Wednesday, January 4, 1764

London Lloyd Evening Post

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Lloyd Evening Post on Wednesday, January 4, 1764

Lloyd's Evening Post (Newspaper) - January 4, 1764, London, Middlesex T. Vol. XTV.j ' From WEDNESDAY, January 4, to FRIDAY,'January 6, i 7:64., > [Numb* IOl2> THURSDAY, January 5. Lafi night arrived a Matlfrom Holland. Hague, December zd. "HE- Hereditary Prince of Brunfwick arrived herethis day, and went to. pay a vi-fit to the Prefident of'the Aflembly of the States-General, who returned, it a few hours after,. His High-nefs likewife paid a vifit to - the Prince Stadtholder. It Is thought the- Prince will (lay here a few days before he embarks for England. . Paris, Dec. 23. We "hear that thei Parliament of Touloufe, after the example of that of Paris, has regiilered the King's laft Declaration and that the Parliament of Bourdeaux will fhortly do the fame ,*' fo tjfat we hope foon to fee a happy agreement between the feveral Parliaments throughout the kingdom-A 1V1 & jR J C A. Cbarles-Tovjn, South-Carolina, Nov. g. Laft Sunday arrived h.-re Capt Ma(bn, from Philadelphia, with Lieutenants Charles Stuart and Arthur Rofer of Col. Frafer's regiment of Highlanders, who leftQuebec folate as the 20th of Sept. and fay, when they left 'that place, " That one of his Majeily's frigates, commanded by Capt. Douglas,' had fallenin, with a French frigate at anchor, either in thg river or gulph of St. Lawrence, far within thole.limits from which the Fr&nch are ex-prdsly excladed by the.late Treaty; that ^apt. Douglas deiired the French Comrnand-- er to remove, but Moniieur refufed, whereupon Caps. Douglas fired upon him, as he ' had acquainted-him he (hould be obliged to do ; that an engagement enfued, in which o^r Captain proved victorious; and that the French frigate was ordered for Engl*nd." M. Bourlapiaque, Governor-General, and Ms de Peinier, Prefident and- Intendant of Guadalupe and its dependencies, have pub Kfhed an Ordinance confiiling of eight arti cies, in fubltance as follows, viz. " ill, That no foreign veffel (hall navigate nearer thefe coafts than the diftance of one league, or fend any boat afhore without a written permiffion from the Intendant, in which (hall be fpeci-fied the nature and quality of the effefts they have on board! 2d, That all fuch foreign veffels (hall anchor in Ba/Tecerre-Rcad and at Point-Peter only. 3d, That fney (hall take in all their, loading at the pert they frit an-, chorin. 4th, That permiffions will b^ delivered by the Intendant to fuch French Merchants as he (ball think proper to ferlH over to foreign ports and colonies ; and no foreign vefTef fhali take on board any thing but me-lafies and, rtun. qth, Er.joins Mailers of foreign veifels to make their, report and (hew their permifiion, upon their arrival; and waiter on bo �egaI Company have contraaed to fupply the yOn'n Monument; in ^eftroinf^r-Ablw French lflands with * nnmKpr nf \ ^huh are"ih Figures �/|^th. WHo French iflands with a number of Negroes "an nually, and that two French (hips had'already flaved there. - , L O N D ON. The hotel of the Landgrave of Hefle-Caffel at Frankfort h�th been hired for the 'reception of the Emperor of Germany, for the time of the'Ele&ion and Coronation of a King of the Romans, The Hannah, Argal Caufton, Mafter, from Virginia to Liverpool,! was loft in the ftorm of Dec 30, near Crolbie Point, and the veflel broke all to pieces; the Captain and all the crew, except one man and a boy, were drowned. Proper care' is taken to lave all that is poffible of the cargo. The Tryal, Capt.. Watfon, from Crames to Sunderland, is loll on the Yorkftiire coaft. � His Majefty's new (hip Triumph, of 74 guns, the largeft of the rate that was ever built in this kingdom, is nearly completed, and is expe&ed to be lanched next fpring tide at Woolwich. GENE R A LPOS T-O F FIC E. December 31,i�6j. pUBLIC Notice is hereby given, That all fuch Letters for Germany* arid fa? Turkey by Vienna, as Are intended toJ>afs through Flanders, muft be directed'accordingly^iaFlanders; othervoije they Jent by'the\Way of Holland. Letters for the Levant are difpatehed from Vienna, twice every Month, on the ne<urejl iVed^-tie/day or Satitrdnytotbe'iji and litl'bDaysof tbt Month, -zi-iihsut being adaYeffed to the Care of any Correjpondent at Vienna. When tbefaidDapqf the Month happen on afuefday, or Friday, the Lettersfor Turkey ought t� befeni from Londonfa as-to reach-Vienna within the Fortnight} butyjf the 1 ft or l^thfall out on any otberDaysofihe Week, the Letters ought to depart from hence a PoftJooner By Command of the Poll-maft er General, ANTHONY TODD; Secretary obliges them to receive a waiter on boarcj, &c.� 6th, Forbids the trefpading sgainft this Ordinance, under the. pencUies or cor.Sfca-tion of vei-Tel and cargo,' ^cco livres, and a year's imprifonmeiit. ";th, Orders all gardes from the : (I of Nov. (init.) to4 feize all'foreign vdfels that r^-n f';"' A ties cotes, &c ~'s that (hail be fou within a league of thole coalis, without iuch 'permifiion as afore'aid. 8th, Only-concerns the regiftry and publication of the Ordinance, from Antigua vv.e hava advice, that the.Se- GENERAL POST-OFFICE'. December 31/ 176^ CjfHE Toft-Boy bringing the JRys Mai to ibis Office, having between Four sand Five o'clock this Morning, imprudently ftopt at the Horje and Groom, a Public Houje in Kent Str/et, to take Jomc Rcjrcfment, found, upon his Return to bis Horje left at the Door, thai the fetid Mail, containing the folloivbig Rags of Letters,- ivas cut o*f and carriedan^ay, -znz. Rye, Stonecrouch, SivenoJfis, Tunbrir'ge, Iiajlings, Battle, Cran-brook, Biddsnden, cl cnierdti?, and Hurfigr&en. This is therefrc to gi . From.a Son?s love and duteous-care. Within the Church,'- where Ke had fed^ His. holy Mailer's /flock* andfled : A life, moft; pure, as-Parfpn^ oughts By afts enforcing,what Ke taught,-Behold a'MoOufncnt,-whereArt^, To fpeak the feelings -of- the heart>. And not for Prideand Grandeuf,.ftr6ve-Tp (hew at once the filial Love-Of him; who, to his, worth allied, Still tr i was herej, Ani there did -fettled: Pa i r h appear. Tvvo. Siiters---only twd--^Pvev heard' Obfervers fay-Why not. the third h Two. Sifters where they (hoald be three t Where is the iM-botUrCii *�w'tx- '' Peactj Critic, peace>;tnisTbnib was rais'dj ,  By FiKal Love, whicrh; xvhjfe it prais'd . A Fativer, rvpbl'^ had decreed: Not to wound him -who (htHild fucceed^. [St.JamiSr'sMag.l ' AT Mr. MARQUOTS's SlrLi- *^ tart? Academy, Norlands^- near rsenffngten-Gravel-Phs ^efteeme4 ihe-finefli�i.taationfor its Pur^ pofc in Europe) are taught Fcitificatlon, Artiljcry^-Maifenj.iticks, Geography-, Drawing,' Peiipe&ive, Ri--dir.g, Fencing, Dancing, the Ex?rcifo:of t^ieFirelock, and Efponion, the Greek and Latin. Glafficks, the French Language in its-Purity, Writing and Arith-metitk. The yearly Expence (including the Board). to thofe who undertake the Whole, is 124 Cj^Jneas,.. and 13 Proper-Abatement for tho Branches of Education not requireti. A SALE of S I IiS, At the QUSEK's HEAU> and STAR,, in Chandois Street, Covent Garden,, ' Confiding of' BROCADED, Enameird,�l<Kver%, Strip" J; Figurd, and Plain Si&, of every-Kind*, -fcrthe prefcnt-Seafiiii. 1 ' VTith" 3 Iar?c Afrortmerrt of' BtmbaxeiK,. Norwithb . Crtftt, nA BUi'Silh, nttnvbtYj. -cbca^ �

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