Monday, January 9, 1764

London Lloyd Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Lloyd Evening Post on Monday, January 9, 1764

Lloyd's Evening Post (Newspaper) - January 9, 1764, London, Middlesex V N N T Vol. XIV.] From MONDAY, January 9, to WEDNESDAY, January ir, 1764. [Numb. 1014. T U c o J- ESDAY, January io.- ONTRY NEWS. Harwich* January li Tuefday ths Marquis of Granby came hither to. wait the a-mv,aio�the Hereditary, Prince of Brunf-wick, whft is <laily expetfc-ed. The fame day the Spermaceti whale, found dead, fome time fince, about four sfrom hence,w^istowediiito this harbour. To the Editor ^'Lloyd's Evening Post." Bnglljh Convents more opprejjt-ve and injurious to human Nature, and more inconfifient -with found Policy; than thoje ejiabhjbed in Popijb Countries* S PORT NEWS. Port/mouthy Jan. 8. Friday his M'ajefty's floop. Zephyr and Lion transport were drove ill here by ftrefs of weather; they ran into the harbour directly from fea : the-former, was greatly damaged in the gale, having but one anchor left; her malls and rigging fuffer-ed greatly; fhe was bound for the Vv 'eft-Indies. The (hip's company is to be turned over to another vefiel, in order to proceed on the voyage. His Majefty's fhip Euterprize, now at Spit-head, is to proceed to Chatham, in order to be,paid off. * His Majefty's fhips Warfpitc, Arrogant, and J$ars, of 74 guns each, arc brought down to the dock, in order to be put in commiffion. (His Majefty's frigate Juno, Capt. Obrian, is getting ready with the utmoft fpeed for North America._ L O N D O N. Jfortday the Right Hon. the Lord-Mayor, Sheriffs, Aldermen, &c received the Sacrament at St. Laurence's Church, according to annual cuftom ; and yefterday the Inqueit of the feverai W.irds attended the Court of Aldermen at Guildhall, and delivered their presentments, and alfo the returns of their re-fpe�tive ward officers. Oa Thurf&ay Samuel Turner, E% the fiew Sheriff, will go up in a barge to Weft-ininfter, and be fworn m before the Curittor Baron of the Exchequer. The Magiftrate who committed the Firemen belonging to the Sun~fire-office, at the late fire in York-buildings, has fettled the affair to the fathfa&ion-of the office, Saturday morning* in confequence of fevc-r^lr letters, Mr. Warford, and fome other Dancing Matters, went to the houfe of a Co- near jGrofVenor-fquare, to the great coafuiioa, pt that 0enrleman, who had not font for any'of them: tins being one of the fehemes ' tc It is reported of Alexander the Grer^ s a (acrifipe to jus refentment for flic The following DiiTertatioti on the Jufike, f iVijAbfal dXi ed: Now whether this fame ^�fcalapiusv he' imagined, Had, by thus refufing his interpofi-tion or aidtowards the recovery of his friend: obftrufted afny amdur thatwas then carrying on between them, our author does Dot menl; tion ; but be that matter as it will, .thfe'lSud^ ble fpirit* of reformation; or rathef" extirpa* tion, ha,d thence poflelfed the Monarch; ahdt though no Minions were retained, or Com? miflioners appointed, to colour the proj��^ and his motives, pehidventtxrevkfe'lihldindus^ yet are we "ate^ much inclined td believe the'' fame full ^spious, equitable;and welt-intended, aS,tbofe;of our more moderrt Hero. " If, from' the obfervations as above, arrt� one fiioiild be fo haftyandweakias to fuppp& "^'T,D^ undertaking, the geheril'eaufcqjf _ _t orw^re tinftured^wit|i the leaven' of any kind"of papifticaf pravityi-w6 can on*'. ly-'pity hii? judgment;:for"cbdugli we bdtfc^ trult and rejoice in the confidante of our Re-, demptidn^ through the blood aridf^riji�s:'bf. he would, in recompcriice tncrecrfi lhave great --* - preferving' that woodr;" "r"�^" the branches, in catting away ble and fupertluous boughs, i the briars and thorns that we to the fair trees, and making grove of great delight and p! when this fame axe nad once ca- ery,..,tne Laws of iingiaiid' bt oaf fj^j which, '.with all their-ivilUon " _"','*v;" ^ to contrive, it ie'ems, no better me^b^'bf |rl^ ing every -one of its poor debtoffc to-mtti^ rce and re'ftitution, thanthat-eff acottfraViitd ] ivlonkery'jthr. -/fa in one or sitb&tof the jails of*" this kingdom" t Now Whether fnch M&nfar)\t>&'voluntary 1 or compe1IedkLit makers Kttia 'in- its confe*' uu he fo laid abaut hJ r �d b^ twenty years .ago, to; Te^d ^ 1 both timber, top ^nd lop, that a^W�t I ^traiife upQn trade, with:a�diW ument I tat* fays". Mr. Hooker, which, at a very liberate calculation, may be now reckoned ax two hundred thouiand at leail: This drinking, deep indeed ; fuch another reformation wo,uict driiik the cup, and all; and, we i^f, jreligion ic�'lf would thereby be truly w^ ;� danger; for whoever is \\ eak en gine that the Chriftian reiigio without a churchy the church gy^'or the clergy without a dec^i j and independent provifton, and i 1 -�n nne KeaLord�M^JLabo pence 'e than in tgh to ima- caif fttbfift tit a cler- [^jeputahle, ' 'tenance; a noDia company of ufefai Members to 'tkk State, no doubt; and doffhlfe'th^ nty&ber ra be found in all the other jails in Europe pug, together, 1 : 44 Since then we have digfe&d fo JSti>"we beg-the Keader's leave but tp" add a few ob-iemtions farther on this head,'and we ftiall agiih return to the niore immediatetfubjeft o� our vfcork. .** But' the out-cry* foifooth, is againft 3. : much to c*if ai�*uit4g

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