Saturday, September 11, 1762

London Gazette

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of London Gazette on Saturday, September 11, 1762

London Gazette (Newspaper) - September 11, 1762, London, Middlesex ondo azet From &amms September i n to \ Sepjeiti&sf j 4, ".ij'6i. of jsT the Court at �V. Jaw?!, the 14th Bay ***** �7 ihoald:difebTcr any Seaman or Seamen who may fecret thent-Savss, fo that fueh teaman or Seamen: fhould be taken for His MajeftyV faid .Service, on tot before ihe faid Thirty-firft Day of May. laft.Pt-; And whereas the Time, limited for paying  the faid Bounties and Rewards hath been continued and extended to the 31ft of this Inftant Joly; And" it feeing judged expedient for His Majefty's Service, diat the fame fhould be continued for fbrae Time longer; His Majefty, with the Advice of His Privy Council, doth therefore order, and it is hereby accordingly ordered, that the Time limited for Payment of the faid Boanties and Rewards, be prolonged and extended from the faid 31ft Day of this Inftant July, to the 30th Day of September next. And that the (kid Bounties and Rewards be paid in the Manner dire&ed by His Majefty's aforementioned Order in Council of the 2d of April 1 laft. Whereof all Perfbns concerned are to take Notioe> and govern themfelves accordingly. ' - IV. Sharps. [ Price Three Peace. "} TParfau)> Augufl 21. M. de Breteuil, the French Minifterito the late Emperor of Raffia Peter III, left tbi^ Place-laft Night, upon his Return to Petersburg. We hear that the Ruffian Mihiftef at Mittanha? deHveied a Meiaorial to the Regency ofC^omiand, declaring, that die Einprefs' his Sovereign is determined xq fopportihe?Bufcfc of Biron in his Pretah^ �MWitothat Diachy.. ; ... :> The Body of Ruffian Troops* colmaafided' by General Czernichew, has paffed Pofen in its Way Home; and that of Roman 20 w is going by Smo-lenfko. BreJlau^Auguji 29. Marfhal Daun continues wiflj the main Body or bis Army between* Glafz and Brauoaw. The* King of Pruffia is "821' atPeferfc wajdau.. There arecdaily Skh-mifhes' between the advanced Pofts and the Patroles of both Armies^ but they are of little cs^ConfequenteC The lateft Accounts from-fewre-'Sdweidmtz of the 27th fay, dotirf the Night bStweetf the zl& and zzd Inftan^ the Pjuffians- attacked 'and; carrield fbt the- fecfcnd- Tiraeltbei .Fleece- s3e? Strlgau J that oa the Z2d the thirtl P^alleltvasi firmed V and that the Miner? W^re aftaaib/ at .Work, ^and: the Sap carried on to within a few Paces of the CreWof the Glacisi - Q^nhngm 1 -Seflemfer 4. ; We hear' fron>Siveden� tb^tan Accident happened at Droningholm the 2581 paft, opc^lh^Gelebraaonof the Q^een' of Sweden's Name Ddy, .tffcjcb; .ihijjHt> law*" beefa attended^witjt rejy.fe^r&nfemttiices^ .The theatre, wh'e&'tne Iking imdi Qgfeen,.'the. 'Royal Family, the1 fbMgd. Rojpf fo:&d^enly;,that'in -left than~-Half ah"H^ all was confumed. Three or Four of the^ebifinibff-People'were �bvinte. The <refl<4fcapedf thougli. feme not without Hurt, amdngft which laft are tfeCouh-: ttfi.Wtanger, and-Mademoifclle Bctode^the Seha^ 'tor's Daughter. 1 j';-" " ving retired fucceffivjdy^ Jar i>gcfe bFriedberg, in order to make a Jtrnftion with the Marftals Sou* bUe and d'Efb^es, abaiidoned-even the Heignts near | that Town> and marched to Rodheim ob the 29th pail, on which Day. the Hereditary Prince arrived 9 Wolff jfbeim. His;Highnef? thought itneceffary � ..... m

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