Tuesday, September 21, 1762

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Tuesday, September 21, 1762

London Gazette (Newspaper) - September 21, 1762, London, Middlesex jftumb* 10246. zett From CtiiR^I September 21, CO catUtfKtf".September ^1^62. T the Court at Jtamf*> the 17th Day cf September^ 1762, PRESENT, The KIN G't moil Excellent Majefly in Council. HER EA S the Time limited by His Ma-�jefty's Order in Council of the 9th of April laft, for prohibiting the Exporting out of this Kingdom, or carrying Coaflwife, (Gunpowder, Salt Petre, or any Sort of Arms or Ammunition, v U expire upon the 20'th Day of October next: A .d whereas it is judged expedient for His Majefty's Service, and the Safety of this Kingdom, that the faid Prohibition fhould be continued fpr fotneTime longer; Hii Majefly doth therefore, by and .'with the Advice of B is.Privy Council, hereby Order, Require, Prohibit and Command, That no Perfon or Perfbns whatfoever (except the Matter General, Lieutenant General, or Principal Officers of the Ordnance for His Majefty's Servire) do, at any Time, during the Space of Six Months, to commence from the faid 29th Day of October next, prefuone to" tranfport into any Parts out of this Kingdom, or carry Coaflwife, any Gunpowder, Salt Petre, or any Sort of Arms or Ammunition, or (hip or lade any Gunpowder, Salt Petre, or any Sort of Arms or Ammunition, on Board any Ship or Veffel, in order to tramporting the fame into any Parts beyond the Seas, or carrying the fame Coaflwife, without Leave or Permiffion in that Behalf firfl obrained from His Majefly, or His Privy Council, lipbn Pain of incurring and fufiering the respective Forfeitures and Penalties inflicted by an Act pafTed in the Twenty "Ninth Year of His late Majefty's Reign, cnticaled, " An Act to impawer His Majefly to pro-�' Kbit the Exportation of Salt Petre, and to enforce *' the Law for imp'owering His Majefly to prohibit * the Exportation. of Gunpowder, or any Sort of " Arms and Ammunition ; and alfo to impower His ** Majefly to reflrain the carrying Coaflwife of Salt " Petre, Gunpowder, or any Sort of Arms or Ammu-� nation." And the Lords Commiffioners of His Majefty's Treafury,.the Comraiilioners for Executing ihe Office of Lord High Admiral of Great Britain, the Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports, the Mailer General of the Ordnance, and His Majefty's-Secretary at War, are to give the neceflary Direjctiq.nsherei.Bi as to them may respectively appertain. W.. Blair. Saturday, September 25. AS the particular Account of the Ceremonies of the Ihftallation of his Royal Highriefs Prince William Henry, and the Earl of Bute, on Wed--nefday laft at Windfor, cannot be prepared in-Time for this 'Evening's Gazette,. It is neceflarily deferred ^e&Tuefday next.  ~ - 5/. 'James s, September 2j. - , -The following Addrefs of the Mayor, Recorder; arid Burgefles of the Borough of LymeRegis,; Jias \ been prefented to His Majefly by Henry F-aoe, E-f%j one of their Reprefenratives in Parliament, being! introduced by the Lord of His-Majefty'fr Chamber in Waiting: Which'Addpefs His Majefty was pleafed to receive very grackwuly. To the King's-moft Excellent Majefty^- The humble Addrefs of the Mayor, .Recorder and Bufgeffes of the Boroagb qf Lyme .Regis. Mag it pleafe your Mttjejlj, WE your Majefty's tnoft dutiful ^nd loyal Sub* jects, the Mayor, Recorder and Bargefles of this ancient CorporatioDi beg EeavMo appfoacB your Royal Prefence with cat Cong>atiilatian9~in the Birth of a Prince, the Heir of the ImpeHaE Crown of thefe Kingdomsr   : and BurgefTes,  and Principal Inhabitants _,pf tie Bo� rough" of Bridgwater," has been prefented to His Majefty : Which Addrefs His Majefly was pleafed to receive very gracioufly. To the King's nsoft Excellent Majefly, The humble Addrefs of .the.Mayor, Aldermen, and Furgefles, and Principal. Inhabitants^}? the-Bojoogb. of Briag rater. In the County of Sosnerfst. fflqfi Gracious So-iier&gnj TT7E' your Majefty's mofl dntiful inH ta^L y y ;}<!G&, the Mayor, ATderme^, and Bujgekea, and Principal Inhabitants of the Borongh of Bri^g-water,'in the County 'of Somerset, mbfl hamhly ijc. feech your Majefty to receive out'finces Congta�� lations upon the Birth of the Prince, ahd the Reeo* very of the.Queen'. *r Seafe of qbp own inofi e&atial liiterefts^ af we did n0j rejoice ia aa. Eisftt �k�do^ which.taads- � j>erpetuate._dwfe-BieflH]g� rpuar^ar Pofterity, that we- enjoy- osrfelves, [ Price Three-Pence. ]

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