefs, the Farmer; reaps more than dgufeW&e: advantage rjiat accrues to the landlord but. when it is confidered .tbat thefe. peop4e,$q,ualJy -avoid the frequenting of markets as', (^aiavr farmers do, that, they have Hayifafef|nan,. who frequently, purchafe of little farmers pn their own account, or have cqn^derable. farms themfelves, the furpruse will be, removed. By thefe,> and Farmers* under variotts �. pretences, a4�iling perfons; �wejk:&X$e,, to t&i;e in hay immediately; from tfeemi �ritfp-oatpurchAfihg at ma+ket, the quant itygro>vn,, and the quantify expended, is;keptunHn.d!�n;, the appearance of icarcity takes- fil^fe^Stpxa.. lets hay appearing; >abhck]y togetherit. �nd this is the better jkep.t up by thei�4A^ry: of the. Hay-feller,-who regularly djeftate* �o the Fanner the quantity, he is to fend.. Lsyillinoti expatiate on the. exorbitancy ofuhefe*gaiiis,. nor on the .mifchief* anidife^tW^hsy. oc--cafion among the labpurttig tySfXfri -lioweye^' deferving it is of flptice. j Jb^^affer.tWfe-profits ; made,.after.two Crop* are taken of the lands>, the fama.-mead6w| are..varied in:. prp'ijfe^t; quantities of cows and lheepare feen. tq cover them. Every one knows the large price,-"4nd the little meafure milk is fold, at; andl^the fr.eep which graze;thei^ds-aftecih^fec^jia,.

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